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Think Paper Bags are Better Than Plastic? Here are the Facts.

16ce61dcf808d1a25e23e84e7ec62258Many people understand the reasons why you should never use a disposable plastic bag to carry home goods from the grocery store or after shopping somewhere else. But some people are under the impression that if they simply choose paper over plastic, they won’t be doing much harm to the environment.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

In fact, paper bags can cause just as much—or more—problems as their plastic counterparts. Don’t believe us? Here are a few facts about paper bags that will have you reaching for your reusable shopping bag quickly.

They’re Killing our Trees

We all know that paper bags are made from trees, but do you know how many trees it takes to supply the U.S. with them? Experts agree that our nation cuts down approximately 14 million trees a year just to produce the paper shopping bags that consumers use—and then throw away.

They’re Toxic

Think plastic bags are the only type of shopping bag that’s toxic? The truth is that paper bags are produced with chemicals that are released into the atmosphere during manufacturing at the exact same rate as plastic bag production.

They Take a Toll on Energy Production

Another little known fact is that it takes about 13 percent more energy to produce just one paper bag as it takes to product two plastic bags. So much for paper bags being more environmentally friendly than paper.

They’re Heavy

Speaking about the toll they take on our environment, did you know that paper bags weigh ten times as much as plastic bags? That means it takes more fuel to get them from the manufacturing plant to the all the retails stores where they’re given out.

They’re not Recycled

Even though paper bags are easier to recycle than plastic bags, only about 20 percent of them ever make it to the recycling plant. The remaining bags end up in our landfills and city streets, where they produce more than twice the amount of atmospheric waste as plastic bags do.

If you want to make the more eco-friendly choice for your shopping bag, the clear winner is reusable shopping bags. When you carry your own bag and use it over and over again, you’ll never have to decide between paper and plastic—two choices that are clearly detrimental to our world.

New Rap Song Decries Destruction Disposable Plastic Bags Have on Environment

banTHEbagIf you’ve been a reader of this blog for very long, you know how we feel about disposable plastic bags. They wreak more havoc on our environment than almost anything else. Just think, every time you use one of the bags and then throw it away, it will remain in a landfill, the ocean, or continue to litter your local community for at least a thousand years.

And that’s why proponents of plastic bag bans are turning to unconventional methods to try and get the attention of consumers everywhere. For instance, in California, there is a fierce battle between those who want to ban disposable bags and those who want things to remain as they are. And the groups that want to keep the status quo have millions more to get their message out. So the Northern California Recycling Association released a rap video to help with the efforts.

The video features the California coastline and shows plastic bags marching on it. The lyrics were written to make people think about the utter environmental destruction caused by plastic bags. For example, the hook of the song says, “The planet is in trouble, ban the bags, nature needs our help, ban the bags, the ocean is suffocating, ban the bags, Prop 67, Prop 67.”

We believe that if consumers only understood the importance of carrying reusable shopping bags, they would reject disposable plastic bags in mass. And local communities are coming together all across the nation and banning the offending bags and urging people to carry shopping bags that won’t sit in landfills for 1,000 years. Efforts like those made by the Northern California Recycling Association should be applauded because not only will the rap video reach voters that other avenue may not have, but the catchy lyrics just might stick in people’s head and cause them to remember it when they go to vote.

If you haven’t yet made the switch, isn’t it time? After all, times are changing and these days, people are educated enough to know that if they don’t do their part, our planet could be in serious trouble. For example, if your family stop accepting plastic bags at the check out counter, and instead uses reusable shopping bags, there will be 1,500 fewer plastic bags contaminating your local community.