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5 Reasons You Might Want to Rethink USA Business Directories

image06-16If you’re like most people, you have a daily routine that includes things like looking at the day’s news and doing something that gives you inspiration for the rest of the day. And while most people have to go to a few sites or other places to accomplish all of this, a lot of people have figured out that there is really only a need to visit one site: USA business directories.

Aren’t USA Business Directories Used for Finding Local Businesses?

USA business directories are most commonly known for helping people like you look for local shops and stores in your area, but what you may not know is that certain local directories offer consumers so much more. In fact, USA directories like FindUsLocal.com have become a starting place for many people across the nation. Why? Because they have worked hard to set up the site so that people like you can get all you need to start off your day right.

Here are 5 unlikely things you’ll find on USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

The Local News

Gone are the days when people sit at the kitchen table and pour over the local newspaper that was delivered earlier that morning. Instead, people go online to look for the news. And while the national and world news is readily available on multiple sites, it can be more difficult to find the news that affects your local area.

And that’s where USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com come in. When you log onto this site, you’ll see the most important news stories from your area in a convenient stream in the center of the page.

Local Social Media Posts

Social media is a great way to keep up with current events, but in order for you to get all the updates from your local community that you want, you would have to follow dozens of people. But when you log onto FindUsLocal.com, you’ll instantly see all the tweets and posts from local business people in your community. That means when someone posts a new job opening or a flash sale in the neighborhood grocery store, you’ll be the first to see it.

Events of All Types

When you want to plan a night out on the town, you first need to know which events are in the area. You may be planning a date, a night out with girlfriends, or a school outing—and you’ll need information to make these events as good as they can be. FindUsLocal.com address this problem in two ways. First, it shows you the local concerts, sporting games, and theatre events that are playing in your area. And as if that’s not enough, the site also provides you with a link so you can go directly to the ticket site and reserve your seats.

Inspiration for the Day

Don’t you just love starting out the day with some inspiration? Some people do it with poetry, others with a Bible verse, and others still with inspirational quotes. USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com make it easy by showcasing an inspirational verse every single day. For example, today’s quote says “There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation,” by John Ciardi. And the site gives people a unique gift on their birthdays, too: some wisdom from The Secret Language of Birthdays that tells you exactly what people born on the date are like. For example, according to the site, people born today fall under “The day of morale courage.”

A Good Laugh

There’s nothing quite like starting out the day with a laugh and FindUsLocal.com goes to great lengths to give you one. The site offers a Name of the Day features that showcases hilarious names that will make you laugh. And here’s the best part: the names are real. To give you an example of how much these names will tickle your funny bone, today’s Name of the Day is Earl Lee Riser. Get it?

But Wait, There’s More

As if the 5 features outline above aren’t enough, FindUsLocal.com offers you even more. They make it extremely easy for you to not only find the local shops you need, but also to make use of the site’s features. To do this, they make use of GEO location technology. What is it? It’s specialized technology that automatically reads your location when you log onto the site and then only shows you results from your area. In other words, when you log onto the site from San Diego, California, you’ll only see the news, events, social media posts and businesses from that area. Compare that to having to wade through dozens of irrelevant results like you do on a major search engine.

Change Your Morning, Change Your Day

Ask any motivational guru and they’ll all tell you that how you start your day is key to how productive you are and how much you’ll be able to accomplish in a day. Knowing that, doesn’t it make sense to start your day with USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com? There, you’ll get all the news, event notices, laughs, inspiration, and local social media posts you need to start off your day the right way.

USA Business Listings can Help Skyrocket Local Rankings

advantage-of-local-search-resultsIf you run a local business, you’ve likely heard of local SEO. It’s the way most local business owners try to get their shop’s name in front of potential customers, but unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about how to correctly do it. For example, some local shops create a website and put a lot of content on it with the name of their city or town in it in an effort to attract the attention of the search engine spiders. And while that’s a great way to start down the path of local SEO, doing that alone won’t cause people to find your store.

Instead, you need to create a local SEO plan that tackles a few things at once. And while local SEO articles are important, it shouldn’t be the foundation of your campaign—instead, it should be listing your shop on USA business directories.

What are USA Business Directories?

In the past, when people wanted to find a store in their local area, they would turn to the Yellow Pages. It was a handy way for people to find whatever business they wanted because all of the ads were listed by category. For instance, if they wanted to find a local flower shop, they would turn to the F’s and look under florist.

But then came the internet and soon, the Yellow Pages were being used as a doorstop instead of a way to find local businesses. That’s because people were turning to the internet to find the businesses they wanted.

But it quickly became evident that local shops were in trouble because they weren’t showing up in the search results. Instead, the large, nationwide chains were getting ranked at the top of the rankings because they are the ones who can afford to pay a lot in advertising fees. But consumers quickly became frustrated because in order to see the results they were looking for, they would have to scroll through pages and pages of results.

And that’s what gave birth to USA business directories.

These USA business listings are specifically designed to show consumers the results from their immediate area. For example, if a consumer from Los Angeles, California logged onto one of these USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com, they would only see local shops and stores from that area. That saves a lot of time for consumers, who can get the results they need easily, and for local shop owners, who will reap increased business from it because they will be found more often by the consumers who need their products or services.

But keep in mind that not all USA business directories are the same. For instance, some USA business directories are old school and require visitors to enter their zip code in order to see the results from their area. But others, like FindUsLocal.com, make use of GEO location technology which automatically matches the results a visitor sees with the area they’re located in. Can you see why people would prefer the modern and up to date USA business directories over those that don’t keep up with the times?

