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Why Local Business Directories are the New Go-To for Daily News and Inspiration

goto-meta-logo-0513c61eb20673b2b0ea6c60c50ba36587525bc33d610d99308202139f48ac50Remember the days when people used to wake up in the morning and look forward to the daily newspaper so they could get all the news of the day? They would read local and national news, and some of them would also read about local happenings in their community or the comics so they could start the day with a chuckle. The downside to this was having to wait until the newspaper hit the porch because there simply nowhere else to read about what was going on in the world.

Boy, have times changed.

Today people look online for everything they need, but that comes with some frustration of its own. Typically, people have to visit multiple sites to find all the information they need and that can waste hundreds of hours per year. And really, who has that kind of time to spare?

Local Business Directories Offer Everything You Need in One Place

What if we told you that there was one place you could go to every day to get all the information you need? Now there is and that place is a local business directory. Let’s use FindUsLocal.com as an example and talk about everything you can find there, which will save you those hundreds of hours each year.

Your Local News

Global news is fine, but let’s be honest, most people want to hear about the news happening in their own community. But that can be difficult to find. Local business directories like FindUsLocal.com make it easy to find by steaming it across the front page of its website. And here’s the great thing—you’ll automatically see the news from your local area as soon as you visit the site. Why? Because this innovative local directory uses GEO location technology to match the results you see with your location. Pretty cool, huh?

Your Local Events

Every community across the nation is different and each one has a lot of things happening in it. But it can be very difficult to keep up with everything going on. For many, it means searching the various venue sites and ticket sites to find out what’s playing in their area. But with local business directories like FindUsLocal.com, all you have to do is log on and you’ll be shown all of the local concerts, plays and sporting events in your area. And FindUsLocal.com goes a step further and makes it easy to purchase the tickets you want by providing a link that takes you directly to the ticket site!

Your Local Social Media

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place where you could see all of the local tweets in your area? Just think, you would be able to see flash sales as they were announced, specials of the day at your favorite bakery or restaurant, and job postings from the local businesses in your area. But that’s impossible unless you follow every local business Twitter account, right? Not so fast. When you log onto FindUsLocal.com, you’ll be shown a live feed of all the tweets from your local area so you can keep up with what’s happening in real time.

Your Local Reviews

Because every community is different, it’s doesn’t always make sense to rely on reviews from people on the other side of the country. For example, if you live on the west coast, reading a review of a local coffee shop from someone who lives on the east coast may not hold much merit. But the reviews left by your neighbors and other community members are much more helpful. That’s why the reviews on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com are so important. Local community members can leave their thoughts after visiting a shop or restaurant and you’ll benefit from their experience when you read their review.

Your Daily Inspiration

Many people like to take the time to read something inspirational or funny at some point in the day to help them relax, get motivated or laugh. And local business directories like FindUsLocal.com even offer that. For instance, when you log onto the site, you’ll find a quote of day which will inspire or motivate you, a funny name of the day that will make you laugh, and even an insightful features that talks about the character traits of the people who were born on that specific day.

Can you see how visiting local directories like FindUsLocal.com can make your life easier? There, you’ll find all the local news you want, a list of the upcoming events in your area, local reviews from people in your community, and even some inspiration, motivation and humor. Why wouldn’t you go to one place to find all of that?

Will Local Business Directories Take the Place of Major Search Engines?

downloadLarge search engines have dominated consumer search for years. In fact, searching on the major search engines has become so commonplace that the search engines are referred to as verbs now. But even though they’re useful for so many things like finding information on a vast array of topics, finding national retailers, looking for the best price from those national retailers, and of course, participating in social media. But when you want to find a local business, things can get tricky.

How the Major Search Engines Work

That’s because large engines are designed to do two things. First, they are geared toward the large, national chains because people from all over the nation—and even the world—use them to find online retailers. And they work great for that purpose.

Secondly, the results you see when you search for something on one of the major search engines are determined largely by how much advertising dollars those sites spend. You see, website owners can pay internet advertising marketers to help increase their search engine rankings, and that’s why you see so many major brand names at the top of the results.

But What Happens When You Want to Find a Small Local Business in Your Community?

Unfortunately, that’s why it becomes frustrating. Many consumers attempt to search the major search engines by typing in the name of the city or town and the type of business they’re searching for. For example, if you were looking for a flower shop in San Diego, California, you would type “San Diego flower shop” into the search engine bar. But the results you would see typically aren’t very helpful. In this case, you would see numerous ads for national flower chains, a couple of articles about how to choose the right flowers, and some San Diego flower shops. But how do you know if the flower shops listed are reputable and professional? What if they just paid to be listed high in the rankings, but offer poor service or horrible floral designs?

The truth is, you can’t know because the results you see are affected by many uncontrollable factors.

