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How to Give the Earth a Christmas Gift This Year

earthgiftAre you finished with your Christmas shopping for this year? If you said yes, are you sure? We’d like to suggest that there may be one more recipient you should add to your list: the earth. Does that sound odd? Let us explain.

We all know that global warming is quickly making our earth uninhabitable, and if we as a culture don’t do what we can to turn the tide, future generations will be hard pressed to live healthy, productive lives on the planet.

And that’s why we’re asking people everywhere to put the earth on their Christmas shopping list this year. How? By following the three suggestions below.

Revive its Oceans

Did you know that there is a plastic garbage dump the size of Texas floating in our oceans? It’s true, and the picture gets even worse when you hear statistics from experts that show over 80 percent of the world’s oceans are polluted by plastic. A lot of this plastic garbage is made up of disposable shopping bags that are typically discarded about 20 minutes after use. Help eliminate these bags by using reusable shopping bags—and give the earth cleaner oceans for Christmas.

Reduce Oil Production

Everyone knows that we rely on oil to live, but all that drilling takes a toll on the earth. And did you know that plastic shopping bags rely heavily on oil in order to manufacture them? It’s true, but if you make the switch to reusable shopping bags, you’ll give the earth some relief from all that pumping.

Make its Cities Prettier

There’s nothing more unsightly than plastic bags hanging from tree branches or clogging up sewer drains in the city. But that’s what happens to a good portion of the disposable plastic bags that are thrown away. That’s because these bags are incredibly expensive to recycle, so many of them end up on streets and in our sewer drains. But if you make the switch to reusable shopping bags, there will be fewer plastic bags make the earth earth—and that’s about the gift you could give it, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to add the earth to your Christmas shopping list. Then make the switch to reusable shopping bags and give the earth the gifts of clean oceans, less oil drilling, and a prettier landscape.

3 Reasons to Give Reusable Shopping Bags for Christmas Gifts

perfect-gift-the_tAre you still looking for that perfect gift? Do you want your gifts this year to make a positive impact on society and the environment? If you’re looking for a gift that will actually do some good, then look no further than reusable shopping bags. Why? Because not only will they make recipient’s lives easier, but they’ll go a long way in making a positive impact on our environment.

Here are three smart reasons why you should put reusable shopping bags on your gift giving list this year.

They’re Cute

Remember the old days when the only shopping bags that were available were cheap totes with the name of a store blazed across the front of it? Thank goodness times have changed. Now it’s possible to get a wide array of reusable totes that fit any style. For example, LA Pop reusable shopping bags are shaped like fruits and vegetables and are made in bright, fun colors. Imagine the surprise someone would have when they open a bag full of cute, colorful shopping bags. It’s a guarantee that when your family member or friend opens the gift, they will be thrilled!

They’ll be Used

You know how some gifts end up on a top closet shelf, never to be used? There’s nothing worse than giving someone a gift and seeing the disappointment on their face when they open it. That’s one thing you’ll never have to worry about when giving shopping bags for Christmas.

More and more cities and towns are passing plastic bag bans which require consumers to carry their own reusable shopping bag with them as they shop for groceries and other things. But many people either don’t have them or have old shopping bags that are damaged or unsightly.

That’s where this smart gift comes in. When you give shopping bags that are unique and fun, they’ll be an instant hit. No one likes to carry the same tote bags that everyone else does, which is why the shopping bags we mentioned above are such a sure bet for the perfect gift.

They Help the Environment

Finally, reusable shopping bags seriously help keep our planet healthy. There is a plastic pollution crises underway right now, and most experts agree that the way to reduce it is to convince everyone to begin carrying their own shopping bags instead of relying on disposable bags. It only makes sense when you realize that the millions of plastic bags that are in our world right now will take about a thousand years to degrade. And until then? There is currently a plastic garbage dump the size of Texas floating in our oceans, killing marine animals and polluting our waters.

So, what do you think? Is a reusable shopping bag right for someone on your list? If so, head on over to our favorite shopping bags and order them before they’re sold out!