How to Maximize Your USA Business Listings

Now that you understand just how important USA business listings are, let’s take a look at how to maximize them so you will see the most benefit from them in your local SEO efforts. Here are 4 things you have to do in order to make USA business listings work toward bettering your local SEO.

Take Stock of Your Current USA Business Listings

In order for USA business listings to be effective in local SEO, they have to be consistent—and that means more than just making sure any new listings you create are the same. The truth is that your business could have been listed on any number of USA business directories without your knowledge. Some local directories automatically list local shops on their directories, but that can mean trouble as we’ll discuss in the next couple of points.

For now, you need to create a list of all of your USA business listings that are online. To so do, do a search on your business name on all of the major search engines and look for your business in the results. You can best do this by creating a spreadsheet and listing the following information from each of the USA business you’re listed on.

  • The URL of the local directory
  • The name your business is listed under
  • The address your business is listed under
  • The URL of your website listed on the directory

It will become clear in the next few steps why all of this information is important, but know that this step is crucial for making USA business directories work for improved local SEO rankings.

Key Point: Most local business owners recognize how important it is to be listed on USA business directories, but not all of them take the steps needed to do it. For example, a study conducted by Constant Contact shows that 85 percent of small and medium business owners know it’s important to be listed on local directories, but only half of them ever update those listings. In fact, half of those surveyed say they know their listings are out of date, but 70 percent of them claim they don’t have enough time to do anything about it. Don’t be one of the local shop owners who know there’s a problem but doesn’t take the steps to rectify it!

Correct Your Local Business Listings

Now that you have a comprehensive picture of all your USA business listings, it’s time to take action and correct them because business listings that have been around for a few years may not accurately reflect your current business. For example, you may have moved locations or even made a change to your business name, which can result in listing errors that will hurt your rankings.

Here’s how it works: if your business was located at 123 Main Street 5 years ago, but you’ve since moved to 124 Main Street, then the local listings from 5 years ago will reflect a wrong address. That wrong address will cause the search engine spiders to identify a “false business location” and that will hurt your ranking.

You’ll need to use the spreadsheet you created in the last step and make sure that your business name, phone number, address, and website are exactly the same on every single business listing. If there is one letter off—or even an apostrophe—that listing will hurt your SEO ranking.

Key Point: According to Moz.com, the number one thing that will negatively affect your local SEO ranking are USA business listings that contain inaccurate business location information. In fact, the site claims that you need to ensure that your NAP+W are all the same on every business listings. NAP +W stands for name, address, phone number, and website.

Make a Commitment to Ensuring Future Listings are Correct

Now that you’ve spent the time to search for and correct all of your USA business listings, you’ll probably want to list your site on more local directories like FindUsLocal.com. After all, when people go to find US local businesses, they no longer turn to the large search engines, but to local directories that give them the results they want.

When you list your business on new local directories, be sure to use the same name, address, phone number and website URL that you did on all the others. And don’t forget that if there is a change, you will need to start the process over again and update all of your USA business listings.

Key Point: Remember, local directories are one of the best things you can do for your local SEO. But in order for them to boost your rankings, you’ll need to correct all old listings and maintain them, along with all the new USA business listings you add.

What are You Waiting for?

If you haven’t already started the process of updating your local directory listings, what are you waiting for? Remember, out of date listings—or those that contain incorrect information—are one of the biggest reasons why local businesses don’t show up in the rankings. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective way to get your business in front of the pubic, taking the steps listed above is one of the smartest ways you can do it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use USA Local Directories to Find Community Businesses

download (4)Are you frustrated with trying to find local businesses in your area? Do you currently attempt to use the large search engines to find the neighborhood shops you want to visit? Maybe you look for a local restaurant to eat lunch at, or maybe you scour the large search engines to find a local dress shop or a plumber.

If this sounds like you, you’re probably looking for an alternative way to find the businesses you need. After all, the large search engine results are filled with nationwide businesses that pay to be at the top of the results. But that doesn’t do you much good when you just want to find a shop in your neighborhood.

The frustration that you feel when looking for local shops on big search engines is only the first reason why you should look to USA business directories to find the shops you need. The truth is, there is a great alternative that not only provides you with the local search results you’re looking for, but so much more. In fact, here are 4 more reasons why USA business listings should be your first stop when looking for local businesses.

USA Business Directories Make it Easy

In the past, using USA business directories wasn’t any easier than looking for local businesses on the large search engines, but that’s all changed now that some local directories use GEO location technology. What this cutting edge technology does is allow visitors to log onto the local directory and automatically see the USA business listings from their area. That’s because the local directories that use this technology “read” the visitor’s location and automatically customize the results they see. That means you won’t have to enter a zip code or jump through any other hoops when all you want to do is find a local shop in your area.

But it’s important to note that not all USA business directories use this technology, and it’s important that you find one that does. For example, FindUsLocal.com does offer it, as well as other groundbreaking features.

USA Business Directories Help You Plan Your Activities

Do you ever wish there was an easy way to learn about all the events happening in your community? After all, if you want to see a concert, you’ll need to visit one type of website, and if you want to see a sports game or theatre event, you have to visit others.

But sites like FindUsLocal.com are changing the game. It offers locals the opportunities to find local concerts, sporting games and theatre events right on the front page. And in addition to being able to see the events that are coming to your area at a glance, you’ll also be given a link that will take you directory to the ticket sites that sell the tickets.

USA Business Directories Allow You to Read Reviews

When you’re looking for a new shop to do business with, you probably first want to read reviews from other people who have been there and bought their products or services. In fact, according to recent surveys, consumers now trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from someone they know. But being able to find US business reviews isn’t easy because most online reviews are for national chains and online stores. Fortunately, that’s not true for USA business listings. All the reviews you find on these local directories are from people in your local community who have experienced the business first hand.

