3 Reasons Why You Need to Small Business Listing

If you run a local business, you may have noticed that the marketing and advertising methods you used to use don’t seem to pull in as many customers as they used to. That’s because consumer behavior has changed dramatically, and only those local shop owners who keep up with the times are experiencing a robust business in these times.

That’s why we want to talk about the 3 reasons that, as a local business owner, you should have a local business listing in a quality small business directory. If you don’t already, here are 3 reasons to drop everything now and take the 10 minutes needed to create one.

Old School Local Marketing Techniques Don’t Work Anymore

When is the last time you pick up one of the clunky local phone books to try and find US local businesses? If you’re like most Americans, it’s been quite a few years. Yet many local business owners continue to pay for expansive phone books ads every year. That’s a shame, because the truth is, not a lot of consumers use the books anymore so it’s not a good use for your local marketing and advertising dollars.

In the same vein, the local newspaper used to be a great place to get the word out about local businesses, but those too have fallen by the wayside. These days, most people get their news online, and local newspapers across the country are used for cleaning windows, packing moving boxes, or a host of other uses that don’t involve trying to find US local businesses.

Finally, in the past, mailers containing a group of coupons for local businesses were popular because they were a great way to bring in new business. But these days, the majority of them sit unopened, or worse, are thrown away without ever being opened. Why? Because today’s consumers look online for coupons, even for the local stores in their own neighborhood.

You Need to Be Found Online

In today’s tech savvy world, consumers expect to find US local businesses online, and if they can’t, they’ll end up doing business with a shop or restaurant that they can. That was bad news a few years ago because it meant that local businesses had to spend a lot of time and money building an expensive company website. But these days, consumers don’t look for website, but rather turn to free local business directories to find US local businesses.

And that’s great news for local shop owners. Free small business directories like FindUsLocal.com attract consumers and then show them your local listing so that they know about your business. And the more people who know about it, the more new customers you’ll have walking in your door. In other words, if you can be seen online, your chances of running a profitable business is much greater.

Today’s Consumers Rely on Online Reviews

If your local shop or restaurant can’t be found online, consumers won’t be able to read what others have to say about it, and according to the latest studies, that means they won’t be likely to visit your business. Those studies show that people like to read at least 10 reviews about a local business before deciding whether or not visit it. So after you create your local business listing on a site like FindUsLocal.com, it’s important that you ask your customers to leave reviews for it on the small business directory.

Local business directories are the way for local shops and restaurants to be found in today’s internet culture. If your business can’t yet be found online, what are you waiting for? Head on over to FindUsLocal right now and take 10 minutes to give your local business an online presence.

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