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Is it Time for a New Box Cutter Utility Knife?

ps11451867-plastic_cool_box_cutters_with_a_carton_open_safety_cutter_on_the_rear_plugInnovation is the name of the game in today’s culture, and that includes everything from cars to electronics to box cutters and utility knives. Box cutters? Utility knives? Yes, you heard me correctly. These handy utility tools have come a long way in recent years, and if you don’t have an updated version, you may want to make the switch. Why? Because not only are the new box cutters handier and able to do more jobs, but they’ll also help keep you safer.

So, if you’re still using a box cutter utility knife from the stone ages, here are 3 reasons why you should update your equipment now.

Auto Locks

It’s easy to forget to retract your blade and lock it into place—especially after a long tiring project. But many of the new box cutters, such as the Cutter Master Maxx feature a stainless steel rachet auto-lock slider. This handy box cutter automatically locks your blade into place and keeps it that way until the next time you use the knife. This one feature alone will help prevent countless injuries across the nation because many people mindlessly reach for a blade only to discover that it wasn’t locked, which almost always results in an injury.

Snap Off Blades

Ask any safety expert, and they’ll tell you that many of the box cutter related injuries today happen when people attempt to change out the blades in their tool. But innovation has solved that problem and many of today’s superior box cutters feature snap off blades. These blades are scored at just the right places to enable users to simply snap off an old worn blade and reset the blade to the next sharp section.

Ergonomic Handles

Some cheaper versions of box cutters use slim handles that make it easy for users to lose their grip and cut themselves. But today’s models feature ergonomic handles that are wider and help  them keep a sure grip. When you have a firm grasp on a utility  knife while using it to cut, you’ll reduce your chances of cutting yourself in the process.

These are just three of the new and innovative changes that have come to box cutters in the past few years. Remember, a box cutter is a serious tool, and you can reduce your chances of injury by using the most updated models you can find.

Why not look into one of the newer models like the Cutter Master Maxx featured in the photo above? Believe me, once you use a newer version box cutter, you will never want to use an outdated model again.

What Breaking Bad did for Box Cutters—and How to Use Yours Safely

gustavo-fring-s-box-cutter-light-t_designIf you are a “Breaking Bad” fan, then you probably have one scene from the show in your mind that you just can’t seem to forget about. It happened in the premiere of the fourth season, aptly called “Box Cutter,” and it caused one person who watched it being filmed to faint.

The scene involves bad guy Gus, who slices open his henchman’s throat using a box cutter.

Considering the popularity of the show, “Breaking Bad,” it’s no wonder that people have started paying attention to box cutters. And while the show did highlight the strength and power of a box cutter (in a twisted kind of way), it also shows the importance of safety measures when using one.

So we decided to give you some key points you should keep in mind when using a box cutter for your local projects. Here are three of the most important.

Point the Blade Away from You

Many people believe it’s easier to pull a box cutter toward them when cutting cardboard or other heavy materials, but that can easily lead to an accident. Instead, safety experts universally agree that the utility knife should be pointed away from your body so if you slip, it won’t accidentally cut you. In addition, be sure to keep all body parts, such as your fingers, out of the way of the blade.

Protect Your Body

Even though a utility knife is small and seemingly harmless, the truth is it can slice right through your skin, or if the blade breaks while you’re using it, it can fly off and injure your eyes. To prevent these unnecessary accidents from happening, it’s smart to use safety equipment while using the box cutter. For instance, to avoid unwanted cuts, think about wearing cut-resistant gloves and arm sleeves. And to keep your eyes safe, you should always wear safety glasses.

Watch the Blade

Finally, the blade on a box cutter is what you should pay close attention to the entire time you’re using the utility knife. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • As you’re working, never take your eyes off the blade.
  • When the box cutter is not in use, it’s important to store it with the blade retracted and locked. Otherwise, you could forget and reach for it the next time and cut your hand.
  • If the knife begins to fall as you’re using it, never try to catch it. The blade could easily slice through your fingers as you do so.
  • When you’re working with someone else and you need to hand them the box cutter, be sure to first retract the blade, and then hand it to them handle first.

Box cutters are a handy tool to keep around the house, but when you’re using them, it makes sense to stay safe by following the simple safety rules listed above. Oh, and the box cutter in “Breaking Bad?” Don’t let it detour you—utility knives are great to have around—just use them properly.