USA Business Directories Offer Other Things, Too!

As if all the benefits we’ve already listed aren’t enough, some USA business listings like FindUsLocal.com offer even more. For example, the site offers some inspirational and humorous features like the Funny Name of the Day, and an inspirational quote to start your day off with. In addition, you’ll be privy to tweets from local business owners announcing sales and employment opportunities. You’ll also get to view spotlighted artists, and of course, the local news.

With USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com, your life is about to get easier. It not only allows you find those community businesses faster and smarter, it also offers perks for everyone who visits it. If you haven’t already, why go there now and see all that you’ve been missing in your local area?

7 Reasons Why Local Shop Owners Should Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews on USA Business Directories

f36e2230dd394db11f336916903a30bfAs a small, local business owner, you’ve likely poured a lot of money into advertising efforts in order to get your business’ name in front of the people in your community. After all, if the locals don’t know you’re there, they won’t be able to purchase your goods or hire you to perform your services.

But did you know that there’s something you can do to help attract local customers that won’t break the bank? It’s true, by asking your customers to leave local USA business reviews on the USA business directories you’re listed on, you will achieve greater visibility—and that always leads to increased business.

But before we get into the 7 reasons why you should ask every customer to leave a review for your local business, let’s first take a look at why your business should be on USA business listings.

USA Business Directories are the Future

Local business owners across the nation have all experienced the frustration with trying to get listed high in the rankings with large search engines. The problem is that most of the results shown on the first page of the results are for larger, nationwide businesses. And when people look through the results, most won’t go past the first page. When the people in your community look for local businesses, they often become frustrated by having to sort through all of the irrelevant results. And how many people do you think will find it easier to just order what they need online from one of the national sites rather than finding an effective way to find US local businesses?

Enter USA business directories.

These directories are designed to only show the local results from a visitor’s area. And some directories, like FindUsLocal.com, go an extra step and utilize GEO location technology so that the visitor automatically sees the results from their local community. They don’t have to type in their zip code or jump through any other hoops—the technology does it all for them automatically.

In addition to finding local shops, USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com offer other perks to visitors. For example this site allows visitors to see the local concerts, theatre events, and sporting events near them. It also highlights local news and even the social media from businesses near them. And as if that’s not enough, visitors also get an inspirational quote of the day, a funny name of the day, and even a resource that tells them what their birthday means. In other words, visitors that find your local shop on USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com will easily be able to find you, and will likely return to the directory often for all the other perks offered.

So, now that you understand why it’s important for local shops to have USA business listings, let’s talk about the ability of consumers to leave reviews on them—and how you can use this to your advantage.

Why Should You Encourage Customers to Leave Local USA Business Reviews?

As we stated earlier, advertising your local business can be expensive, and savvy business owners understand that getting free marketing is a solid business move. And encouraging reviews on your USA business listings is one way to do that. But before we tell you why, let’s first look at some takeaways from a recent study that shows how consumers use these reviews.

Consumers Trust Online Reviews

Despite all the stories about fake reviews, people still trust them. In fact, in a study conducted by Bright Local, it turns out that 84 percent of those surveyed say that they trust online reviews as much as they would trust a personal recommendation by friends or family. That means it’s more important than ever for your local business to have plenty of good reviews by others in your community.

Consumers Want Multiple Reviews

The study also shows the relationship between the number of reviews a business has and the consumer’s ability to make a decision about whether or not to buy from them. For instance, 90 percent of consumers say that they read 10 reviews or fewer in order to make a buying decision. That means your local business should have a minimum of 10 reviews in order to positively impact the most number of consumers.

You Need to Ask for Reviews

At this point, you may be wondering how you can possibly get at least 10 reviews on your USA business listings. After all, it’s a common misconception that getting customer reviews is a difficult task. Luckily, the survey sheds some light on that, too. According to the study, 7 out of 10 people say they would leave a review for a local business if only they were asked to. That means if you have 100 customers a day and ask all of them to leave a review for your business, you could feasibly expect to receive 70 reviews on your USA business listings.

Your Reviews Need to Be Current

The study also highlights how important it is for your USA business listings reviews to be current. According to that survey, 73 percent of consumers consider reviews that are 3 months old to be completely irrelevant. That means you’ll need to consistently ask your customers to leave reviews on your USA business listings if you want them to help attract new customers.

Ask for Star Ratings

When customers go to leave a review on your USA business listings, they will have a choice between leaving a star rating and a written review. And according to the study, you should ask them to leave a star rating because 58 percent of the consumers surveyed say they place more weight on those types of reviews.

Reviews Will Bring in More Business

We’ve already talked about the fact that consumers like to see positive reviews on a local business before they make a decision to buy from them. And the study confirms that. It shows that 58 percent of consumers who see positive reviews for a local business will go on to visit that store’s website. And you know what happens when consumers visit your website: they buy your products and services.

Reviews Cause Consumers to Trust You

Ask any expert what the number one goal for local shop owners is and they will tell you that it should be to garner the trust of the local community. And according to the survey, good reviews from others may be the key to achieving that. In fact, of those surveyed, 74 percent believe that if a local business has good reviews, that means the business is trustworthy.

USA Business Directories Offer Free Advertising

Remember I told you that we would talk about how USA business listings can provide free advertising for your local shop? Here’s how it works.

The owners of USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com know that in order for consumers to find them, they must constantly advertise the local directory so it can be found. They do this by writing articles about it (like this one), and consistently adding new content to the local directory so the search engines will rank it higher. And here’s a little known secret: every time a new review gets added to a local search directory, it is viewed as new content, and that catches the attention of the major search engine spiders. That’s because new content causes those spiders to rank a site higher every time it is added. So, imagine that the local directory gets a few new reviews added to it daily. That means it will stay at the top of the search engine rankings, which means more consumers will use it to find US local businesses like yours.

