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Top Reasons to Get Listed in Online Local Business Directories

Local-Business-MarketingIf there’s one thing all the Internet marketing gurus agree on for 2016, it’s that local business directories will become ever more important in marketing for local businesses. Whether you own a restaurant, give piano lessons, or adjust people’s spines for a living, your business growth will rely on online sources to drive new customers and engage with existing ones. More and more of your potential customers are looking to their mobile apps and online search engines to find contractors, dentists, pizza shops and the hottest Christmas toy at the best price. Here are some top reasons you need to get your business listed on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

Local Business Directories Feed Information to Top Search Engines

Major search engines get a lot of their information about local businesses from online business directories. They use the information to help very location, determine whether a company is still in business, and draw business hours and other information from those listings. That’s one of the reasons you want to make sure that all the information in your business listing is up-to-date and accurate. Nothing will kill your business quicker than the wrong telephone number on Google.

You Can Control the Information in Your Listing

When you claim your listing on one of the business directory services, you can update much of the information and make sure that it’s accurate. Depending on the directory, you may be able to make other changes to your listing, including adding a photograph – and you know what they say about profiles with pictures. That doesn’t apply only to dating profiles. Business profiles with pictures also get a lot more attention and love.

Get More Credibility for Your Local Business

Google calls it “authority” – but what they mean is credibility. Pages with more authority get listed higher in search engine result pages, making it easier for businesses to snag a coveted top three search results position. That’s important because market research has consistently shown that people click on one of the top three results in their search results more often than on any other listing. Getting listed in local search listings and directories increases your business’ credibility – and your website’s authority with major search engines.

Score Some Incoming Links to Your Website

Incoming links is one of the signals that search engines use to determine whether your website has something people are looking for when they search something online. The more relevant links there are to your page, the more convinced the search engine bot is that your website is one their visitors want to see. The best local business listing pages often give you a live incoming link from their webpage to yours, in a category that’s relevant to your business.

Often, local business directories offer you the opportunity to get a featured listing, which gives you even more perks for your website. In most cases, it will cost you less than an old telephone directory listing – and get you far, far more impressive results for a relatively small investment.

78 Percent of People Who Search Online Using Mobile Phones Buy Local

local-searchAs a local business owner, do you sometimes feel left out of the internet boom? Are you tired of relying on traditional print advertising and other age-old methods in order to get new customers through the door? The good news is that a new study is out that shows local businesses can take advantage of online searches, and actually do better in them than online business websites.

The Study That Changes Everything

ComScore, Neustar, Localeze, and Agency 15 conducted a study of people who search online for products and services and what they found is not what most people expected. The study shows that when consumers use their mobile phones to search for products or businesses, 78 percent of the time it results in a purchase from a brick and mortar store. If you’re a local business owner, that great news if you feel that you can’t compete with their competitors. That means only 22 percent of those searchers bought from online stores, if they bought at all.

Researchers specifically looked at three types of online searchers, the mobile phone user, the tablet user, and the PC user. It turns out that PC users are the friendliest to local businesses. A full ninety-six percent of PC owners search for local businesses online, while 79 percent of mobile users do, and 81 percent of tablet users conduct local searches. People who are on the go seem to prefer their mobile phone, but when at home or work, the biggest number of users prefer their PCs because it’s easier to access information and a PC offers greater usability.

Most people think that young people are responsible for most searches done online, but the study shows otherwise. While it’s true that young people are more likely to use mobile devices for local search, the overall audience is multi-platform with 39 percent of users using multiple devices for their searches. 49 percent of the searchers use only a PC, while only 12 percent of them use only a mobile phone or tablet. That makes it even more important to ensure that your site can easily be read by any device.

Predictably, the number one reason people searched online was to find the address or location of a business, but the second reason was a surprise. The second highest group of searches was to locate a business that carries specific products or services, but the searcher had no particular business in mind. In other words, the searcher wanted to make a purchase and looked in their area for a store that sold what they wanted to buy. That’s huge for local businesses because it puts them on the same level as their online competitors. The third most used search is by consumers using their PCs, mobile phones and tablets to research products or services. That’s why it’s so important for local businesses to maintain a website with relevant and informative content.

At FindUSLocal, we have seen a definite uptick in people using local search directories to find businesses, and that’s why our advice to anyone who relies on local consumers for profits is to get listed in our local directory as soon as you can. You can list your business for free, or take advantage of our premium service which allows you to be seen on the front page of the consumer’s results. It’s really not an option for local business owners anymore as local business directories have taken the place of the yellow pages for brick and mortar stores.

How Many Made Purchases?

Of those consumers who searched for a business online using a phone, 78 percent of them made a purchase from a business near them. Sixty-four percent of people using a tablet make a local purchase, while 77 percent who use a PC buy from a local business. Seventy-three percent of those searches resulted from purchases from a physical store, sixteen percent resulted in a purchase over the phone, and only eleven percent resulted in an online purchase. Three quarters of the purchases happened the same day as the search, and 63 percent of them occurred within a few hours of the search.

And for those business owners who own a service, travel or restaurant business, the study shows that almost half of those searchers were looking for business they had never purchased from before. Obviously, it pays to be listed in local directories so consumers can find your business.

Five Ways a Local Business Directory Helps You Save the World – Number 3 Is HUGE!

I’d love to save the world, but I don’t know what to do… – Ten Years After

If you’d love to save the world, the sustainability and green living movement has one word for you – local. Whether your favorite issue is the economy, healthy living, saving the environment or global warming, doing business locally offers one very important way that anyone can make an impact. When you use an online local business directory to find local merchants and vendors, you are actually helping to save the world. Here are five ways that shopping local can help you make a difference in the world around you.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Every extra mile that your groceries and goods travel adds extra carbon emissions into the atmosphere. When you buy from local grocers – especially those that source produce, meat and dairy locally – you reduce your carbon footprint and cut down a little bit on the emissions and pollution in the air.

Support Local Businesses

When you buy from local businesses, you’re putting money back into your community. That money improves your local economy and supports your friends and neighbors. You’re putting money into the tills of local stores, who may then be able to hire a few more people, who will then have money to spend in the local economy – it’s one big, beautiful snowball.

Find Alternatives To Big Box Stores and Chain Restaurants

Big box stores may offer low prices, but so very many of their business policies are toxic to the environment and the economy. When you look for groceries, restaurants and services on major search engines, the top listings will be for the big corporations because they have the money to pay for those top spots. That’s not true on local business directories, which are havens where small business owners don’t have to compete with the big boys to get noticed.

Save Paper

Online business directories don’t use paper. No trees are harmed in their production. It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to avoid paying for listings in paper directories and phone books.

Improve Your Health

Locally grown foods are more likely to be grown with a minimum of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. They’re picked at the peak of freshness and don’t need artificial preservatives to keep them looking and tasting their best – even better, you’ll find local farms, farmers’ markets and farm stands that sell directly to the public listing their businesses and products on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

Buying and doing business locally is one of the best ways to support your community and make the world a better place to live. Using an online local business directory makes it easier for you to find the local companies that are doing business in ways that work for you.