7 Reasons Why Local Business Directories are Better Than the Yellow Pages

find-local-businessIn case you haven’t heard, local business directories are taking over the world. And to most local business owners, it’s a welcomed change from times past. That’s because the business directories have changed the way local business owners reach out to you, the consumer.

How Do Local Business Directories Work?

In case you haven’t yet discovered the joy of using local business listings when you want to find a business in your community, here’s how they work. Instead of trying to find local businesses in a large search engine, which can be frustrating because the local results are typically only found at the bottom of the page—or even on subsequent pages—you can find them quickly and easily. A local business directory is structured just like the major search engines, but instead of giving you a hodgepodge of results, you’ll only see the local businesses in your area.

Does that sound like something you want to know more about? Let’s talk about the 7 ways local business directories are better than the Yellow Pages.

Local Business Directories are Personal

Although the internet is one of the most useful things to come around in our history, it does have its flaws. Perhaps the biggest one is that it so impersonal. For example, people who use it to find information, products or services have to spend a lot of time looking for it because they’re dealing with algorithms that can’t interact with them. But some local business directories, like FindUsLocal.com, use state of the art technology called GEO location technology that automatically reads the visitor’s location so they will have a more personal experience on the site. For instance, if you log onto this local business directory, you will be presented with a customized home page that only shows you the information from your area. And when you use the search bar on the site, you’ll only be presented with local shops and restaurants. In other words, the site acts interactively with you to personalize your experience.

Local Business Directories Focus on Local News

You know how hard it is to find the local news in your community? In the past, people waited on the community newspaper to be thrown on their front porch, but those days are long gone. These day, people turn online to find their daily dose of news, but it can take a lot of time to find it online because you’ll likely have to check multiple sites. But when you look for local business listings on sites like FindUsLocal.com, your customized home page will show you a stream that includes the local news from your area. And that’s important because it can be difficult to find local news when searching the web.

Local Business Directories Highlight the Events Coming to Your Area

When is the last time you tried to find out about the local events coming to your town or city? If you’re like most people, you either spent half the day on the phone calling all of the various venues in your community, or youne spent hours online at multiple ticket sites looking for them. But local directories like FindUsLocal.com solve that problem, because on your customized home page, you’ll find all of the sporting events, plays, and concerts coming to your area. And just to make things easier, the site even offers a link where you can purchase the event tickets without a hassle.

Local Business Directories Show You Comments from Local Businesses

One of the most popular features of FindUsLocal.com is the comments section. As of this writing, it is the only local directory that allows both consumers and local business owners to leave a comment about the business. This is different from reviews because the comments don’t have to be about the service or products, but can be about anything. For example, if you visit the business and find out that there is free parking a block away, you can leave that in the comment section so other people will have an easier time parking while visiting the store. And the business owner can also leave comments telling you about sales, special product releases, or anything else they think will be useful. Remember, you’ll only find this handy feature on FindUsLocal.com.

Local Business Directories Feature Meetups and Other Community Activities

It can be hard to find out what’s going on in your local area, but business directories can help with that too. On sites like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll see the local meetups and club meetings right there on your customized home page. Just look to the left and you’ll see all of the events and meeting being organized by the people in your community. And if you want to join in, just contact the person hosting the meetup. This is a great feature for those who are new to the area and don’t know anyone yet, or those who are just looking for something fun to do.

Local Business Directories Give You a Chance to Laugh or Take an Insightful Moment

You probably think all business listing sites are all business, but maybe you should think again. FindUsLocal.com has taken a different approach to business listings and added in some features that make people want to bookmark the page and visit it time and time again. For example, if you’re in the mood for humor, check out their Name of Day feature. It highlights an usual name everyday, and most of them will bring a smile to your face. Bill Board anyone?

You’ll also find an inspirational quote and a special feature that talks about the specific traits of people who were born on that day. Whether you want to laugh, meditate on deep thoughts, or gain insight into someone born on that day, you’ll find it on this innovative site.

Local Business Directories Provide Business Phone Numbers

If you’re like most people, the last time you needed a business phone number, you probably paid a dollar for it on your smartphone. Most people do, but that’s only because they don’t realize you can head over to FindUsLocal.com and get it for free. The site offers the business phone numbers for free as part of its effort to make life easier for consumers.