What are You Waiting For?

If you haven’t already began the process of asking your customers to leave US local business reviews for your shop, what are you waiting for? The studies are in, and it’s obvious that those reviews will not only cause consumers to trust you, but it will also help bring people to your website, which will result in more business. Combine that with the fact that by being on USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com will give you free advertising and exposure, and it’s a win-win.

If you haven’t already done it, why not head over to FindUsLocal.com and see what all the fuss is about?

How to Leave Reviews on USA Business Directories: a Step-by-Step Guide

leave-an-online-reviewIf you’re in the habit of shopping local in your community, then you probably already understand the importance of local reviews. In fact, most consumers say they wouldn’t even dream of going to a business unless they first read online reviews to find out what others have said about it.

Just to illustrate our point, here are some of the highlights of a survey conducted by Bright Local that show just how important consumer online reviews are.

  • 84 percent of people say that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know.
  • A whopping 90 percent of people only read 10 reviews or less in order to form an opinion about a local business.
  • If business owners ask customers to leave a review for their business, 7 out of 10 people will agree.
  • Reviews that are older than 3 months are considered irrelevant by 73 percent of consumers.
  • Online consumers can leave star ratings or written reviews, and 58 percent of those surveyed say they place more importance on the star rating.
  • After reading good reviews, 58 percent of those surveyed will visit a shop’s website.
  • Of those surveyed, 74 percent feel that if a local business has good reviews, it will cause them to trust the business more.

As you can see, your reviews are an important factor in how well the local businesses in your community do, as well as the experiences of the people who read them. But if you’re going to leave online reviews in USA business directories, there a right way to go about it so that your reviews are read and trusted.

But before we talk about how to leave a review, let’s talk about where to leave them.

Why You Should Leave Online Reviews on USA business Directories

If you’ve ever tried to find a local business on a major search engine, you know just how frustrating that can be. That’s because the major search engines are designed to help people find national companies, and small, local businesses can easily get lost in the results. For instance, if you were looking for a local flower shop, you would probably see the national chains at the top of the search results. Combine this with the fact that national chains have a lot more money to spend on internet marketing, and it’s a disaster for people who look for local results.

And that’s where USA business listings come in. These local directories are geared toward people who want a simple place to look for the local shops, restaurants, and services in their area. In fact, when you use local directories like FindUsLocal.com, you will automatically see the results from your area because it uses GEO location technology that ensures you will only see the relevant results from your community.

Now that you understand how much easier it is to use USA local directories when searching for a community business, let’s talk about how to leave a review so that others can benefit from your experience.

How to Write US Local Business Reviews

As the statistics above show, many consumers rely on local USA business reviews when determining whether or not to do business with a local shop. And if your review is written correctly, it can help them make the right decision. Here are 3 pointers that will help you write a good review that people can trust.

  • Be honest. There has been a lot of press lately about fake reviews, and it has hurt many businesses. These fake reviews came from people who had never tried the product, used the service, or even been to the business, but the owner paid them to write a review anyway. Unfortunately, people can sniff out these reviews, and when they do, it causes harm to the business’ reputation. If you’re going to write local USA business reviews, make sure you’re honest about your experience with the shop.
  • Don’t go over the top. Studies have shown that people who go to an extreme when writing reviews aren’t trusted as much as those who remain calm and composed when writing their review. And this goes in both directions. Reviews that are overly complimentary on the business are mistrusted, as those that rail against the business. To create a review that inspires trust, try to remain calm when writing it.
  • Stick to the facts. Finally, people tend to distrust reviews that are filled with unnecessary facts. Instead of thinking you have to write about every little detail from your interaction with the business, focus on talking about your overall experience. In other words, just stick to the facts and tell your story.

When people go to USA business directories to find US business reviews, they are looking for honest reviews to help them make a purchasing decision. And you can help by remember these rules and writing the best US local business reviews that you can.


How to Find Local Businesses Using USA Business Directories

local-helping-localF-300x245Maybe you’ve heard of the Shop Local movement, and although you try to frequent as many local shops as you can, you still just haven’t completely made the switch. Or maybe you’ve heard all the hype about shopping local, but you don’t understand the reasons or motivation behind the movement.

If either of these sound like you, this article will help. In it, we’ll take a look at what the Shop Local movement is, why it’s important, and then tell you how to use USA business listings to make the switch yourself.

So, if you want to learn how to support your local community by shopping locally, read on for an in-depth look at this issue.

What is the Shop Local Movement?

A long time ago, people used to shop at the stores and businesses closest to them, but then came the internet and everything changed. People began shopping online because they could get bargains that they just couldn’t find locally. And before recent laws changed, they didn’t have to pay sales tax on those internet purchases either.

But along with global shopping came some disadvantages. Neighborhood shops began closing as they couldn’t compete with the internet giants for sales. And in addition to communities losing their iconic stores, people began realizing that when they bought from big box stores and internet giants, many of the products looked the same. In other words, uniqueness was taken out of the picture and people were forced to accept limited products and styles.

These issues gave birth to the shop local movement. People who are proponents of this movement always look first to their local communities whenever they need to buy something. They go to farmer’s markets for their produce to buy from local farmers who grow the vegetables, the locally owned hardware store when they need a can of paint, or to the local florist when they need to order a bouquet.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of shopping locally by using USA business listings, here are a few more reasons why you should consider making the switch.

Why Should You Use USA business Listings to Shop Locally?

