3 Reasons Why Local Business Will Always Reign Supreme

kbux_local_business_directory_quartzsite_2.pngWe live in the age of variable pricing where pricing depends on the season and the time of the year. It’s not a modern concept and has been around for decades but it is much more pronounced now because of technology. For instance, holiday décor is very cheap around the summer months but starts to get more expensive by October. Prices for the same products on websites like Amazon will be different depending on the supplier you choose to do business with, and special times of year will allow you to offer amazing discounts to your customers if you plan your merchandising well.  As a business owner, you probably know about the marketing strategy known as the Boomerang Commerce, which is based on the hope that you will be able to get away with selling your goods or services at a higher price – and oftentimes, it works.

Buyer’s Stockholm Syndrome

Buyer’s Stockholm Syndrome is the first reason why your business can reign supreme. Smart consumers who want to find US local businesses know that it’s best to go check out the item or service before paying if they want to avoid remorse. This syndrome is what consumers feel after they receive their item from an online shopping spree and discover defects, but then they convince themselves that they still got a good deal. Medically speaking, it’s called cognitive bias and no one is exempt from it except those who use local business directories to get the physical addresses and make the effort to visit the store.

In 2015, a study was done with online shoppers and more than 50 percent of them felt buyer’s remorse. How did they get roped in? With the data trail online shoppers leave behind, it becomes easy for online retailers and data scientists to analyze and create a strategy to tempt consumers back to buy that item they spent more than a few seconds staring at. Some of the strategies web business owners can use include “list price vs discounted price,” and “two for the price of one.”

As a business with a physical store listed in local business directories, you have a clear advantage though. You can invite online users to drop by and personally inspect the products. You can guarantee satisfaction. Keep in mind that as a business with both an online presence and a physical store, you can offer the best of both worlds to your customers from hard copy or online coupons to freebies and giveaways.

Local Business Shopping Offers Privacy

The second reason is obvious – privacy issues. Every time consumers log into the internet, they reveal something of themselves. One way to protect footprints is to avoid randomly signing up with just any website. You can help your market by providing a website that is transparent in its information and purpose, easy to navigate, and offer more background and security protocol policies so that consumers feel confident about providing their personal and financial details. Better yet, if you use a website like finduslocal.com which is one of the highly respected online business directories that have secure and vetted listings. The local business directory doesn’t allow just any business to be on their online business listings without being verified and checked first. They do this as part of their service to protect the interests of the people who use their directories.

Local Business Shopping Helps Consumers Stay Organized

Organization is the third reason many people will want to buy from your local store.. Did you know that most adults around the world do not have adequate organizational skills for personal tasks. For instance, did you know the regular employee who works a day job, six days a week spends up to 1.5 hours a day looking for things? Other interesting results include:

  • 23% of American adults are late in paying their monthly bills – not because they have budget issues but because they lost the bills of statement
  • Those who procrastinate end up buying the more expensive items especially if they shop online because they are under time pressure with delivery schedules
  • People who are easily distracted when researching online take more than twice as long to finish the job compared to those who use online business listings and visit physical stores.

The set-up of a physical store with online business listings and an active marketing strategy will cover all bases: it helps people who have time to shop around and talk, people who are rushing, and people who want to make sure they have the best deal. Be that kind of business that cares about helping and providing excellent service, security, and convenience to its market.

These three reasons are why brick and mortar shops are making a come-back and why other services remain relevant and popular. Studies show that local business is what sustains a community and acts as a pillar among the locals, provided they stay competitive and offer the kind of neighborhood service that’s friendlier, kinder, and more respectful.

Finally, local shops will always be around because they make like simpler for so many people. For many consumers, being faced with so many choices leaves them dizzy and unsure about their decisions, but having a local shop to go to removes the confusion and gives them peace of mind.

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