The Answer to the Dilemma: Local Business Directories

As an answer to this frustrating problem, local business directories were created by people who understand the importance that consumers have a way to find local businesses in their community. After all, while the Yellow Pages were useful a long time ago, not many people still pull them out when searching for a local business. Instead, they look online for the business listings they need.

But it’s no longer necessary for consumers to sift through all of the irrelevant results on large search engines. Local business directories are just the answer people have been looking for when searching for local results. Here are a few of the benefits to using a local business directory instead of one of the larger search engines.

  • Results exclusive to your area. When using local search directories, you’ll only see the results from your immediate area. That’s because quality local business directories, such as FindUsLocal.com, make use of GEO location technology. This unique software allows the local search directory to automatically read the location of the business directory’s visitors, and then only show that visitor the local results from their area. That means no more slogging through countless irrelevant results to find the stores and shops you need.
  • Local Happenings in the community. The most up to date local directories allow visitors to find all of the local events that are happening in their area. For instance, FindUsLocal.com showcases all of the upcoming concerts, theatre plays, and sporting events from the visitor’s area. And as if that’s not enough, the local directory also provides links so the visitor can simply click on them and purchase tickets to the event.
  • Local Social Media. Finally, quality local business directories like FindUsLocal.com provide a steady stream of all the local tweets from businesses in the visitor’s area. For example, if you live in Colorado Springs and visit the site, you’ll see tweets from local business owners telling about sales, promotions, and even job opportunities. You can get that anywhere else.

Local business directories are the way of the future for both local business owners and the consumers who want to find them. If you own a local business, you should create your local business listings right away to take advantage of this fantastic trend. And if you’re someone who likes to shop locally and are looking for local businesses, why not head over to FindUsLocal.com now and see which businesses are in your area?

How to Best Use Local Business Directories: A Complete Guide

Birds with Married bannerAre you one of the shop local consumers that have taken the nation by storm? If so, maybe you like to shop local because you like knowing who you’re buying from. Or maybe you just like going to a physical store to buy your goods. Or maybe you like to look for unique products that you just can’t find when shopping at the big box stores. Whatever the reason, more and more people are turning away from the big box stores and are instead shopping locally at their neighborhood stores.

But one thing many people don’t quite understand is how to best use local business directories. That’s why we’ve put together this guide—to help you navigate local directories so you get the most out of them that you can.

What are Local Business Directories?

Local business directories are like a search engine for local businesses. If you’ve ever tried to find a local business on a major search engine, you already know just how frustrating that can be. For example, if you’re looking for a local mattress store, you may only see the nationwide mattress chains, online furniture stores that sell mattresses, or even mattress cleaning companies in the search results. But that’s not what you were looking for, is it?

But when you conduct that same search on a local directory, you’ll only see the stores that sell mattresses in your local area. That’s why so many people now forego the large search engines when looking for local shops and instead use local business directories.

How to Best Use Local Business Directories

Now that you understand just how convenient local directories are, let’s talk about how to make the best use of them. After all, when you’re looking for a local store, you want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently, right? Here are our top 5 tips for using local search directories.

Find the Right Local Directory

Not all local business directories are the same, and in order to get the most of them, you’ll have to choose the right one. One of the most important features you should look for is GEO location technology. Here’s how it works: when you log onto some local directories, you will have to type in your city or zip code in order to see the results in your local area. But some business directories have upped the game and make it easier for consumers. These directories use GEO location technology, and instead of having to tell the site your location so you can see the appropriate results, it will “read” your location automatically. That means as soon as you log onto the local business directory, you will see the results from your immediate area. Pretty convenient, huh?

Stop and Smell the Roses

If you’re under the impression that you’ll only find local business listings on local directories, boy do we have news for you. Some local directories, like FindUsLocal.com, offer so much more. For example, the site offers the following features for its visitors.

  • Inspirational Quotes. Don’t you like to start off your day with a little inspiration? FindUsLocal.com highlights an inspirational quote of the day—every day. These quotes are a great way to start your day and get you thinking. For example, today’s quote is “Television is for appearing on – not for looking at,” by Noel Coward. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?
  • Name of the Day. If inspiration isn’t your thing, how about a little humor? FindUsLocal.com offers an outrageously funny name of the day that will allow you to start your day off with a smile. Today’s name is Lou Zar, and some of the other memorable names are just as funny. For instance, one recent name was Bill Board. Are you laughing yet?
  • Birthday Meanings. Have you ever wondered what it means that you were born on a particular day? The Secret Language of Birthdays is a great resource that explains the meaning of each day of the year. For instance, if you were born today and went to the site, you would learn that today is “The day of outrageous flair.” You can track your own birthday meaning or those of your friends and family.

Keep up With Local Events

Another great feature of local business directories like FindUsLocal.com is access to all of the event information for your area. But not all local directories go as far as FindUsLocal. The site shows you all of the local theatre events, concerts, and sporting events in your area, but then they take it one step further. They also offer links from each highlighted event that takes you directly to a ticket site where you can purchase your seats for the event. How easy can it be?

