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Streamline Your Life with These New All-in-One Bags

imagesIt’s a new year, and many people have determined to change things in their lives that just aren’t working anymore. Some people have made a commitment to begin working out and get in shape, others have decided to do all they can to progress their career and finally make their financial dreams come true. Other people’s wishes are simpler. For instance, so many people have closets stuffed full of things they don’t ever use, or really don’t even want. And one of the best ways to start the new year is to consolidate or get rid of some of that stuff and replace it with more functional, practical items.

Like The Everything Bag.

We want to introduce you to one of the most useful products we’ve seen, and talk to you about how it can help you reduce the clutter in your home and free up space for those things you really want.

It’s a Backpack—and More

If you’re like most Americans, you have multiple bags lying around your home, and each of them has a different purpose. When you want to go grocery shopping, you pull out your reusable shopping bag and when you need to carry books, you pull out your book bag. And the list goes on and on. But what if I told you that there is a bag that is suited for everything, and will only take up a small amount of space in your home? The Everything Bag does just that. In fact, here are some of the things it can be used for.

  • Reusable shopping bag. The Everything Bag is great for those shopping trips when you want to take your own reusable shopping bag. It’s large enough to fit plenty of groceries, and for those of you who want to use a discreet shopping bag, it’s understated. You’ll have a choice between blue and red, and when it’s not in use, it fold up small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.
  • Sometimes only a backpack will do. But if you’re in the habit of carrying these handy bags, you know how much space they can take up when they’re not being use. Most backpacks are bulky and difficult to store, but not The Everything Bag. This bag holds as much as any other backpack, but it scrunches down small enough to store even in your sock drawer. You’ll never again have to set aside valuable closet space for a bulky backpack.
  • Book bag. If you go to school—or attend the yearly book sales in your local community—you need a bag to carry all your books in. But instead of storing a separate bag, why not use The Everything Bag? It easily doubles as a book bag which eliminates the need to store multiple bags.
  • Overnight bag. Finally, if you take overnight trips, you likely have a bag that you specifically use for those trips. But The Everything Bag is designed to be light and durable, and big enough to hold everything you could possible need on a trip, including a pillow if you want to take along your own!

Why not start out the new year with the intention to reduce the clutter in your home and replace it with multiple use items like The Everything Bag? Just think how good it will feel to organize your space and free up some room for the things you really love.

How Plastic Bags Came to Rule the World—and What You can Do About It

BagIn 1983, the paper bag industry accounted for about 95 percent of all bags used at the grocery store, and store managers and clerks were having a difficult time convincing shoppers to try out the new plastic bags. There was concern that all those paper bags were depleting our forests as it takes cutting down trees to produce the bags. But customers weren’t having it. They considered plastic bags too flimsy to properly carry their groceries without breaking, and some people were embarrassed to carry them because they said the bags looked “trashy.”

Fast forward to the 1990s where plastic bags made up 80 percent of all bags used in grocery stores, which is exactly where they stand now. That’s a significant shift, and what people couldn’t have foretold is the environmental devastation that’s occurred as a result of the shift.

Here are just of the results the plastic bag boon has had on our environment.

  • Marine life is dying because they mistake the plastic bags for squid or jellyfish and eat them. This causes suffocation in some animals. A perfect example is a sperm whale that was found dead and floating in the Aegean Sea. The whale had about 100 bags in its stomach, which is likely what caused its death. Researchers pulled one bag from its stomach with the name, address, and phone number of a restaurant in Greece, which was 300 miles away.
  • Plastic bags are notorious for clogging our sewage treatment plants and storm drains. Left unchecked, these bags eventually break down into smaller pieces and end up in our oceans in what’s because known as a floating garbage dump the size of Texas. Bags have been found as far away as the South Pole. Twelve million metric tons of plastic washes out to sea every year, and that only accounts for about 2 percent of the bags people throw away every year. Scientists and researchers aren’t sure what happens to the other 98 percent of them.
  • The bags are throwaway items that are given out for free and then quickly discarded by people. In fact, the average useful life of a plastic bag is 20 minutes. Americans alone use about 100 billion plastic bags a year, and at least 50 million of them end up as litter.

As you can see, the plastic bag revolution has cost Americans—and the rest of the world—dearly. But now that we understand the problem, we’re in a much better place to solve it. Most experts agree that the number one thing people can do is to carry reusable shopping bags. In fact, studies show that for every average American family that makes the switch, 1,500 less bags enter the environment each year.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect reusable grocery bag, check out these cut bags that are shaped like fruits and vegetables. After all, if you’re going to carry a reusable shopping bag, shouldn’t it be fashionable and cute?

