3 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Eve Party

https_proxyIt’s that time of year again—the night when a great majority of the world attends parties in order to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. And just like most years, people all over the world hope for a great year that sees prosperity and blessing for everyone.

If you’re going to throw a New Year’s Eve party this year, there are three things you can do to ensure that your party is a hit. Want some ideas for a fun party? Check out our three New Year’s Eve party ideas below.

Offer Party Favors

There’s nothing more memorable than receiving a party favor from a host at a New Year’s Eve party. The favors can be anything from a simple cookie to an elaborate bottle of champagne. But if you plan to give your guests party favors, why not make them stand out from all the others by putting them in cute and colorful reusable shopping bags? Bags like those at LA Pop are shaped like adorable fruits and vegetables and are available in 7 packs, which makes it much easier to plan for your favors.

Play Flashlight Games

No party is complete without at least one game, and if you utilize handheld LED flashlights for those games, they’re sure to be a winner. For example, when you turn out all the lights for the midnight kiss, why not offer people a flashlight to see who’s kissing who? Or if you’d like a more active New Year’s Eve game, you could hold a game of flashlight tag in your back yard.

Use Drink Coasters—for More than You Think

Sure, you want to use drink coasters so your guests won’t accidentally stain your furniture, but you can use the bamboo drink coasters for more than protecting your furniture. For instance, you could initiate a game that gives people a prize for calling out if they see anyone set down a drink without a bamboo coaster. It would cause lots of laughs and your guests will interact with each other much more than they might have otherwise.

New Year’s Eve only comes once a year, and that’s why you should do everything you can to make your party as special as possible. Consider adding the above three ideas to your itinerary and just see if your party isn’t one of the most talked about of the year.

Five More Reasons Why You Should Never Use Disposable Plastic Bags

no_plasti_paper_bagsIn the past, we’ve published a couple of articles explaining why disposable plastic bags are horrible for our environment, and how if we don’t stop using them, things will only get worse. We told you about the plastic garbage dump in the middle of the ocean that’s as big as Texas, and how millions of sea animals are killed every year because they ingest the bags, thinking they’re food.

But just in cases we haven’t convinced everyone of the need to carry reusable shopping bags, we thought we’d list a few more facts.

They’re Everywhere

Did you know that each average American uses six plastic shopping bags a week? Factoring in about 300 million people, that means we go through 1.8 billion—with a “B”—plastic bags a week as a society.

They Stay Around for a Long Time

Depending on the environment, plastic bags take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to break down. When we’re throwing away 1.8 billion bags a week, it’s not difficult to realize why they’re becoming a problem.

They Release Toxins

As plastic bags break down, they turn into tiny toxic particles, which are then released into our air, soil, and water. These toxins eventually find their way into our food and ultimately our bodies.

They aren’t Recycled

Because it costs so much to recycle plastic bags, most recycling centers won’t take them. In fact, only about 2 percent of plastic bags are recycled. That means they end up on our beaches, city streets, and clog our sewers. Plastic bags make up about 10 percent of the washed up debris on our coastlines every year.

They’re Expensive

Cities spend millions of dollars in an effort to keep plastic bags from littering the streets and waterways. In fact, California spends about $300 million just to clean up its coastlines every year.

And if all those facts aren’t enough to convince you to begin carrying your own reusable shopping bag, consider this. If you began carrying your own shopping bag, it would reduce the amount of plastic bags in the environment by about 22,000 in your lifetime.


Think Paper Bags are Better Than Plastic? Here are the Facts.

16ce61dcf808d1a25e23e84e7ec62258Many people understand the reasons why you should never use a disposable plastic bag to carry home goods from the grocery store or after shopping somewhere else. But some people are under the impression that if they simply choose paper over plastic, they won’t be doing much harm to the environment.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

In fact, paper bags can cause just as much—or more—problems as their plastic counterparts. Don’t believe us? Here are a few facts about paper bags that will have you reaching for your reusable shopping bag quickly.

