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Announcing Our New Educational Innitiative About the Benefits of Local Business Directories

announcementThe internet has been a great sales boost for business owners all over the world. In fact, a small ecommerce business located in an obscure part of the country—or the world for that matter—now has the tools and abilities to reach the same amount of customers as any large business.

But what about local business owners who only want to reach the local customers in their area? In the past, it was easy. All business owners had to do was list their business in the yellow pages, and when customers wanted a service or product like theirs, they could easily find what they were looking for by picking up the yellow pages and looking through the ads.

But those days are gone. These days, the yellow pages more often serve as door stops, compost matter, or are simply thrown into the trash as soon as it shows up at someone’s door.

What are local business owners to do? How can they be found by the very customers who need their products and services?

Our New Educational Campaign

Here at FindUsLocal, we are on a mission to educate local business owners about their options. Because the truth is, if you do nothing and hope that somehow local customers will find their way to your business, you’ll probably find yourself in serious trouble. In fact, many local businesses have closed down for that very reason. Times have changed, and the things that used to work for local business owners simply don’t work anymore.

That’s why we’ve begun a new campaign. We want to put the right tools into the hands of local business owners across the nation so they’ll have what they need to attract local customers. This is the first in a series of articles that will describe today’s premier marketing methods that will get potential customers in the doors to local businesses.

The New Yellow Pages

Since you can’t count on the Yellow Pages any more to bring in customers, where you do turn? After all, the internet is for those businesses that sell across state lines or to the world, right?

Not necessarily.

You see, more and more people are turning online to look for businesses these days, even if they want to find a business in their local area. But the traditional digital tactics that nationwide stores use to attract those customers won’t work for local businesses. That’s because those larger companies have a lot more advertising dollars to spend and can purchase the keywords they need to get attention. So for some time, the traditional wisdom was that local business owners simply need to add their city name to the keyword, and that would allow customers to find them. But a recent study shows that simply using your city plus a keyword isn’t effective like it used to be—in fact, it can do harm than good in your search engine rankings.

So what can you do?

List your business in a local business directory, that’s what.

What is a Local Business Directory?

Local business directories are to local businesses what Google is to nationwide businesses. It’s a one-stop place where people can go to view the news, upcoming events, weather, and even tweets and Facebook postings in their local area. And in addition to getting the latest on all things local, visitors will be able to see the local businesses that advertise their products or services to local customers.

But what happens if you don’t want to advertise on a local business directory? That’s no problem because our local business directory also allows visitors to search the directory. For example, if they are looking for a local Italian restaurant, they would simply type the search terms into the search bar, and all the restaurants who have listed their business on our site will appear.

Obviously, this can play a huge role in a local businesses success or failure. If people can find your business, they’ll be more likely to shop there.

Is it Really That Easy?

Yes, and that’s exactly what the purpose of our new initiative is. We want local business owners to understand that they do have options. And listing your business in our local directory doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, we have an option that allows you to list your business for free.

Stay tuned, because in the next few weeks, we’ll continue this series and talk about all the reasons why it’s so important that you list your local business on a directory as soon as you can.

Thank You Google! The Search Engine’s Latest Algorithm Update Makes Our Local Search Directory More Relevant Than Ever

ful 1If you know anything about Google, you know that they change their algorithms.  A lot. And while they do it improve people’s search results, sometimes those changes have other effects, as well. For instance, we believe that Google’s most recent algorithm update is a clear sign that local businesses should get listed in local business directories as soon as possible. The Pigeon update, released in late July and tweaked several times over the past six months, appeared to give more preference to listings in local business directories while essentially wiping out hometown businesses in favor of national corporations with a local presence. That’s not good for local businesses, or for those consumers who are looking for local results.

Local Searches are Key in Today’s Mobile World

That’s because these days more and more people are using their smart phones, tablets and other devices to search for restaurants, retail stores and other local businesses. According to the latest figures released by Google, more than 70 percent of the time, when someone searches on a mobile device, they are looking for a local business. What’s more, four out of five searches on mobile platforms result in a purchase, often within a few hours of the search. Authors John Quelch and Katherine Jocz recently summed it up by saying, “Place matters more than ever in a global, virtual world.”

