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3 Ways to Use a Local Business Directory to Plan the Perfect Date

179721841350132525amW1wWhhcSpring is in the air, and for many Americans across the country that means one thing: love is on their minds. There is just something about spring, when the cold weather gives way to warmer days full of sunshine and budding flowers that makes people think about relationships and dating again. But if you’re a guy who is trying to plan the perfect date for that special woman you’ve recently met, you may be wondering what you can do that will make the evening stand out in her mind.

While you will have many options to choose from, there is one resource that will give you all the information about your local area that you could possibly need. We’re talking about local business directories and how they can help you plan that perfect date.

Not convinced that a local directory can help you put together a date that she’ll never forget? Here are 3 ways to use the local business directory to plan the perfect night out on the town.

Search for Local Restaurants

Most dates begin with a meal, but the restaurant you take your date to should be great. After all, taking your date to a restaurant with bad reviews or horrible service is no way to start off a date right. Instead, you should use a local directory like FindUsLocal.com to search for restaurants in your area. Once you have the type of cuisine in mind, simply do a search on the site and all restaurants that serve the cuisine will show up in the results. The FindUsLocal business directory uses GEO technology to automatically deliver the search results in your area. Once you’ve found the listings for the right cuisine, look through them and select the one with the best reviews.

Look for Local Events

Because of the GEO technology the local directory uses, you’ll automatically be shown the events happening in your local area. You’ll be able to see which theatre events, sporting events and concerts are in your area at a glance. Now, taking into consideration your date’s likes (you did ask, didn’t you?), select the event that’s right for you. Once you click on an event, you’ll be able to conveniently purchase the tickets for your date night.

Check the Weather

The weather will play an important part in your date, and knowing in advance what it will be will affect the things you plan. For example, you wouldn’t want to plan to take your date to an outdoor concert when rain is in the forecast, nor would you want to plan an all indoor date when the weather is warm and welcoming. In order to create the perfect date that lines up with the weather, simply check the weather in your area on FindUsLocal. In fact, once you log onto the site, you’ll automatically be shown the weather for your exact location.

Setting up the perfect date isn’t typically easy, but if you make use of an awesome local business directory like FindUsLocal, it will be much more so. Now, go and plan your date and impress that special girl!

3 Ways to Ensure You Get Your Local Business Gets its Share of Spring Break Business

Fifth Avenue South ShoppingSpring is here and most consumers are taking out their wallets and planning for some serious spring purchases. After all, most clothing lines come out with spring lines, furniture and household goods all use the spring to announce new products and even restaurants and gourmet shops change their offerings as winter passes and spring arrives.

But if you own a local business, you can’t just sit back and wait for the customers to walk in the door. Today’s brick and mortar shop owners have to be creative in their methods of attracting new customers.

Here are three things you can do right now to help bring in those spring shoppers.

Rethink Your Pricing

Spring shoppers are looking for deals. After all, they’ve recently been through the holiday season and spent a lot of money on gifts and other holiday related purchases, and now they want to save some money. But just as much as they want to save, they also want to purchase all the new pretty things that have arrived just in time for spring.

So how can you convince your customers to buy? By rethinking your prices. We’re not talking about slashing all the prices in your store, but we want you to consider cutting prices on just some of your products in order to get people in the door.

For example, if you own a gourmet food shop, you might run a special on an exclusive olive oil, and place the display beside bags of gourmet pasta and sauces. In other words, your goal should be to bring new customers in the door with a deal and then sell them regular priced items when they’re there.

Reach Them Online

Another thing every local business owner should be doing is listing their company on local business directories like FindUsLocal. For many brick and mortar businesses, this is the only way online lookers will be able to find your store. Studies have shown time and time again that when today’s consumers want to find a company to do business with, they go online to search them out. And if your business isn’t there, you’ll lose the sale.

Luckily, it’s easy to get listed online. Simply go to FindUsLocal, claim your business listing and add as many details as you can. Then, when consumers from your area log on to look for businesses like yours, they’ll see your listing.

Follow Up

Finally, every time you get a new customer, you should ask them to sign up for your mailing list. Studies continue to show that email marketing is still the best way to reach out to customers and cause them to purchase new products or take advantage of a sale. By keeping in contact with them, you’ll build a relationship with them that will continually allow for additional sales.

Spring Break is big business, and there’s no reason why your local shop can’t reap the benefits from it. Simply think about your pricing and come up with a way to get people in the door, reach out to online shoppers via local business directory listings, and then make them permanent customers by following up with them on a regular basis.

