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Did India Just Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem?

Plastic-Bags-OceanIf you follow our blog, then you know how we feel about plastic pollution. And if you don’t already know, here are a few facts that will tell you just how serious this problem is. Every year, the world uses 100 billion disposable plastic bags, and most of them end up in our oceans. Because marine animals mistake them for food, over 100 million of them die each year because they’re strangled by them, or they eat them. This has led the the near extinction of 700 species. It affects our ability to have enough oil too. At the current rate of use, it takes more than 100 million barrels of oil just to produce the bags.

It’s a huge problem, but a man in India named Ashwath Hegde may have found the solution. He became concerned because the plastic pollution problem in India is huge and most people can’t afford reusable shopping bags as an alternative.

How the Problem was Solved

So he went to work to solve the problem. He used a combination of natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives, potato, tapioca, and banana to create a bag that looks and acts like the typical grocery store bag, but is very, very different.

This bag, which he has dubbed the EnviGreen bag, will degrade on its own in just six months. And if you don’t wat to wait that long? Just put it in room temperature water for 1 day and watch it disappear. In a bigger hurry? Place the bag in boiling water and it will dissolve within fifteen seconds.

And as if that’s not enough, the bag’s paint is all organic and natural, which means it won’t hurt the environment. And get this—the bag is edible. Hegde displayed this by boiling a bag and then drinking the liquid in front of the press.

What to Do in the Meantime

The bags are currently being sold in Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and authorities expect them to be released in the Indian market this year. Who knows when they’ll hit the United States, but in the meantime, the perfect solution to reducing the plastic waste is to carry a reusable shopping bag. Experts say that the average American family could reduce the plastic thrown into the environment every year by 1,500 bags by carrying their own shopping bags.

What about you? Do you already carry your own? If not, it might be a good time to check out some affordable and stylish reusable shopping bags.

Visit: LAPopDesigns.com for some great, colorful fruit and veggie shopping bags!


3 Ways to Kick Your Disposable Plastic Habit

AE3403In case you haven’t heard, the world is being overrun by disposal plastic trash. It can be seen in the streets and gutters of major cities and there is a huge plastic garbage dump floating in our oceans that’s the size of Texas. If we’re going to get a grasp on the problem and return the earth to its natural state, we’ve got to take some serious steps to get the problem under control.

We’ve put together a list of 3 easy to do things that will help you do your part to reduce the amount of plastic in our world.

Start Cooking at Home

Think about the last time you bought takeout food because you didn’t want to cook at home. You probably walked away with plastic containers for the food, a plastic drink cup and straw, plastic silverware, and a large disposal plastic bag to carry it all home in.

If you don’t want to stop eating out, reduce the plastic by refusing the plastic silverware and using your own, purchasing a wooden straw that you carry with you, and carrying your own reusable shopping bag to carry home the food.

Stop Buying Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles make up a large amount of the plastic pollution in our world, but that isn’t the only concern about using the disposable bottles. Experts have determined that plastic water bottles are made from toxic materials that can harm you by causing cancer. Luckily there is an easy solution. Simply buy a metal water container and carry it with you wherever you go.

Carry Reusable Shopping Bags

This is one of the most important steps you can take in reducing the plastic pollution in our world. Experts say that the average American consumer could reduce the amount of plastic bags thrown away every year by 1,500 if only they would carry their own reusable shopping bag.

These are 3 easy ways to help reduce the amount of plastic quickly overtaking our earth. Will you commit to doing each of them? Our world will be a better place for future generations if you do.

The New Year’s Resolution Many People Forgot to Make

New-Year_Resolutions_listSo many people consider New Year’s Day a time to reflect on the past year, and then create resolutions that will help them make the New Year better. Many of these resolutions are centered around losing weight, earning more money, or finding that perfect someone special. But what many don’t do is resolve to do all they can to live with as little environmental footprint as they can in order to ensure that future generations live on a clean and stable earth.

That’s why we’re proposing that you include green living in your New Year’s resolutions. If millions of people made the decision to live greener in 2017, it would make a huge difference in the health of our planet. In fact, if you determine to make this a New Year’s resolution, even if it’s belated, do some good and pass along this article to your friends and family. You never know—you just may start a movement in your circles.

And if you need some concrete steps you can take to put your resolution into action, here are three ways you can begin living greener right now.

Carry Reusable Shopping Bags

One of the most important things you can do to help protect the earth from pollution—specifically plastic pollution—is to say no to disposable plastic bags and begin to carry your own shopping bags to the store. Plastic pollution has been one of the most damaging things to happen to our environment, and unless people change their habits, it will only continue to get worse.

