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Local Businesses can Finish the Year with a Bang. Here’s How.

bangIt’s been a roller coaster ride for local business owners this year, hasn’t it? The year started off not so good for local shops as the news of a retail Armageddon traveled quickly. There were reports of store closings across the nation, and most local business owners were clinging dearly to every customer who walked through the door. But then, as the year progressed and holiday shoppers came out, things took a turn. Suddenly, people were trying to find US local businesses to shop at instead of buying online like they’ve done in years past.

In fact, this holiday season was the best on record since 2011, and local retailers saw a boom this holiday season. Commenting on a recent news release that talked about the favorable shopping season, senior vice president of marketing insights at MasterCard Sarah Quinlan said, “Overall, this year was a big win for retail.”

How Did Your Local Store Do?

How about you? Did your local shop see the major increase in sales that other local businesses did? The recent statistics show that there was an 18.1 percent increase in sales this holiday season over last year, and only 10 or 11 percent of those sales went to online stores. That means local businesses did the majority of sales this year as consumers decided to get out in their own communities and shop locally.

If you didn’t see an increase in your sales, it could be because of one simple thing: not having an online presence.

Why Do I Need an Online Presence if I Operate a Local Shop?

It seems counter-intuitive that local consumers would look online to find US local businesses, but that’s exactly what they do. And they don’t look for them on websites like they did in year’s past. Instead, they look for them on local business directories. These directories are designed to give people local results, and consumers are flocking to them everything they want to find US local businesses, restaurants, or service businesses. They’re simple to use, and people can get the results they need in seconds.

How Do I Get Listed on a Local Business Directory?

If you run a local shop, eatery, or service business, chances are that you already have local business listings on local business directories, even if you didn’t create them yourself. But the problem is that many of those local listings were created by using public data that may or may not be accurate. And if a potential buyers gets a wrong address or phone number and tries to visit your store with it, it will only frustrate them and they’ll likely end up going to your competitor.

Luckily, the process of creating an accurate local business listing is easy. Simply log onto a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and claim your business. Then fill in as many correct details as you can and the consumers who find your local business via the local business listing will have all the correct information so they can easily find your shop.

Isn’t it good to know that something as simple as a local business listing on a good local business directory will help local consumers find you? Remember, the holiday shopping season isn’t yet over. Experts predict that between now and the end of the year, local business owners will see another surge in sales. Don’t let your business be left out of the upcoming sales, but ensure that buyers can find you by securing your online presence now. Just go to FindUsLocal.com and create your free local business listing and soon you’ll wonder why you’ve never used local business directories as a local marketing and advertising tactic before!

How Local Business Owners Can Up Their Game with Local Business Directories

imagesIf you read the news over the past year, you would have thought that most local businesses were going to have to shut their doors. This year of the retail store closings epidemic was dubbed as Retail Armageddon because so many national chain local stores—along with mom and pop businesses across the nation—saw hard times as more and more people looked online for their shopping needs.

Boy, have things changed just in the past few months.

As the year closes, it seems that local businesses have once again captured the imagination of shoppers everywhere, even the Millennials who are notoriously known for shopping online, are spending their holiday cash in local businesses.

What about your business? Are you seeing the uptick in sales that so many are? And since it’s the holiday shopping season, local retailers are doing gangbusters all over the nation.

If you’re not yet cashing in on the local shopping movement by doing some smart online advertising, here are some ways to get your local business noticed by holiday shoppers now.

Make Sure They can Find You

When today’s shoppers want to find US local businesses, they don’t look in the phone book or scour local newspapers for coupons to clip. Instead, they look online. And nine times out of ten, they look for local businesses in local business directories. These local directories are designed specifically for the local shopper in mind and make it easy for them to quickly and efficiently get the information they need.

For example, if a consumer was looking for a clothing store in Los Angeles, California, they would type those words into the search bar on a local business directory like FindUsLocal, and they would be presented with a long list of clothing stores in their area. They could then go to each local business listing and read details about the business such as their store hours, phone number, and even get directions to the store. Local business directories make it so easy for consumers to find US local businesses that they are the only technique that most people use.

