Are Local Business Directories Right for Your Small Business?

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about local business directories and how they can help small business owners attract new business. But not every local business owner is convinced that creating a free local business listing will benefit their business.

How about you? Have you set up your free listing or are you waiting to take this important marketing step because you don’t think this form of local marketing is right for you? If that’s you, let’s talk about the types of businesses that would benefit from creating a local business listing on a credible local business directory.

Local Stores and Shops

If you run a local shop in your community, having a local business listing is crucial to your ability to draw in new business. Why? Because today’s consumers don’t look to old-school local marketing methods such as the Yellow Pages to find US local businesses anymore.

Instead, they go online to look for the businesses they need. For example, if someone wanted to find a local cake shop, they would log onto a local business directory to find cake shops in their area. Would they find yours, or would they end up giving their business to one of your competitors?

If you can’t be found online and you own a local store or small shop, be sure to go to and set up your free local listing now. Otherwise, you’re giving away all the customers in your area who are looking for stores like yours.

Local Service Businesses

Successfully running a service business in a city or town has changed a lot over the past decade. In the past, all you needed to do was ensure your customers were happy and make sure they could find you in the phone book.

But today’s consumers who are in the market for a service also turn to local business directories to help them find it. And one of the main reasons consumers prefer to look for local US service businesses online? The reviews.

That’s why local service businesses need a local business listing. It allows other customers to leave online reviews for you business, which is important because today’s consumers want to read reviews before they make a decision about whether or not to visit a local service business.

Local Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, and Eateries

Local food businesses are enjoying brisk business in light of the foodie trend, and local food shops are no exception. But did you know that most people decide to eat out at the last minute as they are going about their day? And guess what they use to find the nearby and well-recommended restaurants in their city or town?

They use their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to log on to a local business directory and conduct a search for a restaurant. And if yours can’t be found there, your competitor will likely be serving them that day instead of you.

What Kind of Small, Local Business Do You Run?

As you can see, it really doesn’t matter whether you own a local shop, restaurant, or service business, a local business directory can help you attract new customers to your store. If you haven’t already set yours up, go now to and create yours.


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