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Think Differently and Watch Local Sales Grow

Many local business owners have one unfortunate thing in common: In terms of marketing, they think just like they did a decade ago. But times have changed, and unless you keep up with the chances, you may soon watch your business begin to lag in sales, or worse, not attract any new customers at all.

So, in today’s charged and unprecedented times, how do you help customers find local businesses like yours? It’s simple: you have to think out of the box. Or, align your local shop or restaurant with another business that is doing just that.

The Local Business Directory That Changed Everything

We all know that local business directories are an important aspect of getting local shops and businesses in front of consumers’ eyes. But what you may not know is that some local business directories offer extras that will help you market your local business. And is one local directory that is changing the game for local business marketing.

Say Hello To Live Interactions with Consumers in Your Community

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. What if we told you that one innovative local business directory created a system within its directory that enabled local shop owners and their customers to have public, live conversation? That’s right, public conversations that others in the community could follow.

You would want to know more, right? Because if such a thing existed, it could change the way your market your local business. Well, hold on to your hat because you’re about the learn about the next great marketing tactic for local business owners.

It’s called the Comment Section. And here’s how it works.

Once you’ve claimed your local business on and updated all of your business information, you will see that you’re able to leave a comment that streams live on the community front page of the directory. For instance, if your local shop is located in San Diego, California, everyone who logs onto the San Diego page will see your comment. How can you use this to market your business? Oh, let us count the ways!

How to Use the Comment Section on FindUsLocal

Imagine that you’re having a sale on Black Friday or a pre-Christmas sale and want to get the word out to your customers. One way to do it is to make an announcement as a comment that’s attached to your free local business listing. You might say something like this:

“Beginning December 1st, we’re offering 30% off all of our accessories. But if you mention this ad, we’ll give you another 5% off!”

Or, if you operate a local restaurant, your ad might say something like this:

“The holidays are putting us in the mood to bake! Take advantage of our baking by coming in and two fresh loaves of bread for the price of one. But hurry, we never know when the urge to bake will leave us!”

Do you see the possibilities?

You can also use the comment section to post job openings, tell local consumers when new products arrive, or announce a shortage of a popular item. You can leave comments thanking customers for something or engaging with the community in other ways. In other words, it’s an open line where you can directly communicate with everyone in your local community.

Remember, It’s a Two-Way Street

Not only will the comment section allow you to communicate directly with the community, but it also allows consumers to have direct access to your store. For instance, one person may leave a comment telling you how helpful a salesperson was, or another may suggest that you carry additional color choices for one of your products.

And as a small business owner, you can make the most of consumer comments. For example, if someone leaves you a comment telling you about a helpful employee or a product they bought from your store and loved, you can respond by thanking them for their business. It will create goodwill with that customer—and all of the others in the community that sees it.

Get Innovative and Thrive!

Now that the shopping season is here, the more innovative you get in your marketing and consumer relations, the better odds you’ll have of ringing in more of those holiday sales. Isn’t it good to know that some of the best things in life are still free?

If you want to use the comments section at, why not head over there right now and create your free business listing? If you do, you’ll soon have your voice heard above the rest of the competition in your community.

Local Business Owners and Online Shopping: A Perfect Combination?

Many local business owners across the nation are already fretting about the possibility that they won’t see the holiday sales they need to carry them through the year. After all, many consumers are purchasing their Christmas gifts online this year. That’s because people became so accustomed to shopping online that they’ve forgotten about their local business just around the corner.

The good news? You have options. Many local shops and restaurants are expanding their brand to include online sales. Here’s a two-step process that will allow you to compete for this year’s holiday sales.

Step One: Make Sure Local Consumers Can Find You

You can’t rely on word of mouth or local advertisements anymore to bring in those local Christmas shoppers. Instead, you will have to go online to get even your in-person shoppers through the door. Why? Because when people want to find a local business, they turn to local business directories.

So, your first step in the process is to ensure that those people searching for a local business like yours can find you. Luckily, this step is easy. Simply go to and use the search bar to find your business. Or, you can look in the top right corner for a button that says Add My Business. Click on it, and claim your business. Once you do, you can add all of the pertinent information that consumers will need to decide whether or not they want to visit your store.

