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How to Plan a Stress-Free Local, Overnight Trip

download (1)Every now and then it’s good to get away overnight to someplace where you can unwind and de-stress. But if you don’t plan the trip properly, it may end up adding to your stress instead of decreasing it. The good news is that if you take just a few steps before you slip away for the night, your trip will more enjoyable. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your overnight trip is a success.

Decide on the Perfect Spot

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people decide to go “just anywhere.” They are so desperate to get away that they don’t put a lot of thought into their destination. Instead of just rushing out and ending up someplace you might not enjoy, take some time to investigate the possibilities and carefully selection the destination that best suits your needs. Want to spend some time playing tennis? Make sure the area has the right courts. Want some beach time? Don’t go to the mountains!

Make a Reservation

People who decide to rush out and leave the reservations up to chance are often disappointed. It only takes a minute to research the best hotels online and make a quick reservation. If you don’t, you could end up wasting a lot of your time driving from hotel to hotel looking for one that has available rooms. With online reservations available with the stroke of a few keys, there’s no reason to forego this step.

Pack a Bag

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning an overnight trip is stuffing a suitcase full of things they’ll never use. That results in them digging through of all the useless items every time they need to find something. Instead, use a bag like The Everything Bag. This handy lightweight overnight bag holds everything you need for an overnight trip, including your pillow.

Have Fun

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to include this step, but sometimes are so stressed out about having the perfect weekend, it ends up not being any fun. Just relax, take the steps listed above, and try to enjoy your overnight stay.

For Men: How to Pack an Overnight Bag for a Weekend Getaway

downloadWhen you’re going on a weekend trip, the last thing you want to do is lug around a bag that’s stuffed with a bunch of heavy and unnecessary items. The idea of an overnight trip is to take to the road and enjoy a free and carefree time without the burdens of your normal life.

And to accomplish that, you’ll need to take a bag with just enough stuff to provide what you need, without all the extra things that can easily weigh you down.

We’ve devised a plan to help you pack your overnight bag in a way that will give that freedom to just enjoy yourself and not worry about an overstuffed bag.

What Type of Bag Should You Carry?

Forget the bulky, heavy bags that are touted as overnight bags and look for one that is small and sturdy and will fit everything you need. The Everything Bag is a perfect example of a bag that looks stylish, will fit everything you need, and is small enough to carry over your shoulder.

What Should You Pack in Your Overnight Bag?

For a casual weekend away, you don’t need to pack a bunch of stuff. In fact, if you do it correctly, you can only take a few items and reduce the clutter in your bag.

Here is a list of the necessary items to take in your bag:

  • A pair of jeans or shorts, depending on the weather
  • 2 t-shirts or casual button down shirts, depending on your style
  • Underwear and socks. Pack one pair of each for each day that you’ll be away
  • Duffel bag. Take along supplies such as your toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving equipment, and small bottles of shampoo, mouthwash, deodorant, and other necessary toiletries.
  • An extra pair of shoes. Depending on your plans, it could be a pair of flip flops for the beach, or a dressier pair of loafers for a night out on the town.
  • A pillow. If you can’t sleep without your own pillow, bags like The Everything Bag are large enough to fit your personal pillow.

Getting away for the weekend can be a great way to unwind and prepare yourself for another week at work, but unless you do it right, it can easily turn into just another area of stress in your life. But by adhering to the above suggestions when packing your overnight bag, you’ll help ensure that your weekend getaway is as good as it can be.

The One Simple Trick to Save Your Closet Space

messy-closet-1274813If you’re like most Americans, you have a serious lack of closet space. That’s why people pay thousands of dollars to closet organizers. These people rearrange people’s closets by adding shelving and hanging racks, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you pay someone to organize your closet, if you have too much stuff, your closet will soon be cluttered and messy again.

But we know of one simple trick that will help reduce the amount of “stuff” in your closet and give a permanent solution to the mess. It’s The Everything Bag.

The Theory Behind the Bag

As Americans, we think we need a separate product for everything we do, but the simple truth is that if we used our stuff for duel purposes, we could eliminate a lot of stuff from our lives. And that’s the theory behind The Everything Bag. The multipurpose bag can be used for a variety of purposes, which will free up vast amounts of space in your closet. In fact, here are some the other bags you can rid of when you choose The Everything Bag as your dual purpose bag.

