3 Things Every Local Business Owner Needs to Know about Local Business Directories

know3 Things Every Local Business Owner Needs to Know about Local Business Directories

The art of successfully marketing a local shop, service business, or restaurant has changed dramatically in the past few years, and those who aren’t changing with the times are feeling the pinch. In fact, most experts agree that local businesses that don’t alter the way they reach out to new customers will probably not be open in the years to come. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to change direction and begin reaching today’s consumers.

The Marketing Methods of Yesterday Don’t Work Anymore

When is the last time you clipped a coupon in your local newspaper before you visited a local restaurant? And how long has it been since you pulled out the phone book to find a local phone number for a business? If you’re like most people, it’s been so long you can’t even remember.

If you aren’t relying on old-school methods to find US local businesses, what makes you think that other people in your community are? Here’s the truth: they’re not.

How Consumers Find US Local Businesses Today

Today’s consumers are a savvy bunch, and they rely heavily on the internet to find stores, products, information and more, and if your local business can’t be found there, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business. But for far too long, local business owners have ignored the online trend because they believed websites were only for the big guys. After all, their customers live right around the corner.

But here’s the reality: when a customer wants to find local businesses—even if those shops or restaurants are nearby, they look online. And that’s why so many local shops are struggling to keep the doors open.

The Solution is Local Business Directories

You might think most people go to the large search engines when they want to find US local businesses, but that’s just not the case. The experience is far too frustrating for most people, so they’ve turned in droves to local business directories. These local directories give consumers the opportunity to easily find US local businesses without the hassle.

But as a business owner, you want to know more, don’t you? You probably want to understand just why you should spend the time to create your local business listing on a site like FindUsLocal.com. After all, time is money, right?

So we’ve put together the following 3 reasons why your shop or restaurant should be on a local business directory.

It’s Where the Customers Are

It makes good business sense to put your name in the places where customers gather and local business directories are it. Today’s internet savvy consumers always look for the most efficient and convenient websites, and local business directories are the answer for them.  They can easily bypass all the irrelevant big box listings and informational articles get the local business listings they want in one easy step.

You Need a Place for Reviews

Today’s buyers don’t make a move until they’ve read a few reviews about the shop or restaurant they’re considering, and if that business doesn’t have online reviews, they miss out on a lot of business. But when they have a local business listing on sites like Find Us Local, they’ll have a place where people in their community can leave feedback for others in the same area. And to make things even better, at least one local business directory allows both consumers and the business owners to leave comments in an interactive environment! This helps to create a conversation around your business.

It Won’t Cost you a Cent

Internet marketing can cost a lot of money, especially if you’re trying to get your business up high in the major search engine rankings. You will either have to hire a professional to create a pay per click ad campaign, which can cost thousands, or a write to create hundreds of SEO articles so the search engine spiders can find your site. But there’s another way. When you claim your local business listing on a local business directory, you’ll benefit from that site’s marketing efforts. And the best thing of all? It’s absolutely free to create your local business listing.

Local business directories are the future as far as marketing techniques for local restaurants, service businesses, retail stores and more. Here is a recent article that describes the 10 most important reasons you need local business directories. And unfortunately, those retail business owners who are late to the game and don’t think they’re necessary will likely fall victim to the rash of retail store closings across the nation. The gist of it is this: if you want to succeed in today’s retail marketplace, you have to change the way you do business and begin to take advantage of new developments like local business directories. If you haven’t already, why not head over to Find Us Local right now and claim our local business listing?

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