3 Reasons to Remember Reusable Shopping Bags When Christmas Shopping

Bring Your Own BagIf you haven’t noticed, people are out shopping in droves. Drive by any shopping mall or specialty store, and you’ll quickly realize that holiday shoppers aren’t waiting until after Thanksgiving this year to begin buying gifts for their loved ones. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that US consumers will spend $655.8 billion this year on Christmas gifts.

That’s great news for the economy, but horrible news for the environment. Why? Because most of those purchases will be carried out of stores in disposable shopping bags, and the pollution from the unsustainable bags are becoming more and more of problem.

That’s why we urge all local residents to remember to take their reusable shopping bags with them when Christmas shopping.

And in case you aren’t clear on the reasons for using sustainable shopping bags, here are three reasons why should.

Reusable Shopping Bags Save on Oil Production

It’s no secret that the world runs on oil, and the earth will eventually run out of it. And so it makes sense that we should take care of the supply that exists. That’s why consumers should understand just how much plastic bag production harms our oil supply. According to experts, it takes about 8 percent of the world’s oil production to keep us in supply of disposable plastic bags. If we continue at this pace, our gas prices will go as the supply runs short, and it will speed up the depletion of this precious resource.

Reusable Shopping Bags Help Save Marine Life

Every day in Los Angeles, 10 metric tons of plastic pollution is carried out into the Pacific Ocean. That’s why we have a plastic heap pile in the middle of the ocean the size of the state of Texas. In fact, plastic trash now makes up 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces. This is not only unsustainable for our environment, but also for marine life. Reports show that 10,000 marine animals and one million sea birds are killed every year because they can’t differentiate the plastic bags from jelly fish, and they eat them. This causes them to suffocate, resulting in their death.

We Can’t Keep Up

Finally, if you don’t think carrying reusable shopping bags will make a difference, consider this fact. Every single minute, there are 5 million bags used across the world. Now, reread this paragraph very slowly 3 more times, and by the time you finish, 5 million plastic bags will have been used, and then most likely discarded.

The holidays should be about good cheer and tidings, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to remember to take your reusable shopping bags as you look for those special gifts.

New Rap Song Decries Destruction Disposable Plastic Bags Have on Environment

banTHEbagIf you’ve been a reader of this blog for very long, you know how we feel about disposable plastic bags. They wreak more havoc on our environment than almost anything else. Just think, every time you use one of the bags and then throw it away, it will remain in a landfill, the ocean, or continue to litter your local community for at least a thousand years.

And that’s why proponents of plastic bag bans are turning to unconventional methods to try and get the attention of consumers everywhere. For instance, in California, there is a fierce battle between those who want to ban disposable bags and those who want things to remain as they are. And the groups that want to keep the status quo have millions more to get their message out. So the Northern California Recycling Association released a rap video to help with the efforts.

The video features the California coastline and shows plastic bags marching on it. The lyrics were written to make people think about the utter environmental destruction caused by plastic bags. For example, the hook of the song says, “The planet is in trouble, ban the bags, nature needs our help, ban the bags, the ocean is suffocating, ban the bags, Prop 67, Prop 67.”

We believe that if consumers only understood the importance of carrying reusable shopping bags, they would reject disposable plastic bags in mass. And local communities are coming together all across the nation and banning the offending bags and urging people to carry shopping bags that won’t sit in landfills for 1,000 years. Efforts like those made by the Northern California Recycling Association should be applauded because not only will the rap video reach voters that other avenue may not have, but the catchy lyrics just might stick in people’s head and cause them to remember it when they go to vote.

If you haven’t yet made the switch, isn’t it time? After all, times are changing and these days, people are educated enough to know that if they don’t do their part, our planet could be in serious trouble. For example, if your family stop accepting plastic bags at the check out counter, and instead uses reusable shopping bags, there will be 1,500 fewer plastic bags contaminating your local community.

3 Ways to Support Local Environmental Causes

imagesWe talk a lot about environmental issues on this blog, and that’s because we understand that, although the problem is widespread and overwhelming, the solution will come at a local level. In other words, we can’t do much to affect the issue on a global level, but we can do a lot to affect in our local communities.

So, today we want to talk about three ways local consumers can have an impact on the planet just by making a few changes in their lives.

Reuse What You Can

One of the biggest problems when it comes to environmental pollution is the habit of using something once and then discarding it. For instance, instead of drinking bottled water, where you throw away a plastic bottle every time you have a drink of water, use steel water containers that can be used over and over again. As a bonus, it will keep you healthier as plastic water bottles have been shown to cause serious health issues.