Make Sure They can Trust You

After consumers find your local business listing, they’ll need to see some social proof that tells them your local business is trustworthy. And these days, online reviews are the social currency most of them look for. Studies show that shoppers need at least 10 positive online reviews to trust a business, and the good news is that after they read them, a large percentage of them will visit your store. The reviews aren’t difficult to get either. Just ask your customers to leave them on your local business listing and 7 out of 10 of them will do it.

Make Sure They can Reach You

Finally, today’s shoppers expect to interact with the local shops they do business with, so you’ve got to give them a platform to do so. FindUsLocal.com offers a one of a kind communication tool that allows both business owners and consumers to leave comments about a local business listing. As a business owner, you can use this unique feature to announce sales and discounts, new product offerings, flash sales, job openings, or talk about volunteer work you’re doing in the community. The people in your town or city can use them to tell others about the wonderful experience they had in your shop or restaurant, or talk about their great finds in your store. It’s a great way to interact with your community—something all local business owners need to do more of.

If you’re ready to up your game as a local business owner, be sure to follow the above steps. Start by going to FindUsLocal.com and creating your own local business listing. After that, promote it, get those all-important reviews, and use it to interact with your community.


3 Ways to Use Customer Interaction to Drive Business to Your Local Shop

abc-of-driving-traffic-to-your-website1 (1)It’s the holiday season, and local business owners all over the country are doing what they can to drive as many customers into their stores as possible. After all, the more people who walk through your store, the more business you’ll do—and that makes for a very Merry Christmas.

But, unlike days in the past, you can’t just expect all those customers to find your store unless you put it in front of their eyes. And in today’s internet obsessed culture that means one thing: they need to be able to find your local store online.

What’s Wrong With the Old Way of Advertising?

That’s a question many local shop owners are asking, but they all eventually come to realize that things have changed, and the only way to make it in today’s culture is be seen online. But even that isn’t enough nowadays. Today’s consumers expect more from local business owners, and one thing they’ve come to expect is to interact with the local businesses they visit. In other words, you need to change the way you market your local business.

Social Media is So Yesterday

Most people still think of social media when it comes to customer interaction, but that’s fallen out of favor with a lot of local business owners. That’s because it takes a lot of time, patience, and money to build a loyal social media following, and that means taking away resources from your business. That’s why smart local business owners have turned to another form of online advertising and marketing: local business directories.

Local business directories are just like the major search engines, expect instead of having to dig through the results to find what they’re looking for, people only get the results they want to see. For example, if someone were looking for a garden shop on a large search engine, they would likely find articles about gardening, online garden stores, and if they’re lucky, a few websites to local garden stores in their area. But if they used a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com to look for their garden store, they would only see the garden stores in their town or city in the results. It’s no wonder consumers are flocking to local business directories to find US local businesses.

So, now that you understand how important it is to be found online, especially in a credible local business directory, let’s talk about the 3 things you can do right now to engage with the people in your local community.

Ask them for Reviews

The studies are in, and they show that most people today won’t visit a local business until they’ve read a few positive online reviews about it. And luckily, getting people to review your business isn’t all that difficult. The key is to ask—7 out of 10 people say they will review a business if asked. That means you should make it a habit to ask every customer to leave an online review when they’re checking out. And if you have employees, be sure to train them to do the same.

Leave Comments on Your Local Business Listing

When you’re a part of a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll have the option of leaving comments for the people in your community. You can announce when a new product comes in, when you have a job opening, or when you’re having a sale or a special discount. As a local business owner, you should strive to leave at least 1 comment a day.

Encourage Customers to Leave Comments on Your Local Business Listing

You’re not the only one who is able to leave comments on your local business listing—your customers can too. They can talk about the great products they found at your store, give hints to other shoppers about what to order from the menu, or compliment you directly on your service or skills. And the great about these and all of your comments is that they are tied directly into a live steam so anyone logging onto FindUsLocal.com from the area will see them. Now that’s a great way to interact with your community!

Interaction is the new normal for online advertising, especially for local business owners. If you haven’t yet begun to interact with your customers, create your local business listing on a great local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and get started today. It can only help ring in those new sales during the holiday season.


How Local Business Directories are Changing the Way Retailers Market Their Stores

download (7)Have you looked through a local newspaper lately? What about your mailbox? When is the last time you received an envelope filled with coupons and discounts from local businesses? And you probably still receive a copy of the local phone book once a year, but really, when is the last time you used to find US local businesses in your area? If you’re like most Americans, you haven’t used any of these tactics to find local business in a few years, and guess what? Neither have your customers.