How to Make Your Local Business Website a Customer Magnet

MagnetWebsites are an integral part of doing business today, and that’s true even if you run a local shop in your community. Today’s consumers don’t look in the Yellow Pages to find a store, they go online. Some of them use their computers, but most of them use their smartphones to find the small, local businesses they want to shop at.

And that’s why it’s so important to build and maintain a professional website for your small business. But just any website won’t do, not in today’s competitive environment. Yours has to have certain functions and benefits so customers can easily find out what your business stands for which benefits they’ll get by shopping with you.

Here are some of the ways to make your small business website so great that it becomes a customer magnet.

Make it All About the Customer

So many business owners spend too much time on their website talking about the business that it makes the customer feel like they’re not cared for. Instead of tooting your own horn on your site, focus on the benefits that customers will reap when doing business with you. In another words, identify their pain points and then tell them how you can solve them. For example, if you own an air conditioning repair shop, you should mention your experience and training, but your main focus should be on the benefits your customers receive when doing business with you. For example, do you offer guarantees, free unit evaluations, or other features? If so, let your customers know about on your website!

Keep Your Website Updated with Fresh Content

The search engines tend to favor those websites that continually add original and fresh content. In fact, the more original content you add to your site, the more Google and other search engines will notice it, and that will improve its rankings. You can add content by creating a blog that’s attached to your site, adding freestanding articles or product descriptions, or by encouraging customers to leave reviews about your business or the products you sell on your site.

Get Your URL Out There

While it’s vital that you have your own website, your chances for success will be increased if your business can be found on other sites as well. For example, you should list your site on local business directories like FindUsLocal. This will give your business even more credibility in the eyes of the search engines, which of course will improve your rankings. It’s free to claim a standard listing on the local directory, and once you have it, you should encourage your customers to write reviews for your company on the business directory, because that will increase your visibility.

Make Your Website Stand Out Above the Crowd

While it’s possible to design your own website and write the content for it, it’s not always advisable. If you’re not technologically sound, you may need a designer to create your website for you. And if you’re not a natural writer—or don’t understand how to use keywords and other SEO tactics, you would probably be better off hiring a writer who understands how to use keywords to not only get the attention of search engines, but also to cause consumers looking for your products to find you.

Reach Out to Others in the Industry

You’ve probably heard that you should offer to guest blog for other sites that are related to your industry, but do you know why? In order to be noticed by the search engines, your site should be linked to other relevant sites. And one of the best ways to do that is to have your site mentioned on other sites that make sense. For example, if you own a local food business, you could approach local restaurants or foodie groups and ask if you can guest blog for their site. Then, in the blog that you—or your hired writer—presents, add a link back to your site. The search engines will pick this up and it will cause your site to have more credibility in its eyes.

Building and maintaining a top-notch business website is one of the most important things you can do for your local business. By keeping the focus on your customers, adding fresh content frequently, claiming your business on local business directories, and hiring a professional to create a stunning site, you’ll be well ahead of your competitors.

3 Benefits of Listing Your Business on a Local Business Directory

finduslocal-logo-sept2014Do you own a small, local business? If so, you may be confused by the enormous task of drawing new customers to your business, especially considering that the old way of advertising, such as newspaper ads, radio spots, and local television commercials, have basically become ineffective. Today’s consumers consume almost all of their content digitally, and that creates a challenge for local businesses who rely on foot traffic rather than internet shoppers.

Luckily, there is a solution. Local business directories are experiencing a surge in popularity because consumers want a reliable way to find local businesses in their area. If you haven’t yet listed your local business on our directory, FindUSLocal, here are three reasons why you should drop what you’re doing right now and do it.

It Makes Your Local Business Discoverable

The only way new customers are going to be able to find you is if your business is discoverable. And since they’re not looking in the local paper anymore, you’ve got to find another way to get your business name in front of them. Enter local business directories.

More and more consumers are using the Internet, and specifically their mobile phones, to find local businesses when they want to shop or eat. And they’re looking to local business directories to do that.

Get Much Needed Reviews

Local shoppers are fiercely loyal to their local communities, and that’s why they tend to leave more reviews for local businesses. They want to sing the praises of great businesses and warn their community about those businesses that don’t offer quality or good service. But they can’t leave reviews for your business if it’s not listed on a local directory!

Take Advantage of Free Marketing

What would you say if I told you that it’s possible for your business to be marketed in a passive way, and that activity could bring new customers into your business? That’s exactly what local business directories do. Once your business is listed, it will come up every time someone in your local area searches for a business like yours.

