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American Express Agrees: Business Directories are Vital to Hyperlocal Marketing Success for Small Businesses

localDo you run a small or medium business and want to know how to get your business name in front of more people? Well, American Express agrees with us on how to best do that. They say, and we agree, that small and medium businesses should focus on hyperlocal marketing, including making use of online local business directories. That’s because it’s easy for a small business to get lost in the massive search engine results, but in the smaller, local business directories, it’s easy for a small business to get noticed. Think about it—if you were looking for a local business and you had a choice of wading through results from all over the country, or simply going to a local directory to find the business you needed, which would you prefer? If you said the local directory, you’re in line with what the rest of the country is thinking. That’s the direction many people are leaning because it’s easier to find what they need, without the hassle of having to filter through dozens of results that simply are not relevant to their search.

When Did the Local Search Trend Begin?

The trend toward hyperlocal online marketing began a few years ago and continues to gain momentum as technology evolves to deliver geographically targeted search results to general search queries. In fact, a recent article about online marketing strategies says that Google and other major search engines use geographic signals to deliver targeted local results to search engine queries. Small and medium business owners should list their businesses with local business directories as part of an overall marketing strategy to rank higher on search engine pages. That’s because the major search engines now include links from local business directories in their ranking signals for search results. In simple terms, when a small business is listed in a town or neighborhood business directory, Google and Bing are more likely to recognize it as a nearby business when someone searches for a product or service either on a desktop or on a mobile device. This simple act of registering on a local business directory will allow your business to rank higher on the listing page of the search engine results.

Introducing FindUsLocal

Our online business directory website, FindUsLocal.com, understands that a directory listing carries far more benefits than a higher ranking in search engine results. What’s more, business owners who claim their profiles on local business directories also reap the benefit of controlling the information that reaches potential customers. For instance, if the phone number in your listing is wrong, it could cause a customer to take their business to a competitor when they can’t reach you.  A recent survey found that more than half of all business listings in online business directories provide erroneous information, such as outdated telephone numbers or business hours. Those errors can lead to lost business and lost revenue. Correcting them ensures that potential customers find the right information, not only on the directory website, but also in other online searches.

Our FindUsLocal.com directory uses geolocation services to deliver local content to users no matter where they happen to be. For example, if a visitor comes to our site from Portland, Oregon, they will automatically be shown the relevant news from their area, the local weather, social media posts that originate from the area, and information from local businesses displayed prominently on our front page. Our unique content delivery model encourages engagement between the local business community and potential customers by delivering relevant local news on one page alongside a traditional online business directory. Interested business owners can learn more about the benefits of hyperlocal marketing on our company’s website.

Give your Business the Best Chance of Success

If you own a business and need to attract consumers in your area, you owe to yourself to check out our directory. Don’t stay buried in the big search engines results any longer, but take control of how people find your business by signing up on our site. After all, when American Express acknowledges a new trend for small business owners, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention. And our service is free, unless you opt for an upgrade. Simply claim your profile on our site, and then sit back and watch the local customers in your area begin to bring their business to your location. It just can’t get any easier than that.

How Small Town Grocers Can Beat Supermarket Chains in the Advertising Game – Go Local!

As a local grocer, you face unique advertising challenges. Everyone in town knows about the big boys on the block – the national and regional chain supermarkets that have corporate offices to pay for their advertising budgets. It’s hard to compete with their weekly colorful circulars and their deep pockets. Even if you take the modern alternative with online advertising, you face the same hurdles – getting noticed in a medium that’s dominated by national corporate advertising. There’s one place, though, that you have all the advantages, and it’s a growing advertising channel for small grocers and home town business owners – online local business directories.

Geo Targeting – The Magic Sauce Behind Local Business Directories

You may have seen online business directories before and dismissed them because they’re hard to navigate, or they’re poorly maintained and updated. That was often true of older directories that depended on a single person to add and maintain the entries in the database, and required users to click through a dozen pages before they got to a list of their own local businesses. That’s no longer the case, thanks to the magic of geo targeting, a marketing technology that is changing the way online advertising works.

Geo targeting uses information sent from your browser to tell the website you’re vising where you are located so that it can display information that’s relevant to your location. It’s mostly been used by international corporations to serve the right version of their web page to visitors from around the world, or to display search engine results from local businesses when people do a search. Websites like FindUsLocal.com have taken geo targeting a step further, and created an entire website that delivers geographically relevant content to visitors. When people visit FindUsLocal.com, they’ll find all sorts of local information, from the current weather and news to local entrepreneurs that need their support. They’re rapidly becoming an online destination of choice for people who want to find out which bands and plays are coming to town and where to find the best deals on groceries and other services.

Go Local for Higher Visibility

When you claim your profile or choose a featured listing on a local business directory like FindUsLocal, you’ll have the advantage of reaching your neighbors and people in the surrounding communities. They’re looking for local business owners and local grocery stores because they want to do business locally. A featured listing on these directories puts your store at the top of the front page where people in your town will see it, as well as featuring it with a more visible listing on the grocery store directory. You’ll also have access to special tools to help you promote your business to your neighbors and local customers, such as a full social media dashboard where you can post about specials to multiple platforms at once.

You don’t have to fight the big supermarket chains for customers on their own turf. You can get more customers by featuring your store on a local directory and benefiting from higher visibility and easier access to local information.

Free Concert Listings: One Reason Your Customers Love Social Business Directories More Than They Like Google

The latest news on the technology front is that people are deserting Google. After years of dominating all types of search listings, the search engine behemoth is slowly losing its grip as faithful users find other services that are more useful. If you’re thinking Bing and Yahoo! here, you’d be wrong. In fact, the big winners these days are social business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

Taking their cue from the popularity of professional service directories, these social directories make it easy for local businesses to hook up with customers and clients. They do this using a two-pronged approach with one goal in mind: providing a place where local customers and businesses can find each other.

Why Customers Like Social Business Directories

The front page of FindUsLocal.com features customized content based on the website user’s location. Instead of being greeted with a generic greeting and a request to enter your location or search, visitors to the website find a page of information about their local businesses, hometown news, and nearby community events. They can check the current weather, see what local Twitter users are talking about and check out the latest coupons and specials offered by businesses in the community. One of the biggest draws for the local community, though, is the local event listings which are featured right there on the front page where they’re easy to find. Users can easily find listings – and buy tickets for – upcoming concerts, theater performances and sports events without searching a dozen different websites for information.

How It Works

Local business listings on business directories like Find Us Local are powered by the magic of geo targeting, a technology that uses your browser’s location information to customize the information you see on your device. It’s most often used by marketers to serve geographically appropriate ads when you surf the Web, but it has other uses – like showing website visitors local theater, sports and concert listings, local weather and weekend information.

Why It’s Good for Your Business

There are dozens of “business directories” on the Web, but most of them are virtually useless, either because no one visits them or because they bury your business listing under pages and pages of results. This latest twist on local business directories gets customers to come back again and again when they’re looking for local businesses and events, and offers you the tools and exposure you need to reach local customers with your website and online presence.