For instance, you should make sure that all of the following information is correct:

  • Your business name
  • Your business address
  • Your business phone number
  • Your website
  • Your email address

In addition to the contact information, make sure that you tell consumers what they can expect when they walk through your door. Do this by listing the brands you carry or by letting them know about special offers or promotions that you’re running just in time for those Christmas sales.

Step Two: Expand Your Store to the Online Space

Once you’ve set up your free local business listing, it’s time to move on to step two in the process: setting up an online arm of your business. Many stores now offer their goods both in physical stores as well as online because people shop in different ways. Some people still prefer going to a physical store while others enjoy the convenience of not leaving their home and having the goods delivered to them.

You can set up your online business as an extension to your company website – just make sure you can accept the payments online. Once the store is set up, you should do a few things to let your customers know about the addition.

For instance,

  • If you have a mailing list, email your existing customers and give them the link to your new online store.
  • Advertise the addition of your online extension on all your social media channels.
  • Use the comment feature on your FindUsLocal business listing to make the announcement to all of the local shoppers in your area.

What Will You Do To Ensure a Great Christmas Season This Year?

If you’re like most small business owners, you realize that you need to do all you can to ensure that as many people as possible know about and shop at your store. It’s no longer possible to just appeal to one segment of the population: the local shoppers. Instead, you will need to expand your operations to include those potential customers who prefer to shop online.

Once you make your products available to everyone, your sales will naturally increase. Talk about having a great Christmas shopping season! If you haven’t already started the process, head on over to now to claim your business!

Christmas Sales: Will Local Business Owners Be Left Behind?

The retail landscape has dramatically changed since the advent of Covid, and now that things are beginning to settle down, local business owners are scratching their heads and wondering how to pick up the pieces and build back their store. The problem is that consumers have so gotten used to shopping at big box stores and at large online retailers, and they’ve forgotten about their local shops, service businesses, and restaurants.

Many people say that local business is at its end, but others aren’t as pessimistic. In fact, if you look at the local movements to get out and support the businesses in local areas, you’d think that the shop locally movement can’t be stopped.

But if you’re a small business, you have to do your part to ensure that you take advantage of the movement and see your fair share of local consumers.

The Problem with Local Business Advertising

Some mom-and-pop stores haven’t yet made the switch to internet advertising and are still relying on old-school physical advertising. They use their signage to draw in customers, rely on small coupons or ads in local weeklies, and maybe put a magnetic sign on the side of their car. And while all of those things are great – and still work to some extent – today’s local shop owners must do more to get their name in front of the buying public.

The Solution

So, if you can’t rely on the methods of old, how can you get your business in front of the public? One word: local business directories. You see, when today’s consumer wants to find a business, they don’t drive around until they see a sign or pick up a newspaper to find a coupon. Those days are gone.

Instead, they look to their phone. For instance, if they want to find a local furniture store, they may google, “furniture store near me.” And most of the time, they’re led straight to a local business directory. If it’s a good one, like, the local directory will automatically read the consumer’s location and match the results to it. In this instance, the local directory will show the results for all of the local furniture stores near the consumer.

How to Participate In Online Advertising

Now that you know how today’s consumers find local businesses, let’s talk about you can make sure yours is seen. After all, you can’t expect swarms of Christmas shoppers if they’re not going to find you online when they look for a business like yours.

Your first step is to go to and do a search for your business. Next, claim your business as the owner. Once you’ve claimed your business, you can fill in the details that people will look for when trying to find a local business like yours.

It’s important that you list your business with a local business directory that keeps their listings up in the search engine results. To do that, local directories have to consistently publish articles (like this one) and upgrade their site so that it keeps Google’s attention.

Time Is Running Out

Christmas is coming, and shoppers are at the gate. Is your business ready for them? Or are you still relying on old-school tactics that won’t draw in the crowds you need? Why not take a moment and list your business with FindUsLocal? The most you have to lose is a quiet store as the Christmas season rages on around you.