If you haven’t already claimed your business profile, head on over to FindUSLocal right now and do it. Who knows? It may bring you a good amount of new business this week.

How to Get Reviews from Your Local Customers

boost-rankingToday’s consumers rely on online reviews before deciding whether or not do business with a local company more than ever. In fact, numerous recent studies show that more and more consumers rely on the reviews, and if a business doesn’t have good reviews—or any reviews—they’re not likely to do business with them. According to experts, the reason businesses that don’t have any reviews do as poorly as those with bad reviews, is because in their eyes, that business is unproven.

In other words, if your local business doesn’t have online reviews, you may not ever get the chance to win a new customer’s business.

And although it’s vital that your business gets good reviews, you can’t control what consumers say about it. But the one thing you can control is getting as many reviews as possible.

Here are three great tactics for getting your customers to leave reviews for your business.

List Your Business Profile Where You can be Found—and Reviewed

Local business directories are becoming the go-to place for local consumers these days. That’s because they don’t like having to sift through national stores just to find a retailers in their local area. For example, when consumers want to find a good bakery in their community, they don’t want to see listings of bakeries all the country.

This trend is what makes it so important that your business is not only found on local directories, but also reviewed on them. You likely ask new customers where they heard about your business, and when they tell you they found you a local business directory, be sure to ask for a review.

Link Your Local Directory Business Profiles to Everything

Another great way to get more business reviews is to add a link to your profile on the local business directory in all your communications with customers. For instance, you can add it to your email signature, put it on your website, brochures and other marketing materials. When customers see the request, along with the link or URL of your directory profile, over and over again, it may spur them to take action and leave a review.

Ask Them in Person

Finally, one of the best ways to get reviews for your local business is to simply your customers for one. Start by explaining how important it is, and then ask them to leave an honest review so other people can make an informed decision about whether or not to patronize your business.

Reviews these days are just as important as branding and marketing campaigns. And in a world where other consumers either recommend your business or not, you should be doing all you can to get those reviews.

The three tips listed above should help. And stay tuned because tomorrow, we’ll talk about 3 things you should avoid at all costs when it comes to asking your customers for reviews.

6 Ways to Draw Out of Town Visitors to Your Local Business

newyorkcity_tourist_001p-300x236If you’re a local business owner and have been concentrating your marketing efforts on the residents in your area, you’ve been missing out. We all know that local search is hot and it’s how most local residents find the businesses they want to do business with. And recent studies have shown that the trend is only increasing: 95 percent of mobile users use their phones to search for local businesses.

But wait—things are about to get complicated.

A new case study shows that a full 33 percent of all local searches are made by people who are only visiting a city. That’s a lot of tourists on their smartphones looking for businesses just like yours. That same study shows that out of town visitors tend to spend about double what local residents do.

Do you want to put your business name in front of all those visitors? Here are six tips to help you do just that.

List Your Business in a Local Business Directory

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your business listed in a local business directory. Sure, local residents use them to find the businesses they want, but out of town visitors also rely on them because they’re unfamiliar with the area and a good local search directory is just like a recommendation from a local resident.

Mix and Match Your Keywords

When you’re marketing to local residents, you want to use long tail keywords because they’re familiar with their options and are much more specific in their local searches. But an out of town visitor who doesn’t know the city will likely use a more general keyword in their search. For instance, if you own a bakery that specializes in cream puffs, you might use “cream puff bakery” to attract local residents, but “bakery” for out of town visitors. Mix them up to attract customers from both pools.

Make Sure Your Listings are Consistent

It would be a shame to put a lot of money and manpower into getting your local business ranked in the searches only to find that it doesn’t even show up in the listings. One of the biggest reasons that happens is that business owners aren’t careful to ensure that all of their business listings use the exact same name and address. Even something as simple as leaving out your suite number on your Facebook page can cause problems. For every local business directory you’re listed in, as well as your social media platforms and My Google Business, make sure your name, address, and phone number are exactly the same.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

When out of town visitors look online for a local business, they do so with their mobile phones. That’s why it so important that your website is optimized for mobile phone use. Otherwise, those visitors may pass up your listing and go to a competitor because the information is easier to read.

You Need Reviews

When people visit a city, they want to have the best experience they can so they’re more selective about the bed and breakfasts they stay in or the restaurants they eat in. And one way they ensure to pick the right business is to check the reviews of the businesses they’re thinking about going to. But what if you don’t have reviews? Ninety percent of people say that if they were asked to leave a review they would, but only about seven percent of them have been asked. If you don’t have plenty of good reviews for your business, begin asking your customers now so that when an out of town visitor is deciding between you and your competition, you’ll get the business.

