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Hidden Minefields to Avoid with Online Business Directories

IFALKLAND ISLANDS SPECIAL-PICTURE BY MARK RICHARDSn 2012, online web directories were de-indexed and this was a major blow to online listings for small directory websites that failed to follow the strict user experience requirement of Google. Web directories that were properly managed survived and flourished. Businesses that signed up with online business directories were richly rewarded and this continues on up to today.

One fact is certain: online business directories is a passive lead albeit some industries perform better than others because they are consumer goods or cater to a wider market. The beauty of online listing is that you work on it once making sure that it is a professional job – and you won’t have to worry about it until the next revamp. It’s just like a card game of Bridge which also uses passive leads. In this game, passive leads is defined as a move with little or minimal risk while in lead generation, passive refers similarly to leads generated from a marketing strategy that you don’t have to work on daily but is capable of producing positive results for years.

Belonging to an Online Database

Truly, there is strength in numbers. If you sign up with an online business directory like finduslocal.com you become part of a huge database that will help guarantee against short memories. Science will tell you that even people from your community will forget about your business (whether you’ve been in business for a month or ten years) if your brand is no longer visible or audible somewhere. This is why many mom and pop shops close down – lack of visibility and with the busy-ness of customers, they no longer have time to meander around aimlessly and chance upon your business by accident. You have to be easy to be found.

An online business directory is also beneficial for new customers who use their mobile phone and the Internet to search for places to go, stores to shop in, and suppliers to provide them with their needs. With mobile search, the power lies in online databases.

There are other reasons to put your business in relevant online business listings such as:

  1. Links from online directories are very effective. They will be like gold to your business because you can play around with them in your listings until you find the placement with the highest lead generation – and run with it!
  2. It’s part of brand imaging and will negate negative reviews and mentions.
  3. Being visible in a major database will tell everyone including your competitors that you’re here to stay and fight for your share of the market.

Fight for your Business

There’s another very important reason you should seriously consider being listed in a find US business directory: you will be able to protect your business’ reputation. Without an online presence, customers searching for your product will settle for the next best thing – which in all probability is your closest competitor! And there’s no telling what stories will be bandied about because no one can find you on the Internet. “Oh, they’ve closed down.” Or “They’re stuck in the past and will probably close down soon.” These are common comments heard about businesses that choose to stay offline completely and majority of them eventually close down.

Online business directories is almost like free advertising because your brand is visible 24/7 and will help optimize your business with search engines to improve online and foot traffic. In fact, history will show that it is possible to run a business successfully with online marketing alone provided Internet users can find you easily online.

Why Your Choice of Online Business Directory is Critical to Success

If you choose an online business listing website that can guarantee protection of your data, you will not fall victim to scams like business identity theft. Business identity theft can happen when an unscrupulous business person steals your listings and changes the address and contact details. This has happened several times to businesses across the globe who report a sudden drop in sales and inquiries.

A dependable, security-conscious listing website will always conduct risk management processes and be on the ball about security features to protect data and privacy. Thus, when selecting the website, do make it a point to ask questions and not stop until you are satisfied with the offer.

After Being Listed

A major minefield with online listings is failure to track activities. Find out how new customers discover your business. Analyze whether your content on the listing is drawing in traffic or has become too boring to be noticed. There are different ways to track your data using feedback, software, or apps. They key is to stay updated on the latest technology related to database listings.

This move will also prevent you from making the same mistake twice or attracting the wrong kind customers.

Do You Deliver Pizza to New Delhi? Five Tips for Finding Local Customers Online

Local restaurants face unique challenges finding customers online. They understand that it’s important to have a website – but a website isn’t enough. It’s also not their main source of income or even their main source of new customers. It’s more a service they provide – a place where folks in their community can find information about their restaurant: hours of operation, contact information, menus and the like. On the other hand, they also recognize that their website can be a great source of new customers – if they could just figure out how to put their information in front of the right people. Not sure how to go about using the Internet to get customers into your local restaurant? From local business directories to local SEOs, these tips will help you put your business on the local map online.

Get a Website

If you don’t have one already, you need one. Your Facebook page and Twitter account and G+ page are all well and good, but you only have so much control over those places. They should all serve as funnels to send business to you and to your website. If they all disappeared tomorrow, your website would still exist and you’d still have complete control over what appears there.

Engage in Social Media

Think of social media as today’s equivalent of networking. By setting up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, you’re creating channels you can use to reach customers and interact with them. They allow you to post specials, celebrate achievements, feature special moments and field questions or complaints from customers. They’re also invaluable for catching problems and dealing with them quickly.

Use Local SEO Tactics

Today’s browsers use geo targeting to deliver relevant content to local readers. Most search engines use it to some extent. It’s the reason that you can type “pizza” into the search box on major search engines and get pages of local pizza places. If you want to show up when local folks search for your specialties, you need to make sure your web pages list your location and lots of local markers.

Get Listed in Local Business Directories

Local folks are turning more and more to social business directories like FindUsLocal.com when they’re looking for local results. Find Us Local uses geo targeting technology to create customized local pages for visitors, a one-stop website where they can find local news, concerts and events at local venues, and listings for local businesses, professionals and eating places like yours. When you claim your profile at a local business directory, you can control how it looks and what it tells visitors. For just a few dollars, a premium listing gives your restaurant even more visibility with the people that matter most – families and individuals that live right in your corner of the world.

Bonus: FindUsLocal.com provides a very valuable resource for registered business owners: a central social media dashboard that lets you post to all your social media accounts from one place. The social media dashboard is huge – it saves you time and effort and lets you coordinate your local social media messaging. You can pay hundreds of dollars a month to get access to one of these and FindUsLocal.com provides it with their free account.

Encourage and Monitor Reviews

Make it easy for your customers to review your restaurant on the social media review sites and encourage them to leave great reviews for you on your local business listings. Good reviews will push your restaurant listing higher on the search results and bring even more customers to your door.

10 Things Your Customers Are Looking For (and How They Can Help Your Customers Find You)

As a business owner, you know the number one rule of a successful business – give the customer what he wants. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for places to advertise your business online. Unless the websites where you place your business listings are giving your customers what they want, your ads are just a waste of time. That’s one reason that an ad in a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com is a worthwhile investment. They put everything your customers are looking for in one easy-to-find place to keep them coming back time after time.

What Your Customers Are Looking For – And Why It Helps Them Find You

It doesn’t matter what your business is, there are some things that every single one of your customers is going to be looking for at one point or another. Here are just 10 things your customers may be looking for at different times.

  • The current weather
  • The forecast for the weekend
  • A church for their brother to attend when he comes to visit
  • A sub shop that delivers at 11:30 p.m.
  • Something to do with the kids this Saturday
  • Tickets to the football game this weekend
  • A grocery store that sells local produce
  • The latest local headline stories
  • A dentist who can see them after work
  • Your services

Why should you care whether your customers can find numbers 1 through 9 if you don’t provide them? It’s all about location and relevance. When people get used to finding what they’re looking for in one particular place, they keep coming back to that same place. That’s the principal behind local business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

FindUsLocal is more than just a business directory – it’s a geo targeted local resource that provides the kind of local, relevant information that your friends and neighbors want to know. From constantly updated local event listings to special coupons and deals offered by local providers, your customers have learned to avoid Google when they want to find local results. Instead, they’re turning to local directories, where they know they’ll find businesses run by their friends and neighbors.

If your business depends on local customers who call or come in to your store, you can’t afford not to advertise on a local business directory where your customers know they can find anything they need.