  • Book bags. You won’t need a separate bag for your books because The Everything Bag is the perfect bag for carrying heaving and bulky books. This is great for high school and college students, or for those who carry a lot of paperwork to and from work.
  • Overnight bags. Most people have at least one overnight bag, but many have more than one. And the problem is that these types of bags can take up a lot of space. But The Everything Bag is the perfect bag for overnight trips because it holds everything you’ll need to an overnight trip—including a pillow!
  • Backpack. If you carry backpacks, you probably have quite a few of few of them in your closet. But The Everything Bag, which comes in stylish blue and red, can be the one backpack that goes with everything. Clear out all those other backpacks and use that space for something else.
  • Reusable Shopping Bag. Reusable grocery bags are everywhere, and many people have so many they don’t know what to do with them. And they take up a lot of space, don’t they? But what if I told you that it was possible to use the same bag all your shopping needs? It’s true, The Everything Bag is strong enough to carry your heaviest purchases and large enough to fit what you need to carry.

Clear all of those useless bags out of your closet and replace them with the one bag that can do the job of all of them. The Everything Bag is fashionable, affordable, and will free up loads of closet space so you can use it for the things that really matter.

Streamline Your Life with These New All-in-One Bags

imagesIt’s a new year, and many people have determined to change things in their lives that just aren’t working anymore. Some people have made a commitment to begin working out and get in shape, others have decided to do all they can to progress their career and finally make their financial dreams come true. Other people’s wishes are simpler. For instance, so many people have closets stuffed full of things they don’t ever use, or really don’t even want. And one of the best ways to start the new year is to consolidate or get rid of some of that stuff and replace it with more functional, practical items.

Like The Everything Bag.

We want to introduce you to one of the most useful products we’ve seen, and talk to you about how it can help you reduce the clutter in your home and free up space for those things you really want.

It’s a Backpack—and More

If you’re like most Americans, you have multiple bags lying around your home, and each of them has a different purpose. When you want to go grocery shopping, you pull out your reusable shopping bag and when you need to carry books, you pull out your book bag. And the list goes on and on. But what if I told you that there is a bag that is suited for everything, and will only take up a small amount of space in your home? The Everything Bag does just that. In fact, here are some of the things it can be used for.

  • Reusable shopping bag. The Everything Bag is great for those shopping trips when you want to take your own reusable shopping bag. It’s large enough to fit plenty of groceries, and for those of you who want to use a discreet shopping bag, it’s understated. You’ll have a choice between blue and red, and when it’s not in use, it fold up small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.
  • Sometimes only a backpack will do. But if you’re in the habit of carrying these handy bags, you know how much space they can take up when they’re not being use. Most backpacks are bulky and difficult to store, but not The Everything Bag. This bag holds as much as any other backpack, but it scrunches down small enough to store even in your sock drawer. You’ll never again have to set aside valuable closet space for a bulky backpack.
  • Book bag. If you go to school—or attend the yearly book sales in your local community—you need a bag to carry all your books in. But instead of storing a separate bag, why not use The Everything Bag? It easily doubles as a book bag which eliminates the need to store multiple bags.
  • Overnight bag. Finally, if you take overnight trips, you likely have a bag that you specifically use for those trips. But The Everything Bag is designed to be light and durable, and big enough to hold everything you could possible need on a trip, including a pillow if you want to take along your own!

Why not start out the new year with the intention to reduce the clutter in your home and replace it with multiple use items like The Everything Bag? Just think how good it will feel to organize your space and free up some room for the things you really love.

How to Buy an Overnight Bag

aid1583375-728px-Pack-an-Overnight-Bag-Step-9If you read our article about how to pack an overnight bag, then you probably walked away with the knowledge that selecting the right overnight bag is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you pack the right way.

But since we wrote that article, it’s come to our attention that not everyone knows how to buy the best overnight bag, so we decided to give you some tips that will help you find the best bag. Here are four things to look for when shopping for an overnight bag.

Look for a Bag that Serves Multiple Purposes

Most overnight bags sit in a corner until you take that rare overnight trip, but that can be remedied by purchasing a bag that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, The Everything Bag was designed to act as a book bag, an overnight bag, a backpack, a laundry bag, or a drawstring bag.

Look for a Collapsible Bag

There’s no reason for your overnight bag to take up space when it’s not being used. These days, you can find a bag that collapses into a tiny pouch when not in use, but expands to a bag big enough to hold everything you need for an overnight trip.

Look for a Durable Bag

There’s no use in buying a bag for our overnight trips if it won’t hold up to the rigors of travel. Your best bet is to find a bag that’s made of a strong polyester nylon material that is lightweight. Bonus if you can find a bag that has tough handles and outside zippers to make finding things easier. Bags made from a tough material will be able to take the wear and tear that comes from lugging a bag around during travel.