They’re Killing our Trees

We all know that paper bags are made from trees, but do you know how many trees it takes to supply the U.S. with them? Experts agree that our nation cuts down approximately 14 million trees a year just to produce the paper shopping bags that consumers use—and then throw away.

They’re Toxic

Think plastic bags are the only type of shopping bag that’s toxic? The truth is that paper bags are produced with chemicals that are released into the atmosphere during manufacturing at the exact same rate as plastic bag production.

They Take a Toll on Energy Production

Another little known fact is that it takes about 13 percent more energy to produce just one paper bag as it takes to product two plastic bags. So much for paper bags being more environmentally friendly than paper.

They’re Heavy

Speaking about the toll they take on our environment, did you know that paper bags weigh ten times as much as plastic bags? That means it takes more fuel to get them from the manufacturing plant to the all the retails stores where they’re given out.

They’re not Recycled

Even though paper bags are easier to recycle than plastic bags, only about 20 percent of them ever make it to the recycling plant. The remaining bags end up in our landfills and city streets, where they produce more than twice the amount of atmospheric waste as plastic bags do.

If you want to make the more eco-friendly choice for your shopping bag, the clear winner is reusable shopping bags. When you carry your own bag and use it over and over again, you’ll never have to decide between paper and plastic—two choices that are clearly detrimental to our world.

How to Properly Carry a Backpack

downloadBackpacks are one of the greatest inventions of modern times. They allow us to carry everything we need in one convenient bag, whether it’s for an overnight visit, to go to school, or to and from work.

But most experts agree that if a backpack isn’t carried correctly, it can cause medical conditions that can lead to back pain, posture problems, muscle sprains, pinched nerves, and other discomfort. So, what’s the proper way to carry a backpack? Here are some commonsense things you or your kids should do.

Watch the Weight

One of the biggest problems occur when people stuff the backpack so full that it becomes too heavy to comfortably carry. It shouldn’t hurt to carry a backpack, and when it does, it’s a sign of pending injury to your spine or muscles. And kids can be especially prone to these injuries. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that when children carry backpacks, they shouldn’t weight more than 10 to 20 percent of their body weight.

Watch the Position

Another area of concern, according to experts, is how the backpack is positioned on the carrier. If you carry the pack on just one shoulder or wear it below the hip, you’ll be more likely to suffer injuries. Instead, you should ensure that the backpack is positioned on your back with both shoulder straps positioned correctly and there should be straps along the waist and chest to help distribute the weight of the bag. The bags should be worn tightly, with the heaviest objects placed in the center of the backpack.

Watch the Time

Finally, it’s important to keep track of how long you carry around your backpack because carrying it for too long can cause back pain and other injuries. For example, when kids carry a backpack to school, they often leave the house at about 7 am, and sometimes don’t return home until early evening. That’s too long to carry a heavy backpack. If you—or your kids—have to carry a backpack for that long, be sure to leave it in a safe place during the day as often as you can.

When looking for a backpack, it’s important to find one that isn’t too heavy and will provide you with all the conveniences that will make it safe and effective. For example, The Everything Bag, sold my MJH Innovations, is durable, lightweight, and can be used as a backpack, book bag, overnight bag and more!

Why Men are Less Likely to Buy Green Products—and What We Can Do About It

man-saying-noA recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, which as published this past August, has shocked those who try and educate consumers on the importance of purchasing products that are eco-friendly and will produce the least environmental impact on the earth. The study shows that, for the most part, men avoid purchasing green products because they perceive them to be too feminine. While previous studies concluded that the reason men don’t typically purchase green products is because of personality differences, this study built on those studies and was able to show that men don’t buy these products in an effort to preserve their macho image.

That’s bad news for the environment.

Because men make up about half of the buying public, it’s important to change their perception about green products and cause them to make greener decisions when buying products. Here are three ways to convince the men in your life to be environmentally conscience when making purchasing decisions.

