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How to Make Your Local Business Listing Stand Out

By now, you’ve probably heard about how free small business directories can not only give you an online presence, but can help you draw in new business. It’s simply not enough anymore to rely on print advertisements and other local marketing techniques that technology has left behind. After all, when is the last time you picked up a phone book to find a phone number, or clipped a coupon out of a community newspaper? If you’re like most of today’s consumers, it’s been awhile.

Having an online presence is necessary in today’s culture if you want to succeed as a local business owner. And although this article will teach you how to create one that will stand out from the crowd, let’s first take a look at exactly what a free small business directory is, and how it can help your bottom line.

Small Business Directories are the New Yellow Pages

The phone book was the go-to marketing and advertising methods for decades, and with good reason. People like convenience, and at the time, it was very convenient to find all the local phone numbers in one place. But what was once convenient has now become a burden. People don’t use old-school methods any more to find US local businesses, but instead rely on the internet.

Think about it, when you want to find local businesses USA, don’t you pull out your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Most people do. But that’s where it can become frustrating unless you know where to look. You see, the large search engines try and give local results, but most people will agree that they fail miserably. That’s because they mix in online store websites, articles about the topic, and even some national chain websites into the mix. Oh, you might find local businesses mixed in there somewhere, but you really have to look.

On the other hand, free USA local directories like offer only local results. When people try to find local businesses near me, they will only see the shops, restaurants, and service businesses in their local area. Can you see why local business directories are so popular with shoppers?

How to Create a Local Business Listing that Drives Traffic to Your Store

When you create your local listing, you must pay attention to the details if you want it to drive new customers to your business. That’s because there is a lot of competition out there, and if you want your share of the pie, you have to make them notice you. Here are 3 ways you can make your small business listing stand out from the crowd.

  • Don’t leave anything out.Some small business owners only submit a partial listing when creating their local business listing, but recent studies have shown that people want more. Be sure to list the most basic of information such as your business name, phone number, address, and website if you have one, but include other details, too. Shoppers want to know your store hours so they can plan their trip, which products you specialize in, information about sales and discounts, and more. The most successful local business listings provide all the information shoppers need to make a purchasing decision.
  • Keep them consistent.If you plan to create more than one local business listing, be sure that you enter the exact same information when it comes to your NAP+W’s. What is a NAP+W? It stands for name, address, phone number and website, and entering them the same on all of your small business listings is crucial. If you don’t, the search engine spiders won’t contribute them all to your business, and that means your hard work in creating them will have been for nothing.
  • Keep the reviews coming in.Today’s shoppers rely on online reviews when deciding whether or not to visit a local store, and if your business listing doesn’t have any, the odds of attracting new business goes down. Luckily, it’s easy to get them. Studies show that a full 7 out of 10 people would happily leave an online review for a local business if they were asked to. Make it a habit to ask your customers during checkout so that your local business listings stay current and fresh.

Ensuring that your small business listing stands out should be an important part of your online advertising plan. Make certain that you do all the action items listed above, and yours will.

Can Customers Find Your Local Business Online?

If your answer to the above question is no, or worse, you don’t know, then you’re probably not doing near as much business as you could be. That’s because when a person decides they want to find a local business near me, they don’t use any of the old school methods that they did only a few years ago. In fact, almost nothing is the same when it comes to local marketing and advertising techniques that work.

These days, when people want to find free online business listings, they do so online. They don’t turn to the local phone book, newspaper ads, door flyers, billboards, or those coupon mailers that were so popular a decade ago. No, when someone is looking for a local business, they use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to find a business nearby.

How to Determine if Your Business Can Be Found Online

If you don’t have a company website, you may not realize whether or not your local business comes up in the search engine listings whenever someone is trying to find a local business like yours. If that’s the case, you’ll need to first determine just how easy it is to find your local business online.

In order to determine this, go to any large search engine such as Google or Bing! and type in the name of your business. Once the search engine results have appeared, scroll through the pages until you come to the first mention of your local business. Note the page number—and then know that most people only scroll through 1 or 2 pages before deciding which local store to visit. If your store appears after that, it’s time to take some steps to get it seen higher in the search engine listings.

How to Move Up in the Search Engine Listings

If you’re not happy with your business’ placement in the search engine results, cheer up because there are some steps you can take to make it appear closer to the top. One remedy is to spend thousands of dollars building a company website and then a lot of money every month on online advertising fees that will keep it ranked higher in the listings.

Maybe that isn’t such a good solution after all.

The better solution is to create free online business listings on an online business directory website. These websites do all the online advertising for you, ensuring that your local listing will rank higher in the search engine rankings—without having to spend a dime.

Too good to be true that another website would do all the hard, expensive work for you? Let’s take a look at one of the best small business directories,, and see just how they ensure their local business listings are ranked high.

  • The small business directory uses special software that automatically matches the results visitors see with their location. For example, if someone logs on from San Antonio, Texas, they would only see results from that city.
  • It provides local news and events. The local directory has gone to great lengths to ensure people will visit its site time and time again. After all, that benefits those local business that have created local listings on it. To do this, FindUsLocal offers daily, local news, and a live stream of all the local sporting, theatre, and concert events coming to the local city or town of the visitor. It even offers them a link where they can purchase the tickets hassle-free!
  • It allows customers to interact with local business owners. One very unique feature the small business directory offers is something it calls the comments section. The comments are different from online reviews in that they allow both the business owner and the visitors to leave live streamed comments about the business. For example, a visitor can recommend certain dishes or products they’ve bought at the business, and the owner can announce sales, new product offerings or job postings.