The New Way to Find US Local Businesses

There is a new kid in town when it comes to marketing and advertising a local business and that is local business directories. These local directories are quickly becoming the go-to way to find a local shop or restaurant because today’s consumers now look online when they want to find local businesses.

And in recent years, they would look to the major search engines such as Google or Bing, but these days, they turn to local business directories.

What are Local Business Directories?

Imagine a search engine that would give you the results you wanted without all of the extra things you didn’t. For example, if you wanted to look for a local florist, you would only see local florists in the search engine results instead of a bunch of articles about how to arrange or grow flowers, and some URLs to some national florist chains. That’s exactly what local business directories do. If you go to a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and type in “florist,” you will see all of the florists in your local area.

How Do They Do That?

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? After all, how does a local business directory know what your local area is so it can show you all the local results? It’s called GEO location technology, but you should know that not all local business directories use it. But those that do, like FindUsLocal, automatically match the results its visitors see with their area by reading their location when  they log onto the site. For example, if you were to log on from San Antonio, Texas, FindUsLocal would only show florists located in that city in the search results.

What Else Do Local Business Directories Offer?

The fact that consumers can find US local businesses that easy is a major advantage, but some local business directories like FiindUsLocal.com go even further to make consumers happy. For example, this local directory offers a plethora of features that keeps people coming back to its site over and over again—which means the businesses that are listed there will be seen more often. Here are just some of the features the local directory offers:

  • Local news. Some people want to skip the national news and find out what’s going on in their local community. FindUsLocal.com includes a local news feed on the home page for all of its visitors.
  • Local events. When is the last time you tried to find out which concert, sporting event, or play was coming to your area? You probably had to call multiple venues or search several sites online. FindUsLocal offers a live feed that shows all of the local upcoming events in visitor’s area—and then offers a handy link that takes them directory to the site selling the tickets. You won’t find that on any other local business directory.
  • Local community. One of the best things about running a local business is the way you get to interact with your community, but these days, all of that interaction occurs online. Until recently, that meant you had to build a large social media following and then post several times a day in order to keep people interested. But the creators of FindUsLocal.com changed things when they began to allow both consumers and local business owners the opportunity to leave live comments on local business listings. That means consumers can share their experience with others about their experience with your business, and you can leave comments about upcoming sales, job openings, or announce when you have a new product offering. This two-communication is key to local business marketing, and it’s free to use when you create a local business listing on FindUsLocal.com.

Local business directories have changed the way you should be marketing your business to bring more customers into your store. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this free and effective marketing took, what you waiting for?

3 Ways Local Business Directories Help Your Business Be Seen

kbux_local_business_directory_quartzsite_2.pngRunning a local shop, restaurant, or service business has unique challenges in a world where most everyone uses the internet to find US local businesses. And too many local shop owners still rely on old school  methods of marketing and advertising, which frankly, won’t cause many people to walk through their doors.

What they need is a new outlook on advertising methods, one that will help the people in their own community find them as they navigate the online world. And that’s where local business directories come in.

What are Local Business Directories?

In the recent past, people would use one of the major search engines like Google or Yelp when they wanted to find US local businesses. But that quickly became out of favor because the large search engines simply aren’t designed to help people find local shops and restaurants. Instead, they’re geared toward helping people find information or the large, national online retailers. Local businesses easily get lost in the mix, and consumers became frustrated with the entire system.

Then local business directories were born and now people can find US local businesses quickly and easily. They simply log onto a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and enter their search term, and they will be presented with a list of relevant businesses in their area. For example, if they were looking for a Mexican food restaurant in San Diego, California, they would type that into the local business directory’s search bar and instantly see a list of the local Mexican food restaurants.

Now that you understand why local business directories are so important to consumers, let’s talk about 3 ways you can use them to make your local shop stand out from the crowd.

Create a Complete Local Business Listing

Not all local business listings are created equal, but those business owners who take the time to fill them out in complete detail will benefit from more traffic to their store. It’s important to not only include your business name, address, phone number, and website address, but to also include details like your store hours, product offerings, maps and details about how to get to your store, and everything else that will help someone make the decision to walk through your door.