Local Business Directories Are Playing Their Part in Small Business Recovery

Over the past year-and-a-half, local mom and pop stores all over the nation have faced some serious challenges. First came the lockdowns. It is estimated that only about 50% of local businesses will survive the forced shutdowns that eliminated profits. Next came the labor shortage. Many local shops and restaurants are having to close their doors – or at least limit their hours – because they can’t find workers to man the shop, cook the meals, or wait on customers. And now the supply chain disruption is threatening them even more. After all, if local shops can’t get the goods they need to sell, why should they open their doors?

All of these hindrances have caused an upswell of support from people for the businesses in their local community. They understand that, unless they want to be limited to shopping at big box stores or restaurants for a very long time, they need to do all they can to support the local restaurants and shops in their area.

Enter local business directories.

What Is a Local Business Directory?

A local business directory works just like the Yellow Pages of old, only better. They are electronic databases of all the local shops, restaurants, and service businesses within a local area. For instance, if you live in San Antonio, Texas, and want to find a Mexican food restaurant, you would go to a local business directory, type in “Mexican food” and you would be shown a list of all the restaurants in your local area that serve that type of food.

Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

But quality local directories do even more. They showcase local news, weather, social media posts, and even make it easy to purchase sporting or theatre tickets with a click of a button. In other words, they are a hub for everything local, a one-stop shop that will help you stay focused and find all you need in one place.

How Can Local Business Directories Help Save Local Shops and Restaurants?

Over the past 18 months, people have become accustomed to shopping at big box stores. For too long, the larger stores were the only ones that were permitted to stay open. So, people got in the habit of ordering from Amazon or driving to the local big box shop.

But now that, at least in some states, local shops are beginning to open, people will have to make a conscious effort to remember to visit their local establishments instead. After all, the world would be pretty boring if we all shopped at the same big box stores and ate at the chain restaurants, wouldn’t it?

Local business directories help consumers find those local shops and restaurants that they have forgotten about. Go ahead, try it. Start by going to and entering a search word in the search bar. Maybe you’re looking for a book store or a place where you can find Christmas decorations such as a home goods store. Once you enter the type of business you’re looking for, you will see a massive list of alternatives to the corporately-owned stores you’ve been shopping at for the past (almost) two years.

A refreshing change, isn’t it?

What Do You Want Your Community To Look Like?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to use a local business directory to find the local shops, service businesses, and restaurants near you (and run by those in your community), ask yourself some questions. Do you want a future where everyone shops at the same store? Do you want to eat at the same restaurant everyone else does and never get to taste the unique flavors that only a passionate local chef can bring?

If your answer to both of these questions is no, it’s time to begin using local business directories such as FindUsLocal. They will not only open your world as far as the possibilities, but in the end, they just may mean the difference between shopping and eating boredom and a diverse and unique experience for you and your family.

Why not rediscover your local community and go there now?

How to Make Big Sales After Christmas

For many local business owners, the thought of all the holiday shoppers going back to their lives and not out shopping is enough to send them into a tailspin. But here’s the deal: just because the Christmas shopping season is over, that doesn’t mean all the shoppers plan to stay home.

In fact, after Christmas sales are a huge source of income for many local business shops, restaurants, and service businesses.

If you want to know how to have an after Christmas sale, here are some great tips.

Make Sure They Can Find You

One of the best tips to ensure that you get your piece of the after Christmas sales pie is to make sure that all those after Christmas shoppers can find your business. And the best way to do that is to create a local business listing on a popular local business directory.

Local business directories are the new Yellow Pages. They work much the same as the old Yellow Pages, but everything is done online. For instance, instead of looking at a physical book, shoppers go online to a local business directory such as and search for a local business using a keyword.

For instance, if a shopper were looking for a furniture store, they would go to and enter a keyword into the search bar of the local business directory. In this instance, they would type “furniture store,” and the local business directory would “read” the shopper’s location and then provide a list of all the furniture stores in their area.

If you haven’t already created a free local business listing, it’s one of the easiest things you can do to ensure local after Christmas shoppers can find your business.