Emphasize the Importance

If men tend to avoid green products, chances are they also avoid reading about the environment and all the ways we can make changes to reduce our environmental footprint. And if they don’t read about the problem, they won’t be likely to make the necessary changes to do their part in reversing it. That’s why it’s important to talk to the men in your life and educate them about how man is doing environmental damage, and then talk to them about the steps they can do to help. For example, you should talk to them about the important of using reusable shopping bags instead of disposable plastic bags.

Prove Them Wrong

Since men associate green products with femininity, one of the ways you can get them to be more environmentally friendly with their purchases is to talk to them about all the “manly” green products. For example, every man loves flashlights, but did you know that LED flashlights are more environmentally friendly than the old school flashlights? That’s because LED lights last longer and reduce battery usage, which means fewer batteries will enter our landfills.

Be the Example

Finally, if the men in your life don’t understand the importance of buying green products, you should lead by example. Whenever you’re out shopping with a man, make sure they understand why you’re buying green products by explaining the benefits to them. Once they understand the importance of it, they’ll likely begin purchasing them on their own.

As a society, we need to make men feel good about buying products that are good for the environment. Follow the above three tips listed above, and see if you can’t change the minds of the men in your life.

The Guide to Gift Card Spending

Shopping-Bags-Strawberry-ready-optimized-720x600So, you received some gift cards for Christmas this year? It’s one of the most beloved gifts, but once you receive them, you’ll have to decide what to spend the money on. Sure, it’s free money, but hey, you should still use it in the best way possible. It can be tempting to simply blow the money on frivolous items, but is that really how you want to spend your gift card?

Why not think about buying some things that you’re going to have to spend money on anyway and save yourself some cash in the process? If you’ve received gift cards this year as a Christmas present, here are three things you should consider using them on.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Even if you already have reusable shopping bags laying around your house, chances are they’re run of the mill bags that don’t stand out from the crowd. If you’re already made the wise decision to carry reusable shopping bags, or if your local town or city has passed plastic ban laws that make it necessary, then you should carry bags that reflect your own personality. A great choice is are the cute, fruit and vegetable reusable shopping bags put out by LA Pops. These bags fold up so small they’ll fit in your pocket or purse, yet are large enough to hold everything you need.

A Good Flashlight

Do you have a good flashlight in your home and car? If not, you should really think about using your Christmas gift cards to purchase one. Why? Because you never know when a power outage is going to hit your area caused by a fierce storm or local power outage. And you should always keep a quality LED flashlight in your car in case of a roadside emergency at night. If you do decided to use your gift card for a flashlight, be sure to get one a handheld flashlight with an LED light that’s made of waterproof, durable steel like the My Pocket Lit LED Flashlight.

Bamboo Coasters

If you don’t want to spend your gift card money on purely functional items, think about bamboo coasters as an alternative. These quality drink coasters are not only the most durable coasters you can buy, but they are also beautiful. And as an added bonus, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials you can choose for drink coasters. And if that’s not enough, bamboo is considered lucky, so you’ll not only protect your furniture when using them, but you may also bring in a little luck to your house as well!

Christmas gift cards are a wonderful gift, and they allow you to buy whatever it is you need without having to spend your own money. Instead of wasting them with frivolous and unnecessary items, think about spending it on one of the great items mentioned above.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Travel Without a Flashlight

news-snow-dickwoodsAre you one of those people who love nothing more than getting in a car and driving? Or maybe you like the thrill of taking an airplane to another part of the world to explore. Road trips and airline vacations are a fun way to see the world, but along with the fun comes some serious risks if you don’t travel prepared. And one of the best tools you can take along in your travels is a flashlight. Don’t believe me? Here are four reasons you should always carry a quality flashlight with you as you travel.