3 Fresh Reasons to Take Reusable Shopping Bags While Christmas Shopping

eco-friendly-christmasChances are, if you’re like most Americans, you’ve already begun your Christmas shopping this year. But you probably have many more trips to your local stores to pick up even more gifts. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that this year’s shopping spend is going to be phenomenal. It predicts that local shoppers will spend an astonishing $656 billion on gifts, which is 3.6 percent higher than last year. And online shoppers are predicted to spend 7 to 10 percent more, which is about $177 billion.

That’s a huge amount of packages that will be placed in plastic bags, and then later wrapped in more paper to give as a gift.

Wow—that’s quite an environmental impact all stemming from Christmas shopping, isn’t it?

Luckily, there are some steps people can take that will help reduce that impact a little bit, but it will take some minor effort on your part. For instance, instead of allowing your local store to put your package in a plastic bag, why not take your own reusable shopping bag with you? This one step can make a huge difference for our planet.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are three important reasons why you should make the switch to reusable shopping bags.

They Reduce the Oil Reserves

Let’s face it, there is only so much oil in the world, and we need it to fuel our cars and continue to live kind of lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to—until someone figures out how to create an alternative system that is practical and affordable. But those plastic bags consume an enormous amount of that oil. For instance, people use 1 trillion plastic bags a year, and it takes 100 million barrels of oil to produce all of those bags. If everyone made the switch to reusable shopping bags, all that oil could be used for energy, and it would likely result in gasoline and energy price reductions.

They’re Ruining our Oceans

Did you know that it takes plastic bags hundreds of years, even up to a thousand, for to biodegrade? That’s important because the bags are so expensive to recycle that most of them don’t end up in recycling centers, but instead end up in landfills and our waterways, including the ocean. Which leads us to our next point.

They Cause Cancer

As if using up the reserves of our precious oil and killing marine animals isn’t enough, plastic bags can also cause cancer. How? Because all those bags that aren’t recycled end up in our ocean. In fact, there is a huge floating garbage dump in the middle of the ocean filled with them. But once plastic bags come in contact with water, they won’t ever fully degrade, but instead turn into what is known as “plastic dust.” This dust contains biotoxin compounds, which are also known as PCB’s. And once those PCBs break down, they can enter our food source, which are known to cause cancer in humans, as well as immune and nervous system disorders.

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Granted it’s a large problem that needs addressing, but instead of just worrying about it, why not do your part by saying no to plastic bags and instead take along your own reusable shopping bag this holiday season?

3 Reasons to Remember Reusable Shopping Bags When Christmas Shopping

Bring Your Own BagIf you haven’t noticed, people are out shopping in droves. Drive by any shopping mall or specialty store, and you’ll quickly realize that holiday shoppers aren’t waiting until after Thanksgiving this year to begin buying gifts for their loved ones. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that US consumers will spend $655.8 billion this year on Christmas gifts.

That’s great news for the economy, but horrible news for the environment. Why? Because most of those purchases will be carried out of stores in disposable shopping bags, and the pollution from the unsustainable bags are becoming more and more of problem.

That’s why we urge all local residents to remember to take their reusable shopping bags with them when Christmas shopping.

And in case you aren’t clear on the reasons for using sustainable shopping bags, here are three reasons why should.

Reusable Shopping Bags Save on Oil Production

It’s no secret that the world runs on oil, and the earth will eventually run out of it. And so it makes sense that we should take care of the supply that exists. That’s why consumers should understand just how much plastic bag production harms our oil supply. According to experts, it takes about 8 percent of the world’s oil production to keep us in supply of disposable plastic bags. If we continue at this pace, our gas prices will go as the supply runs short, and it will speed up the depletion of this precious resource.