Throw a Post Christmas Sale

Another thing you can do to draw in this type of shopper is to throw an after Christmas sale. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer a free gift: throw in a free gift with a purchase of a certain amount. People love freebies and this may be enough to get them to come into your store.
  • Have a clearance sale: It’s time to sell off your winter inventory and begin displaying your spring wares. Holding a winter clearance sale will allow you to do that while bringing in after Christmas sale shoppers.
  • Push your loyalty program: Loyalty programs are a great way to ensure customer loyalty and keep them coming back again and again. If you don’t have one, start it now in time for your after Christmas sale!
  • Sell a lot at once: Shoppers love discounts, and if you offer them a bulk discount, you will not only make your customers happy, but you will also move a lot of that winter inventory. It’s a win-win for you and your customers!

Do Something New

The week between Christmas and the New Year is full of merry-making and joy. But after that comes self-determination and goals. If you want to reach as many after Christmas shoppers as you can, you will need to structure your sales to reach the mindset of your customers.

In other words, the New Year brings a new attitude in shoppers, and that calls for you to do something new as well. Not sure what to do? How about offering a new product that speaks to the desire in people this time of year to reorganize their lives and be better?

Or, you could change the way you bag your products, decorate your shop windows, or reinvent the uniforms your staff wears. Start something new and exciting and just see if all those after Christmas shoppers don’t find their way into your store!

Don’t Forget the Most Important Thing!

You can create the most exciting sales and new products, but if shoppers don’t know your store exists, your sales won’t be a success. And remember, today’s shoppers look online when wanting to find local businesses.

So, why not take a few minutes right now and head on over to You can set up your free local business listing in about ten minutes and that will ensure that all those after Christmas shoppers find—and visit—your store!

Should Local Business Owners Add an Online Shopping Option?

For centuries, local business owners have relied on one way to bring in customers: word of mouth. The theory went like this: set up a store that sells what people want, then offer excellent customer service and attention toward customers. But times have changed, even more so than you might imagine.

Want to ring in the maximum amount of holiday sales this year? You might need to start thinking out of the box.

Here’s how to attract today’s holiday shoppers—and why your approach should be different this year.

What’s Different with this Year’s Holiday Shoppers?

Normally, this time of year local shops would be filled to the brim with shoppers looking for that next great gift. But this year, retail stores have two disadvantages. First, the National Retail Federation says that, on average, shoppers will spend about $50 less per person than they normally do. That adds up to less money spent on gifts for retailers everywhere.

Next, experts say this year shoppers are more likely to shop online because of COVID fears. That means there will be fewer people shopping in retail stores, something local business owners don’t need to hear. In many areas of the country, government regulations have forced retail businesses to shut down or operate on a limited scale and that has affected the bottom line of many shops.

Add to this the fact that shoppers are afraid to shop in person this year, and you’ve got a perfect storm. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your sales are as good as they can be this year.

How to Get Holiday Business as a Retail Store

Just because you run a local business, that doesn’t mean you can’t attract holiday shoppers. Yes, it’s true that many of them plan to shop online this year, but by setting up an online store for your local shop, you will have a shot at getting their business.

For instance, imagine that you operate a local book store. Books are a popular Christmas gift, and in year’s past, your sales this time of year have been great. But because shoppers might be hesitant to come into your store this year, they may bypass it and instead shop at an online store.

Your countermove? Offer shoppers a way to purchase your products online. By setting up an online shopping portal on your website, you can keep your loyal customers and make them feel comfortable and cared for while shopping in your online store.

It’s a win-win for both your shop and its customers.

But Here Is the Catch

There is an old saying based on a popular movie: if you build it, they will come. While the saying evokes sentimental feelings in some, when it comes to building an online store, it’s just not true. Instead, if you want shoppers to make purchases in your online store, you have to tell them that it’s there.

And here’s the great news: by creating a free local business listing, you won’t have to spend a fortune on advertising. Online shoppers consistently go to local business directories to find the stores they want to shop in, and if your business—or your new online portal—isn’t there, shoppers will never know that you offer the option.

To set up your free local business listing, take the following steps:

  • Go to and type in your business name in the search bar.
  • Once you find your listing, click on it and claim it as the business owner.
  • Make sure all of the detail of your business such as the name, phone number, and address are correct. Then, add the new URL to your online shopping page.
  • Ask your customers to leave some positive reviews on the site so new customers will have the confidence they need to visit your store and buy from you.