If you’re thinking that the Shop Local movement is right for you, but you’re not quite convinced, here are some pretty compelling reasons to do so.

  • You’ll help build your local community. It’s just common sense that when you spend money, you want it to go back into the local community that you live in. But when you shop online—or even in big box stores—that doesn’t happen. In fact, a recent study shows that when people spend $100 in local stores, $68 of that goes back into the local community. On the other hand, when people spend $100 at a big box store, only $43 of that goes back into the local community. And online shopping? Aside from local tax dollars, it’s a fair bet to say that none of the $100 would go back to your local community. In a culture where local communities are struggling to survive, doesn’t it make sense to use your consumer dollars to boost it up rather than give them to another locale?
  • You’ll help create more local jobs. It’s a common misconception that large, corporate businesses create the most jobs in America. In fact, small, local business owners are the job creators in our country. The U.S. Census Bureau says that of the 5.73 million firms in the U.S. with employees, 99.7 percent of them are businesses with less than 500 employees. Even smaller businesses, like those with less than 20 employees, make up 89.6 percent of those businesses who employee people. These are likely the business owners in your community who are providing employment opportunities to you and your neighbors. And when you shop locally using USA business listings, you support those employers.
  • You’ll keep your local culture alive. As we stated above, when you shop at big box stores, you’ll only have access to limited products and styles because these stores survive by appealing to the masses. But local shop owners understand the culture that surrounds them and tend to offer more culturally appropriate and unique items for sale.
  • You’ll encourage innovation among small shop owners. Another great benefit of shopping local with USA business directories is that local shop owners will begin to compete for business. Once they realize that local consumers are dedicated to shopping locally, they will work hard to ensure that their store is the best one in town.
  • You’ll create an engaged community. Communities that are close knit typically tend to care more about their area and work hard to keep it safe from crime. In addition, shop local communities have a higher quality of public health, which results in less taxes because government isn’t as involved in the cleanup of crime or health services.
  • You’ll positively impact the local environment. We’ve all heard about the importance of lowering our carbon footprints, and shopping locally is one of the best ways you can do that. You’ll eliminate the need to ship the product to you, as well as all the packaging materials that would need to be used.

Now that you understand the importance of shopping locally, let’s talk about the best way to do it. As you’re probably already aware, it can be difficult to find US local businesses on the large search engines. That’s because local results are often only found after looking at many pages of results. The unfortunate truth is that the results you see at the top of the page are often large businesses that have paid thousands of dollars in internet advertising costs, or they have engaged in other marketing tactics. That leaves local consumers frustrated. Luckily, there’s an answer. Here’s a primer on how to find US local businesses online.

Step One: Find US Local Businesses by Looking in the Right Place

We’ve shown you why searching on the major search engines isn’t likely to produce the local results you want, but you do have an alternative. US business directories were created to combat this problem. These local directories only show the results from your local area so you will never have to wade through the irrelevant listings of big stores that paid to be there.

Step Two: Choose the Right USA Business Directories

Keep in mind that not all USA business directories are the same. Some will require the visitor to enter their zip code just to show them results from their area. But the more effective USA business directories use GEO location technology. That means as soon as a visitor logs into the site, the local directory will “read” their location and automatically show them the results from their area.

Step Three: Take Advantage of the Perks

Some USA directories like FindUsLocal.com offer visitors more than local search results. These quality local directories offer you the chance to see local events happening in your area, such as concerts, plays, and sporting events. The directory also allows you see real time social media posts from your area, the weather, featured artists, and even inspirational quotes that are changed every day.

Step Four: Check out the Reviews

Once you’ve found the USA business listings you want, be sure to check out the reviews other consumers have left for them. Studies have shown that consumers don’t like to do business with stores that don’t have at least some positive reviews, and there’s good reason for that. People who are thrilled with a local business are much more likely to leave a positive review, and those reviews help you choose the business you go to. And in addition to reading the reviews about a business, you should consider leaving one yourself if you’ve had a pleasant or unpleasant experience at the business.

As you can see, there are not only many great reasons for joining the shop local movement, but USA business directories also make it easy. Remember, you can boost your community and help with its economy by shopping at local stores, and you can find US local businesses by using local directories like FindUsLocal.com What are you waiting for? Don’t you have some shopping to do?

There is an Answer to the Retail Store Closings Epidemic

Open-for-BusinessIf you’ve watched the news lately, you understand that it’s a perilous time to be a brick and mortar local shop owner. The nation is watching as more and more retail stores close their doors due to the competition from online businesses. In fact, here are few of the most recent store closing announcements:

  • Bebe. The popular brand recently announced that it is closing every single retail store in the nation.
  • JC Penny. Once a popular store, JC Penny has plans to close 138 retail locations this year.
  • Sears. While Sears has been a national icon in the nation for decades, it has recently confirmed that there is “substantial doubt” that it will be able to continue to sustain its retail locations.
  • Payless Shoe Source. As with the other examples, Payless Shoes has announced it will close hundreds of stores this year.
  • Macys. Even high end stores are experiencing declining profits in their retail locations. For instance, Macys announced it will close 68 stores this year.

A report put out by the brokerage firm Credit Suisse anticipates at least 8,600 retail stores will shutter their doors this year. That means Americans will have 147 million less square feet to shop in after the year’s end. Compare this year’s store closings to other years and it’s obvious that local shops need to change tactics if they’re going to survive. For example, last year there were only 2,056 retail stores that closed their doors, and 5,077 closed the year before that. The record was in 2008 when 6,163 retail stores shuttered their doors. We are only a quarter into the year, and the to-date store closings have already surpassed that record.

