Alcohol rehab

Alcohol Rehab: Helping After the Program

If a family member is in an alcohol rehab program in Sherburne NY, chances are they've hit rock bottom. Perhaps they've received DUIs and lost their drivers' license; maybe they've lost their job; it could be that they've even lost their marriage or custody of their children. Their world is filled with loss, and in order to help them successfully complete alcohol rehab and stay sober, they're going to need your help.

Helping an alcoholic - even one who's in alcohol rehab - isn't easy. After all, they've likely lied to you, embarrassed you, and perhaps even stolen from you in order to feed their addiction. Even as you love them, you are also likely angry with them and resentful of them. Nevertheless, if you can find it in your heart to put the past behind you, you can serve an integral role in their recovery - whether you live in Sherburne NY or at a distance.

If you'll see the family member regularly after they get out of alcohol rehab, the best way to help is to help them avoid alcohol. If you live with the alcoholic, remove all alcohol from your home, even if you yourself are a social drinker. Before they get out of alcohol rehab, scout out and make a list of public places (movie theaters, bookstores, restaurants) that don't serve alcohol. When the two of you go out, make sure you visit a place where alcohol isn't available.

Whether you live in [statetitle] or a state far away, you can provide emotional support by recognizing their efforts and commending them on their progress. Keep in mind that those who have gone through alcohol rehab usually reevaluate their relationships. The most loving thing you can do is to let the family member who has been through alcohol rehab know that you are there to help. If you live nearby, you should consider going to a support group (such as Al-Anon) for loved ones. When you do, you can learn what to expect and how to best live your life while supporting your family member.

Alcoholism will have a lasting impact on your life, but with your help, your alcoholic family member can help stay on the path to sobriety.