Local Business Directories Offer Local Business Listings

Now let’s talk about the thing local directories are most known for—local business listings. The site is set up just like the major search engines, but only better. You’ll have the option of searching in one of the major categories and seeing a complete listing of the businesses you’re looking for, or using the search bar and finding local businesses that way. If you use the categories and are looking for a restaurant, you’ll find a long list of restaurants located in your area. But if you want to find a local Chinese restaurant, you’ll type that keyword in the search bar and be shown all of the Chinese restaurants in your area.

And remember, once you find the local business you want, you’ll have the opportunity to read reviews left by other people, leave you own, read the comments left by the business owner, leave a comment yourself, find directions and view a map, learn the store or restaurant’s hours, get the phone number, and read a brief about section for the business.

Local business directories have replaced the old Yellow Pages, and consumers are better off for it. If you’re still struggling to find local businesses these days, isn’t it time you approached the task with the modern tools available to you? Head on over to FindUsLocal.com and find out how you can not only find local businesses easier, but check out all the other features the site offers. Chances are, you’ll find yourself making it the first stop every day!

3 Ways Local Business Owners are Changing the Game

localmarketingLocal business marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. A lot. With the advent of the internet, then SEO marketing, and now local marketing, local business owners have had to completely revamp the way they seek new customers. For example, only a decade ago, when someone wanted to find a local business, they either pulled out the old Yellow Pages and thumbed through the listings until they found an ad that struck them, or they looked for local shops in local newspapers or coupons that arrived in the mail. In order to be noticed in the phone book, local business owners would have to spend thousands of dollars for a display ad. Those that couldn’t afford a Yellow Pages ad typically turned to local mail outs that arrived in customer’s mailboxes in an envelope stuffed with other coupons.

But these days, consumers look one place when they want to find local businesses: the internet.

Local Business Directories are the New Yellow Pages

Since consumers no longer rely on old school methods, local business have had to look for other ways to put their local shops, service businesses, and restaurants in front of local consumers. And most experts agree that local business directories are the most important tool in the local business owner’s arsenal.

These local directories are configured to help people find the local businesses they’re looking for without all of the hassle. For example, when someone uses a local business directory instead of one of the major search engines, they won’t have to wade through all of the useless and irrelevant results. Instead, they’ll find a clean interface that only shows them the local business in their area. And local business directories like FindUsLocal.com are easy to use because they offer a customized search bar where people can type in keywords just like they do in a large search engine.

But with all these changes, business owners have had to come to terms with the fact that they have to manage their marketing efforts differently. Instead of relying on others to help get the word out about their business, they’re having to take control of the process and do a lot of it themselves. Which brings us to our point—here are 3 ways local business owners are changing the game in the world of local business marketing.

Local Businesses are Managing Their Own Social Media

Remember when social media was new? Businesses across the nation paid social media experts thousands of dollars to manage their accounts every month. But now, many local business owners are managing their own social media accounts—and doing a great job.

For example, business owners tweet, and comment on Facebook regularly now, and that helps build their brand in the eyes of consumers. And one of the newest ways you can connect with consumers online is to use the comments section on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com. This section can be used by consumers or business owners, and as a local shop owner, you can use it to announce sales, special events, or new products. Simply log onto your local business listing on the site and look for the “Add a Comment” button. You should encourage your customers to add comments too in order to keep the conversation going!

Local Business Owners are Asking for Reviews

Most local shop owners now understand the importance of having some good online reviews for their business, and they’re asking their customers to leave them in record numbers. For example, a recent study shows that more than 70 percent of people think of a review as equally important as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Luckily, that same study shows that the majority of consumers would happily leave a review for a local business if only they were asked.

Local shop and restaurant owners are taking advantage of what reviews can do for their business and they are pursuing them. Some ask customers to leave a review as they’re checking out, while others send weekly emails with sales information—and a review request tucked at the bottom of the email.

Local Business Owners are Relying on Customers for Marketing

Social media allows local business owners to spend less on marketing because they’re using their customers as evangelists for the business. For example, if you own a local restaurant and have a happy customer with a large social media following, one tweet or Instagram post from them could send dozens of new customers to your restaurant. Just make sure if you ask customers to evangelize for your business, you give them an online address to send out with their postings. For example, if you have a business listing on a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, be sure your customers know about it so they can spread the word. The people they tell about your business will be able to find your business listing, which includes your address, phone number, store hours, and even a map to help them get to your shop.

Local business owners are changing the way they find new customers, and new methods like local business directories play a huge role in that. If you aren’t yet listed on a local business directory, why not head over to FindUsLocal.com and see how easy it is to be found by the new breed of consumers?