USA Business Listings are the Answer

Many small, local shop owners are wondering what they can do in order to avoid the possibility that they will have to close their doors. After all, it’s no secret that many local shop owners are experiencing dismal sales in a world where people look for businesses online. But many shop owners can’t afford the expense of creating a large internet presence with an expensive website and costly internet marketing.

Enter USA business directories.

According to most experts, it’s mandatory for local shops to have an online presence if they’re going to make it in today’s internet driven world, and that’s where USA business directories come in. Local business owners can claim free USA business listings from sites like FindUsLocal.com. And the benefits of listing your shop on USA business listings? Here are 4 that will help you keep your doors open.

  • GEO Location Technology. Quality USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com use GEO location technology to make it easier for consumers to find the local businesses they need. This important technology automatically matches the visitor’s locations with the results they see. For example, if a visitor logged on from Los Angeles, California, they would only see the results from that area.
  • Piggyback Marketing. In order for USA businesses directories to stay relevant in the search engines, they have to do online advertising. A lot of it. And guess who benefits from all the expensive advertising the local directories do? The local shops who are listed on it. That means if you have USA business listings on sites like these you will benefit from online advertising without having to pay for it.
  • Consumer Draw. On some USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com, they aim to improve consumer experiences so they’ll return often, which puts your business in the spotlight more often. For example, this local directory offers local news, updates on local concerts, theatre events and sports games, inspirational quotes of the day, as well as other unique draws that keep consumers checking in daily.
  • Possible Exclusivity. You can get USA business listings for free, or you can pay $20 for a premium listing which will guarantee that your business is shown exclusively on the page, making it that much more likely that consumers will do business with you.

Get Your Business Listed and Defy the Odds

Just because so many brick and mortar stores are closing this year, that doesn’t mean yours will too. But the local shops that survive the internet takeover will have to be smart and make sure their stores are easily found online. And the best (and least expensive) way to do that is by listing it on a local business directory. Why not spend a few minutes on sites like FindUsLocal.com and claim your listing. You’ll receive all the benefits listed above in addition to taking the necessary steps to ensure your local stores future for years to come.

How to Change Your Morning Routine with USA Business Directories

my-morning-routine.001If you’re like most people, you have a set morning routine that helps you start your day. Many people start the day with a cup of coffee or tea and the news. Others like to spend some quiet time with devotionals or other inspirational sources.

What would you say if we told you that certain USA business directories can provide a great way to start your day? That’s right, by logging onto FindUsLocal.com, a modern and unique kind of local business directory, you can have a great start to your day.

Here are 6 ways logging onto USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com can help improve your morning routine.

Read the News of the Day

If you asked around, you would probably find that most people start their day by reading up on the latest news. But in times when newspapers have gone the way of the Yellow Pages, that can be a difficult task when it comes to local news. After all, unless you pay monthly for a subscription to the local paper, getting local news isn’t easy.

Unless you visit sites like  FindUsLocal.com. USA business directories like these offer local news, but they go even farther than that. On the site, you won’t have to type in your zip code or city to be shown the local news in your area because it will be automatically shown to you. The site uses GEO location technology, which matches the results visitors see with their location—all without having to lift a finger.

How’s that for convenience?

Check Out Local Sporting Events

Imagine being able to log onto one site and find out which sporting events are happening in your local community. USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com not only keep you updated about which sporting events are coming to your area, but it also provides handy links so you can go directly to the ticket site and purchase tickets. All without having to get out of your pajamas!

Plan an Evening Out

What better way to plan for an evening out than to do it as you partake in your morning routine? In addition to sporting event notices, USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com also keep you informed about all the concerts and theatre events coming to your area. And just like with the sporting events, you’ll be able to click on a link that will take you directly to the site where you can buy tickets.

Learn Some Cool Facts

Some people like to energize their brains in the morning by learning about new things, and USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com give you the opportunity to do just that. For example, you will find a birthday feature that talks about what being born on a certain day means for your personality. And the Name of the Day feature is good for a chuckle as it previews a new unusual name every day. For example, today’s name is Carrie Bucket. Keep in mind that these names are real! You’ll also find a thoughtful quote for the day that will kick your mind into gear as you contemplate it.

Read up on Local Social Media

If you like to keep up with what’s going on in your local community, this feature is just for you. The site highlights the latest tweets from local residents and business owners from your local area. For example, if a business is having a flash sale and announces it on Twitter, you’ll be the first to see it. Or if a community alert is put out, you’ll see that instantly, too.

Check Out Local Reviews

Finally, if you’re looking for a local shop to do business with, you probably want to read up on all the local reviews before you make a decision about which one to shop at. And because many local shops don’t have an online presence, that can be tough. But USA business listings give you a place to find those reviews—as well as leave them yourself.

USA business listings are a handy tool to have when you need to find a local business, but as you can see, they’re also a great way to start your morning. You’ll find local news, events, unique facts and quotes, as well as the latest social media feeds and local reviews. If you’re looking for a great way to start your day, why not head over to FindUsLocal.com and see what it has to offer?


9 Statistics You Should Know Before Claiming USA Business Listings

directories2If you keep up to date on local business marketing, then you’ve surely heard about the newest tool many local business owners are using to drive new customers to their store: USA business directories. But even though many people understand the importance of claiming their local business listing, they do it improperly, which will not only hamper their efforts, but could actually hurt their rankings.

But the solution is as simple as understanding how to maximize the effectiveness of USA business listings so they have the impact you want them to.

In order to best understand how to best create your business listings, let’s take a look at a study that outlines exactly what consumers look for when using USA business directories. Here are the 9 most important takeaways from the study.