It Won’t Take up Too Much Space

Traveling lite is usually the goal with road warriors, and that means taking as few things as possible so you won’t have to lug them around every time you stop at a motel and have to haul your luggage into the room. The great thing about a small LED flashlight is that although it’s powerful enough to give you ample light, it’s also small enough to tuck in your pocket or outer luggage pocket. And if you’re traveling by airplane, a handheld flashlight can easily fit into your carryon bag.

It’s Not Restricted

The FAA has banned many items because they can be used as weapons, but so far, it is perfectly legal to carry or pack a flashlight when traveling by plane. And if you carry on a handheld flashlight, you can easily put it in your pocket or carryon bag and it won’t draw attention to you.

It’s Invaluable in an Emergency

If you’re driving across country and get a flat tire in the middle of the night, what would you do without a flashlight? Or what happens if you’re digging through your suitcase in a hotel in another country and the power goes out? How will you find what you need? If you have a small but powerful flashlight packed among your things, all you’ll need to do is turn it on, and you’ll have all the light you need. And to make sure you’re totally prepared, be sure to take along a waterproof flashlight in case you drop it in water.

You can Use it Hands Free

Most quality flashlights come with wrist lanyards or belt clips which make it possible to juggle that luggage, kids, and keys in the dark without having to hold the light. This is invaluable as you travel because it will reduce your stress level and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

Don’t take to the road—or the skies—this holiday season without your LED flashlight. After all, Christmas travel is supposed to be relaxing and exciting isn’t it? And being prepared will help ensure that your trip is just that.

Why a Flashlight is Better than Your Phone

tiny-flashlight-appMost people rely on their phone for a flashlight when they need one, but that’s a bad idea for a couple of reasons. After all, when you need a flashlight, you want one that will do the job, don’t you? Below, we’re outlined three reasons why you should never use your phone as a flashlight, and instead rely on a quality LED flashlight for all your needs.

It’s Not Enough Light

Let’s face it, the flashlight apps on smart phones aren’t bright enough except for the most basic of uses. In fact, light is measured in lumens, and a flashlight app on your phone will typically only put out five to ten lumens, which makes seeing everything you need almost impossible. In contrast, when you use a quality flashlight, it will put out 380 lumens. This difference in lumens will mean the difference of barely seeing what’s right in front of you and seeing at least 3,000 feet in front of you. Which would you prefer to use in an emergency situation or when you’re trying to get a job done in a dark area?

It Spies on You

There have been countless reports that all those flashlight apps people install on their phones are spying on them. Experts say that the apps have a tendency to take over the phone and copy all the available personal information such as bank and credit card information, personal contacts and more. Do you really want to give up all your personal and sensitive information just to have access to a barely functioning cell phone light?

A better choice is to purchase a quality flashlight that is small enough to hold in your hand or put in your pocket or bag, but powerful enough to give you all the light you need.

It’s Difficult to Handle

Using your phone as a flashlight puts your cell phone in danger of becoming broken or damaged. Think about it—when you use a flashlight, you’re typically either operating in an unknown dark area, or you’re using one hand to hold it and the other to repair or fix something. That puts you in danger of dropping your phone or otherwise damaging it. A better alternative is to buy an LED flashlight that is durable. Some of the better ones are made of aircraft grade aluminum and are water resistant. And if that’s not enough, some quality flashlights, such as the My Pocket Lite LED Flashlight come with a belt clip and wrist lanyard to free up both hands.

Doesn’t it make sense to forego the flashlight app on your phone and instead purchase a flashlight that will provide you with sufficient light when you need it, but at the same time, is small enough to carry with you wherever you go?

4 People Who Would Love to Get a Flashlight this Christmas

Christmas-gift-ideas-for-Wine-LoversAre you still looking for those last minute gifts? Christmas shopping can be hard when you’re not sure what to get for all those people on your list, and that’s why we’ve decided to make it easier by providing you with a list of four people who would just love to get a high quality LED flashlight for Christmas. After all, do you want to give a gift that won’t ever be used, or would you rather give your friends and family a gift that will be cherished for years to come?