Get Ranked Higher Today

If you want to be ranked higher in the search engine listings—and that should always be your goal, no matter how high you are—then you need to act quickly because there are people looking for a local business just like yours right now. Luckily, it’s easy.

Simply log on to and look for your business. Then claim it and fill in as many details as you can. Not only include the basics, such as your name, address, and telephone number, but tell people what they want to know. List your store hours, which products you offer, or if you’re a local restaurant, the most popular items on your menu.

You can’t go wrong by doing all you can to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine rankings, and getting listed on a free small business directory is not only free, but it will only take a few moments, and will result in free advertising for your local business. What in the world are you waiting for?

3 Reasons Why You Need to Small Business Listing

If you run a local business, you may have noticed that the marketing and advertising methods you used to use don’t seem to pull in as many customers as they used to. That’s because consumer behavior has changed dramatically, and only those local shop owners who keep up with the times are experiencing a robust business in these times.

That’s why we want to talk about the 3 reasons that, as a local business owner, you should have a local business listing in a quality small business directory. If you don’t already, here are 3 reasons to drop everything now and take the 10 minutes needed to create one.

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How to Ensure Your Local Business Listings Perform at a Peak Level

Local business listings as an online advertising and market method has been in the news a lot lately because the tiny little ads are leveling the playing field and making it possible for local business owners to compete with the large online shops without spending a lot of money. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s not enough to list your business on a local business directory and let it be. In fact, there is an art to using free small business directories, and if you’re going to get the most out of them, you’ll have to follow a few simple rules.

So what steps do you need to take in order to get the most out of your free business listing? Let’s talk about that now.

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How to Be Seen Online by Local Customers

Be-Seen-Block-360x270Do you run a local business? If so, you’ve probably experienced massive changes in the way you approach the marketing and advertising of it. In recent years, local business owners were able to rely on word of mouth advertising, newspaper ads, local phone books ads, and the occasional coupon in a mail out envelope program. But those tactics don’t work anymore, and those local business owners who still rely on them are seeing less and less sales because consumer behavior has changed dramatically.

How do Today’s Consumers Find US Local Businesses?

Do you run a local business? If so, you’ve probably experienced massive changes in the way you approach the marketing and advertising of it. In recent years, local business owners were able to rely on word of mouth advertising, newspaper ads, local phone books ads, and the occasional coupon in a mail out envelope program. But those tactics don’t work anymore, and those local business owners who still rely on them are seeing less and less sales because consumer behavior has changed dramatically. Continue reading “How to Be Seen Online by Local Customers” »

3 Ways to Ensure 2018 is a Great Year for Your Local Business

downloadThe calendar has changed and it’s official: it’s the start of a new year. 2017 brought with it many challenges and blessings for local business owners, but now that the page has turned, you should do everything you can do ensure that 2018 is a great year for your local business.

If you paid attention to the news about local business in the past year, you saw that at one point, the experts were predicting that local business was all but dead. It was dubbed the Retail Armageddon as we watched local store after local store shutter its doors. This happened all across the nation.

Then, at the last minute, local business sales began to skyrocket. In fact, the most recent studies show that consumers bought locally this holiday season more than they did since 2011.

How to Cash in on the Local Business Boom

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Local Businesses can Finish the Year with a Bang. Here’s How.

bangIt’s been a roller coaster ride for local business owners this year, hasn’t it? The year started off not so good for local shops as the news of a retail Armageddon traveled quickly. There were reports of store closings across the nation, and most local business owners were clinging dearly to every customer who walked through the door. But then, as the year progressed and holiday shoppers came out, things took a turn. Suddenly, people were trying to find US local businesses to shop at instead of buying online like they’ve done in years past.

In fact, this holiday season was the best on record since 2011, and local retailers saw a boom this holiday season. Commenting on a recent news release that talked about the favorable shopping season, senior vice president of marketing insights at MasterCard Sarah Quinlan said, “Overall, this year was a big win for retail.”

How Did Your Local Store Do?

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What to Do If DON’T Want Holiday Shoppers in Your Store

151030_EM_GrinchShoppersAre you a local business owner who is considered a Grinch? Would you rather have a quiet holiday sales season and not ring up very many sales? Maybe you don’t want to bother with new customers or maybe you’d rather play games online that deal with the those pesky shoppers who want to give you money in exchange for your products or services. If this sounds like you, we’ve got great news. We’ve put together a list of the things you can do right now to ensure that NONE of those merry holiday shoppers will ever set foot in your door!

Use Old School Marketing Techniques

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How to Ring in the Sales this Weekend with Local Business Listings

Men-And-Millennials-Enter-Holiday-Shopping-Season-With-A-PlanIt’s Friday, and the holiday shoppers have big plans to get out this weekend and buy all of the gifts they needs for their friends and families. In fact, recent reports show that sales for this holiday seasons have surpassed even the most optimistic reports. And to make things even better, many of those sales are happening in local businesses across the nation.

But what about you and your local business? Are you seeing a pie of the piece from this year’s holiday retail boom? If not, there are some specific steps you can take to bring in sales as early as this weekend to cash in on some of those holiday sales.

Step One: You Need to Create a Local Business Listing

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Why Your Business Must Be Listed on a Local Business Directory

Online-Free-AdvertisingTRANSIn case you haven’t noticed, there has been a huge shift in the way today’s consumers find US local businesses. That’s because most everyone goes online when they want to find anyone these days, and that includes local shops and restaurants. Don’t believe us? Just try to remember the last time you searched for a local business using a phone book or thumbing through the local newspaper. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing the last time you did that, you’re in great company. People simply don’t use those old-school methods anymore, and as a local business owner, you have to make sure your business can be found online.

Why Do Buyers Look Online to Find US Local Businesses?

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