How Fake News and Other Scandals Can Be a Huge Boost for Local Business Owners

download (5)These days, scandals are an everyday part of our world. We live in a world where people can’t tell real news from fake news, real social media followers from bots, data breaches that steal people information, and shocking revelations from sources like WikiLeaks. And most people have had enough of it. Consumers are weary from having to distinguish between truth and fakeness, and that can be seen in tanking ratings, and store boycotts.

But smart local business owners can take advantage of this consumer weariness and use it to bring in more business.

Why Authenticity Should be at the Core of Your Local Business Brand

In a world where consumers don’t know who to trust, authenticity is key in gaining that trust. And local business owners can brand themselves with it much easier than national brands. That’s because it’s easier to trust a shop that you find on a local business directory more than one you find on a large search engine. Why? Because the local business is a part of the community, and the national store is just some business “out there,” and people don’t really know whether or not they’re trustworthy. After all, national businesses don’t contribute to the community, or help local people when they’re sick or in need, but smart local business owners make themselves a part of local issues, and that helps them appear authentic.

So, how can you make your local business appear authentic to the people in your community? Here are 4 ways to accomplish this important branding.

Get Others to Talk About Your Local Business on Social Media

These days, local shops and restaurants must have social proof if they’re going to draw in new customers. That’s because people turn to social media to determine which businesses they want to visit. For example, most people want to read at least 10 reviews of a local business before they decide to visit them, but that can be a problem for businesses that don’t have an online presence. If you fall into that category, you should know that you can get a free local business listing on local business directories like Yelp! And FindUsLocal.com. Once you’re there, people can leave reviews for your business that potential customers will read to determine whether or not to visit your store.

Another way to give your business social proof is to use the comments section on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com. It allows local business owners to input comments about their business, and it’s a great way to give shout outs to special customers, announce flash sales, or tell people when you get a new product or service.

Always Do What You Say

This may seem obvious to some people, but we’ve all dealt with local business owners who advertise one thing and do something completely different. For example, a local service business may say that they give free estimates, but charge customers other kinds of trip or service fees. Consumers aren’t dumb, and if they feel like a business owner is being dishonest with them, word will get around quickly.

Instead, as you’re building your authentic brand, be sure to stay true to your word. Give you customers exactly what you say you will, and soon word will get around town that they’re a business that people can trust.

Become Involved in the Community

Local business owners that get involved in their community go a long way in building trust. For example, if there is a fundraiser for someone in your town or city, you can offer to make your store or restaurant a location for donations. You can also volunteer at events, donate food or products for charitable events, or do a million other things that will get your business’ name in front of customers.

Creating an authentic brand is one of the best ways you can create trust and goodwill with your customers. But before you begin making plans, you need to ask yourself if you’ve done all you can to help them find you. For example, if you haven’t already listing your business on a local business directory like FindUslLocal.com, you’re missing out. That’s because most consumers turn to the internet to find local businesses these days, and local business directories are the way they look for local stores and restaurants.

How the Tiny Details Can Boost Your Local Business Listings Effectiveness

image06-16Local business owners across the nation are looking for ways to draw in the consumers who no longer use the old school methods of locating a local business. For example, in the past people would pull out the bulky phone book, look in the community newspaper, or use the coupons they get in the mail to decide which l local businesses and restaurants they would visit. But those methods have gone by the wayside and these days, people get most of their information about local businesses online.

But that’s a problem for local business owners who don’t have an online presence. After all, if you don’t have a website or some other presence on the internet, how will today’s internet savvy customers find you?

Local Business Directories Offer an Affordable Online Presence

The answer lies in local business directories like FindUsLocal.com and Yelp. These directories are giving consumers a way to find local businesses without having to look through all of the national and other irrelevant results, but there is an art to using them to drive traffic to your business.

The most important thing to remember when listing your business is to pay attention to the NAP+W’s, which stands for name, address, phone number, and website. Here’s a brief breakdown on how to enter each of the items in your local business listing so that it will boost your online presence.

Your Business Name

When you think of your business name, you probably don’t realize that there are different forms of it, but when you create your local business listing, you’ll need to decide which way you will list it each and every time. For example, if the name of your business is ABC Trinkets, Inc, you should decide whether or not to include the “Inc.” on your business listings. If you decide to keep it, be sure to use it on every listing you create. In other words, don’t input ABC Trinkets, Inc. on FindUsLocal.com, and use ABC Trinkets on Yelp. If you do that, the search engine spiders won’t attribute both business listings to your business and that will actually end up hurting your search engine results.

