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Why Local Businesses are Better than Big Box Stores

local-helping-localF-300x245Do you love the local community you live in? Do you want to see it grow and prosper? What if I told you that your city or town could enjoy increased economic benefits if you began to ignore the larger chain stores and instead bought from local business owners? In fact, studies have shown just how important it is to patronize your local shops, which we’ve outlined below. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should shop locally.

More Economic Impact for Your Community

When you shop at local stores, more of the money you spend stays in your community. For instance, a study was done in Chicago and in it, researchers looked at ten restaurants, retail shops and service businesses in the area that were owned by locals. They determined that for every $100 these local businesses earned, they invested $68 back into the community by hiring local employees, doing business with other local shop owners, and by hiring professionals like lawyers and printers who worked in the community. On the other hand, big box stores that earned that same $100 only reinvested $43 back into the community. That’s $25 for every $100 spent that could go towards your community rather than the pockets of big business.

Another study was done in Kent County, Michigan where researchers determined that if the locals were to switch just 10 percent of their business to local shop owners, 1,600 new jobs would be created in the area, which would result in $53 million in additional payroll and $140 million in economic activity for the area.

More Jobs for the Community

It’s a myth that big box stores create more jobs in a local community. The fact is that studies have shown that they reduce the amount of overall jobs in an area. In one study about the impact of Walmart and local jobs, it was shown that when a big box store opens in an area, it typically represents a net loss of 150 retail jobs. One reason for this is that other businesses experience a decline when a big box store opens, and that results in the laying off of employees. These local business experience a drop in sales because people spend the same amount of money—they just begin spending it at the chain store instead of their local shops.

More Shopping Choices

Sure, big box stores are huge, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have more shopping options if one moves to your town. Here’s the reason: the big box stores are built so large for one reason, and that is to eliminate the competition. That means every store that closes in your area is one less place you’ll be able to shop. For example, imagine that a large chain store opened in your area and it carried shoes as a part of its offerings. This caused the local shoe store to close down, and that not only resulted in less economic benefits for the area and a loss of jobs for its employees, but also a drastically reduced selection for shoppers.

What makes this even worse is that many times, these large stores move into an area and offer low prices to drive away the competition (aka local businesses), and then once they’re the only game in town, they raise their prices, leaving local consumers with both high prices and no shopping alternatives.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to shop local in your community. It will help keep the area prosperous, maintain jobs, and ensure that the local residents always have plenty of good options for whatever it is they’re looking for. Be sure you check with your local business directories to find the best local businesses near you. What about you? Have you visited your local shops today?

How to Rock the Local Scene with Safety Glasses

71M-UNiIDSL._SL1500_So, you’re a local who wants to make a mark on your local scene. You pay attention to your wardrobe, make sure your ride is a standout, and carry the funkiest reusable shopping bags you can find. But you feel like something is missing—something else you can do to ensure that as you walk down those local streets, you stand out. After all, you’d never want to just be one of the crowd, right?

Luckily, there is a trend sweeping the nation, and it all has to do with the glasses you put on. Everyone knows that for the past several years, glasses have been a major trend in the fashion world. Hipsters wear them proudly, as do other people who want to keep up with today’s fashion world. But what you may not have noticed is the sudden surge of safely glasses as a fashion trend.

What? People are wearing safety glasses for fashion? That’s right—and if you want to rock your local streets with the right safety glasses, you’ll need to pay attention to a few details when buying them.

Here are three things you should always look for when finding just the right pair of safety glasses.

Make Sure They’re Lightweight

The last you want when wearing safety glasses is for them to be heavy, which would make them uncomfortable to wear. And what’s worse is that if you needed to take them off, heavy glasses would cause those unattractive marks to appear on the bridge of your nose everything you removed them. Instead, look for lightweight safety glasses that feature a molded bridge design so you will still look cool when you’re wearing them—and when you need to take them off.

Check the Lens Quality

Even if you don’t need glasses, but just want the look, you should look for a crystal clear lens that won’t negatively affect your vision. The best safety glasses have an ultra-clear polycarbonate lens that won’t obstruct your vision in any way.

Rock Your Safety Glasses

If you’re going to wear safety glasses as a fashion statement, you shouldn’t just pick any old frames. After all, your reason for wearing them is to make a statement and stand out as original and fashionable on your local streets, so the lenses you select should be the best you can find. You’ll find a lot of options, but unfortunately, many of them look the same. But there are standouts in the crowd—you just have to search them out. For instance, AO Eyewear produces some outstanding safety glasses that will definitely do the job.

