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How to Avoid the Biggest Local Business Failure Trap

business-trap-250x250If you run a local business, chances are you’re doing all you can to ensure its success for years to come. Whether you own a local shop, restaurant, or service business, it’s critical—especially in today’s market—that you put a lot of time and effort into promoting your business. But there is one trap that many small business owners fall into—resting on current customers and not looking for more.

The scenario looks a lot like this: A business owner is having great success in his local shop and is experiencing record sales. He can hardly keep up with all the sales, and has had to hire an additional employee to help. This business owner has had to put some things on the back burner because dealing with all the business is taking up all of his time. But running a local business this way—even a successful one—is shortsighted and could ultimately harm the business. Why? Because no business owner can assume that current customers will continue to come in, or buy at the levels they are now. And this shortsighted mistake can wreak havoc on your business in the months or years to come.

Why Solely Relying on Existing Customers Can Cause Your Local Business to Fail

We’ve all heard the statistics about how important it is to retain existing customers. Experts say that it can cost 16 times more to bring a new customer up to the profitability of an existing one, so many local business owners concentrate on engaging existing customers and don’t go after new business by ensuring their business is listed on a local business directory. But that can be a mistake.

Sure, you can rely on some of your existing customers to do business with your shop for a lifetime, but it’s important to keep in mind that consumers can be fickle. For instance, studies show that more than half of consumers have stopped doing business with a store because they had a poor customer service experience, and it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for the one bad one. Even more frustrating is the fact that once a consumer decides to stop shopping at a store, 68 percent of them say they will never return.

Can you see why it’s so important to constantly bring in new business? As reliable as your current customers seem now, one bad experience can cause them to leave and not come back.

How Local Business Directories can Help Bring in New Customers

Obviously, consistently bringing in new customers should be a priority for every local business owner, but that can be a problem because it’s so expensive. Studies show that it can cost 5 times the amount of money to gain a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Maybe that’s why only 40 percent of small business owners concentrate equally on bringing in new customers and keeping their existing ones happy. But what if we told you that it’s possible to bring in new customers for free?

Local business directories are the latest darling in the local marketing world, and for good reason. These local directories allow consumers to find local businesses with ease. Consumers have become so frustrated trying to find local businesses on major search engines that local business directories were invented. When someone logs onto a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, they can easily search for local shops and restaurants without the frustration they experience when they try to find them on major search engines.

And the best news? You can create a local business listing for free. Simply log on to business directories like FindUsLocal.com and claim your listing. You’ll be asked to fill in your business name, address, phone number, and website URL if you have one. Once listing, every person from your community who logs onto the site and searches for a business like yours will see your listing. And that means those people will likely turn into new customers.

If you run a small, local business, don’t fall into the trap of only relying on your existing customers to meet your sales goals. While it’s important to keep your current customers happy and continuously buying from you, you’ll also need to do all you can to bring in new business. Remember, no matter how busy you are, you can’t forget this important aspect of running a business, because if you do, you may look up one day and find that your current customers have moved on, leaving you with a business that is struggling. Why not take the first step right now and claim your business listing on a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com? After all, you have nothing to lose and everything—including new customers—to gain.

How to Get Free Local Business Marketing

seminario-gratisIf you run a local business, you’re probably acutely aware of just how expensive it is to advertise your shop or restaurant so new customers can find you. Some small business owners put thousands of dollars into websites, phone books ads, newspapers, and other methods of reaching out to local consumers. But the truth is, most of these methods just don’t work anymore. And as a business owner, it’s up to you to find what does work and then involve your business in it. For example, while many local business owners still rely on the phone book or ads in the local newspaper, the truth is that consumers just don’t look in those places any more when they want to find local businesses. And that leaves local business with two choices: either join those who spend thousands of dollars a month to get their business in front of consumers, or do it the smart way by getting the exposure they need for free.

Here are 3 ways you can put your local shop or restaurant in front of consumers—for free!

Claim Your Local Business Listing on a Local Business Directory

In case you haven’t heard, local business directories are the newest and most effective way for consumers to find local businesses. That’s because the large search engines aren’t designed for local results, but instead largely offer information or business listings for large, nationwide businesses. Consumers who use large search engines to find local businesses are often left frustrated, and that’s led to the rise of local business directories. These directories work just like the major search engines except they only give results from the visitor’s immediate area. Consumers love them and use them whenever they want to find a local business.

But if your business isn’t listed on a quality business directory like FindUsLocal.com, they’ll never find you.  That’s why it’s so important that you ensure your business is listed on business directories like Yelp and FindUsLocal. And the best part? It’s free. And if you want increase exposure, such as your business being previewed on the site, you’ll only have to pay a small fee.

Get Your Business Phone Listed in a Free Data Base

Did you know that every time someone wants to find your business phone number they have to pay their cell phone carrier a dollar? But some local business directories, like FindUsLocal, offer free business phone numbers to consumers. And if yours is listed on the site that means more people will be able to get in touch with you. Just think of it as another service you offer to your customers. You’ll save them a buck and offer them the convenience of finding your business phone number online.

Interact with Your Customers Online Where They’re Congregating

Finally, a lot has been written lately about the importance of two way communication between local business owners and its customers and there is no better place to do that than the internet. But unless you’re one of the business owners who has invested thousands of dollars on a website, you likely don’t have a place to do it. And that’s where local business directories can help, but only one of them. FindUsLocal.com has an exclusive feature that allows consumers and business owners to publicly interact with each other. The feature is called the Comments Section and it’s not only easy to use, but it offers local shop owners a great way to publicly keep the conversation going about their business.

Local marketing is an important aspect of running a local business, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it effectively. Instead, rely on local business directories to get your business seen, provide your business phone number for free, and create an engaging online conversation with your customers. Fortunately, you can do all of this for free on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com!