Use GEO Targeting

GEO targeting is the latest way to target those customers looking for businesses in your area and point them to yours. It’s a system that “reads” where a searcher is located, and then builds a custom page for them that shows all the latest news and happenings in that area. It also includes a search directory where visitors can search for the specific restaurants they’re looking for. Our directory, FindUSLocal, uses this technology, so if you’re not already listed on it, do it right away to attract those out of town visitors.

Don’t miss out on all that business from out of town visitors in your area. Instead, make use of the tips listed above and get your business on the map so visitors can find you.

FindUsLocal Business Directory Turns Business Logic on Its Head

We are a new type of business directory that’s taking advantage of cutting edge browser technology to deliver localized content to a national audience. FindUsLocal.com aims to be America’s favorite start page through the use of geolocation services. While geolocation services are not exactly new to browsers, until now, the technology has been used mostly to help advertisers collect data about website visitors. But we turn typical business logic on its head – instead of delivering advertising intelligence to business, the we use geolocation technology to dynamically create home pages based on a visitor’s location.

When visitors visit our site at www.finduslocal.com, they are greeted with a home page that is customized for their specific location. In addition to news stories that are trending locally, visitors will also have immediate access to many of the most popular online local searches – without having to search. The front page gathers feeds and streams from the most searched and most popular online services and serves them up in an easy to read and digest form. The services include the latest trending tweets from local Twitter users, reviews of local businesses from online review sites, and YouTube videos featuring their neighbors and their hometown.

As if that weren’t enough, we also make it easy for visitors to find events happening in local theaters, sports arenas and other venues by highlighting the latest event listings from independent online ticket sellers. Instead of searching national sites for local events, they’ll find the latest concerts, plays and sporting events listed right on the home page where they’re easy to find.

We also provide a full directory listing of local businesses, churches and professionals offering services nearby. From supermarkets to hairdressers, the directory listings are easy to navigate and searchable by location and category. This also allows small business owners to claim their profile on the site so that they can edit contact details. For businesses that want more exposure, we offer affordable custom business pages and direct links to their own business websites, as well as a backend interface that makes it easy to post updates to major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Thanks to our unique local search technology, we can provide local business news, breaking news from major news services, coupons and offers from nearby businesses and more content than is usually found on the local Chamber of Commerce site.

Five Amazing Reasons for Shopping Local Grocers and One Great Way To Find Them In Your Town

Feeding your family is an expensive proposition, but grocery deals make it a little easier to provide the best foods at reasonable prices. You study the grocery ads, check each week’s circulars from the chain supermarkets and clip coupons whenever you can. But did you know you could be missing out on some of the best deals from local grocers – just because you don’t know they’re there? Just take a look at the local grocery store listings on a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com. You’ll be amazed at how many small grocers and food shops there are just within a few miles of your house.

Why You Should Care About Local Grocers

These days, when most people think about grocery shopping, they’re thinking about pushing shopping carts through the aisles of huge supermarkets. That’s one way to get your shopping done, but when it comes to feeding your family and your community, local grocers – from mom-and-pop corner stores to exotic groceries to regional market chains – actually provide a lot of value. Here are just five reasons that you should check for local grocers before you stock up on next week’s groceries.

Shopping Local Is Good for the Economy

Local grocery stores are usually owned by your neighbors. When you shop at the corner store or a small regional chain grocer, the money you spend stays in your community. The taxes paid help fund services in your community, and your patronage at those shops helps support local jobs and local business owners.

Shopping Local Grocers Is Good for the Environment

Local stores frequently do business with local grocery suppliers, which often means your groceries don’t travel around the country on huge tractor trailers. It’s just one more way to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions in the air.

You’re More Likely to Find Authentic Specialty Foods

The “exotic food” aisles in major supermarkets are filled with imported foods from major companies in other countries. By contrast, small specialty grocers often stock hard-to-find ingredients for recipes you want to try. Not only will you find a better selection of basic foods for all types of international cuisines, you’re also more likely to find a friendly shop owner behind the counter who is happy to offer advice on using those ingredients at home. That’s something most supermarket employees just can’t do.

Regional Food Stores Are More Likely to Accommodate Your Needs

Looking for something that’s not on the grocers’ shelves? Big chain supermarkets aren’t likely to indulge you in ordering a small quantity of one special ingredient. Their bottom line depends on giving shelf space to big sellers. Local shop owners, on the other hand, already order in small quantities. They’re far more likely to add your special request to their next order, and will often start stocking something you buy often just so they can please a regular customer.