Complete Business Listings

Don’t you get frustrated when you use a local business directory that doesn’t give you all the information you need? Luckily, you don’t have to settle for local directories that only give you half of the information. The site offers all the details you need such as the business name, address, phone number, website, owner’s name, reviews, and even a map so you’ll know exactly how to get there.


And speaking of reviews, you’ll find them on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com. If you’re like most Americans, you rely on those reviews in order to make decisions about whether or not to buy from a business. And not all local shops have websites, which can make it difficult to find those reviews. But local business directories offer a place for consumers to leave reviews for the local shops they frequent, which makes decision making that much easier.

But maybe you’ve heard all the news lately about fake reviews. It’s a big story, so we’ve put together a little guide for you that will make it easier to know whether or not the reviews you see are real.

  • The reviews left on local business directories are much more likely to be real. That’s because the directories are used by people in a local community, and the people who leave fake reviews typically do so on consumer review sites. In other words, you can trust the reviews at local directories more than those left at other sites.’t
  • Experts say that middle of the road reviews are the safest. Reviews that are either over the top positive or negative are much more likely to be fake. So look for reviews that are middle of the road and you’ll probably be getting the real story.
  • Too much detail is a bad sign. Reviewers that leave a lot of irrelevant details may be trying to manipulate other consumers about their decision to shop at the store. For example, if a reviewer leaves a review for a restaurant and writes about how the waitresses dress, they aren’t really giving you the information you need. A good review would talk about the service they received at the restaurant and the food they ate. The best reviews are those that tell about the experience the person had, whether that experience was good or bad.
  • Finally, if a lot of the reviews were left within minutes or hours of each other, they may not be real. Authentic reviews are left as customers experience the business and multiple reviews left within a short time period is a sign that those reviews may not be real.

In addition to looking at the reviews others have left for a business, you can also leave reviews for the local businesses you’ve visited. This will not only help the business attract new customers if you’ve had a great experience, but it will also serve to warn other consumers if you’ve had a bad one. Just remember to follow the above rules when leaving your own review so it will be helpful to others who read it.

Local Business Directories are Your New Best Friend

If you haven’t already begun using local business directories to find the shops in your community, you’ve been missing out. But now that you understand just how much easier they can make your life, it’s time to start. FindUsLocal.com is one local directories that checks all of the boxes listed above. Why not use it next time you want to find a local business?

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Attract Customers to Your Local Business? Here are Some Concrete Steps You Can Take Today.

Dollarphotoclub_79391572Local business owners have seen some major changes in the marketplace in the past decade, and those changes have changed the way they do business. In fact, the local shop owners who haven’t kept up with the times are shuttering their doors at an alarming rate. That’s because consumers don’t shop like they used to and local store owners have to change the way they market their business in order to get their attention. Here are a few ways consumer behavior has changed over the past decade.

  • The Yellow Pages are out. In the past, consumers all over the country opened the Yellow Pages anytime they wanted to find a local business, but today, they turn to the internet. That presents a significant problem for local business owners that don’t have an online presence.
  • Online reviews are important. These days, consumers rely on online reviews almost as much as they do personal recommendations. In fact, a recent study proves that people think an online review is just as important as a recommendation from a friend or family member when deciding whether or not to do business with a local store.
  • Big search engines are frustrating. When people want to find a national business or one that offers online shopping, they use one of the major search engines in their efforts. But that technique becomes frustrating when those same people want to find a local business. The search engines results are peppered with big chains and national stores and so many people refuse to search for local businesses that way.

Local Business Directories are the Answer

In answer to consumer cries about the difficulty in finding local businesses online, local business directories were created. These directories are designed to give visitors a way to find the local businesses they want. To do this, the business directories only list the local shops that are located in the specific community of the visitor. For example, if a visitor logged onto a local directory from Los Angeles, California and was looking for a restaurant, they would only see the restaurants located in Los Angeles.

But as local directories become more and more popular with consumers, the directories have had to up their game in order to offer them more. For instance, local directories like FindUsLocal.com offers more than local results. It also offers a front page that will help consumers stay up to date on their community. It offers local news, showcases local events like sports games, plays and concerts, and highlights local tweets from business owners about job opportunities and sales.

If you’re a local business owner, you should do all you to take advantage of local directories to help boost your sales. After all, the more people who are able to find your shop, the more sales you’ll make, right?

How to Best Use Local Business Directories

Now that you understand why local directories should be a part of your business’ marketing plan, let’s talk about how to use them in a way to bring in more business. Here are 5 points to keep in mind when listing your business on a local directory.

Consumers Use Local Directories That are Easy to Use

One of the main reasons people are switching from the large search engines when looking for local results is that they are just too difficult to use. But not all local directories make things that much easier for them. For instance, some local directories require visitors to enter personal information, such as their zip code, in order to see the results from their area. Others require them to register or jump through other hoops just to use the local search directory.