Are You Doing All You Can to Increase Your Holiday Sales?

By taking the actions suggested above, you will open your local business to both new customers and old customers who don’t feel comfortable shopping in person this year. But don’t forget that you need to let the public know about your new online store by making sure your local business listing contains the information.

Luckily, it’s easy to do. Just go to now and enter the information so that all those holiday shoppers can find the information about your local (and online) stores!

Why Do Holiday Shoppers Use Local Business Directories?

When thinking about marketing your local business to holiday shoppers, the last thing on your mind may be the online world. But if that’s true for your business, it’s time to rethink your approach. The truth is, most holiday shoppers will look online for the stores they want to buy from—and that includes local shops.

If you haven’t yet made any moves to increases your online presence to attract those holiday shoppers, local business directories just may save the day. After all, it’s where most shoppers go when they want to find local business—and that includes all types of shops, restaurants, and even service businesses.

If you’ve ever wondered why shoppers love local business directories so much, here are a few reasons why they do—and why your holiday marketing plans should include them!

They Want the Details

When someone is out shopping and is ready to go to the next store, they want information that they can count on. For instance, imagine that the holiday shoppers in your area just finished lunch as the local café and want to find a shop that sells stationary.

How do they do it? By going to a local business directory.

In this case, they pull out their phone and go to, one of the most popular local business directories. They type “stationary store” in the search bar on the website and then view the list of results. They may look at a few local business listing to find the one nearest them, or the one that carries the type of stationary they’re looking for.

Can you see what just happened in this scenario? The shoppers could only choose from the stationary stores that appear in the search results on the local business directory. All of the stationary stores that are not listed on that site won’t ever get in front of shopper’s eyes. That’s because today’s shopper—no matter who they are—are using these local business listings to find the shops, service businesses, and restaurants they want.

Are the details for your store available to shoppers? Or will they choose your competitors instead?

If you’re not already on, it’s easy to fix that. Just go to the site, claim your business listing, and fill in the details such as your address, phone number, hours of operation, what types of payment you accept, and other details such as the products you carry or highlights of your menu.

They Want Directions

Today’s generation is completely reliable on GPS to get them around town. So, for them to visit your store, they need your address and directions. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your proper address is listed on every local business listing you create.

On credible local business directories like, shoppers can find accurate directions to your store, which works to remove a roadblock that may have otherwise existed. And if they don’t want their own GPS and be on their way.

They Want Reviews

Finally, today’s shoppers don’t like to visit a new store, restaurant, or service business without first reading reviews left by other shoppers to learn about their experience. Studies show that shoppers like to read at least three positive reviews before deciding to visit a local shop.

And guess where they read those reviews? If you said local business directories, you would be correct. As a business owner, you can ask current customers to leave reviews for your business by giving them the URL of your local business listing. The more positive reviews you have, the better your business will look to potential customers.

Use Local Business Directories to Help Bring Holiday Shoppers to Your Store

Holiday shoppers are out for one reason: to find gifts for their friends and family (and sometimes themselves!) and spend money doing it. If you own a local shop, it’s important to do all you can to ensure those shoppers can find your business.

And the best way to do that is to ensure your business is found online. Why not take a few minutes now to set up a free local business listing at It may help make your Christmas merrier!

Savvy Local Business Owners Compete for Holiday Shoppers

Local business owners across the country are doing all they can to compete for the hoard of holiday shoppers that have descended upon local areas in mass. It’s myth that all consumers shop online for their holiday gifts: many consumers still savor the idea of shopping locally to find all the gifts they will place underneath the tree.

But what many local shop owners don’t understand is that consumer behavior has changed and business owners need to change the way they appeal to shoppers for business. In short, local business directories are the new Yellow Pages, and local shop owners who can’t be found with local business listings are putting their holiday sales at risk.

What Are Local Business Directories?

In the past, when people wanted to find local businesses, they turn to the Yellow Pages or looked for advertisements in the local newspaper. But today, almost 100 percent of shoppers look online when searching for local shops, restaurants, and service businesses.

And where do they look online? On local business directories. These local directories are mass databases that include every local business within a specified area. For instance, if someone were to look for a pet store in San Antonio, Texas, they would enter the keyword “pet shop” in the search bar of a local business directory and would be presented with a list of all the pet stores in the city.