Keep the Content Fresh and Updated

You can’t just create your local business listing and forget about it—not if you want it to continue to bring new customers to your store. Instead, you should continuously update your listing every time something changes. This will help you stay relevant to the search engine algorithms and ensure that your local business listing never looks stale to buyers. For example, did you get in a new product line? Why not list it in the details of your local business listing?

Make Sure Your Local Business Listing is Interactive

No one wants to do business with a faceless company these days, and your local business listing is the perfect opportunity to interact with your potential buyers. When you have a listing on a local directory like FindUsLocal, you will be allowed to leave comments on your local listing. You can let your community know when you’re having a flash sale, when you have a job opening, or when you have a new product line come in. And what’s even better is that your community can interact with you, too because the feature is a two-way street. Your customers can leave comments about their experience in your store, talk about products they found there, or send you a public “personal” note. The possibilities are endless!

Local business directories are the new Yellow Pages in an internet obsessed world. If you run a local restaurant, shop, or service business, you need to have a local business listing so that today’s internet savvy buyers can find you. If you don’t, head on over to FindUsLocal.com right now and claim your listing. It will take a few minutes to set up, but the benefits that you’ll get from it will last years and years. What are you waiting for?


How to Bring Online Visitors to Your Store

people-walking-out-door-pan_12120It’s one thing to have an online presence so consumers can find your local business, but it’s another thing altogether to get those people into your local store or restaurant. After all, the heart of a local business is interacting with and selling to the people in your local community. But the act of getting those online fans into a retail store is a missing link in many local store owner’s advertising arsenal.

If you own a local shop, service business, or restaurant, you need to understand how to turn online visitors into paying customers. Here are five tips you can begin using today to get more customers in your door.

Create a Local Business Listing—but Not on Just any Local Business Directory

It’s a simple fact: in order to be found online, you must have an online presence. And these days, most business owners agree that the best way to do that is to create a local business in a quality local business directory. And be sure to pay attention to the word “quality.”

You see, there a lot of local business directories out there because most people today use them to find US local businesses in their area. But not all local directories are helpful to local business owners. Some of them are simply data bases, and those types of local business directories aren’t popular with consumers. Instead, they like to visit innovate directories like FindUsLocal.com because they offer a lot more than just local listings. For example, the directory offers local news, links to local concerts, plays, and sporting events, and inspirational quotes just for fun. In other words, if you want the best results, you will need to create your local business listing on a local directory that is popular with online visitors.

After You Choose the Local Business Directory, Create Your Online Listing

Now that you’ve found the perfect local business directory, it’s time to get busy and create a local business listing that will catch the attention of online visitors. To do so, be sure to include all of the obvious details such as your business name, phone number, address, and website address if you have one. It’s important to ensure that these details are exactly the same on every local business directory you’re listing in, otherwise the search engine spiders won’t recognize them as yours and all your hard work will be for nothing.

Now that You Have Your Local Business Listing, Make it Appealing to Visitors

It’s not enough to create a local business listing and move on. You’ve got to give the online visitors a reason to want to visit your business, and one of the best ways to do that is to have plenty of online reviews for them to read.

Recent studies show that people rely on online reviews to decide whether or not to visit a local business. But if your local business listing doesn’t have sufficient reviews, it might get ignored by people while they go looking for a business that does. In fact, almost two-thirds of the people surveyed say that they won’t even consider visiting a local store or restaurant without first reading a few positive reviews about it.

And don’t worry if you don’t have enough online reviews because that same study shows that 7 out of 10 of your customers will gladly leave a review for your business if you will only ask them to.

Use Your Local Business Listing to Communicate with Online Visitors

Once you’ve set up your local business listing and ensure that the details are right and you have plenty of good online reviews, it’s time to take it one step further. Consumers these day want interaction with the local companies they buy from, and most people assume they have to build large social media platforms in order to accomplish this. But luckily for busy business owners, that’s just not the case. Quality local business directories like FindUsLocal.com have a feature that allow business owners to publicly communicate with the people in their community via a “comments” section. With it, you can announce new product arrivals, sales, and even let people know when you have a job position open. And the great thing? The people in your community can communicate with you too because the feature offers a two way street, allowing both business owners and visitors the opportunity to leave live comments on the local business directory.