On the other hand, some local directories like FindUsLocal.com go to great lengths to give visitors an easy way to find the local results they need. They do this by using GEO location technology, which automatically matches every visitor’s location with the results they see. If you were to log onto FindUsLocal.com from Fort Meyers, Florida, you would see the restaurants, shops, services, news, events, and social media posts from that city.

Because there is such a variety in the way local directories operate, it makes sense for local shop owners to list their businesses on the local directories that use this game changing technology.

Consumers Use Local Directories That Allow Reviews

There have been numerous studies lately that show just how important online reviews are to people. But that can quickly become an issue for local business owners who don’t have an online presence. The answer is local business directories that allow online reviews.

Sites like FindUsLocal.com allow consumers to leave reviews for local businesses, and that helps in a number of ways. First of all, most people won’t even consider trying a new business unless they have read some online reviews. Secondly, when a business has a number of good reviews on local directories, it increases its credibility within the community. Keep in mind that not all local directories allow consumers to leave reviews so you should look for one that does. Otherwise, your business listing won’t do the most it can to bring new business to your local shop.

In order to take advantage of this feature, you should ask your customers to go to your local business listing and leave a review. Studies show that more than 70 percent of them will do it if only they were asked.

Consumers Need to Know You’re There

One of the most overlooked aspects of having local business listings is forgetting to tell customers about it. If they are aware of your listing, they can point friends and family to it or read and leave reviews for your business. Many business owners also ask their customers to share the local directory information on social media to get the business name in front of even more people.

Get Your Nap +W’s Right

When you list your local business on local business directories, it’s important to pay attention to the details such as the business name, address, phone number, and website. If even one detail is off in one of the listings, it will be counted as a false business listing by the search engine spiders—and that will hurt you in the rankings. For instance, if your business is named ABC Company but in some directories it’s listed as ABC Company, Inc., it will hurt your rankings. Make sure all aspects of your NAP +W’s are the same on every local directory your business is listed on.

Consumers Want to See a Lot of Details

Finally, when people go to local business directories to search for a local shop, they want to find ample information there about the business. For example, they want to find the address, phone number, website, directions, pricing information, offerings and more. When you list your business on sites like FindUsLocal.com, be sure include all the details so people can make an educated decision about whether or not to do business with you.

As you can see, listing your shop on local business directories is one of the best decisions you can make when marketing your local business. But be sure to choose a local directory that uses up to date technology and allows consumers to read and leave online reviews. And be sure to fill in as many details as you can and then let people know where to find your business online.

And remember, if you’re looking for a quality local business directory that fits into these guidelines, be sure to check out FindUsLocal.com.

USA Business Directories are Good for Consumers and Local Shop Owners. Here are 5 Benefits for Each.

local-seoAsk anyone who uses the internet—for business or for pleasure—and they’ll tell you that one of the most beneficial solutions to come out in a long time are USA business directories. These directories are taking the internet by storm because they offer both consumers and small, local shop owners a way to find what they need and attract shoppers.

If you haven’t heard of USA business directories and want to know more, here’s the latest information and how you can use it to better your life or your small business.

What are USA Business Directories?

When consumers try to find US local businesses in their area, they’re faced with a challenge when it comes to the large search engines. That’s because those search engines tend to give preference in the rankings to nationwide companies, or those that have paid thousands in online advertising fees. That’s frustrating for consumers because it can make it difficult to find US local businesses in their area, and it’s prohibitive for local shops because they can’t afford to compete with big business.

But USA business listings have changed all of that. Now it’s possible for small business owners to list their shop on one of the USA local business directories and be found by the many consumers who now use them. It’s a win-win for everyone and that’s why they’re gaining so much in popularity.

So, what are all these benefits? Let’s first talk about the benefits for consumers, and then we’ll delve into the ways that local shop owners can use the local directories to attract more business.

How USA Business Directories can Benefit Consumers

According to recent studies, people use the internet to find the businesses they want to shop at, even if those businesses are located in their immediate area. But while that was difficult to do in the past because local shops aren’t very visible on large search engines, it’s now easier with USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

But in addition to being able to find the local shops they want, consumers can also get other benefits from using these local directories. Here are 5 ways that sites like FindUsLocal.com can make your life easier.