Your Business Address

You should treat your business address the same way. Let’s imagine that ABC Trinkets has a business address of 123 Town Street, Anytown, CA 78441. When you create your local business listing on sites like Yelp, you will need to decide whether or not to include the word “Street” in your listing, and if you do, you need to determine whether to spell it out or abbreviate it. And whatever form of your address you use on Yelp, you’ll need to carry over onto the other listings you create. The same holds true for the city  name, state name (abbreviated or spelled out), and zip code.

Your Business Phone Number

Who would have thought that something as simple as a business phone could make the difference between your local business listings helping or hurting your search engine rankings? But it can, and you’ll need to follow the same logic as you do for your business name and address. Decide whether or not to include your area code (we recommend it), and the make sure you use the exact same phone number for every listing you create. In other words, don’t include your cell phone number on some business listings and the office number on others. And remember, sites like FindUsLocal.com offer free business phone numbers to consumers so make sure it’s the one you want customers to call.

Your Website

While it’s true that not every local business owner has a website, but those that do need to follow the same guidelines when entering it into local business directories. Some people like to include the “http/” at the beginning of the website while others prefer to leave it off. And determine which page you will use for all your local business listings. Will you send people to your landing page, your products page, or some other page on your site? Just make sure you use the same URL every time you enter it into a local business directory.

NAP+W’s are the most important aspect of properly using local business listings to help boost your search engine rankings. If you use them correctly by following the above tips, you’ll go a long way in making sure today’s internet savvy customers can find you, but if you do it wrong, you may end up hurting your business’ search engine rankings.

6 Things Consumers Love About Local Business Directories

finduslocal-logo-sept2014Have you noticed that today’s consumers are all about convenience? In fact, with the advent of the internet, people have changed the way they go about even the most mundane of tasks. For example, not that long ago, people would wait for a physical newspaper to land on their porch, then they would sit with their morning coffee and catch up things. But today physical newspapers are failing because people simply turn to the internet whenever they want to read the news.

With all this change has come about a new way of presenting information to consumers—smart marketers have developed websites that give consumers a lot of information on one page so they won’t have to go from website to website looking for it. For example, local business directories like FindUsLocal.com allows people to get almost everything they need with just one visit.

Here are 6 things you’ll find when you visit FindUsLocal.com, the local business directory that everyone is talking about.

Quick Service

Don’t you just hate it when a site is slow to load, or you have to input personal information just to get what you need from a site? A lot of local business directories are set up to require that the visitor enter the name of his town, city, or zip code to see the local results from his area.

But FindUsLocal.com is different. It uses cutting edge technology called GEO location technology, and that means when you log onto the site, you’ll automatically see only the results from your immediate area.

Local News

Because you’re likely not getting the local newspaper anymore, you have to seek out the local news on a multitude of websites. But if you log onto local business directories like FindUsLocal.com, all that searching will be a thing of the past. The site displays the local news on the custom home page it creates after determining your location with its technology.

Business Listings and Phone Numbers

If you’ve ever tried to find a local business on a major search engine, you know just how frustrating it can be. Instead of being able to find the local businesses in your area, you’re presented with a bunch of national results, along with things you don’t need like articles about the topic. But when you use a local business directory to find the local shops and restaurants in your area, you’ll only see the results that you want.

Local Events

Chances are you like to keep up with the local concerts, plays, and sporting events in your area, but that can be tough because they’re often listed on different sites. But local business directories like FindUsLocal.com give you a live stream of the local events coming to your area on your customized home page. And to make things even easier for you, the site also includes links where you can purchase the tickets for any show you want to see.

Local Business Comments

Have you ever wanted to let others know your thoughts about a local business, but didn’t want to leave a review? For example, maybe you discovered that the best time to visit a restaurant is for lunch, or maybe you learned about a less expensive parking lot only a half a block away. FindUsLocal.com has created a way for you to leave those comments so you can help other people with your comments. Simply go to the local business on the site, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a place to leave your comment.

This isn’t only good for consumers, but local business owners can also use the comment section to leave notes about upcoming sales or events.

Local Business Reviews

Sometimes a comment isn’t enough, and you want to leave a review for a local business. It’s not a problem with local business directories like FindUsLocal.com because they make it easy. Simply click on the button that says “Leave a Review” and you’ll be led through the process. When you leave reviews for local businesses, it helps other consumers to determine whether or not to visit the shop or eatery.