When people see your local business online, it’s great, but the real goal is to bring those people into your business so they can make in store purchases from you. And a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com offers a unique way to do just that. Have you set up your local business listing yet? If not, hop on over to Find Us Local and set it up right now. It only takes a few minutes!


How to Pull Out-of-Towners to Your Local Business

shoppers_2101364bAs a local business owner, you probably focus all of your advertising and marketing efforts on the people in your local community. That’s because you might not have a website where you sell your products or services online, and instead you rely on foot traffic walking through your door. But if you only focus on local buyers, you may be making a mistake. The truth is, people travel all the time and when people are away from home, they’ll still need to purchase clothing, food, gift items, some services, jewelry, and many, many other products.

How to Catch the Attention of Out of Town Buyers

When someone is traveling in an area they aren’t familiar with, they turn to the internet to find US local businesses and eateries. Think about it, they don’t know the area, and the only way they can determine which stores and restaurants are worth visiting is to look online and read the reviews of people in that area. In addition, they need to be able to find the details of stores and eateries, such as local phone numbers, business addresses, and maps with directions to the local shop.

But this can be a problem for many local business owners because even if they can afford the expense of designing and running a website for their business, they likely don’t have the cash flow or knowledge to conduct effective online advertising campaigns so that out of town visitors can find them. And that brings us to our next point.

Local Business Directories Help Your Business be Seen

What if I told you that there was a way to put your business in front of those out of town buyers without having to spend thousands of dollars on online advertising? Luckily for you, it’s possible with local business directories. These local directories are free to use and they are where most people go to find US local businesses.

But you can’t list your business in just any old local business directory—you need to choose one that gives consumers a reason to bookmark it as their local business directory of choice. People don’t like database type local directories because frankly, most of the local business listings on sites like those are out of date. Instead, people look to quality local business directories like FindUsLocal.com. This innovative local directory offers a wide variety of features and benefits for people in addition to making it easy for them to find US local businesses.

Make Your Business a Must See Attraction

Finally, when trying to appeal to out of towners, you want them to be excited about visiting your store or restaurant, and the best way to do that is to build some online excitement about it. Luckily, FindUsLocal.com gives you a free method to do just that. It’s called the comments section, and with it, you can announce the exciting happenings in your local business. For example, you can let people know when you’re having a sale or a special discount on your most popular products. You can also let the community—and those out of town buyers—know when you receive new products or have a special service to offer. By building this kind of online hype, you will attract the attention of people visiting your area and they will put your store or restaurant on their list of things to do before they leave.

Local business is great, but in order to be a successful business owner, you should also think about how to draw in the visitors that come to your area. And just by following the tips listed above—being seen online by creating a local business listing on a quality local business directory, and using that directory to create some hype around your business—your store, service business or restaurant will quickly be found on out of towners “Must do” lists. What are you waiting for? Head on over to FindUsLocal now to create and optimize your local business listing!

Mistakes That Can Damage Your Online Business Listings

LKd3Qpzd_400x400The reason most local businesses want to be found in online business listings is because that’s where the customers are going to find what they need. Unfortunately, being on a directory is just the first step to online success and higher revenues. In the first place, there are over 4 trillion public web pages and customers rarely go past the first two pages of a search. This means, it’s a race to be found on these two precious top pages – even in local business directories. This has led to the birth of a more sophisticated marketing strategy – local presence management.

Local presence management is simply managing your online business listings so your target market can easily find you, like what they see, and inquire about doing business with you. It’s taking the initiative to protect your online local presence and resolve any issues that may crop up.

And issues will eventually crop up like the following:

  • Missing or incomplete information
  • Old or outdated data
  • Malicious spam
  • Poor visual content
  • Boring content
  • Duplicate content
  • Not standing out

The bottom line? Poor conversion! Studies also confirm that online business listings that generate one or two star reviews have a 90 percent chance of non-conversion. But if you have reviews of at least 3 stars, it opens up your business to potential revenues worth thousands of dollars.

Mistake #1 Failure to Interact

Business interactions through online business directories take on several levels: with prospective buyers, satisfied or dissatisfied customers, suppliers, industry partners, or international inquiries. Treat each interaction as a VIP inquiry but take the necessary precaution to protect sensitive business information until you have verified the source of the inquiry.