Look for a Bag That’s the Right Size

Finally, it’s important to look for a bag that’s just the right size. If you buy an overnight bag that’s too small, it will just frustrate you as you’re trying to squeeze in what you need, and an oversized bag will only cause you to lug around more bag than you need. You should strive to find a bag that has enough room for your toiletries, pajamas, a change of clothes, and of course, your pillow. Anything larger than this is unnecessary and anything smaller will just make your trip harder than it needs to be.

How to Pack an Overnight Bag

luggageTis the season for holiday travel, and many will take to the roads in the upcoming weeks to go to their relative’s houses to celebrate Christmas with them. And some of those trips will be only overnight stays.

This is especially true as more and more families have split, which requires that people spend one night with one side of the family and another night with the other half. This makes for a lot of overnight stays, and that requires a special kind of packing.

We’ve provided some tips below on how to pack an overnight bag efficiently to get the most out of your trip.

Use the Right Bag

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to ensure a well packed bag is to choose the right one.  Too many people try to make use of just any old bag when it comes to overnight trips, but that can lead to a disaster. Choose one that’s too small and you’ll end up with a bag that won’t properly close and you may lose some of your things as they fall out. On the other hand, if you choose a bag that’s too large, you’ll have to worry about lugging around an oversized bag all weekend.

There are bags that are specifically designed for overnight trips, and that’s your best bet when choosing your overnight bag. For example, The Everything Bag is designed for overnight trips and it’s just the right size.

Only Take Necessities

It can be tempting to pack a bunch of stuff you don’t need “just in case.” But if you want your trip to be stress free and easy, you should fight that urge. By packing only what you’ll actually need on the trip, you’ll not only have less to lug around, but you won’t have to dig through a bunch of unnecessary things every time you need to find something in your bag. Most people agree that you should only pack a change of clothes, your pajamas, the basic toiletries, and maybe even a pillow.

About That Pillow

Have you ever tried to sleep on a hard, uncomfortable pillow? Unfortunately, those are the exact types of pillows you’ll find in guest rooms of houses all across America.  But it’s more important than ever to get a good night’s sleep when taking an overnight trip because chances are, you’ll need to drive home the next day.

Ideally, you would take your own pillow on those overnight trips, ensuring that you get the sleep you need. Some bags, such as The Everything Bag, are designed to include just the right amount of space for a pillow.

How you pack for an overnight trip can mean the difference between a great trip and one filled with frustration. By adhering to the advice above, choosing the right bag, only packing what’s necessary, and taking along your own pillow, you’ll increase the odds of having a great trip.

Have You Heard about the Everything Bag?

Environmental-SustainabilityAre you an environmentally conscience person who has already made the switch from disposable plastic bags to reusable shopping bags? If so, congratulations. If more people followed in your footsteps, the environment would have a much better chance of surviving the onslaught of plastic bags that are dumped into it every day.

But with the introduction of The Everything Bag, we have an even better shot at protecting our environment.

What is it? It’s a bag that is not only the most versatile and handy thing we’ve ever seen, but we believe it’s also the next step in environmentalism.

Take a look at the 5 ways you can use this all in one bag below and let your imagination run wild at the eco-friendly possibilities.

  • Reusable shopping bag. If you’ve read our blog, you already know how we feel about disposable plastic bags. We believe they are a major impediment to a clean, sustainable environment. That’s why we talk so much about reusable shopping bags. And that’s just one of the many ways you can use The Everything Bag.
  • Book bag. If you go to high school or college, a book bag is high on the priority list of things you can’t live without. But why purchase a separate bag just to carry your books? If you use The Everything Bag for your books, as well as for the other things it’s good for, you’ll reduce your own environmental footprint.
  • Overnight bag. Have you ever longed for a bag that will fit everything you need for an overnight stay without the bulk of most overnight bags? The Everything Bag does just that, and more. This bag will fit your toiletry bag, pajamas, and even a full sized pillow!
  • If you’re under the age of thirty, you likely carry a backpack with you every place you go. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry a backpack that can also double as a book bag, shopping bag, overnight bag, tote bag and more? That’s what this bag does, and as a bonus, it’s stylish enough for you to carry it no matter how you’re dressed.

Bags are an essential part of our lives these days, and we believe that The Everything Bag is the future of bags. It’s the perfect bag for so many uses, and just imagine how good you’ll look carrying it!