3 Ways Local Business Directories Help Your Business Be Seen

kbux_local_business_directory_quartzsite_2.pngRunning a local shop, restaurant, or service business has unique challenges in a world where most everyone uses the internet to find US local businesses. And too many local shop owners still rely on old school  methods of marketing and advertising, which frankly, won’t cause many people to walk through their doors.

What they need is a new outlook on advertising methods, one that will help the people in their own community find them as they navigate the online world. And that’s where local business directories come in.

What are Local Business Directories?

In the recent past, people would use one of the major search engines like Google or Yelp when they wanted to find US local businesses. But that quickly became out of favor because the large search engines simply aren’t designed to help people find local shops and restaurants. Instead, they’re geared toward helping people find information or the large, national online retailers. Local businesses easily get lost in the mix, and consumers became frustrated with the entire system.

Then local business directories were born and now people can find US local businesses quickly and easily. They simply log onto a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and enter their search term, and they will be presented with a list of relevant businesses in their area. For example, if they were looking for a Mexican food restaurant in San Diego, California, they would type that into the local business directory’s search bar and instantly see a list of the local Mexican food restaurants.

Now that you understand why local business directories are so important to consumers, let’s talk about 3 ways you can use them to make your local shop stand out from the crowd.

Create a Complete Local Business Listing

Not all local business listings are created equal, but those business owners who take the time to fill them out in complete detail will benefit from more traffic to their store. It’s important to not only include your business name, address, phone number, and website address, but to also include details like your store hours, product offerings, maps and details about how to get to your store, and everything else that will help someone make the decision to walk through your door.

Keep the Content Fresh and Updated

You can’t just create your local business listing and forget about it—not if you want it to continue to bring new customers to your store. Instead, you should continuously update your listing every time something changes. This will help you stay relevant to the search engine algorithms and ensure that your local business listing never looks stale to buyers. For example, did you get in a new product line? Why not list it in the details of your local business listing?

Make Sure Your Local Business Listing is Interactive

No one wants to do business with a faceless company these days, and your local business listing is the perfect opportunity to interact with your potential buyers. When you have a listing on a local directory like FindUsLocal, you will be allowed to leave comments on your local listing. You can let your community know when you’re having a flash sale, when you have a job opening, or when you have a new product line come in. And what’s even better is that your community can interact with you, too because the feature is a two-way street. Your customers can leave comments about their experience in your store, talk about products they found there, or send you a public “personal” note. The possibilities are endless!

Local business directories are the new Yellow Pages in an internet obsessed world. If you run a local restaurant, shop, or service business, you need to have a local business listing so that today’s internet savvy buyers can find you. If you don’t, head on over to FindUsLocal.com right now and claim your listing. It will take a few minutes to set up, but the benefits that you’ll get from it will last years and years. What are you waiting for?


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