Were you aware that latest research shows that 91 percent of Americans read online reviews and testimonials before making a decision to purchase? Furthermore, 60 percent of consumers admit that negative reviews make them automatically decide not to consider that business unless there are signs that the company did something positive to appease the dissatisfied customer. But how do you get good online reviews to gain new customers? According to studies, you only have to ask.

Mistake #2 Failing to Nurture your Online Presence Scientifically

Aside from interaction, there is a pressing need to continuously nurture your presence in online business directories – professionally. This means using analytics, audits, and SEO management and following these tips:

  • Choose your SEO keywords carefully and be ready to change them when they are no longer relevant
  • Partner with a quality online local business directory that can guarantee fast and secure upload speeds. It takes only a few seconds to distract someone trying to access the directory website – and when that happens, you lose an opportunity to be seen
  • Conducting regular analytics on your business online profile and NAP data

Mistake #3 Getting Blacklisted by the Directory and Search Engines

Your directory can blacklist or the search engine can blacklist the directory where you have your business listing. This is the action taken when black hat tricks or other rules like keyword stuffing are used. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a valid excuse you can use and the penalty is often permanent.

Online business directories will always prioritize their survival over any nasty tricks their clients may attempt to use so it’s best to know the rules and stick with them Use professional advertising and marketing strategies and go with directory websites that do the same. While online business listings are powerful tools, they don’t always deliver instant results. Continuous, consistent quality advertising and marketing will serve you best in the long run.

Mistake #4 Offering More than You Can Give

It’s tempting to offer the moon, sky, and everything else when advertising online but you’ll soon discover that irritated consumers are very vocal and public about their disappointment. Consumers would rather trust reviews and feedback than any content you include in your local business listing.  One of the easiest ways to get negative comments is by not standing by what you post in your advertisements and listings. And consumers can now also tell when a review comes from a verified independent user or not. With an average of 70 percent of online users willing to go public with their opinions, it’s best not to over-promise.

Mistake #5 Not Having a Plan

Online business listings or posts in websites that help consumers find US local businesses should not be done randomly. Have a plan and a strategy on how to implement the plan so it is 100 percent effective. Making random decisions is like relying on a hit-and-miss strategy that will waste a lot of your funds. For instance, if you decide to get listed but you fail to launch an online profile whether it’s website or social media-based, you make it hard for consumers to reach you. People don’t like to spend time on phone calls when an email or chat is easier. Consumers are used to getting replies to their inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

In conclusion, plan ahead and stay on top of that plan but always be ready to make adjustments at the drop of a hat.

The 5 Most Important Features in a Quality Local Business Directory

The bestOnline business directories are now more important than ever because the world gets a substantial portion of its information online. We are just beginning a new information revolution where individuals everywhere are using their smartphones, tablets, and desktops to get all kinds of information, and this includes getting local business listings.

But these days, no one has the time to find a phone book and thumb through all the sections to look up a business listing. Chances are, because today’s local business owners don’t advertise in the phone book anymore, the people won’t be able to find local businesses that they want. And because there are so many versions of the “yellow pages” in every city, people don’t know which one to choose—and no one wants to flip through multiple phone books just to find US local business phone numbers.

Local Business Listings to the Rescue

However, when looking up local business listings on the internet, it seems rather obvious that the online local business directories are far easier to navigate than the old school paper directories that the previous generations once used. This creates many new ways for local business owners to boost your sales in ways that used to be impossible.

In order to do this, you need to be aware of the most important pieces of information that your customers seek, so you can create the most effective local marketing and advertising strategies relevant to your business. That’s why we want to talk about the five most important things that people are looking for when searching business directories.

The Name of Your Business

This one seems like a no-brainer, but quite often people overlook this important detail because it is so obvious. If nobody knows your name, then how are they going to know you even exist? This is why it is so important to have your company’s name clearly displayed in local business listings, so customers can discover you and begin to understand your brand.

The Location of Your Business

This is probably the single most important piece of information for people trying to find US local businesses. In other words, if someone doesn’t know where your local business is located, they won’t be able to find your business. You should also remember that if your place of business is hard to find, you should include some directions that will help them get to the store. You should always make everything as easy as possible so that more people will be able to do business with you. The last thing you want is for someone to have problems finding your place of business.