Consumers Want a Way to Find the Local Business

It’s not enough to know that a local business exists, when consumers use USA business listings, they want to know how to find or contact the business. According to the study, two-thirds of consumers expect to find the address or phone number of a business on their listing. But when creating your listing, be sure to mind your NAPs. That stands for name, address, and phone number, and if that data isn’t exactly the same on all your USA business listings, it could harm your rankings. For example, if your business is located at 100 Main Street, your NAPs should all list your address the same. If you input 100 Main on some listings and 100 Main Street on others, the search engine spiders won’t understand that all the listings belong to your business.

Consumers Want to Know When You’re Open

This may sound obvious to some, but you’d be surprised how many local business owners don’t list their store hours on their USA business listings. And that’s a problem because the study shows that a full 58 percent of consumers expect to see that information when they try find US local businesses online. Make sure your listing show the days and times your business is open so consumers don’t bypass your listing and go on to one that makes the information available.

Consumers Want to Know How to Get to Your Business

When people search USA business listings, they not only want to find the address where a business is located, they also want to know where it is. According to the study, 58 percent of lookers have a need to understand how far they are away from the business. If you can include a map or some simple directions that include the closets highways and cross streets, it will satisfy most consumers.

Consumers Want to Find Your Website

Some consumers use USA business directories as a way to find the websites of those shops they want to do business with. Even for locally based businesses, websites offer a great way for business owners to showcase their products and services.

But most USA business directories don’t allow local business owners to include a link to their website on the free listing versions. In order to overcome this obstacle, you can seek out USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com and use their premium version. For only $20, you can include a live link to your website so those customers who are looking for it will be able to click on it and land on your site.

Consumers Want Pricing Information

Before people can make a buying decision, they want to know what price the business charges. In fact, according to the study, 53 percent of consumers expect to find pricing information on USA business listings. Whether you list the price for your daily lunch menu, service call, or for your bestselling product, you should at least include some pricing information.

Consumers Want General Information

In addition to wanting to understand specific pricing, 52 percent of consumers expect to find general information on the products and services that a business offers. For example, if you run a local air conditioning service, you can include information about the services you provide. Or if you run a bridal shop in the local community, list the various service and products that you offer to local brides.

Consumers Want to See Reviews

Many recent studies have shown that consumers are hesitant to do business a local shop unless there are sufficient reviews from other customers. But sometimes those reviews can be hard to come by. Talk to your customers and point them to your USA business listings and ask them to leave a review. Once potential customers see those reviews, they’ll be more likely to take a chance with your business. Be sure to list your business only on USA business directories that allow consumers to leave reviews. Remember, 38 percent of consumers look for reviews on a company before they will make a decision about whether or not to do business with them.

Consumers Want to Know How They can Pay

Not all businesses accept the same types of payments, and most consumers want to know their options before they drive to a business. In fact, the study shows that 28 percent of people who look at USA business listings specifically want to know which forms of payment are accepted at a business. That’s why so many local shop owners include that information on their local business listings. Once you claim your business listing, be sure to list all of the various forms of payment that you accept in your shop.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

Finally, the study shows that 16 percent of those surveyed are looking for some type of information that wasn’t listed above. And while the study didn’t make it clear what information those consumers were looking for, it should make you stop and think. When you consider that if consumers don’t find what they need on your USA business listings they will likely move on to the next one, it only makes sense to include all you can in the listing. For example, if you offer a loss leader product at a great introductory price, include that information in your listing. Or if you run a local restaurant and are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, be sure to tell your potential customers.

What’s Next?

Now that you understand how to most effectively set up your USA business listings, let’s talk about which USA business directories you should list your business on. Here are 4 things to look for.

  • GEO location technology. If you’ve ever visited old school USA business directories, they you understand just how difficult it can be to find the local business in your area. They require to enter your zip code, and then the system doesn’t always work. Sometimes you’re left looking at results in a different city, and may never find the local results from your area. But some quality USA business directories offer GEO location technology which matches the results visitors see with the area that they’re logged on from. For example, if you logged on from Cleveland, Ohio, you would only see the results from that city.
  • Local News. In addition to providing USA business listings, the best local directories offer visitors a chance to see the local news in their area. On FindUsLocal.com, visitors see a news stream that highlight the local news of their area.
  • Local Events. In addition to wanting to understand the news in the local area, many people like to see what local events are playing in their area. For example, on sites like the one listed above, visitors will see the local concerts, theatre events and sporting events in their area. What’s more, they won’t have to search out where to buy the tickets because each of events have a link in it that takes them directly to the ticket site.
  • In addition to all the practical things, people like to see inspirational quotes and items, especially if they’re starting out their day by searching USA business listings. On FindUsLocal, you can find an inspirational quote of the day, a humorous name of the name that showcases real names like Bill Board, and an interesting feature that tells people the meaning behind their birthday. It’s unusual for USA directories to include information like this, and that’s why many people use FindUsLocal.com as their USA directory of choice.

As you can see, there are some USA business directories that are a cut above the rest. Whether you are using the local directory to list your business—or if you are visiting it every day as a consumer—it’s good to know which one offer the best benefits and features.

Clearly, FindUsLocal.com is just the right local business directory. If you haven’t yet listed your business there, go there now and just see how many more consumers find you. And if you’re a consumer who uses USA business directories, check it out and see why so many people make FindUsLocal.com the first site they visit every day.

USA Business Directories are Good for Consumers and Local Shop Owners. Here are 5 Benefits for Each.

local-seoAsk anyone who uses the internet—for business or for pleasure—and they’ll tell you that one of the most beneficial solutions to come out in a long time are USA business directories. These directories are taking the internet by storm because they offer both consumers and small, local shop owners a way to find what they need and attract shoppers.