  • Stay Current on Local Happenings. When you log onto a site like ours, you’ll automatically be shown the local concerts, theatre events, and sporting events near you. That means you won’t have to call the local stadium or visit multiple websites in order to find what’s happening in your local area. It’s all right there in one convenient place. And on sites like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll be able to click on a link in the listing and be taken directly to the site offering the tickets for the event. You can use listings to plan your weekend, a date, or simply keep up to date on current happenings. How easy is that?
  • Learn the Opinions of Others. It’s always helpful to know the opinions of others in your community about the local shops and restaurants in the area. And by looking on USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll be able to find US local business reviews that others in your community have left. By reading the reviews, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to visit the shop. Can you even imagine going out to eat at a restaurant without having read online reviews for it? If you’re like most people, you won’t. But local US business reviews left on the directory means you’ll never have to go to a restaurant again without first reading what other locals have to say about it.
  • Hear About Sales and Job Openings. Another benefit to using USA business listings sites is that you will be find all the latest tweets from business owners and others in your area. You’ll be the first to know when a sale is announced at the corner store, and if an employer announces a job opening, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. Just imagine all the tidbits and information you’ll gleam from watching the local tweets as they come in.
  • Get Some Inspiration and Humor. Along with all the practical things you’ll find on USA business listings, you’ll also find unique items such as inspirational quotes of the day, or other features that make you laugh. For example, at FindUsLocal.com, you’ll see a Name of the Day listing that showcases one unusual name every day. You’ll chuckle as you see real names listed like Bill Board and Dr. Creip. There is also special feature that gives insight into the personality of people born on specific days. You’ll find this fresh content every day on FindUsLocal.com, and it’s just another reason why you should check into the sight every day.
  • Artist Spotlights. Finally, quality USA business directories add a touch of class to the offerings by spotlighting talented artists. For example, you’ll see artists featured who produce photography, and then a website link will be offered if you want to purchase some of the work you see. These are hard to find, innovative artists that you won’t find in just any old shop.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to USA business directories than just an ability to find the local businesses you want to shop at. But consumers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from these directories.

Below, we’ve listed 5 reasons that small, local shops should be sure to claim their listings so they can be found by the millions of consumers who use the directories.

  • GEO Location Technology. Consumers don’t like having to jump through a bunch of hoop just to find the information they’re looking for, which is why some USA business listings are ineffective. On these old school local directories, consumers have to type in their location and then give the site permission to track their location just so they can find the local shops they want to. And frankly, that’s just too many steps for some people. But some USA business directories, like the one found at FindUsLocal.com, use GEO location technology to automatically track visitor’s locations. That means that when a consumer logs onto the local directory they will see only the results from their area. No more hoops, and that means much happier consumers will be contacting your store.
  • An Online Presence. Not all local shops have websites, even in today’s internet environment, but the truth is that every business needs an online presence. Without one, you run the risk of alienating some consumers because they’ll assume your business is irrelevant and out of touch. But by listing your site on USA business directories, you will add credibility to your local store by having that online presence. And the great news is that if you claim your free listing, it won’t cost you a dime to have that online presence.
  • Search Engine Rank Positioning. You might already be aware that fresh content will increase your search engine visibility, but continuously adding new content to your site can be exhausting. And, as we discussed above, not every local shop owner has taken the steps to build their own website. But did you know that when you use USA business listings and people leave reviews on the site, it bumps its rankings up? It’s true. And that mean by listing your site on USA business directories you will benefit from the high search engine rankings that the site enjoys because of continual reviews being posted on it.
  • Listing Options. As a local shop owner, you will have the option of claiming your free USA business listings or utilizing the premium version. With a free listing, you’ll be able to list your name, address, and phone number, as well as encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business. But if you decide to create a premium listing, which costs just $20, you will also be able to link to your website and enjoy exclusivity on certain pages. Where else can you spend that little for such great exposure?
  • Credibility. Any time your business is highlighted on another website, it lends a certain credibility to your business. And if yours is listed on USA business directories, even more so. These directories are where consumers go to find reputable businesses, and if they find yours there, it will increase your credibility in their eyes. You can’t afford not to have your business listed.

Local business directories are beneficial for both consumers and the local businesses that serve them. If you haven’t already claimed your business listing, be sure to head on over to FindUsLocal.com now and do it. Who knows? Consumers may be there right now looking for a business just like yours.


Need a Reason to List Your Shop on a Local Business Directory? Here are 9 Great Ones.

downloadIf you own a local shop and haven’t yet listed your store on one of the USA business directories, you’re missing out. In fact, those businesses that aren’t listed on local directories are at a serious disadvantage to those that are. That’s because the simple act of listing your shop on one of these useful directories has a multitude of benefits. If you’re not aware of how USA business directories can have a major impact on your local business, here are 9 reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and claim your listing now.

#1: Local Marketing has its Challenges

In the past, people relied on word of mouth or the Yellow Pages to find the local businesses they wanted to do business with, but today’s consumers find local businesses in an entirely new way. These days, when a consumer wants to find US local businesses, they simply open their computer or turn on their mobile phone and look for a local directory to search in. That means if your shop doesn’t have a listing on one of the many USA business directories, its chances of being found are greatly reduced.

Now don’t get us wrong—word of mouth is still a powerful way to attract new customers, but online searches are the number one way people look for local businesses. And because the larger search engines aren’t exactly known for showing local results, many savvy business owners are using US business directories to showcase their local shops.

