3 Surefire Ways To Draw In Millennial Customers

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAzqAAAAJDBiY2RmNGU1LWYwZmUtNDI4My04MDE5LWZjODVhYzBmNjc2MgBased on most recent surveys, about 82% of Millennials shop online with the belief that they will be able to tag better deals on the Internet. However, this 2017, there has been a shift in attitude – 92% of Millennials plan to shop in physical stores for the holidays using local business listings posted online as  their data source! There is an evolution that is taking place and it’s going to revive the traditional holiday spirit with a twist. Shoppers plan to do both online and in-store shopping which will benefit businesses with both physical store and online presence. This suggests that when shoppers find and visit your store to get the item they saw online, chances are high that they will make additional purchases – depending on the skills of your merchandisers and salespeople.

Expanding your market to attract Millennials does not have to entail trying to match the marketing budget of the giants in the retail industry. There’s a smarter way to approach this challenge.

First, adapt to the generational gaps. The demographics of US shoppers are composed of Baby Boomers (53+ years old), Gen X (aged 38 to 52), Millennials (aged 22 to 37), and Gen Z (under 21). Each generation has its own specific interests, particularities, and preferences. For instance, if you want to reach out to Gen Z, you should focus on two marketing approaches: social media and personalized emails. For Millennials, more than social media, they lean towards loyalty, quality, and personalization. As for Gen X, it’s more about convenience and for Baby Boomers, they want it all – discount, quality, convenience, and variety but don’t exactly give much importance to social media.

All generations have one thing in common: generally speaking, they are all receptive to using the Internet which is where FindUsLocal.com comes in.

The Incomparable Value of Local Business Directories & Local Business Listings

As the world has become a global village, many international buyers will want to find US local businesses especially with local customers fast becoming dissatisfied with existing products in their respective countries. Tourists and foreign guests who have no personal connections are rarely satisfied with getting tips from hotel concierges since many have their personal hidden agendas. Instead, they scour the Internet for deals, choices, and opportunities. This is where aggressive online USA listings will locate and contact you.

Locals also shop in the same manner and business listings will add value and increase online visibility to your business without straining your budget. In effect, you get to sweep a large margin of your target market with one website using local marketing advertising.

Second, offer enticing trade-offs. One way to attract Millennial shoppers is to offer tempting deals. However, to gain access to your deals, there has to be a trade-off: you get to choose. Ask for:

  1. Their email address
  2. Sign up and subscribe
  3. Location

With a choice of these three options that are Millennial-friendly, research shows that over 50% of Millennial shoppers will agree to giving you something.  Have you heard of location or geomarketing?

This is a marketing technique that targets mobile phone users. According to PEW studies, by the end of 2017, majority of Americans will own a smartphone and be using it at least three hours a day from an average of 7 minutes a day in 2011. Millennials already can’t live without their gadgets. In fact, for many, they would rather lose their wallet than their gadgets.

Of that three hours daily on mobile gadgets, users are spending at least 20 minutes on networking, and the rest of the time on work, apps and browsing the Internet and checking new local business listings. By tapping the potential of location marketing, you can target people who are near your physical store to drop by for a few minutes to check out the deals you have to offer!

Third, understand the Millennial shopper mindset. About 66% of Millennials don’t shop for essentials if they can avoid it. Many would rather spend excess cash on concert tickets, nice dinners, and tech devices – as these have become their status symbol instead of clothing and accessories.  Nonetheless, considering that by 2036 the population of Millennials will peak at over 81 million with an expected spending of $1.4 trillion. Thus, even if clothing and accessories are not priority, they will still bring in tons in sales and revenues.

Some of the top recommendations on how to market to the Millennial mindset include:

  • Market events, not products
  • Promote a cause over a new product launch
  • Share a social human interest photo or story instead of posting marketing hype
  • Add attractions related to health, fitness, wellness, adventure, new experiences to draw in a Millennial crowd

And if you plan on using local business directories or local business listings, be creative! Don’t settle for a text only publication, a website with business listings that is not  marketing aggressively, or a company that relies solely on traditional media.


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