The change in Google’s algorithm is opening up new space for the resurgence of local business directories. Once a staple of web searches, the importance of local directories took a hit as the search engine giant improved its algorithms to offer more relevant results. Now, however, it appears that the tide is turning back in favor of those local business directories.

Local Business Directories are Once Again Front and Center

The move back to local search is aided and abetted by improved browser and Internet technology. For example, Geolocation services allow us to present our site visitors with a plethora of local search results, and we do it all in one page. Visitors to our site will find local concert and event results, offers and ads from the local businesses in their area, local weather reports, local news results, and even Twitter feeds that feature tweets from local users. Businesses that want to take advantage of the local audience can opt for featured listings that put their business details in front of the people that matter most – their potential local customers. Imagine, your local community seeing your business listed on the front page of their local directory.

Who We Are

As the large search engines become less and less relevant to customers looking for local mom-and-pop stores and restaurants, local business directories such as ours are taking advantage of new technology to step in and provide what the people want – true local search relevance. At FindUsLocal, we pride ourselves in being a unique USA local business directory. Our interface with browser technology allows us to deliver completely customized local content to site visitors, and provides a competitive advantage to businesses that use our premium local promotion services. In fact, our company’s blend of local news, events and business search results make it one of the fastest growing local business directories online.

If you are a business who relies on local customers to fuel your business, then you should pay attention to the trend of local business directories. By listing your business on one, you’ll make your business instantly visible to the consumers who are ready to buy your products. Why not check us out today and find out how we can make your business be seen by the people who are anxious to find you?

And if you’re a consumer who is looking for an easier way to find local businesses when you’re ready to do business, we can help you, too. Simply make us your go-to page whenever you’re looking for Churches, restaurants, theatres, local events, and sporting events. And if you simply want to catch up the latest news from your area, find out what the weather is doing, or read the latest tweets from your area, you’ll find that, too.

Get ready for a shift in local searches, and bookmark our page as we are one of the forerunners in the equation. Remember, if you want to be seen locally, or need to find a local business, FindUsLocal is the place you should look.


FindUsLocal Puts Local Business and Events in the Spotlight

FindUsLocal now makes it easier than ever for businesses to connect with local consumers. The unique online local business directory uses built-in browser geo-location services to deliver location-based content on their home page. When visitors direct their browsers to www.finduslocal.com , they land on a page of relevant news, event listings and local business ads. This ground-breaking format puts community events and businesses in the spotlight and makes it easier for community residents to find neighbors doing business with neighbors.

The FindUsLocal format offers unique benefits to small and medium business owners. Their businesses are prominently featured on the home page, as well as on directory pages that fit their business category. Because the website uses geolocation services to serve content, a business owner can be sure that his ads are being seen by the people that count – his local customers. When an owner claims his or her business on FindUsLocal, he can customize the business listing and update the phone number and address. A free listing also provides access to FindUsLocal’s free social media tool, which allows posting to both Facebook and Twitter from one page. For those wanting more exposure, FindUsLocal offers paid business listings that provide even more benefits. Paid business listings allow more customization, featured status on the front page and on category and city pages, a direct link to the business website, and a full page listing on FindUsLocal – all at one very affordable monthly price.

The local-centric format doesn’t just support businesses and business owners, though. Local artists, performers and entrepreneurs are also featured on the website home page. Site visitors can easily find listings of upcoming events at nearby sports arenas and performance venues, complete with links to buy tickets for those events. A little sidebar item features local projects listed on various crowd-funding sites for people who want to support local entrepreneurship. Other sidebar items list meet-ups of community groups and interest groups meeting in the area, coupons offered by nearby businesses and the latest reviews entered for local business on major review sites.

More than 80% of all consumers now start their search for new products and services online. As more and more people become disenchanted with the results offered by the major search engines, they’re turning to alternative business directories, like FindUsLocal. For more information about business listings on FindUsLocal or to try their local business search and directory, visit www.finduslocal.com.