If you still have some people on your list that you haven’t found the perfect gift for, check out the following four types of people who would love to open a handheld flashlight on Christmas morning.

A Hunter

Do you have a hunter in your life? If you’ve never been hunting, you might not realize how early they have to get up in the morning to set things up for the hunt. But when you’re on a deer blind or in a tent somewhere, you can’t just flip on a switch. That’s what makes a quality LED flashlight the perfect gift for hunters.

A Woman

Think men are the only ones who would appreciate a flashlight? The truth is woman are the perfect people to give the gift of a quality flashlight to because it can come in handy in so many situations. Whether she walks along at night, or does her own handyman stuff around the house, a flashlight can help keep her safe and productive.

A Traveler

If you know someone who likes to take long car trips, then a flashlight might be the perfect Christmas present for them. Anyone who spends that much time on the road is bound to get a flat tire or other emergency at some point, and when that happens at night, it’s not only a good safety precaution to have a flashlight, but it will make it easier for them to get help or fix whatever needs to be repaired.

An Employee

Many business owners struggle when it comes to finding the perfect gift for employees, but a flashlight fits the bill in a variety of ways. First of all, it makes a great gift for men or women, so it doesn’t matter what the make up of your workforce is. Secondly, a flashlight is a gift that’s typically used a lot, and that means whenever your employee picks it up to use it, they’ll have good thoughts about you and the company they work for.

You don’t have much time left to find the perfect gifts for those people on your list. If you think an LED flashlight would be right for someone you still have to buy for, why not check out the My Pocket Lite LED Flashlight, which is available on Amazon, and order it right now?

Last Minute Hostess Gifts for Those Holiday Parties

It’s the season for parties, and as exciting as that sounds, it also means you have to add some people to your shopping list. After all, you can’t just show up at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party empty handed, can you?

Hostess gifts can be difficult to buy because while you want to give the hostess something they’ll love, you also want it to be useful.

We’ve put together a list below with some great ideas for the perfect hostess gift. But if you’re invited to a holiday party and haven’t yet bought your gift, you’d better hurry up and order them while you still have time to receive them in the mail!

Shopping-Bags-Strawberry-ready-optimized-720x600Reusable Shopping Bags

We can’t think of a more perfect hostess gift than reusable shopping bags. But not just any shopping bag will do. Let’s be honest, your hostess probably already has a few shopping bags as most people these days understand the importance of foregoing plastic shopping bags. So in order for your gift to be a hit, it’s important to buy her original and memorable bags. For instance, LA Pop makes shopping bags that are brightly colored and come shaped like fruits and vegetables. Those bags collapse into tiny fruit and vegetable shapes that are small enough to fit in your purse. And if you order the 7 pack, you’ll get a mesh holder to give to your hostess so she can carry them all together every time she shops.

bamboo-coasters-2Bamboo Coasters

Another thoughtful hostess gift is bamboo coasters. This makes the perfect gift because not only are they beautiful, but bamboo is also considered lucky when given as a gift. And if your hostess is in the habit of throwing parties, she understands the importance of protecting her furniture from water ring stains that happen when a glass is set on a table without a coaster. In fact, the minute she opens the bamboo coasters, she’ll probably set them out in the room so her guests can use them!

41ZanMyFIFL._SX300_A Flashlight

At first thought, you may think a flashlight would be a strange hostess gift, but when you think about it, it’s absolutely perfect. After all, who doesn’t need a flashlight around the house for those late night walks, those house repairs, or for when the lights go out in a power outage or storm? But if you’re going to buy your hostess a flashlight, don’t get them just any old light. Things have changed a lot in the past few years, and today’s flashlights come with some great features like LED lights, which are brighter and use less battery power, adjustable beams so you can focus the light on just one spot or a wider area, and they’re smaller so they can be carried in a pocket or small bag. For instance, the My Pocket Lite LED Flashlight has all of these features.

Party season is here, and why not make the most of it by showing up with a hostess gift that will truly make you the life of the party?