A Little Humor

Most local business directories stick to the facts, but others offer unique features that make it fun for visitors. For instance, FindUsLocal.com features a name of the day that will bring a smile to your face. Bill Board was just one of the humorous names that have been featured lately. And if you’re not into humor, the site also provides an inspirational quote of the day and an insightful feature that highlights the key characteristics of people born that day.

As you can see, local business directories are not only informative, time-saving websites, but they also offer visitors everything they need in one place. Have you visited one lately?

How the Comment Section on Local Business Directories Can Put a Business in the Spotlight

Please-Leave-a-CommentThese days, local business owners need to do all they can to get their local shop, restaurant, or service business in front of the people in their community. That’s because more and more people are turning online when they want to purchase products or services, and as a result, many local business owners are seeing a sharp downturn in sales. But one recent study shows that there is hope on the horizon. It says that the majority of people still want to shop at local businesses, and in fact prefer it to shopping online. So what’s stopping them? The act of finding local businesses has become more difficult in this internet driven world.

How People Find Local Businesses

It wasn’t that long ago that people pulled out the bulky phone book or look through the latest addition of their local community newspaper whenever they wanted to find a local business, but these days, people would rather use their mouse to get the information they need. And while the major search engines are a great resource for people who want to find a national business—or information about a particular brand or product—using it to find a local business can be challenging.

For example, if someone were looking for a local bed and breakfast, and type those words into a large search engine, they will see business listings from national hotel chains, and even articles about how to run a bed breakfast. But the local results? They’ll be tucked way down the page, or even on subsequent pages that no one will take the time to scroll to.

So what can people do? After all, if local businesses are going to survive in this internet world, there has to be an answer, right?

Local Business Directories are Giving People a Choice

The answer to the above dilemma lies in local business directories. These smart directories are designed to give people what they want: a straightforward way to find local businesses that is simple and efficient. Here’s how it works: someone goes to a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and their location is automatically read by the GEO location technology that the site utilizes. This allows the visitor to see only the results from their own area, which prevents them from having to scroll through a lot of irrelevant business listings. Now keep in mind that not all local business directories make use of this cutting edge technology, so if you’re going to use a local business directory, you’ll need to find one that does. FindUsLocal.com is one of the most up to date local directories on the internet.

Once the visitor sees their custom home page, they can either click on one of the major categories on top of the home page or use the custom search bar to find what they need. For our example, we’ll assume they click on the “food and dining” category. They will see a complete listing of all the restaurants and eateries in their area. But what if they only want to find the local Mexican food restaurants in their area? It’s simple, they only have to use the custom search bar at the top of the page, type in Mexican food, and they’ll see all of the local Mexican food restaurants in their town or city.

It’s no wonder why people all over the nation are turning to local business directories instead of wading through all the irrelevant results they find on the major search engines.

How Does the Comment Section Make Things Better for Local Business Owners and Consumers?

Both local business owners and the people in the community have one thing in common: they want quality local businesses to be easily found by those looking for them. And the comments section at local business directories like FindUsLocal.com can play a huge role in that. Here’s how it works: The major search engines use something called search engine spiders to constantly search the internet for new content. When they find this new content, they pay more attention to the site that it’s posted on and give it more attention in the search engine rankings. That’s why smart local business directories like FindUsLocal.com offer a way for visitors to leave comments on all the local business directories listed on its site.

Once these local businesses begin receiving comments from people in the community, it will not only bring its local business listing up higher in the local directory’s website, but the major search engines will also take not of it and offer up the local listing in its results, too. That helps local business owners because the more their local business listing is seen, the more people will decide to visit it and make purchases, and it helps local consumers because it allows them to more easily find the local businesses that people are talking about. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How to Leave a Comment on a Local Business Directory

Now comes the fun part. Whether you’re a local business owner who wants to encourage your customers to leave comments on your local business listing, or a member of the local community, leaving a comment for a business is not only rewarding, but it’s also fun. Here ae the steps you’ll need to take to leave your own comments.

  • Find the local business you want by either using the custom search bar at the top of the page, or by scrolling through the results you see in one of the 5 major categories at the top of the home page. Click on the business of your choice.
  • One you’re on the business’s page, check out the details and make sure it’s the right one. For example, you’ll find the business’ address and phone number, along with any reviews that other community members have left for it. At this point, you can either leave your own review or continue looking for the comment section.
  • Scroll down the page and look at the map of the business. Make sure it’s the business you’re looking for by verifying its location on the map.
  • Next, you’ll come to the comments section. Decide what you want to write about the business. You can either use this section as another place to leave a review, or you can simply write a quick note about the business you think would help other people understand it more. For example, you could write about the business owner’s efforts to help members of the local community, or you could give important information that makes finding the local business easier for new customers.
  • Click on “Submit a comment” and the site will ask for your name and email address. Your name will show up next to the review, but your email address will remain private. FindUsLocal.com will never use your email address for marketing purposes, or sell it to other businesses.
  • After you’ve entered your personal information, input your comment about the local business and press submit.