#2: Great Benefits for Little to no Money

Let’s face it, most small businesses struggle to find ways to stretch their marketing budgets, and that’s one of the greatest benefits of listing your shop on USA business directories. You see, you can claim your business listing for free on quality business directories like FindUsLocal.com. That’s right, simply log onto the site and claim your listing, it’s as easy as that. But you’re not limited to a simple business listing. For only $20, you can get even more exposure by getting cool features such as exclusivity and website linking.

#3: GEO Technology Fits Today’s Convenience Demand

People want their online experiences to be easy, and that’s why sites like FindUsLocal.com are proving to be leaders in the USA business listings field. The sites uses GEO technology, which means that every time a visitor logs onto the site, the technology will automatically match the page results they see to the area they’re logging on from. For example, if a visitor was to log on from San Antonio, Texas, they would see the local businesses, events, and other specific results from that area. Not all local directories do that, and in a world of convenience, it’s smart to make sure the directory your business is listed on does.

#4: The Yellow Pages are Now Used as Door Stops

You remember the Yellow Pages, don’t you? They were bulky and cumbersome books that people used to rely on to find the local businesses in their area. And while the books are still produced and given out to consumers every year, the truth is that most of them end up in the garbage can or thrown on the floor to be used as doorstops. The usefulness of the Yellow Pages have been replaced by a new way to find USA local businesses: local directories. Not having your local business in a business directory today would be like not having a listing in the Yellow Pages 15 years ago.

#5: You Can Link to Your Website

Remember we told you about how little you have to spend to get your business listed on one of the US local business directories? You can start with a free listing, but if you want to experience even more benefits, you pay a small fee of only $20 and get the ability to show a link to your website on the listing as well as enjoy some exclusivity for your business. For instance, if you’ve upgraded to this premium feature, when consumers from your area look for local businesses in your area, yours will be the only listing they see on the page.

#6: You’ll Enjoy the Business Boosting Benefits of Customer Reviews

Ask any local business owner and they’ll tell you that the number one thing you can do for your small shop is to have a good amount of quality customer reviews. In fact, recent studies have shown that online reviews are quickly becoming the number one factor for consumers when deciding whether or not to do business with a shop. But many local business owners are in a bind because they don’t have a place for their customers to leave reviews.

Enter USA business directories.

When you claim your listing on a local directory, you’ll create a space for your customers to leave their reviews. And as soon as you begin encouraging them to leave them and see the difference a few good reviews can have for a local business, you’ll wonder why you waited to so long to put this part of your business plan into motion.

#7: You’ll Get Search Engine Boosts

Speaking of reviews, do you know that every time a customer leaves a review on a site it indicates to the search engines that new information has been added to the site and that improves its search engine rankings? Now, imagine that your business is listed on a local directory. When consumers leave US local business reviews on it for any business, it helps improve those search engine rankings—every time. So when your business is listed on a site like FindUsLocal.com, the more reviews customers leave, the better chance your business has of being seen.

#8: You’ll Receive Indirect Marketing for Free

You spend enough of the marketing of your business, don’t you? After all, you’re faced with the serious challenge of competing with online businesses that don’t have all the day to day expenses that you do. But what if I told you that by listing your business in a local directory, more people will see you as they try to find US local businesses?

That’s because local business directories have to constantly market their site in order to keep it relevant and in the top results on the search engines. And because your site will be listed on the directory, you’ll indirectly benefit from all those advertising efforts. Just think, by simply listing your site on a US business directory, you’ll benefit from the site’s advertising efforts.

#9: It Makes Your Business Part of the Community

The shop local movement started something in this country that currently sees no sign of slowing down. Today’s consumers want local businesses to not only be a place where they can buy quality goods or services, but they also want them to be a part of the local scene. For instance, many consumers say that they would be more likely to do business with a shop that supports local causes or embraces the local community in some other way. And one of the best ways to be seen as community friendly is to make sure your business is listed when they go to find USA business listings.

As you can see, a local business directory can be one of the greatest allies your business has. The secret is to find the right local directory that has all the benefits listed above. FindUsLocal is one of those directories and if you haven’t already claimed your listing there, you can do it right now—and not have to pay a dime. Simply head over there now and see what a difference it can make to have your business listed on it.

3 Ways to Use a Local Business Directory to Plan the Perfect Date

179721841350132525amW1wWhhcSpring is in the air, and for many Americans across the country that means one thing: love is on their minds. There is just something about spring, when the cold weather gives way to warmer days full of sunshine and budding flowers that makes people think about relationships and dating again. But if you’re a guy who is trying to plan the perfect date for that special woman you’ve recently met, you may be wondering what you can do that will make the evening stand out in her mind.

While you will have many options to choose from, there is one resource that will give you all the information about your local area that you could possibly need. We’re talking about local business directories and how they can help you plan that perfect date.