Staying local in an increasingly global world is gaining popularity in many areas, but those who choose to live this lifestyle are constantly on the hunt for new ideas and fashion trends. And wearing safety glasses is one of the hottest trends to hit the streets in many years.

Kick Google to the Curb – Go Local with Your Business Ads and Watch Your Business Take Off

Are You Ready for a Truly Social Business Directory?

Ever since the demise of the local phone directory, local businesses have been at a serious disadvantage in finding new customers. Like it or not, your listing in the phone book just doesn’t have the kind of pull it used to have. The only people who seem to find your business website seem to have stumbled across it by accident and your attempts at listing your business in professional and service directories haven’t offered much in the way of return. Every time you turn around, some marketing guru is trying to sell you his SEO services with promises to get you listed at the top of the search results on Google. There are dozens of tips and tricks promising to get your website noticed on the Internet but not many of them translate into feet walking through your door or the telephone ringing off the wall.

Until now. FindUsLocal.com is a new concept in USA business directories – a truly social business directory that’s designed especially for local small businesses. What’s special about this new business listings directory? Here’s just a few ways that Find Us Local works to put your business in front of local customers, the kind of customer you most want to reach.

Attracts Local Audiences with Geo Targeted Content

Find Us Local uses geo targeting technology to create home pages that attract your local customers. By providing valuable content about your local area – concert listings, event listings, news and weather – for your town, the website has built a monthly reach of more than 600,000 visitors, a lot of them in your town.

Shows Your Business Listing to Local Customers

Brick and mortar businesses rely on local customers, but most online directories show your ads to all the wrong people. It’s not as if some random Internet user from India is going to drive in his car for a front end alignment or pick up the phone and order a pizza. When you list your business with the directory, the magic of geo targeting guarantees puts it in front of people who live in your town and the surrounding areas – the people who are most likely to actually use your services or buy your products.

Helps You Get Social

FindUsLocal includes an integrated social media dashboard so you can post to all of your social media accounts from one handy spot. Let your customers know what’s going on at your business. Not only will your posts go out over your chosen platform, but they’ll also show up on the front page when your customers check in.

Put Your Business Listing Right Up Top

Want a little more oomph for your ad? FindUsLocal offers 100% free listings, but if you want a little more star power to draw customers, a premium upgrade provides even more benefits. When you upgrade, your business listing will include a direct link to your website, making it easier for customers to check out your services and products. In addition, your business listings and ads will be featured across the top of the directory pages for your local area and for similar businesses.

Take full advantage of geo targeting and social media services. Claim your profile at FindUsLocal and watch your business visibility and profits soar.

Free Concert Listings: One Reason Your Customers Love Social Business Directories More Than They Like Google

The latest news on the technology front is that people are deserting Google. After years of dominating all types of search listings, the search engine behemoth is slowly losing its grip as faithful users find other services that are more useful. If you’re thinking Bing and Yahoo! here, you’d be wrong. In fact, the big winners these days are social business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

Taking their cue from the popularity of professional service directories, these social directories make it easy for local businesses to hook up with customers and clients. They do this using a two-pronged approach with one goal in mind: providing a place where local customers and businesses can find each other.

Why Customers Like Social Business Directories

The front page of FindUsLocal.com features customized content based on the website user’s location. Instead of being greeted with a generic greeting and a request to enter your location or search, visitors to the website find a page of information about their local businesses, hometown news, and nearby community events. They can check the current weather, see what local Twitter users are talking about and check out the latest coupons and specials offered by businesses in the community. One of the biggest draws for the local community, though, is the local event listings which are featured right there on the front page where they’re easy to find. Users can easily find listings – and buy tickets for – upcoming concerts, theater performances and sports events without searching a dozen different websites for information.

How It Works

Local business listings on business directories like Find Us Local are powered by the magic of geo targeting, a technology that uses your browser’s location information to customize the information you see on your device. It’s most often used by marketers to serve geographically appropriate ads when you surf the Web, but it has other uses – like showing website visitors local theater, sports and concert listings, local weather and weekend information.

Why It’s Good for Your Business

There are dozens of “business directories” on the Web, but most of them are virtually useless, either because no one visits them or because they bury your business listing under pages and pages of results. This latest twist on local business directories gets customers to come back again and again when they’re looking for local businesses and events, and offers you the tools and exposure you need to reach local customers with your website and online presence.