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3 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Increase Their Business

open-for-businessAre you a restaurant owner who is looking to increase your customer base? These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult for restaurant owners to convince people to not only try their food, but to keep coming back time and time again. That’s because of the rise of “foodies,” those people who are food connoisseurs and have extremely well developed palates.

But if you’re a restaurant owner, you still need to get people in the door—foodies or not. So, how can you compete in today’s competitive world? Here are three tips to help you customers into your door.

It’s all About the Food

Today’s consumers have choices when it comes to their food, and if they eat out and are disappointed in the food, they’re not only likely to not return, but they’ll probably tell their friends and family about their disappointing experience at the restaurant. Scenarios like this are one of the biggest reasons so many restaurants fail today.

In order to stay in business and turn a profit, you’ll have to give each diner the tasting experience of a lifetime. What can you do to your menu to liven it up, make it better, and cause customers to rave about it to their friends?

The Service is Important, Too

Think about the last time you ate at a restaurant and the service was poor. Did you go back? I’m going to take a wild guess here and say no. That’s because when people pay money to eat out, the service becomes just as important as the food. In fact, if the wait staff or hostess doesn’t do their job correctly, it can end up ruining the entire meal.

Combat this common restaurant problem by training your staff to attend to your customer’s every need. Teach them to anticipate your guest’s needs, and to react immediately whenever they’re asked for something.

Consumers Need to Know You Exist

If the local community doesn’t know about your restaurant, it will be tough to convince them to give it a try. And while restaurants used to be able to rely on local newspapers ads, they just don’t work that well anymore. Today’s consumers rely on the internet for everything, including searches for local restaurants. If you’re not already listed on a local business directory like FindUsLocal, be sure to do it quickly. Otherwise, the local community may never find you.

The restaurant business is tough, but if you do all of the three tips listed above, you’ll stand out in a crowd of mediocrity.  Don’t let all your hard work be for nothing. Instead, get your business listed on a local directory, service the best food you can, and train your staff to always put diners first.

The Real Deal with Local Business Directories

directories2If you keep up with internet marketing, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about the rise of local business directories lately. In fact, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we believe local directories are one of the best ways local businesses can get seen by the mass of consumers looking for businesses.

But a recent study puts some numbers to our claims, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Here are the biggest takeaways from a study conducted by Quantcast and I’m using the numbers from their “People per Month” data.

Here are the three biggest takeaways from the study.

There is an Uptick in Use

Two years ago, there was a 35 percent decline in traffic to local business directories, but then something strange happened: consumers began to understand how easy it was to use them—and get the information they needed without all the hassle—and the usage began to climb. In short, as more and more of the local members of your community realize the ease and effectiveness of using local business directories, the more effective they’ll become. And according to the study, that realization has already begun.

Big Local Directories aren’t Better

During the time that local directories lost traffic to their sites, it appears that small local directories didn’t do any worse than the bigger guys. In fact, the larger directories lost about 18 percent of their traffic before the turnaround, but the smaller directories only lost about 13 percent. It seems that consumers don’t care whether a directory is small or large, but they care about whether or not they can find what they need at the site.

Fresh Content is Key

When looking at what makes some local directories do better than others, it seems that it comes down to fresh content. And the important content a local directory can post is reviews. Those sites that have a constant steam of relevant reviews posted do better than sites where the reviews are stale. In addition, sites that keep consumers updated on local events by consistently refreshing data about new concerts, sporting events, local news and other events will do well.

How to Use Local Business Directories to Get Business

If your local business isn’t yet listed on a business directory, isn’t it time you made the change? More and more local consumers are looking to business directories to find businesses in their area to do business with.

If you haven’t yet claimed your free business profile on our site, do it now. All you have to lose are those potential customers who looked for a business like yours on our site and didn’t find you.


Do You Deliver Pizza to New Delhi? Five Tips for Finding Local Customers Online

Local restaurants face unique challenges finding customers online. They understand that it’s important to have a website – but a website isn’t enough. It’s also not their main source of income or even their main source of new customers. It’s more a service they provide – a place where folks in their community can find information about their restaurant: hours of operation, contact information, menus and the like. On the other hand, they also recognize that their website can be a great source of new customers – if they could just figure out how to put their information in front of the right people. Not sure how to go about using the Internet to get customers into your local restaurant? From local business directories to local SEOs, these tips will help you put your business on the local map online.