To make things even better, most credible local business directories, like, use GEO technology that automatically reads the visitor’s computer to understand where they are located. That means when a consumer logs onto the local directory, the software reads their computer and automatically shows them the results from their area.

This is only one of the reasons why shoppers love getting information about local businesses from online directories. It’s an easy to use ways to get the facts about the local shops they want to visit. Some of the other benefits consumers get from local business directories are:

  • Online reviews: Consumers look to online reviews to vet a business before visiting it. They will find these reviews when viewing local business listing in their area.
  • Local news: When someone visits, they will automatically be shown the local news and updates in their area.
  • Local weather: Shoppers can view the weather updates when visiting local business directories like
  • Comments: One of the best marketing tactics available to local business owners is the comments section on It is the only local business directory offering this feature. It allows both the business owner and shoppers to leave live comments about a business that are shown on a live feed for that area. Shoppers can leave feedback and the owner can use the feature to highlight sales, new product arrivals, or even hiring announcements.

How to Create a Local Business Listing

If you want to take advantage of the numerous benefits derived from creating a free local business listing, you will be happy to learn that the process is easy. To create your local business listing on a credible local business directory like, simply go to the site and type in the name of your business in the search bar located at the top right of the page. Next, click on the business listing once it appears in the search results.

Next, claim the business listing as the owner. Once you do, you will be permitted to alter the information found there. Make sure your business name, address, and phone number are correct. Now, it’s time to personalize the local listing so shoppers will be motivated to visit your store.

Do this by adding your store hours, the types of payment you accept, and anything else you want consumers to know about your shop. For instance, if you are creating a listing for a local restaurant, be sure to add highlights from your menu or list your most popular dishes. If you own a retail store, you can add the brands you sell or the types of products shoppers can expect to find in your store.

How to Use Your Local Business Listing

To best optimize your local business listing, you should take a couple of step. First, ask your customers to go to your local business listing and leave an online review. These positive reviews help other customers feel confident when thinking about visiting your store.

Secondly, it’s important to use the comments section to get an online conversation going about your business. You can leave comments thanking customers for their business, to announce a sale, to let the public know when you have a new product, or to make an announcement when your store is hiring.

Local Business Directories Help Your Store Increase Sales

When you set up your free local business listing, you will create an online presence so potential customers can find your store. If you take the above steps, you will give your store a great chance of allowing all those shoppers to find and visit your store!

Local Business Owners: Who Is Managing Your Online Presence?

If you run a local shop, restaurant, or service business, you likely do all you can to ensure that your reputation stays good in the community. You sponsor local events, talk to your customers when they come in the store, and make sure your outdoor signage is bright and gets the attention of all who walk or drive by your store.

But these days, that might not be enough.

What is an Online Presence?

What many small and local business owners don’t realize is that even if your store is smack-dab in the center of a small town, you need an online presence if you’re going to thrive in today’s retail environment. That’s because studies show that the majority of today’s shoppers go online when they want to find local businesses.

So, no matter how much attention to put into making sure your business reputation is good in the local market, it’s probably not enough. Today, you also need to ensure your online reputation is just as good.

Where Do You Secure an Online Presence?

In the past, even small businesses had to create and manage a website so people could find their shop online. But today, savvy local business owners know that most people look to online local business directories when looking a local shop to visit.

These local business directories are a large database filled with every local business in a defined area. For instance, in the city of San Antonio, Texas, a local business directory would catalog every business that operated in the city.

The thing is, local business directories don’t always have the right information about each and every business they list in their directory. For instance, if a business moves, gets a new phone number, or changes the type of food it serves, the directory may still list the old information.

Your Online Presence Is Only As Good as the Information in Your Local Business Listing

Imagine if a shopper looked at your local business listing and decided to visit your store. They used the information they found in an online local business directory and drove to the address listed on it, only to find the building empty. That’s because you moved locations a few months back, but didn’t change the information on your local business listings.

That customer now has a bad impression of your business!

How to Ensure Your Online Presence is Legit

To avoid this happening to your business, you should search out all the online business directories that list your business and ensure they all have the correct information listed on them. For instance, you can start with the more popular ones, like, and search for your business using the search bar on the site.