Reusable Shopping Bags Help Save Marine Life

Every day in Los Angeles, 10 metric tons of plastic pollution is carried out into the Pacific Ocean. That’s why we have a plastic heap pile in the middle of the ocean the size of the state of Texas. In fact, plastic trash now makes up 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces. This is not only unsustainable for our environment, but also for marine life. Reports show that 10,000 marine animals and one million sea birds are killed every year because they can’t differentiate the plastic bags from jelly fish, and they eat them. This causes them to suffocate, resulting in their death.

We Can’t Keep Up

Finally, if you don’t think carrying reusable shopping bags will make a difference, consider this fact. Every single minute, there are 5 million bags used across the world. Now, reread this paragraph very slowly 3 more times, and by the time you finish, 5 million plastic bags will have been used, and then most likely discarded.

The holidays should be about good cheer and tidings, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to remember to take your reusable shopping bags as you look for those special gifts.

3 Ways to Use Reusable Shopping Bags this Holiday Season

Shopping-Bags-Strawberry-ready-optimized-720x600It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of the season means that you have more to do, but not as much time to do it. But just because you’re busy, that doesn’t mean you should let down your guard about doing all you can to help keep our environment safe and productive for all the future generations yet to come.

In fact, saying no to disposable plastic bags and yes to reusable shopping bags is one of the most earth friendly things you can do this season. And just in case you’re wondering, we’ve got three ways that you use these eco-friendly bags during the holiday season this year.

Take Them with You as You’re Shopping

Sure, most stores will provide you with a plastic bag or even a paper bag to carry your newly purchased goods home with you, but then what will happen to those bags? If you’re like most people, they’ll go directly in to the garbage can where they’ll end up in a landfill, or worse, in the middle of the ocean where they’ll kill marine animals. Why not skip all the destructive waste and instead carry your own reusable shopping bag with you whenever you go out to make your purchases this year? You’ll reduce your environmental impact, and if you buy cute ones like the LA Pop designs, you’ll also look fashionable in the process.

Wrap Gifts in Them

Have you ever thought about what happens to all that wrapping paper that the millions of Christmas gifts are wrapped in? Most likely, it will be thrown away before the night is over, and that means it will go in garbage dumps and landfills until it biodegrades. That’s bad news for our environment. But what if you wrapped this year’s gifts in reusable shopping bags? Not only would it cut down on environmental waste, but the recipients would get two gifts in one—the gift you gave them, plus a reusable shopping bag to use for years to come.

Store Your Supplies

There’s nothing quite as aggravating as going to wrap a gift and not being able to find all of your supplies. But that’s a great use for reusable shopping bags. You can use them to store all of your wrapping paper, tape, and gift tags in one place so you won’t have to hunt for them every time you need them.

Make use of reusable shopping bags this year in these three easy ways and not only make your life easier, but reduce the environmental impact your holiday festivities will have on the planet.


Local California Residents in Fight of Their Lives for Plastic Bag Ban

downloadLocal California residents are up in arms about the threat to their ban on plastic bags that is coming from the very people who manufacture the disposable bags. As you know, we believe in doing all we can to protect our environment, and one of the best ways to do that is by making the switch from plastic bags to reusable shopping bags. And while people all over the world are doing just that, some corporate giants are trying to prevent it from happening.

For instance, there is a huge fight in California right and, so we thought we’d highlight it and tell you exactly what’s going on.

The Initial Ban on California Plastic Bags

In 2014, Governor Jerry Brown passed a law that banned plastic bags across the entire state. This was great news for a state that spends millions of dollars every year on the cleanup of those bags. But although the ban was great for the environment, and would have saved taxpayers about $400 million per year in cleanup costs, the plastic bag manufacturers weren’t happy. So they began collecting signatures, and produced enough of them to keep the law from being enacted.

And it’s no wonder. Plastic bag manufacturers collect about $1 million a month from California residents, who use on average of 400 plastic bags a year.

Now There are Two Choices

So what did the plastic bag manufactures do? They created their own proposed law, called Proposition 65, which only serves to confuse consumers and do away with the benefits the environment would see from a reduction in plastic bags.

How does it do this?

Proposition 65 uses confusing language, because at first glance, it appears that the bill is good for the environment because it gives money to a wildlife fund. But the language is deceiving.