Not convinced that a local directory can help you put together a date that she’ll never forget? Here are 3 ways to use the local business directory to plan the perfect night out on the town.

Search for Local Restaurants

Most dates begin with a meal, but the restaurant you take your date to should be great. After all, taking your date to a restaurant with bad reviews or horrible service is no way to start off a date right. Instead, you should use a local directory like FindUsLocal.com to search for restaurants in your area. Once you have the type of cuisine in mind, simply do a search on the site and all restaurants that serve the cuisine will show up in the results. The FindUsLocal business directory uses GEO technology to automatically deliver the search results in your area. Once you’ve found the listings for the right cuisine, look through them and select the one with the best reviews.

Look for Local Events

Because of the GEO technology the local directory uses, you’ll automatically be shown the events happening in your local area. You’ll be able to see which theatre events, sporting events and concerts are in your area at a glance. Now, taking into consideration your date’s likes (you did ask, didn’t you?), select the event that’s right for you. Once you click on an event, you’ll be able to conveniently purchase the tickets for your date night.

Check the Weather

The weather will play an important part in your date, and knowing in advance what it will be will affect the things you plan. For example, you wouldn’t want to plan to take your date to an outdoor concert when rain is in the forecast, nor would you want to plan an all indoor date when the weather is warm and welcoming. In order to create the perfect date that lines up with the weather, simply check the weather in your area on FindUsLocal. In fact, once you log onto the site, you’ll automatically be shown the weather for your exact location.

Setting up the perfect date isn’t typically easy, but if you make use of an awesome local business directory like FindUsLocal, it will be much more so. Now, go and plan your date and impress that special girl!

3 Ways to Ensure You Get Your Local Business Gets its Share of Spring Break Business

Fifth Avenue South ShoppingSpring is here and most consumers are taking out their wallets and planning for some serious spring purchases. After all, most clothing lines come out with spring lines, furniture and household goods all use the spring to announce new products and even restaurants and gourmet shops change their offerings as winter passes and spring arrives.

But if you own a local business, you can’t just sit back and wait for the customers to walk in the door. Today’s brick and mortar shop owners have to be creative in their methods of attracting new customers.

Here are three things you can do right now to help bring in those spring shoppers.

Rethink Your Pricing

Spring shoppers are looking for deals. After all, they’ve recently been through the holiday season and spent a lot of money on gifts and other holiday related purchases, and now they want to save some money. But just as much as they want to save, they also want to purchase all the new pretty things that have arrived just in time for spring.

So how can you convince your customers to buy? By rethinking your prices. We’re not talking about slashing all the prices in your store, but we want you to consider cutting prices on just some of your products in order to get people in the door.

For example, if you own a gourmet food shop, you might run a special on an exclusive olive oil, and place the display beside bags of gourmet pasta and sauces. In other words, your goal should be to bring new customers in the door with a deal and then sell them regular priced items when they’re there.

Reach Them Online

Another thing every local business owner should be doing is listing their company on local business directories like FindUsLocal. For many brick and mortar businesses, this is the only way online lookers will be able to find your store. Studies have shown time and time again that when today’s consumers want to find a company to do business with, they go online to search them out. And if your business isn’t there, you’ll lose the sale.

Luckily, it’s easy to get listed online. Simply go to FindUsLocal, claim your business listing and add as many details as you can. Then, when consumers from your area log on to look for businesses like yours, they’ll see your listing.

Follow Up

Finally, every time you get a new customer, you should ask them to sign up for your mailing list. Studies continue to show that email marketing is still the best way to reach out to customers and cause them to purchase new products or take advantage of a sale. By keeping in contact with them, you’ll build a relationship with them that will continually allow for additional sales.

Spring Break is big business, and there’s no reason why your local shop can’t reap the benefits from it. Simply think about your pricing and come up with a way to get people in the door, reach out to online shoppers via local business directory listings, and then make them permanent customers by following up with them on a regular basis.

How to Write a Review for a Local Business

leave-an-online-reviewOnline reviews are becoming more and more relevant in the minds of consumers. In fact, a recent study done by BrightLocal.com shows that at least 92 percent of people rely on online reviews to help them make buying decisions when dealing with local businesses. The study also shows that 40 percent of consumers who read reviews form an opinion about local businesses after reading only 1-3 reviews.  In other words, if you shop at a local store in your community or dine at a neighborhood restaurant, you should think about leaving an online review to give others an idea of what doing business with the store is like.

But many people have never an online review because they don’t know how to write one that will be helpful to others. That’s why we’re providing you with a simple 4-step guide that will help you write a review to leave on a local business directory that is both helpful and honest.

Step One: Get Control of Your Emotions

Before you sit down to write your review, you should do all you can to get control of your emotions. That can be difficult because most people write online reviews when they’re either very happy with their experience or angry. But there’s good reason to keep your emotions in check when composing your review.