After you’ve submitted your comment, go back to the home page and look at the section titled “Recent Local Business Comments.” This is the section that highlights the local comments left by both business owners and consumers, and your comment should be listed at the top. If you want to, you can enter more comments for other businesses.

If you’re a local business owner, this can be a great way to get the word out about sales or other events you’re having in your store, and if you’re a member of the local community, it can be a great way to call attention to the quality local businesses in your area.

Just remember, at this time, FindUsLocal.com is the only local business directory that offers this cutting edge tool, so if you want to leave a comment for a local business, head on over to the site now and find out just how fun it can be!

5 Smart Ways to Handle Negative Online Reviews

maxresdefaultIf you read yesterday’s article, you know just how important online reviews are for your local business. In fact, of those surveyed, over 90 percent say that they feel more comfortable purchasing products or services from a local store that has at least some good online reviews. And over 70 percent of those surveyed say that they value the input from online reviews even more than they do a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

As you can see, you’ll need to do everything you can to get as many good reviews for your local business as you can, but with all those new reviews you’re bound to get at least one negative one. And that’s where many business owners mess up.

Oftentimes, the first reaction a local business owner has to a negative review is to either try and defend their business or lash out at the reviewer, but that actually hurt a local business even more than the review. In fact, most experts agree that if you get a bad review, you should ignore those instincts and take a different path.

And it is important to take some path because according to a recent study, four out of five people who read a negative review online about a local business change their minds about visiting it. In other words, as an owner of a local business, you can’t afford to ignore a negative review.

If you work to get online reviews on your local business directory listings and then get a bad one, here are some proven steps you can take to neutralize the negative effects of it.

Respond to Future Buyers, Not the Review Writer

It may seem logical to respond to the person who wrote the review, and while you do need to address their concerns, you should write your response with your potential customers in mind. If you do this, you’ll never slam the reviewer or try to put the blame on them because you’ll understand that will make potential buyers run from your business. Instead, in your comments, show that you are a local business owner who takes complaints seriously and do all you can to alleviate the concerns of the reviewer.

Learn from Them

They say there is a silver lining in every challenge, and that’s even true for negative online reviews. Most experts, including Seth Godin, say that you should read negative reviews carefully and then determine how to use the information in them to better your local business. For example, if you received a negative review on your local business listing on a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, you should read it carefully and try to understand the customer’s true complaint. If they left a review saying that the cashier rushed you through the line, then you should evaluate how your cashiers act when the store is busy and make some changes. Every negative review hold hidden gems that could be the catalyst to a better customer experience for your future customers.

Don’t Ignore It

Some local business owners put their head in the proverbial sand when it comes to negative reviews, but in today’s viral society, that can definitely backfire. Things go viral easily these days, and that includes negative reviews. So if one appears on your local business directory business listing, be sure to nip it in the bud by addressing it quickly using one of the methods outlined in this article. The last thing your local business needs is a bad review being shared across thousands of social media channels.

Turn it Around

Finally, one of the best ways you can use a negative online review is to turn the tables on the reviewer. Using this method, you will not only neutralize the reviewer’s impact, but you may actually persuade readers to do business with you. For example, if you own a local house painting business and someone left a bad review for you business because they thought you were rude, you could respond by apologizing that you appeared rude, and then go on to explain that you consider what you do an art and typically become so absorbed in it that you can appear rude. Then assure readers that you are a very nice person who just loves his profession so much that you become so absorbed that people mistake it for rudeness. If you read a response to a negative review like this, wouldn’t you at least want to meet with this painter and talk about your project?

Local Business Directory Reviews are One of the Keys to Success

When your business is listed on a local business directory, you’ll have a convenient place for consumers to leave reviews for your business. But remember, it’s up to you as a business owner to solicit those reviews and make your customers feel appreciated for leaving them. But if you get a negative one, simply follow the steps listed above and make it work for the good of your business!