In the original bill, local California grocery store owners would be allowed to charge .10 cent each time a consumer requests a paper bag because they failed to bring their own reusable shopping bag with them. This fee reimburses the grocery store owners at a negligible profit. And the fee would cause many people to remember their reusable shopping bags in order to avoid the fee.

But Proposition 65 takes away the .10 cent fee from the grocery store owners and instead gives it a wildlife fund. The will eventually force grocery store owners to raise their food prices in order to recoup the expense, and what’s worse, people may believe they’re doing good by using paper bags, which could cause them to purposefully leave their reusable shopping bags behind.

And if that happens, the environment will suffer.

The Real Environmental Bill

On the other hand, Proposition 65 fully enacts the prior plastic bag ban that Governor Brown signed into lawtwo years ago, and reimburses grocery store owners the .10 cent fee when customers use paper bags in instead of their own shopping bags.

Don’t be confused by the plastic bag manufacturer’s attempt to keep that $1 million a month gravy coming in from local California residents. Instead, protect your local environment and say no to corporate interests that would harm it in the name of profit

3 Ways to Support Local Environmental Causes

imagesWe talk a lot about environmental issues on this blog, and that’s because we understand that, although the problem is widespread and overwhelming, the solution will come at a local level. In other words, we can’t do much to affect the issue on a global level, but we can do a lot to affect in our local communities.

So, today we want to talk about three ways local consumers can have an impact on the planet just by making a few changes in their lives.

Reuse What You Can

One of the biggest problems when it comes to environmental pollution is the habit of using something once and then discarding it. For instance, instead of drinking bottled water, where you throw away a plastic bottle every time you have a drink of water, use steel water containers that can be used over and over again. As a bonus, it will keep you healthier as plastic water bottles have been shown to cause serious health issues.

Think Digital

There are so many ways you can reduce waste by going digital. For example, instead of buying that CD or DVD, download the music or watch the movie online. Sign up for electronic bill notification, and carry a wooden straw instead of using the disposable plastic ones offered by restaurants. Take a look at your everyday habits and determine where you can reduce waste by taking it to the cloud.

Say No to Disposable Plastic Bags

One of the best ways to make a local impact in your community is to say no to disposable plastic bags when shopping and instead carry your own reusable shopping bag. Expert say that if you do that and you’re an average family, you’ll protect your local environment from 1,500 plastic bags. But be sure to use the right bags. Studies show that using cotton or canvas bags will actually do more harm than good. Instead use polyester shopping bags like the cute fruit and vegetable LA PoP designs. Those same studies show this is the only type of bag that has of an environmental impact than plastic bags.

Isn’t it good to know that by making just a few changes, you can positively impact your local community? Don’t be overwhelmed by all that’s going on with our worsening environment, but instead make the decision to do what you can—even if it’s only on a local level.

The Recent Texas Lawsuit is Evidence of Environmental Concern

imagesYesterday the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the city of Brownsville to force it to stop collecting a fee on plastic bag usage. The city passed an ordinance that requires stores to charge a $1 fee for every plastic bag given out. This, according to a news release issued by Paxton’s office, amounts to about $71,000 a month in fees.

But Paxton says the “environmental fee” is unlawful because it’s an illegal tax. Texas law requires local governments, including Brownsville, to deal with waste like plastic bags from taxes that are already in existence. In addition, the state law doesn’t allow taxes or fees to be collect at the cash register.

“This is yet another sign that people are truly concerned about the impact plastic bags have on our environment,” says a spokesman from MJH Innovations, a firm that sells reusable shopping bags and other environmentally conscience products. “And although I agree the fees are an overreach, I do agree with the sentiment behind them. We must do all we can to protect our world so future generations can enjoy life in it.”

Meanwhile, Paxton is standing firm with the lawsuit. “No local government has the authority to violate Texas law just because it feels like it,” he said. “Clearly, Brownsville is raising taxes on its citizens through this unlawful bag fee. The rule of law must be upheld, and state law is clear –- bags may not be taxed.”