Fortunately, people no longer have to rely on ugly shopping bags or those with the grocery store’s logo blazed across the front. Manufacturers like LA Pop make cute and colorful shopping bags that people love to carry.

Use Green Products

Most people in the world consume products at a furious rate, and it only makes sense that if you’re going to consume products, you purchase those that won’t be destructive to the earth. Another great way to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of greener living is to commit to purchasing products with a smaller environmental footprint. For example, you could choose to buy clothes that are made of natural fibers, vegetables that aren’t grown with pesticides that harm the soil, and household goods that are made with sustainable materials such as bamboo drink coasters. If you choose green products over environment damaging ones, you’ll go a long way in keeping your resolution.

It’s the start of a new year. In addition to the resolutions you’ve already made, why not add this very important one and commit to living your life in a way that honors and protects the earth?

3 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Eve Party

https_proxyIt’s that time of year again—the night when a great majority of the world attends parties in order to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. And just like most years, people all over the world hope for a great year that sees prosperity and blessing for everyone.

If you’re going to throw a New Year’s Eve party this year, there are three things you can do to ensure that your party is a hit. Want some ideas for a fun party? Check out our three New Year’s Eve party ideas below.

Offer Party Favors

There’s nothing more memorable than receiving a party favor from a host at a New Year’s Eve party. The favors can be anything from a simple cookie to an elaborate bottle of champagne. But if you plan to give your guests party favors, why not make them stand out from all the others by putting them in cute and colorful reusable shopping bags? Bags like those at LA Pop are shaped like adorable fruits and vegetables and are available in 7 packs, which makes it much easier to plan for your favors.

Play Flashlight Games

No party is complete without at least one game, and if you utilize handheld LED flashlights for those games, they’re sure to be a winner. For example, when you turn out all the lights for the midnight kiss, why not offer people a flashlight to see who’s kissing who? Or if you’d like a more active New Year’s Eve game, you could hold a game of flashlight tag in your back yard.

Use Drink Coasters—for More than You Think

Sure, you want to use drink coasters so your guests won’t accidentally stain your furniture, but you can use the bamboo drink coasters for more than protecting your furniture. For instance, you could initiate a game that gives people a prize for calling out if they see anyone set down a drink without a bamboo coaster. It would cause lots of laughs and your guests will interact with each other much more than they might have otherwise.

New Year’s Eve only comes once a year, and that’s why you should do everything you can to make your party as special as possible. Consider adding the above three ideas to your itinerary and just see if your party isn’t one of the most talked about of the year.

Five More Reasons Why You Should Never Use Disposable Plastic Bags

no_plasti_paper_bagsIn the past, we’ve published a couple of articles explaining why disposable plastic bags are horrible for our environment, and how if we don’t stop using them, things will only get worse. We told you about the plastic garbage dump in the middle of the ocean that’s as big as Texas, and how millions of sea animals are killed every year because they ingest the bags, thinking they’re food.

But just in cases we haven’t convinced everyone of the need to carry reusable shopping bags, we thought we’d list a few more facts.

They’re Everywhere

Did you know that each average American uses six plastic shopping bags a week? Factoring in about 300 million people, that means we go through 1.8 billion—with a “B”—plastic bags a week as a society.

They Stay Around for a Long Time

Depending on the environment, plastic bags take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to break down. When we’re throwing away 1.8 billion bags a week, it’s not difficult to realize why they’re becoming a problem.

They Release Toxins

As plastic bags break down, they turn into tiny toxic particles, which are then released into our air, soil, and water. These toxins eventually find their way into our food and ultimately our bodies.

They aren’t Recycled

Because it costs so much to recycle plastic bags, most recycling centers won’t take them. In fact, only about 2 percent of plastic bags are recycled. That means they end up on our beaches, city streets, and clog our sewers. Plastic bags make up about 10 percent of the washed up debris on our coastlines every year.

They’re Expensive

Cities spend millions of dollars in an effort to keep plastic bags from littering the streets and waterways. In fact, California spends about $300 million just to clean up its coastlines every year.

And if all those facts aren’t enough to convince you to begin carrying your own reusable shopping bag, consider this. If you began carrying your own shopping bag, it would reduce the amount of plastic bags in the environment by about 22,000 in your lifetime.


Think Paper Bags are Better Than Plastic? Here are the Facts.

16ce61dcf808d1a25e23e84e7ec62258Many people understand the reasons why you should never use a disposable plastic bag to carry home goods from the grocery store or after shopping somewhere else. But some people are under the impression that if they simply choose paper over plastic, they won’t be doing much harm to the environment.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

In fact, paper bags can cause just as much—or more—problems as their plastic counterparts. Don’t believe us? Here are a few facts about paper bags that will have you reaching for your reusable shopping bag quickly.