You’ll Often Find the Freshest Produce, Meats and Fish

The meat, fish and produce in the coolers at the supermarket have traveled a long way to get to you. They may look fresh, but there’s a good chance they’ve been around the block a time or two. By contrast, your local butcher, fish market and farm stand often do business with local farms and fishermen. It’s not unusual for specialty store owners to make early morning treks to the docks or a nearby farm to bring in the freshest local foods available.

Finding local grocers can be tricky if you rely on big search engines, which are overwhelmed with ads from the major chain stores. Instead, do your searches for local food at business directories that specialize in highlighting local groceries and other local businesses.

Hungry People Are Looking for Your Restaurant. Here’s How to Help Them Find You

As a restaurant owner, you’re always looking for new ways to bring hungry diners through your front door. You’ve tried newspaper ads and phone book listings. Maybe you advertise on local radio stations and send out coupons to your community through a local discounting service. You’ve got a website, but chances are that it doesn’t get much traffic because you’re fighting for top spots in the search listings for restaurants with huge budgets to buy those covered positions. What you really want is to attract local diners – people in your own community who are looking for somewhere to eat tonight. Now there’s a new way to get your restaurant noticed and get your phone ringing off the wall with reservations – a profile in a geo targeted restaurant directory.

Why Go Local

Why choose a local search directory when you can put your profile up on somewhere like Google+ and have access to the whole world? Well, for starters, your customers aren’t coming from all over the world – they’re coming from your neighborhood and surround towns. That’s the target demo for local social business directories – people in your town. Websites like FindUsLocal.com are designed to provide the information that people want to find about their own communities. They use a technology called geo targeting to figure out where a site visitor is located, and then show them content that’s relevant to them – upcoming concerts and sports events at local venues, news headlines from the surrounding community and listings for nearby restaurants and businesses. Thousands of local customers are discovering the ease of finding what they need locally using these local geo targeted directories every week – Find Us Local boasts more than 600,000 visitors a month and a lot of them are living within driving distance of your restaurant.

What You Get with Local Restaurant Listings

Find Us Local draws listings from existing databases to compile pages of local restaurant listings. Your profile is probably already there. (If it’s not, you can easily ask them to add your business.) When you claim your profile, you can add your own details, modify your business description, supply your own profile photo and update your details whenever you want. Claiming your profile (or registering for an account – for free!) also gives you access to a basic social media dashboard that lets you post updates, send out tweets and post messages to your customers via the most popular social media platforms, all from one handy central location.

Want Even More?

Premium listings get even more attention. When you go premium, your listing contains a live link to your official website and you get a full page in the directory to add photos, menus and more. Your restaurant will also be featured prominently at the top of the page when local visitors drop by to check out local happenings and find information about the community, as well as being featured in large display ads on restaurant listing pages.

Don’t pass up one of the best new ways to reach customers to come along in years. Take a look at how social business directories can help your restaurant find new customers each and every day.

10 Things Your Customers Are Looking For (and How They Can Help Your Customers Find You)

As a business owner, you know the number one rule of a successful business – give the customer what he wants. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for places to advertise your business online. Unless the websites where you place your business listings are giving your customers what they want, your ads are just a waste of time. That’s one reason that an ad in a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com is a worthwhile investment. They put everything your customers are looking for in one easy-to-find place to keep them coming back time after time.

What Your Customers Are Looking For – And Why It Helps Them Find You

It doesn’t matter what your business is, there are some things that every single one of your customers is going to be looking for at one point or another. Here are just 10 things your customers may be looking for at different times.

  • The current weather
  • The forecast for the weekend
  • A church for their brother to attend when he comes to visit
  • A sub shop that delivers at 11:30 p.m.
  • Something to do with the kids this Saturday
  • Tickets to the football game this weekend
  • A grocery store that sells local produce
  • The latest local headline stories
  • A dentist who can see them after work
  • Your services

Why should you care whether your customers can find numbers 1 through 9 if you don’t provide them? It’s all about location and relevance. When people get used to finding what they’re looking for in one particular place, they keep coming back to that same place. That’s the principal behind local business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

FindUsLocal is more than just a business directory – it’s a geo targeted local resource that provides the kind of local, relevant information that your friends and neighbors want to know. From constantly updated local event listings to special coupons and deals offered by local providers, your customers have learned to avoid Google when they want to find local results. Instead, they’re turning to local directories, where they know they’ll find businesses run by their friends and neighbors.

If your business depends on local customers who call or come in to your store, you can’t afford not to advertise on a local business directory where your customers know they can find anything they need.