How to Get Reviews for Your Local Business (And Why You Should Make This a Priority)

online-reviews-for-local-businessesDid you know that getting reviews for your local business is one of the smartest things you can do? In today’s marketplace, it’s considered mandatory for local businesses to have reviews in order to attract new customers. That’s because today’s buyers rely on those reviews to decide whether or not to do business with a local shop or restaurant. In fact, here are just some of the benefits you’ll reap by having good local reviews:

  • It will make your local business stand out. Imagine that you were looking for local business to visit and you came across a few options on the local business directory. One of the local shops had a 5 star rating, while the other 2 didn’t have any reviews. Which one would you do business with? If you’re like most people, you would visit the one with the good rating. That’s true for most people, and it’s one of the most important reasons why you need good reviews on all of your local business listings.
  • Good reviews will increase your sales. Recent studies have shown that 90 percent of people feel more comfortable making a purchase from a store that has some good online reviews. That’s a pretty simple way to increase your conversion rate in your store.
  • Some people will only shop at highly rated stores. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t dream of doing business with a shop or restaurant that wasn’t highly rated. And if your business is, they will bypass your competitors who don’t have any reviews, or have some that aren’t great, and shop in your store.
  • Good reviews give your local business credibility. Today’s consumers are wiser and more knowledgeable than those of the past, and they want the shops they do business with to have credibility—and today’s credibility is based on social proof. Online reviews are an easy and effective way to build that credibility fast and affordably.

Now that you understand the important of online reviews, let’s talk about some of the ways you can persuade your customers to leave them for your business. Here are 5 ways to begin building online reviews on the local business directory today:

  • Ask for them. Many local business owners avoid this method, but studies show that people are more than willing to leave online reviews for local businesses—if only they’re asked. Make it a habit to ask every customer as they’re checking out if they will leave a review on your local business listing.
  • Use email signatures. As a local business owner, you likely send out emails to your existing customers on a regular basis. You can create a custom email signature that asks them to leave a review for your business on a local business director like FindUsLocal.com. Be sure to include a link to the local business listing because the easier you make it for your customers, the more likely they will be to leave that all-important review.
  • Make a flyer. If you make special flyers asking for a review and leave them by the cash register, many customers will take them and use it to remember to leave a review for your business. Just be sure to include all the pertinent information they’ll need to leave it.
  • Put the request on your business cards. As a local business owner, you still use business cards to communicate with the people in your community. If you include the URL of the local business directory where your business listing is, and then add a simple line that requests a review, you’ll increase the number of reviews people find on your local business listings.
  • Add a request to other emails. As you send out email announcement for new products or sales to your customers, be sure to add a special request for reviews at the end of the text. Again, be sure to include the link to your local business listing to make it easier for your customers to leave a review.

Remember, you don’t want your customers to all leave reviews on the same day because people who read them will view them as fake. Instead, try to spread out your requests so that the dates on your online reviews look organic and natural.

Having your local business listed on a local business is one of the smartest things you can do, and if you have at least 10 reviews on that local business listing, it’s even better. If you haven’t already listed your business, why not head over to FindUsLocal.com and create your local business now? It can only help bring in new business, and who doesn’t want that?

Retail Sales are Falling—What are You Doing About It for Your Local Business?

sales-growthThe statistics are in, and the news isn’t great for many local retailers. According to the Commerce Department, retail sales fell 0.2 percent last month, despite predictions that they would increase. And for a lot of local businesses, that’s bad news, but for some, the statistics don’t matter.

Why Some Local Businesses are Booming Amid the Retail Apacolypse

There are so many local businesses spread across the nation, and some of them are booming while others are forced to shutter their doors. But when you take a closer look at the differences in how the two groups operate, one thing stands out: the way they reach out to new customers.

In the first group, the one that isn’t doing very well, the local business owners are sticking to the old school methods of marketing, which is why their businesses are struggling. They still rely on the phone book, or they continue to run ads in their local community newspaper. While these marketing methods used to work, they don’t anymore because consumers have changed the way they look for local businesses to shop at.

The second group, the one that’s thriving in today’s economy, has changed the way it markets to new customers. They’ve kept up with the times and use the internet to try and reach new customers. They’re succeeding because in today’s market, people look online when they want to find a local shop or restaurant, and only those businesses that have an online presence will get their attention. But that can be an issue for some local business owners because they don’t have the budget to invest in a website, or for an internet marketing expert to help them get their site in front of consumers.

Local Business Directories are the Key to a Successful Retail Business

Because today’s consumers look online when they want to visit a new business, having an online presence isn’t even an option for local business owners. But what can someone do when they simply don’t have the budget or marketing expertise to get one? The answer is simple: create a local business listing on a local business directory.