The survey I mentioned that was conducted by Bright Local say that fake reviews are becoming a problem in the eyes of consumers and the number one telltale sign of a fake review is extreme emotion. That’s true whether the language in the review is over the top angry, or gushing with praise for the business. Consumers want to see honest, detailed and factually based reviews that they can use to determine whether or not to do business with a store or restaurant.

Your review should be a factual review of your experience when dealing with the business, and if you want it to be useful to others, try to keep the emotions out of it.

Step Two: Include the Details

Next, you should make a list of all the relevant details that pertain to your review. For example, if you’re leaving a negative review for a restaurant on a local business directory, you’ll need to include the time of day you went, what you ordered (if it’s relevant), how crowded it was, and the specific details of your complaint. If the service was slow, state that in your review, or if the staff ignored you while talking on their cellphones, be sure to include that information.

Don’t use the platform to go after a specific employee of the business because readers will assume that your review was written to target someone rather than write an honest review. It’s enough to say that “employees” treated you badly, or “employees” attended to your needs in a professional manner.  In short, include only the pertinent details of your experience so the people reading your review will be able to decide whether or not they want to visit the business.

Step Three: Check Your Grammar

If you want your review to be taken seriously, be sure to check for grammar and spelling issues before you post it. Many readers will be put off by a review filled with spelling errors or poorly constructed sentences. If you aren’t a natural writer, you can run your review through one of the free grammar tools found online.

Step Four: Don’t Forget the Other Side of the Story

Every story has two sides and you should at least attempt to shed some light on the other side. For example, if you’re leaving a negative review for that restaurant because the staff ignored you, you should mention that the manager was out sick that day if it’s true. Readers will be more likely to consider your review helpful if you at least attempt to tell both sides of the story.

Where Should You Leave the Review?

Finally, if you’re going to leave a review for a local business, it makes sense to leave it where people will find it. That means the larger local business directories probably aren’t the best place to leave them. Instead look for specialty local directories such as FindUsLocal.com. These local directories are where most local consumers go to look for businesses because they use GEO technology to match every visitor’s experience with their location.

When you’re leaving a review for a business on a local directory, remember it will help other people decide whether or not to do business with the store or restaurant. And because your review can easily affect the business, be sure to be fair, honest, and helpful in every word you write.

3 Ways to Market Your Local Business on a Budget

LBM-logoOwning a local brick and mortar business is more challenging today than in recent memory because online shopping has taken over the retail market. But the successful local business owners have kept up with the times and adjusted their marketing effort to bring in those remote shoppers. But many are afraid to begin reaching out to online shoppers because they believe they need a huge advertising budget to do it.

Luckily for you, they’re wrong. Although the approach to online marketing is different, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, we’ve outlined three affordable things you can do today to increase your chances of being seen by online shoppers. And remember, even local businesses need to be seen online in order to attract customers.

Build an Email List

Marketing trends come and go, but one thing that seems to outlast them all is email lists. It works like this: a business asks every one of their customers for their email address when they’re checking them out or at another convenient time. And then on a regular basis, they make contact with that list to tell them about an upcoming sale, a special discount offer, or a new products.

For example, if you operate a florist shop and have an email list, you would have sent out an email to your list before Valentine’s Day informing them any sales or promotions you were running for the holiday. The people on an email list are already loyal to your business and more likely to respond to a sales announcement or new product offering.

What makes this marketing tactic even better is that it’s free. It won’t cost you a dime to ask for your customer’s email addresses, and then you can use the email services of places like Mail Chimp, which allows you to build a list of up to 2,000 names for free.

List Your Business on a Local Search Directory

Another great ways to put your business name in front of online customers is to make use of local business directories like FindUsLocal. This search directory is free to use for the basic plan, and it will show your business to online visitors who are looking for businesses in your area. It’s a step above the rest of the local directories because it uses GEO technology to match the visitor’s location with the results they see. For instance, if your flower shop is in San Antonio, Texas, anytime people from that area log on to find a flower shop in the local directory, they will see your listing.

With all of the competition for top spots on Google, it makes sense for small, local shops to use a local business directory that enables online browsers to find their business.

Collaborate with Other Local Businesses

Another fantastic way small shops can bring in people from their community is to form a group of similar but non-competing businesses and run cross promotions. For example, the flower shop could team up with a wedding planner, a romantic restaurant, a dating service and any other local business to form a group and collaborate. Each business could tweet out the sale on their Twitter accounts, post messages about it on their Facebook accounts, and in a combined effort, send mass mailings to everyone’s email lists.

This works well because it gets your business’ message in front of people who shop at businesses like yours, and you can leverage the social media accounts and email lists of those businesses. Again, it doesn’t cost you anything to run this type of promotion unless you want to expand it and print flyers or coupons.

Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to promote your local business in a way that attracts online shoppers. Just use your own email list, list your shop on a local business directory, or team up and collaborate with other similar but non-competing business owners in your area.