7 Reasons Why Local Business Directories are Better Than the Yellow Pages

find-local-businessIn case you haven’t heard, local business directories are taking over the world. And to most local business owners, it’s a welcomed change from times past. That’s because the business directories have changed the way local business owners reach out to you, the consumer.

How Do Local Business Directories Work?

In case you haven’t yet discovered the joy of using local business listings when you want to find a business in your community, here’s how they work. Instead of trying to find local businesses in a large search engine, which can be frustrating because the local results are typically only found at the bottom of the page—or even on subsequent pages—you can find them quickly and easily. A local business directory is structured just like the major search engines, but instead of giving you a hodgepodge of results, you’ll only see the local businesses in your area.

Does that sound like something you want to know more about? Let’s talk about the 7 ways local business directories are better than the Yellow Pages.

Local Business Directories are Personal

Although the internet is one of the most useful things to come around in our history, it does have its flaws. Perhaps the biggest one is that it so impersonal. For example, people who use it to find information, products or services have to spend a lot of time looking for it because they’re dealing with algorithms that can’t interact with them. But some local business directories, like FindUsLocal.com, use state of the art technology called GEO location technology that automatically reads the visitor’s location so they will have a more personal experience on the site. For instance, if you log onto this local business directory, you will be presented with a customized home page that only shows you the information from your area. And when you use the search bar on the site, you’ll only be presented with local shops and restaurants. In other words, the site acts interactively with you to personalize your experience.

Local Business Directories Focus on Local News

You know how hard it is to find the local news in your community? In the past, people waited on the community newspaper to be thrown on their front porch, but those days are long gone. These day, people turn online to find their daily dose of news, but it can take a lot of time to find it online because you’ll likely have to check multiple sites. But when you look for local business listings on sites like FindUsLocal.com, your customized home page will show you a stream that includes the local news from your area. And that’s important because it can be difficult to find local news when searching the web.

Local Business Directories Highlight the Events Coming to Your Area

When is the last time you tried to find out about the local events coming to your town or city? If you’re like most people, you either spent half the day on the phone calling all of the various venues in your community, or youne spent hours online at multiple ticket sites looking for them. But local directories like FindUsLocal.com solve that problem, because on your customized home page, you’ll find all of the sporting events, plays, and concerts coming to your area. And just to make things easier, the site even offers a link where you can purchase the event tickets without a hassle.

Local Business Directories Show You Comments from Local Businesses

One of the most popular features of FindUsLocal.com is the comments section. As of this writing, it is the only local directory that allows both consumers and local business owners to leave a comment about the business. This is different from reviews because the comments don’t have to be about the service or products, but can be about anything. For example, if you visit the business and find out that there is free parking a block away, you can leave that in the comment section so other people will have an easier time parking while visiting the store. And the business owner can also leave comments telling you about sales, special product releases, or anything else they think will be useful. Remember, you’ll only find this handy feature on FindUsLocal.com.

Local Business Directories Feature Meetups and Other Community Activities

It can be hard to find out what’s going on in your local area, but business directories can help with that too. On sites like FindUsLocal.com, you’ll see the local meetups and club meetings right there on your customized home page. Just look to the left and you’ll see all of the events and meeting being organized by the people in your community. And if you want to join in, just contact the person hosting the meetup. This is a great feature for those who are new to the area and don’t know anyone yet, or those who are just looking for something fun to do.

Local Business Directories Give You a Chance to Laugh or Take an Insightful Moment

You probably think all business listing sites are all business, but maybe you should think again. FindUsLocal.com has taken a different approach to business listings and added in some features that make people want to bookmark the page and visit it time and time again. For example, if you’re in the mood for humor, check out their Name of Day feature. It highlights an usual name everyday, and most of them will bring a smile to your face. Bill Board anyone?

You’ll also find an inspirational quote and a special feature that talks about the specific traits of people who were born on that day. Whether you want to laugh, meditate on deep thoughts, or gain insight into someone born on that day, you’ll find it on this innovative site.

Local Business Directories Provide Business Phone Numbers

If you’re like most people, the last time you needed a business phone number, you probably paid a dollar for it on your smartphone. Most people do, but that’s only because they don’t realize you can head over to FindUsLocal.com and get it for free. The site offers the business phone numbers for free as part of its effort to make life easier for consumers.

Local Business Directories Offer Local Business Listings

Now let’s talk about the thing local directories are most known for—local business listings. The site is set up just like the major search engines, but only better. You’ll have the option of searching in one of the major categories and seeing a complete listing of the businesses you’re looking for, or using the search bar and finding local businesses that way. If you use the categories and are looking for a restaurant, you’ll find a long list of restaurants located in your area. But if you want to find a local Chinese restaurant, you’ll type that keyword in the search bar and be shown all of the Chinese restaurants in your area.

And remember, once you find the local business you want, you’ll have the opportunity to read reviews left by other people, leave you own, read the comments left by the business owner, leave a comment yourself, find directions and view a map, learn the store or restaurant’s hours, get the phone number, and read a brief about section for the business.

Local business directories have replaced the old Yellow Pages, and consumers are better off for it. If you’re still struggling to find local businesses these days, isn’t it time you approached the task with the modern tools available to you? Head on over to FindUsLocal.com and find out how you can not only find local businesses easier, but check out all the other features the site offers. Chances are, you’ll find yourself making it the first stop every day!

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