If you haven’t heard of USA business directories and want to know more, here’s the latest information and how you can use it to better your life or your small business.

What are USA Business Directories?

When consumers try to find US local businesses in their area, they’re faced with a challenge when it comes to the large search engines. That’s because those search engines tend to give preference in the rankings to nationwide companies, or those that have paid thousands in online advertising fees. That’s frustrating for consumers because it can make it difficult to find US local businesses in their area, and it’s prohibitive for local shops because they can’t afford to compete with big business.

But USA business listings have changed all of that. Now it’s possible for small business owners to list their shop on one of the USA local business directories and be found by the many consumers who now use them. It’s a win-win for everyone and that’s why they’re gaining so much in popularity.

So, what are all these benefits? Let’s first talk about the benefits for consumers, and then we’ll delve into the ways that local shop owners can use the local directories to attract more business.

How USA Business Directories can Benefit Consumers

According to recent studies, people use the internet to find the businesses they want to shop at, even if those businesses are located in their immediate area. But while that was difficult to do in the past because local shops aren’t very visible on large search engines, it’s now easier with USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com.

But in addition to being able to find the local shops they want, consumers can also get other benefits from using these local directories. Here are 5 ways that sites like FindUsLocal.com can make your life easier.


  • Stay Current on Local Happenings. When you log onto a site like ours, you’ll automatically be shown the local concerts, theatre events, and sporting events near you. That means you won’t have to call the local stadium or visit multiple websites in order to find what’s happening in your local area. It’s all right there in one convenient place. And on sites like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll be able to click on a link in the listing and be taken directly to the site offering the tickets for the event. You can use listings to plan your weekend, a date, or simply keep up to date on current happenings. How easy is that?
  • Learn the Opinions of Others. It’s always helpful to know the opinions of others in your community about the local shops and restaurants in the area. And by looking on USA business directories like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll be able to find US local business reviews that others in your community have left. By reading the reviews, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to visit the shop. Can you even imagine going out to eat at a restaurant without having read online reviews for it? If you’re like most people, you won’t. But local US business reviews left on the directory means you’ll never have to go to a restaurant again without first reading what other locals have to say about it.
  • Hear About Sales and Job Openings. Another benefit to using USA business listings sites is that you will be find all the latest tweets from business owners and others in your area. You’ll be the first to know when a sale is announced at the corner store, and if an employer announces a job opening, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. Just imagine all the tidbits and information you’ll gleam from watching the local tweets as they come in.
  • Get Some Inspiration and Humor. Along with all the practical things you’ll find on USA business listings, you’ll also find unique items such as inspirational quotes of the day, or other features that make you laugh. For example, at FindUsLocal.com, you’ll see a Name of the Day listing that showcases one unusual name every day. You’ll chuckle as you see real names listed like Bill Board and Dr. Creip. There is also special feature that gives insight into the personality of people born on specific days. You’ll find this fresh content every day on FindUsLocal.com, and it’s just another reason why you should check into the sight every day.
  • Artist Spotlights. Finally, quality USA business directories add a touch of class to the offerings by spotlighting talented artists. For example, you’ll see artists featured who produce photography, and then a website link will be offered if you want to purchase some of the work you see. These are hard to find, innovative artists that you won’t find in just any old shop.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to USA business directories than just an ability to find the local businesses you want to shop at. But consumers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from these directories.

Below, we’ve listed 5 reasons that small, local shops should be sure to claim their listings so they can be found by the millions of consumers who use the directories.

  • GEO Location Technology. Consumers don’t like having to jump through a bunch of hoop just to find the information they’re looking for, which is why some USA business listings are ineffective. On these old school local directories, consumers have to type in their location and then give the site permission to track their location just so they can find the local shops they want to. And frankly, that’s just too many steps for some people. But some USA business directories, like the one found at FindUsLocal.com, use GEO location technology to automatically track visitor’s locations. That means that when a consumer logs onto the local directory they will see only the results from their area. No more hoops, and that means much happier consumers will be contacting your store.
  • An Online Presence. Not all local shops have websites, even in today’s internet environment, but the truth is that every business needs an online presence. Without one, you run the risk of alienating some consumers because they’ll assume your business is irrelevant and out of touch. But by listing your site on USA business directories, you will add credibility to your local store by having that online presence. And the great news is that if you claim your free listing, it won’t cost you a dime to have that online presence.
  • Search Engine Rank Positioning. You might already be aware that fresh content will increase your search engine visibility, but continuously adding new content to your site can be exhausting. And, as we discussed above, not every local shop owner has taken the steps to build their own website. But did you know that when you use USA business listings and people leave reviews on the site, it bumps its rankings up? It’s true. And that mean by listing your site on USA business directories you will benefit from the high search engine rankings that the site enjoys because of continual reviews being posted on it.
  • Listing Options. As a local shop owner, you will have the option of claiming your free USA business listings or utilizing the premium version. With a free listing, you’ll be able to list your name, address, and phone number, as well as encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business. But if you decide to create a premium listing, which costs just $20, you will also be able to link to your website and enjoy exclusivity on certain pages. Where else can you spend that little for such great exposure?
  • Credibility. Any time your business is highlighted on another website, it lends a certain credibility to your business. And if yours is listed on USA business directories, even more so. These directories are where consumers go to find reputable businesses, and if they find yours there, it will increase your credibility in their eyes. You can’t afford not to have your business listed.

Local business directories are beneficial for both consumers and the local businesses that serve them. If you haven’t already claimed your business listing, be sure to head on over to FindUsLocal.com now and do it. Who knows? Consumers may be there right now looking for a business just like yours.