Get a Website

If you don’t have one already, you need one. Your Facebook page and Twitter account and G+ page are all well and good, but you only have so much control over those places. They should all serve as funnels to send business to you and to your website. If they all disappeared tomorrow, your website would still exist and you’d still have complete control over what appears there.

Engage in Social Media

Think of social media as today’s equivalent of networking. By setting up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, you’re creating channels you can use to reach customers and interact with them. They allow you to post specials, celebrate achievements, feature special moments and field questions or complaints from customers. They’re also invaluable for catching problems and dealing with them quickly.

Use Local SEO Tactics

Today’s browsers use geo targeting to deliver relevant content to local readers. Most search engines use it to some extent. It’s the reason that you can type “pizza” into the search box on major search engines and get pages of local pizza places. If you want to show up when local folks search for your specialties, you need to make sure your web pages list your location and lots of local markers.

Get Listed in Local Business Directories

Local folks are turning more and more to social business directories like FindUsLocal.com when they’re looking for local results. Find Us Local uses geo targeting technology to create customized local pages for visitors, a one-stop website where they can find local news, concerts and events at local venues, and listings for local businesses, professionals and eating places like yours. When you claim your profile at a local business directory, you can control how it looks and what it tells visitors. For just a few dollars, a premium listing gives your restaurant even more visibility with the people that matter most – families and individuals that live right in your corner of the world.

Bonus: FindUsLocal.com provides a very valuable resource for registered business owners: a central social media dashboard that lets you post to all your social media accounts from one place. The social media dashboard is huge – it saves you time and effort and lets you coordinate your local social media messaging. You can pay hundreds of dollars a month to get access to one of these and FindUsLocal.com provides it with their free account.

Encourage and Monitor Reviews

Make it easy for your customers to review your restaurant on the social media review sites and encourage them to leave great reviews for you on your local business listings. Good reviews will push your restaurant listing higher on the search results and bring even more customers to your door.

Hungry People Are Looking for Your Restaurant. Here’s How to Help Them Find You

As a restaurant owner, you’re always looking for new ways to bring hungry diners through your front door. You’ve tried newspaper ads and phone book listings. Maybe you advertise on local radio stations and send out coupons to your community through a local discounting service. You’ve got a website, but chances are that it doesn’t get much traffic because you’re fighting for top spots in the search listings for restaurants with huge budgets to buy those covered positions. What you really want is to attract local diners – people in your own community who are looking for somewhere to eat tonight. Now there’s a new way to get your restaurant noticed and get your phone ringing off the wall with reservations – a profile in a geo targeted restaurant directory.

Why Go Local

Why choose a local search directory when you can put your profile up on somewhere like Google+ and have access to the whole world? Well, for starters, your customers aren’t coming from all over the world – they’re coming from your neighborhood and surround towns. That’s the target demo for local social business directories – people in your town. Websites like FindUsLocal.com are designed to provide the information that people want to find about their own communities. They use a technology called geo targeting to figure out where a site visitor is located, and then show them content that’s relevant to them – upcoming concerts and sports events at local venues, news headlines from the surrounding community and listings for nearby restaurants and businesses. Thousands of local customers are discovering the ease of finding what they need locally using these local geo targeted directories every week – Find Us Local boasts more than 600,000 visitors a month and a lot of them are living within driving distance of your restaurant.

What You Get with Local Restaurant Listings

Find Us Local draws listings from existing databases to compile pages of local restaurant listings. Your profile is probably already there. (If it’s not, you can easily ask them to add your business.) When you claim your profile, you can add your own details, modify your business description, supply your own profile photo and update your details whenever you want. Claiming your profile (or registering for an account – for free!) also gives you access to a basic social media dashboard that lets you post updates, send out tweets and post messages to your customers via the most popular social media platforms, all from one handy central location.

Want Even More?

Premium listings get even more attention. When you go premium, your listing contains a live link to your official website and you get a full page in the directory to add photos, menus and more. Your restaurant will also be featured prominently at the top of the page when local visitors drop by to check out local happenings and find information about the community, as well as being featured in large display ads on restaurant listing pages.

Don’t pass up one of the best new ways to reach customers to come along in years. Take a look at how social business directories can help your restaurant find new customers each and every day.