“If people haven’t yet begun the habit of carrying reusable shopping bags to the store, this recent lawsuit should give them some idea of its importance,” says the spokesman. “For a city to risk this, it must realize the devastation plastic shopping bags are having on our environment.”

Why not support your local community and stop using disposal plastic bags? Carrying reusable shopping bags is something everyone can do, and it will make a significant impact on the environmental damage that’s being done by plastic.

3 Ways to Keep Bacteria out of Your Reusable Shopping Bags

t1larg.jgrocerybag.ts.pgLast year when researchers came out with a study showing that bacteria could accumulate in reusable shopping bags, many consumers panicked. That was made worse when a well-publicized case of an e-coli infection was traced back to a reusable bag.

Local shoppers were confused because they know it’s important to stop using plastic bags and begin carrying their own shopping bag, but what about the risk of contamination?

The concern is legitimate, but luckily it’s easy to avoid contamination that leads to bacteria in your reusable shopping bag. Here are three ways to keep your bags clean.

Wash Them

This sounds simple enough, but it’s something that most people never do. But because you use the shopping bags week in and week out, it’s important to keep them clean. Depending on the type of bag you carry, you should wash them in hot water in the washing machine or by hand, and then either throw them in the dryer or let them air dry. Check out our article about how to best wash your type of reusable shopping bag.

Keep Them Inside

Another easy to prevent bacteria from growing in your shopping bags is to keep them inside and out of the heat. When you keep the bags in your car, bacteria can thrive in the heat and when you use them, that bacteria can contaminate your food. Instead keep them inside next to your grocery list, on a hook by the front door, or any other place where you’re likely to see them on your way out the door.

Don’t Cross Contaminate

Finally, make sure you use the same bags for the same thing each week. For instance, you shouldn’t use your shopping bag for meat one week and fresh produce the next week because it can cause cross contamination. If the juice from a chicken leaks into the bag and then next week you put fresh apples in that same bag, the juices could easily contaminate them.

Reusable shopping bags are an important part of your shopping routine, but in order to use them safely, you’ll need to take the actions listed above.

Are Your Reusable Shopping Bags Helping the Environment—or Hurting it?

Shopping-Bags-Strawberry-ready-optimized-720x600So, you carry a reusable shopping back so you can help decrease the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. That’s great news, but did you know that how you carry your shopping bag determines whether or not you are actually helping or hurting the environment?

It’s true. A few recent reports and studies show that not only which type of bag you carry matters, but how you carry it.

How Often Do You Carry Your Reusable Shopping Bag?

One of the most surprising things about the report is that some reusable shopping bags are actually worse for the environment than plastic bags. For instance, the environmental impact from canvas and cotton shopping bags are much harder on the environment unless you carry them a lot. You would have to carry a canvas shopping bag 171 times in order to offset the environmental impact of just one plastic bag. And cotton shopping bags? You would have to carry it every single day of the year—365 times—in order to equal the environmental impact of a single plastic bag. In fact, recent studies from the UK show that plastic bags are 200 times less harmful to the climate than reusable cotton shopping bags.

But what about the other types of bags—those made of polypropylene and polyester, like the LA Pops bags we’re so fond of? Turns out these types of bags are much better for the environment because the amount of times you have to carry them in order to reduce environmental impact is negligible. In other words, if you want to do all you can to help clean up plastic pollution and help keep the environment clean, experts recommend that you use one of the synthetic materials for your shopping bags.

Shop Local Clean and Green

Shopping local is a great way to reduce greenhouse emissions and help leave the earth in great shape for future generations. And in order to maximize that benefit, you should pay attention to which type of reusable shopping bag you carry. Remember, if you carry canvas or cotton, you may be doing more harm than good unless you carry them on most days. It seems the best alternative is to carry a polyester shopping bag. After all, you not only want to benefit your local community by shopping local, but the environment. And carrying the right kind of shopping bag is the one of the easiest ways to do just that.