Once you find your business, you can claim it as the owner and make changes to it to ensure that the information is correct. That way, you can be assured that every time a shopper finds your local business listing, they will travel to the right address, call the correct phone number, and know exactly what your store hours are.

Local Business Listings Are the New Yellow Pages

People no longer look to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Now, they go to online local business directories to find the shops, service businesses, and restaurants they want to visit. Is your business listing correct? Or will consumers find bad information on your listing that causes them to lose faith in your business?

Why not start right now by heading over to to see if your local listing is up to date. If it’s not, it will only take about ten minutes to correct it. And then you can relax knowing that everyone who finds your local listing will get the right information—and that could turn them into a customer for life!

Local Business Owners Should Take Steps to Be Seen by Holiday Shoppers Says Expert

If you’re like most local business owners, this is your worst-case scenario: It’s a few weeks before Christmas and your store is experiencing a sales slump. You hear on the news about the millions of holiday shoppers who are setting records and many of your competitors are killing it. But for some reason, those shoppers aren’t finding their way to your door. Here’s the deal: it could all come down to your local business listings.

What Are Local Business Listings?

Studies show that almost 100 percent of consumers look online to find information about the places they intend to do business with—and that includes local shops, restaurants, and service businesses. They no longer look in the Yellow Pages, ad in the local newspaper, or ask friends and family for recommendations. No, they go en mass to local business directories to get the information.

Those directories are filled with local business listings. A local business listing is a modern take on the old Yellow Pages listings—but better. When using the Yellow Pages, consumers could find a business’s phone number and address, but that’s it.

On the other hand, local business listings are filled with that information, plus business hours, directions or a map, which types of payment are taken, and even menus, product offerings, sales information, and more.

No wonder most American consumers use local business directories to find local businesses.

How Everything Can Go Wrong

Not many local shop owners understand that even if they didn’t sign up to a local business directory, their information is still listed there. That’s because the directories list every local business in an area, and until the owner claims that listing and updates the information, the consumer will only see what is available at the time of the listing.

Holiday Shoppers are Here: Are You Ready?

That’s bad news for local business owners who are trying to draw in holiday shoppers.

Imagine if you consulted a local business directory to find information about a local furniture store. You go to a local directory, choose a store, and then drive there to make a purchase. But when you arrive, the store is closed. You were sure you checked the store hours on the local directory, but sure enough, you and your family are sitting in a car outside of a closed store.

What went wrong?

The local business owner of that store never claimed their local business listing on the directory, so the information is incorrect. Thus, that store now has a new disgruntled consumer with no fault of their own.

How to Prevent Things from Going Wrong

If you want to ensure that all those holiday shoppers find your store, you need to take a couple of steps. First, go to—a credible and popular local business directory—and claim your listing. Simply enter your store name in the search bar on top of the page and click on the listing when you see it.

Next, claim that listing as the owner. Now it’s time to carefully look at all the information in the listing and correct what’s wrong. Did you move? Enter the new address? Did you get a new phone number? Be sure to correct the listing. Did you add a new product line or an addition to your menu? Make sure the local listing reflects that.

Boost Your Chances of Being Picked

When consumers go to local business directories, they will have multiple businesses to choose from. What makes one stand out from another? Online reviews, that’s what.

Now that you’ve have claimed and updated your local business listing, it’s time to ask your customers to go to your listing and leave a positive review for your business. Studies show that people are much more likely to visit a local shop, service business, or restaurant if they have read positive reviews from other consumers.

Another study shows that people are more than willing to leave those reviews if asked. So, create a program where you or your employees asks every customer at checkout if they will leave a review. You have plenty of time before Christmas to get a good number of reviews so holiday shoppers will see them.

Expand Your Efforts

Once you have claimed your listing on, it’s time to expand your efforts. Do this by Googling your business name, and for every local listing that shows up, take the same steps that you did at

It’s time to take the steps necessary to ensure that your business has a stellar year. And one of the most important things you can do is claim and update all of your local business listings. After all, if shoppers find your listing but can’t find your store, how will you increase your sales?