Think Digital

There are so many ways you can reduce waste by going digital. For example, instead of buying that CD or DVD, download the music or watch the movie online. Sign up for electronic bill notification, and carry a wooden straw instead of using the disposable plastic ones offered by restaurants. Take a look at your everyday habits and determine where you can reduce waste by taking it to the cloud.

Say No to Disposable Plastic Bags

One of the best ways to make a local impact in your community is to say no to disposable plastic bags when shopping and instead carry your own reusable shopping bag. Expert say that if you do that and you’re an average family, you’ll protect your local environment from 1,500 plastic bags. But be sure to use the right bags. Studies show that using cotton or canvas bags will actually do more harm than good. Instead use polyester shopping bags like the cute fruit and vegetable LA PoP designs. Those same studies show this is the only type of bag that has of an environmental impact than plastic bags.

Isn’t it good to know that by making just a few changes, you can positively impact your local community? Don’t be overwhelmed by all that’s going on with our worsening environment, but instead make the decision to do what you can—even if it’s only on a local level.

The Case for Reusable Shopping Bags

20120829115813_1Maybe you live in a locale that has passed legislation that bans retailers from handing out plastic bags, or maybe your city or town has imposed a plastic bag fee and you are charged for every plastic bag you use during your purchase. At times, the inconvenience of this can become overwhelming. After all, you have enough on your plate and having to remember to take along your reusable shopping bags every time you leave the house is a hassle.

But if you find yourself getting frustrated by society’s new obsession with reusable shopping bags, it might help if you understand the reasons behind the trend. So we decided to give you some incredible facts about disposable plastic bags that might change your mind.

10 Facts about Plastic Bags You May Not Know

  • In the past ten years, humans have produced more plastic than we have during the last century. And if we keep going at this rate, imagine the pollution that will overtake our world.
  • Most of the plastics we use are one time only uses. In other words, over half of the plastics we use are thrown away after just one use.
  • We throw away enough plastics every single year to circle the earth four times. So, in the past 5 years, the plastics we’ve thrown away can circle the huge earth 20 times!
  • Of all the waste we generate as a society, plastics account for a full 10 percent of it.
  • If you are an average American, you throw away 185 pounds of plastic every year of your life. So, if your adult life is age 18 to 70 (52 years), you will have contributed 9,620 pounds of plastics to the plastic pollution. Now, multiply that by the 242,270, 820 adults living in the US, and that’s over 2 billion pounds of plastic thrown away each year.

Can you now understand why local governments are passing laws that limit the amount of plastic consumer’s use? Even if you don’t live in a locality that has passed laws like this, you should still consider making the switch and begin to carry a reusable shopping bag. Just think, by doing so, there ensure there is over 9,000 less pounds of plastic in the environment every year you do it.

3 Ways to Keep Bacteria out of Your Reusable Shopping Bags

t1larg.jgrocerybag.ts.pgLast year when researchers came out with a study showing that bacteria could accumulate in reusable shopping bags, many consumers panicked. That was made worse when a well-publicized case of an e-coli infection was traced back to a reusable bag.

Local shoppers were confused because they know it’s important to stop using plastic bags and begin carrying their own shopping bag, but what about the risk of contamination?

The concern is legitimate, but luckily it’s easy to avoid contamination that leads to bacteria in your reusable shopping bag. Here are three ways to keep your bags clean.

Wash Them

This sounds simple enough, but it’s something that most people never do. But because you use the shopping bags week in and week out, it’s important to keep them clean. Depending on the type of bag you carry, you should wash them in hot water in the washing machine or by hand, and then either throw them in the dryer or let them air dry. Check out our article about how to best wash your type of reusable shopping bag.

Keep Them Inside

Another easy to prevent bacteria from growing in your shopping bags is to keep them inside and out of the heat. When you keep the bags in your car, bacteria can thrive in the heat and when you use them, that bacteria can contaminate your food. Instead keep them inside next to your grocery list, on a hook by the front door, or any other place where you’re likely to see them on your way out the door.

Don’t Cross Contaminate

Finally, make sure you use the same bags for the same thing each week. For instance, you shouldn’t use your shopping bag for meat one week and fresh produce the next week because it can cause cross contamination. If the juice from a chicken leaks into the bag and then next week you put fresh apples in that same bag, the juices could easily contaminate them.

Reusable shopping bags are an important part of your shopping routine, but in order to use them safely, you’ll need to take the actions listed above.