Are You Doing These 3 Things to Grow Your Local Business?



Are You Doing These 3 Things to Grow Your Local Business?

The numbers are in and it seems to be good news for local retail businesses. According to Reuters, July saw the biggest retail increase in seven months, including discretionary spending by consumers. Experts say that this mean the economy is gaining momentum before the ever important fall busy season.

But even though the news is good, there are still some local business owners who are doing poorly. For example, this year has seen a larger amount of local store closing than in the Great Recession.

But now that the news is getting brighter, it’s time for local store owners to up their game so they can take part in the retail upswing. In fact, many experts predict that only those local store owners who update their marketing methods will continue to thrive in this internet driven economy.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring you 3 ideas of how you can begin to increase your business today. Follow along as we offer some ideas that will quickly have new customers walking through your doors.

List Your Business on a Local Business Directory

Perhaps the number one thing you can do to increase sales is to list your shop, service business, or restaurant on a local business directory. These local directories are the new hang out for consumers who like to shop locally and find US local businesses to visit. In fact, as more and more people give up trying to find US local businesses on the large search engines, local business directories are the natural alternative. That’s because people don’t have to dig through a bunch of results that have nothing to do with local businesses. For example, if you were trying to find US local post office listings on a major search engine, you would have to dig through countless results that had nothing to do with your query. But if you conduct the same search on local business directories like it’s all you would find.

Become Part of the Community

Another great way to get your local business name in front of the people in your community is to make sure you’re involved in projects and events. For example, if there is a country fair, you could offer to set up and run a face painting booth and then donate all the sales to a local charity. Or if there is a fundraising event in your town or city, do what you can to help. And in addition to volunteering at local events, you can also establish yourself as an expert in your field by holding classes, writing a local newspaper column, or giving speeches to local colleges or universities. Remember, the more you interact with the people from our community, the more they will associate good things with your business name.

Interact with Your Community Online

While local interaction is great, you’ll also need to find a way to interact with your customers online. That’ because in a world of social media, people expect the companies they do business with to hold online conversations with them. But that can be difficult unless you’ve budgeted thousands of dollars to set up and run a website.

Luckily, one local business directory——has made the process easier. They have set up a comments section where consumers can leave any comment they wish about a business. For example, if they want to offer parking suggestions to other consumers, tell them which time of day to get the best table in a restaurant, or just make some casual comments about the business, this is the place to do it.

And what’s even better is that now local business owners can leave comments back. Once you have a local business listing on the site, you can answer any comments left by your customers, or you can use the section to make announcements about an upcoming sale, a new product, or a job opening. This will all result in extra exposure for your local business. For other ideas and ways to use local USA business directories for marketing exposure, see an another article post here: “10 Reasons Why Finding US Local Business Directories Can Be The Best Thing for Your Local Business Success

The time is ripe for local business owners to grow your own local business. That is as long as they’re willing to do what it takes for today’s tech savvy consumers to find them. Start by listing your business on a US local business directory, and then take it to the streets and mingle with your customers. And to ensure that you get the attention of your online customers, be sure to answer comments and then leave your own at the comments section on Find Us

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