Your Business Hours

Are you open at six in the morning? Are you open at night? Only on weekends? This crucial data is vital to the consumers trying to find US local businesses, and you should include it in your local business listing so people can plan to visit your local business during your operating hours. This another just another way you can optimize your listings in local business directories.

Your Contact Information

Today’s consumers want to be able to get in touch with you. Many times they want information about detailed minutia, and sometimes, they just want to talk to you so they can get a better idea about what you and your employees are like. Whatever the reason may be, people need to communicate with a live person (or at least a recording) before taking the plunge and actually going to your location.

Local business directories provide a way for you to present this information in a way that is convenient and easy to find for consumers.

Reviews for Your Local Business

Online reviews about the goods or services that local businesses offer are all the rage on the internet right now. These honest reviews will often determine whether or not someone will choose your business over your competition. This is why it’s so important that local business owners provide a place where satisfied customers to leave them. When your business is listed on a local business directory, you’ll provide that place for your customers to leave these all-important reviews.

So after all is said and done, your business needs to be listed on a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com so you can make as many connections as possible and grow your customer base. By being listed in the proper business directories, you can be certain that you will reach a large amount of people who are looking for the goods or services that you have to offer.


So make sure that all these details are easy for people to find, and you will greatly increase the odds of your business continuing to grow and thrive in your community.


3 Ways to Increase Your Local Business Sales Today

How-to-Increase-Sales-and-Audience-Using-Targeted-Local-Sales-AdsAre you tired of waiting for customers to walk in the door of your local business? Have you tried all of the tried and true marketing and advertising methods that used to work, only to find that they just don’t bring in new business like they used to? Maybe you operate a local business that’s been in the family for years, and don’t understand what you’re doing wrong. Your sales are down and you fear that all the years of hard work have been for nothing.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got some great news. Yes, it’s true that the old advertising and marketing methods don’t work anymore, but it’s not because they’re bad methods, it’s because consumer behavior has changed so drastically over the past few years and they don’t turn to the local phone book or community newspaper anymore. Instead, they look online when they want to find US local businesses.

What does that mean for your local shop or restaurant? It means that if you want to succeed in today’s internet obsessed culture, you’ve got to be seen online. Knowing that, it only makes sense that most of your marketing and advertising dollars are spent online. But here’s the crazy thing, the most effective way to get your local business seen online is free.

How to Get Free Online Advertising

In a world where the best things typically cost a lot of money, isn’t it good to know that you can effective online advertising for free? Here are 3 ways that you can not only get an online presence so your business can be found, but also bring in new customers so your store or eatery will thrive.

Find a Good Local Business Directory

You’ve probably heard of the importance of claiming your local business listing on a local directory, but what you may not have heard is that it matters which one you choose. For example, some local business directories are simply data bases filled with often incorrect information about businesses across the nation. While the concept works in theory, these data bases actually can hurt your search engine rankings unless you correct them.

Instead of using one of these cookie cutter directories, look for local business directories that give consumers a reason to use them—that way your business is more likely to be seen because you’ll have that all-important online visibility. For example, FindUsLocal.com is a business directory that go to great lengths to give consumers what they want so that the business owners who create their local business listing there will benefit from it.

Drive Your Customers to Your Local Business Listing

Once you’ve created your local business listing, you’ll need to drive your customers to the directory in order to leave reviews for your business. This is important for two reasons. First, when you have online reviews, it gives your business credibility in the eyes of consumers—and that makes them more likely to visit your store. And most studies show that many people won’t even consider visiting a local shop unless they’ve read some good reviews about it. Secondly, every time someone leaves an online review for your business, that pings the large search engines, such as Google and Bing, that your local business listing is active. And active listings always get more attention from the search engines than stales one.

Use the Local Business Directory to Communicate with Local Consumers

Finally, in order to keep your business fresh and current, you can use the Comments on local business directories like FindUsLocal. The feature allows you communicate the latest news to local consumers—and the best thing about it? It’s free and easy to use. Simply log onto your local business listing and scroll down until you see the option to leave a comment, and then use it to tell your community about a current sale, a job opening, or a new product that’s just arrived.

Local business directories are one of the best ways to build a quick online presence, and amazingly, you can use them for free. Get started by visiting FindUsLocal.com and filling out your business details. Then follow the above listed steps and soon you’ll have new customers walking through your doors!