They’re Killing our Trees

We all know that paper bags are made from trees, but do you know how many trees it takes to supply the U.S. with them? Experts agree that our nation cuts down approximately 14 million trees a year just to produce the paper shopping bags that consumers use—and then throw away.

They’re Toxic

Think plastic bags are the only type of shopping bag that’s toxic? The truth is that paper bags are produced with chemicals that are released into the atmosphere during manufacturing at the exact same rate as plastic bag production.

They Take a Toll on Energy Production

Another little known fact is that it takes about 13 percent more energy to produce just one paper bag as it takes to product two plastic bags. So much for paper bags being more environmentally friendly than paper.

They’re Heavy

Speaking about the toll they take on our environment, did you know that paper bags weigh ten times as much as plastic bags? That means it takes more fuel to get them from the manufacturing plant to the all the retails stores where they’re given out.

They’re not Recycled

Even though paper bags are easier to recycle than plastic bags, only about 20 percent of them ever make it to the recycling plant. The remaining bags end up in our landfills and city streets, where they produce more than twice the amount of atmospheric waste as plastic bags do.

If you want to make the more eco-friendly choice for your shopping bag, the clear winner is reusable shopping bags. When you carry your own bag and use it over and over again, you’ll never have to decide between paper and plastic—two choices that are clearly detrimental to our world.

The Guide to Gift Card Spending

Shopping-Bags-Strawberry-ready-optimized-720x600So, you received some gift cards for Christmas this year? It’s one of the most beloved gifts, but once you receive them, you’ll have to decide what to spend the money on. Sure, it’s free money, but hey, you should still use it in the best way possible. It can be tempting to simply blow the money on frivolous items, but is that really how you want to spend your gift card?

Why not think about buying some things that you’re going to have to spend money on anyway and save yourself some cash in the process? If you’ve received gift cards this year as a Christmas present, here are three things you should consider using them on.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Even if you already have reusable shopping bags laying around your house, chances are they’re run of the mill bags that don’t stand out from the crowd. If you’re already made the wise decision to carry reusable shopping bags, or if your local town or city has passed plastic ban laws that make it necessary, then you should carry bags that reflect your own personality. A great choice is are the cute, fruit and vegetable reusable shopping bags put out by LA Pops. These bags fold up so small they’ll fit in your pocket or purse, yet are large enough to hold everything you need.

A Good Flashlight

Do you have a good flashlight in your home and car? If not, you should really think about using your Christmas gift cards to purchase one. Why? Because you never know when a power outage is going to hit your area caused by a fierce storm or local power outage. And you should always keep a quality LED flashlight in your car in case of a roadside emergency at night. If you do decided to use your gift card for a flashlight, be sure to get one a handheld flashlight with an LED light that’s made of waterproof, durable steel like the My Pocket Lit LED Flashlight.

Bamboo Coasters

If you don’t want to spend your gift card money on purely functional items, think about bamboo coasters as an alternative. These quality drink coasters are not only the most durable coasters you can buy, but they are also beautiful. And as an added bonus, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials you can choose for drink coasters. And if that’s not enough, bamboo is considered lucky, so you’ll not only protect your furniture when using them, but you may also bring in a little luck to your house as well!

Christmas gift cards are a wonderful gift, and they allow you to buy whatever it is you need without having to spend your own money. Instead of wasting them with frivolous and unnecessary items, think about spending it on one of the great items mentioned above.

Last Minute Hostess Gifts for Those Holiday Parties

It’s the season for parties, and as exciting as that sounds, it also means you have to add some people to your shopping list. After all, you can’t just show up at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party empty handed, can you?

Hostess gifts can be difficult to buy because while you want to give the hostess something they’ll love, you also want it to be useful.

We’ve put together a list below with some great ideas for the perfect hostess gift. But if you’re invited to a holiday party and haven’t yet bought your gift, you’d better hurry up and order them while you still have time to receive them in the mail!

Shopping-Bags-Strawberry-ready-optimized-720x600Reusable Shopping Bags

We can’t think of a more perfect hostess gift than reusable shopping bags. But not just any shopping bag will do. Let’s be honest, your hostess probably already has a few shopping bags as most people these days understand the importance of foregoing plastic shopping bags. So in order for your gift to be a hit, it’s important to buy her original and memorable bags. For instance, LA Pop makes shopping bags that are brightly colored and come shaped like fruits and vegetables. Those bags collapse into tiny fruit and vegetable shapes that are small enough to fit in your purse. And if you order the 7 pack, you’ll get a mesh holder to give to your hostess so she can carry them all together every time she shops.

bamboo-coasters-2Bamboo Coasters

Another thoughtful hostess gift is bamboo coasters. This makes the perfect gift because not only are they beautiful, but bamboo is also considered lucky when given as a gift. And if your hostess is in the habit of throwing parties, she understands the importance of protecting her furniture from water ring stains that happen when a glass is set on a table without a coaster. In fact, the minute she opens the bamboo coasters, she’ll probably set them out in the room so her guests can use them!