Local business directories are like search engines for local areas, and consumers all over the nation are using them to find local businesses. Here’s how they work: when a consumer logs onto a local directory like FindUsLocal.com the site will read their location using cutting edge GEO location technology, and the visitor will be shown a home page that is customized to their own area. They’ll see the local news, a list of sporting events, plays, and music concerts coming to their area, social media conversations from local business owners, and of course, a way to find local businesses in their area. It’s no wonder consumers are bypassing the major search engines when looking for local businesses and flocking to local business directories.

How to Create a Listing on Local Business Directories

If you’re sold on the idea that you need to create a local business listing on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com, you’re right. Once you have an online presence on the very place where people are looking for businesses like yours, you’ll naturally see an increase in business. But in order to do it right, you’ll need to follow a few simple rules.

  • Choose the right directory. Not all local business directories make it easy for consumers by using GEO location technology, but instead make them input their city, town, or zip code to get the information they need. You should list your business on a local directory that makes it easy for them because that’s where they’ll go when they need the information. FindUsLocal.com is one local business directory that uses this technology.
  • Create your local business listing the right way. You can’t just input your business details willy nilly when creating your listing, because if you do, the search engine spiders won’t attribute it to your business. Instead, make sure that every time you enter a detail, you do it the same way on every business listing you create. For example, your name, street address, phone number, and website address should be exactly the same. That means if you use the word Street in your address, you can’t abbreviate it on some business listings and spell it out on others.

Local business directories can make the difference in your business thriving or struggling along. Remember, today’s consumers won’t use the old school methods to find you. Instead, they’ll go online, and if your business can’t be found there, they’ll visit one of your competitors who can. Why not take the simple step of going to FindUsLocal.com right now and creating your very own local business listing?

3 Reasons Local Marketing is More Important Than Ever in 2017

advantage-of-local-search-resultsLocal business owners have been scrambling to ensure that they can keep their doors open after so many reports of retail closings have hit the news. The fear stems from the fact that this year alone has seen more retail store closings than even in the Great Recession. But it’s not all bad news out there—those local shop owners who are keeping up with the times are thriving in today’s economy. And one of the biggest differences between retail stores that are doing great and those that are struggling is local marketing.

What is Local Marketing?

We live in a world of where the internet is the number one place people go to look for products, services, information, and deals, but that presents a problem for those who own a local business. You see, when someone searches the internet for a business, they’ll likely see a lot of national chains in the results, and if there are local results, they’ll be way down the page—or on subsequent pages that no one will even see.

Local marketing is the solution to this dilemma, but even that has changed drastically in the past few years. The concept behind local marketing is that shop owners bypass the global marketing concept that runs the internet and only reach out to the local consumers in their area. If you haven’t yet discovered how local marketing can provide a boost to your local business, here are 3 reasons why you should get on the local marketing bandwagon today.

It Makes it Easy for People to Find Your Business

Today’s consumers want things fast and easy, and if they have to spend a lot of time looking for your business, they’ll likely move on to your competitor who is easier to find. But when you engage in local marketing, it puts your business in front of all those potential customers.

For example, one of the best ways to market locally is to claim your business listing on a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com. These directories give consumers an easy and convenient way to find local businesses, and they are taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t already created your local business listing, head on over to FindUsLocal.com and do it now so all those potential customers can find your store, restaurant, or service business.

It’s Affordable

Another great benefit to local marketing is that it can be a lot more affordable than other forms of marketing. For example, if you were going to try and get your local shop listing high in the major search engine results, you would need to spend thousands of dollars in marketing costs. You would either have to pay a writer to create hundreds of SEO articles that include the keywords people are looking for, or you would have to create ads and then pay every time someone clicked on it. But when you create a local business listing on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com, you can choose the free version, which allows your business to be seen by every person searching the directory for local businesses in your community.

It Creates Goodwill in Your Local Community

Finally, when you interact with the people in your area by engaging in local marketing, it makes them view you as a part of the local community. And when people view you as a part of them, it will make them want to do business with you. Remember, people want to do business with those who they like and respect, and when you spend your dollars on local marketing that’s exactly the impression you’ll make.

Local marketing is the new way of reaching out to local consumers in your area. If you haven’t already begun this new way of marketing, be sure to take some today that will position your business as a pillar in your community. Begin by creating your local business listing on a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, then engage with those in your community and create that all important goodwill. Soon, your business name will be on the tongues of the local consumers in your city or town.