Fun Things to Do On Free

For years, the free trial has offered many fun things that you can do and find out about your history and your ancestors without paying a cent. Here are five things you can do on free if you're interested in learning more about your family tree.

Start Building a Family Tree

You can upload an existing family tree or start a new family tree on free. Once your tree is started, you can begin adding relatives and take advantage of "green leaves" that give you hints that can lead to learning more about your ancestors and heritage.

Search Census Indexes

Are you curious about when your ancestors first came to Doniphan MO? An free trial lets you search a number of selected census indexes to find information about your family. You may find address information, family information and more in those indexes.

Learn About Your History from Your Last Name

The free surname tool lets you search for information about your last name. You can find out where your name originated and where in the U.S. people with your last name may have settled. You may even find long-lost relatives living right there near you in Doniphan MO.

Learn About Your Ancestors in Missouri

You can use the free search records tool to find information at the state level. Just click on your state in the map and find records about your family.

Learn More About Genealogy Sources

You can now read two of the most informative and useful genealogy books on free. The Red Book lists the most useful family history sources in the United States by state, and The Source describes the various types of historical records you can access and what you can find in them.

In addition to the things listed, you can also download lots of helpful forms and resources that will help you track and record your search for your ancestors, connect with other members and participate in the free message boards - all without paying a single cent in fees. Why wait when you can start learning about your family history and origins on free?