41ZanMyFIFL._SX300_A Flashlight

At first thought, you may think a flashlight would be a strange hostess gift, but when you think about it, it’s absolutely perfect. After all, who doesn’t need a flashlight around the house for those late night walks, those house repairs, or for when the lights go out in a power outage or storm? But if you’re going to buy your hostess a flashlight, don’t get them just any old light. Things have changed a lot in the past few years, and today’s flashlights come with some great features like LED lights, which are brighter and use less battery power, adjustable beams so you can focus the light on just one spot or a wider area, and they’re smaller so they can be carried in a pocket or small bag. For instance, the My Pocket Lite LED Flashlight has all of these features.

Party season is here, and why not make the most of it by showing up with a hostess gift that will truly make you the life of the party?

How to Give the Earth a Christmas Gift This Year

earthgiftAre you finished with your Christmas shopping for this year? If you said yes, are you sure? We’d like to suggest that there may be one more recipient you should add to your list: the earth. Does that sound odd? Let us explain.

We all know that global warming is quickly making our earth uninhabitable, and if we as a culture don’t do what we can to turn the tide, future generations will be hard pressed to live healthy, productive lives on the planet.

And that’s why we’re asking people everywhere to put the earth on their Christmas shopping list this year. How? By following the three suggestions below.

Revive its Oceans

Did you know that there is a plastic garbage dump the size of Texas floating in our oceans? It’s true, and the picture gets even worse when you hear statistics from experts that show over 80 percent of the world’s oceans are polluted by plastic. A lot of this plastic garbage is made up of disposable shopping bags that are typically discarded about 20 minutes after use. Help eliminate these bags by using reusable shopping bags—and give the earth cleaner oceans for Christmas.

Reduce Oil Production

Everyone knows that we rely on oil to live, but all that drilling takes a toll on the earth. And did you know that plastic shopping bags rely heavily on oil in order to manufacture them? It’s true, but if you make the switch to reusable shopping bags, you’ll give the earth some relief from all that pumping.

Make its Cities Prettier

There’s nothing more unsightly than plastic bags hanging from tree branches or clogging up sewer drains in the city. But that’s what happens to a good portion of the disposable plastic bags that are thrown away. That’s because these bags are incredibly expensive to recycle, so many of them end up on streets and in our sewer drains. But if you make the switch to reusable shopping bags, there will be fewer plastic bags make the earth earth—and that’s about the gift you could give it, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to add the earth to your Christmas shopping list. Then make the switch to reusable shopping bags and give the earth the gifts of clean oceans, less oil drilling, and a prettier landscape.

Have You Heard about the Everything Bag?

Environmental-SustainabilityAre you an environmentally conscience person who has already made the switch from disposable plastic bags to reusable shopping bags? If so, congratulations. If more people followed in your footsteps, the environment would have a much better chance of surviving the onslaught of plastic bags that are dumped into it every day.

But with the introduction of The Everything Bag, we have an even better shot at protecting our environment.

What is it? It’s a bag that is not only the most versatile and handy thing we’ve ever seen, but we believe it’s also the next step in environmentalism.

Take a look at the 5 ways you can use this all in one bag below and let your imagination run wild at the eco-friendly possibilities.

  • Reusable shopping bag. If you’ve read our blog, you already know how we feel about disposable plastic bags. We believe they are a major impediment to a clean, sustainable environment. That’s why we talk so much about reusable shopping bags. And that’s just one of the many ways you can use The Everything Bag.
  • Book bag. If you go to high school or college, a book bag is high on the priority list of things you can’t live without. But why purchase a separate bag just to carry your books? If you use The Everything Bag for your books, as well as for the other things it’s good for, you’ll reduce your own environmental footprint.
  • Overnight bag. Have you ever longed for a bag that will fit everything you need for an overnight stay without the bulk of most overnight bags? The Everything Bag does just that, and more. This bag will fit your toiletry bag, pajamas, and even a full sized pillow!
  • If you’re under the age of thirty, you likely carry a backpack with you every place you go. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry a backpack that can also double as a book bag, shopping bag, overnight bag, tote bag and more? That’s what this bag does, and as a bonus, it’s stylish enough for you to carry it no matter how you’re dressed.

Bags are an essential part of our lives these days, and we believe that The Everything Bag is the future of bags. It’s the perfect bag for so many uses, and just imagine how good you’ll look carrying it!