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The Best Way to Make Sure Your Local Business is Found Online by Local Shoppers

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If you run a local business, you’ve probably been through some pretty serious changes as far as your local marketing and advertising efforts. No longer are the local phone book or newspaper ads enough to bring shoppers through your door. Nowadays, you must have an online presence just to be in the game.

But how local shop and restaurant owners compete with all the large online stores and national chains that pay thousands of dollars in online advertising fees just to stay at the top of the search engine rankings?

Three words: Local business directories

What are Local Business Directories?

Local business directories, also known as free small business directories, are the most important marketing and advertising method to come along for local shop owners since the Yellow Pages. In a nutshell, these small business directories operate just like the major search engines do, only the focus on providing only local results for visitors. For instance, if someone were looking for a flower shop in small town, USA, they would type flower shop into the local business directory search bar and see a list of all the flower shops in their town or city. No wonder consumers are using free small business directories at a record pace!

How can Local Business Directories Help Me Compete with the Big Guys?

Most likely, you don’t have the thousands of dollars per month it would take to get you good spot in the search engine rankings, and that’s where small business directories can help you compete with all those national chains that do have that kind of budget. You see, in order for a local business directory to stay relevant—both to consumers and the search engine spiders—they have to spend a lot of money to keep up in the rankings. And if your local business is listed on a small business directory that spends a lot of money on online advertising, you will benefit from it.

For example,, one of the most innovative local business directories around, spends a small fortune every month just to make sure they place high in the rankings. And if you create your local business listing on the site, consumers will be more likely to find your shop and visit it. And you’ll get these benefits without spending a lot of money—in fact it’s absolutely free to create a local business listing on quality small business directories like FindUsLocal.

How to Create an Effective Local Business Listing

You can’t just claim your local listing and expect the shoppers to come walking through your door. Instead, you need to do in a way that will make it work effectively for you. Here are some things to remember when creating your free small business listing.

  • Choose the right directory. Not all small business directories are the same, and in order to get the most from your local listings, you’ll need to choose the directories wisely. Make sure the directory uses GEO local technology so that visitors will automatically see the results from their local area without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. And you should also check out the site—would you use it to find US local businesses? In other words, it is an easy to use site with other features for online visitors?
  • Make sure you listing is complete. Don’t just type in the bare details about your business when creating a local business listing, but fill in as many details as you can so that people have all the information they need to decide whether or not to visit your site. Start with your business name, address, phone number and website, and then include extras like your store hours and special offerings.
  • Get those reviews. Online reviews are an important aspect of your local marketing and advertising plan, and luckily it’s not difficult to get them. Studies show that if local shop owners would only ask their customers to leave them, 7 out of 10 of them will. And it’s not only important to have reviews for potential customers, but the search engine spiders reward local business listings that have them with higher search engine rankings.

Free small business directories should be a major part of your local marketing plan, and no plan is complete without local business listings. Today’s consumers use them to find US local businesses, and if yours isn’t listed there, you’re not getting all the business that you could be.

3 Ways to Ensure 2018 is a Great Year for Your Local Business

downloadThe calendar has changed and it’s official: it’s the start of a new year. 2017 brought with it many challenges and blessings for local business owners, but now that the page has turned, you should do everything you can do ensure that 2018 is a great year for your local business.

If you paid attention to the news about local business in the past year, you saw that at one point, the experts were predicting that local business was all but dead. It was dubbed the Retail Armageddon as we watched local store after local store shutter its doors. This happened all across the nation.

Then, at the last minute, local business sales began to skyrocket. In fact, the most recent studies show that consumers bought locally this holiday season more than they did since 2011.

How to Cash in on the Local Business Boom

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Local Businesses Saw a Boom This Holiday Season. And Experts Say There’s More to Come

W_N1511P26005CIf your run a local business, you probably saw a huge increase in sales this holiday season. The latest studies—just out today—show that spending this past weekend was almost equal to Black Friday. One reason for this is because Christmas fell on a Monday, and that gave shoppers a full weekend to buy more gifts before Christmas morning. But experts say that the uptick in sales was due to even more than that.

Consumer Confidence is Up

For the past few years, consumers haven’t felt confident in the economy, and that has made them hold on to their wallets during the holidays. That, combined with the fact that jobs were scarce and they were uncertain about their futures made for some pretty bleak numbers in the local business community. Even those stores that had local business listings on quality local business directories couldn’t seem to get enough customers through the door to make ends meet. Continue reading “Local Businesses Saw a Boom This Holiday Season. And Experts Say There’s More to Come” »

How to Ensure Your Local Business Listings are Seen in the Search Engine Results

Be-Seen-Block-360x270While having a local business listing is one of the best things you can do for your local business—especially now that all of the holiday shoppers are out and about—it’s not enough to just haphazardly create one and then expect it to bring in tons of new business.

Just like any other effective  marketing and advertising effort, you’ll have to go about the process methodically and have the right information to make sure it works for your business.

But how do you do that? After all, not everyone knows how to set up a local business listing in a local business directory. We’ve thought of that and that’s why we’ve put together the primer below. It will show you not only how to create a local business listing, but also how to get the most out of it.

Step One: Choose the Right Local Business Directory

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What to Do If DON’T Want Holiday Shoppers in Your Store

151030_EM_GrinchShoppersAre you a local business owner who is considered a Grinch? Would you rather have a quiet holiday sales season and not ring up very many sales? Maybe you don’t want to bother with new customers or maybe you’d rather play games online that deal with the those pesky shoppers who want to give you money in exchange for your products or services. If this sounds like you, we’ve got great news. We’ve put together a list of the things you can do right now to ensure that NONE of those merry holiday shoppers will ever set foot in your door!

Use Old School Marketing Techniques

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How to Ring in the Sales this Weekend with Local Business Listings

Men-And-Millennials-Enter-Holiday-Shopping-Season-With-A-PlanIt’s Friday, and the holiday shoppers have big plans to get out this weekend and buy all of the gifts they needs for their friends and families. In fact, recent reports show that sales for this holiday seasons have surpassed even the most optimistic reports. And to make things even better, many of those sales are happening in local businesses across the nation.

But what about you and your local business? Are you seeing a pie of the piece from this year’s holiday retail boom? If not, there are some specific steps you can take to bring in sales as early as this weekend to cash in on some of those holiday sales.

Step One: You Need to Create a Local Business Listing

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The News is In: Local Retail Stores are Cashing in on Holiday Sales

cashing-inIt can be tough to listen to all the naysayers when it comes to local businesses and retail sales, especially during the holidays. After all, most people believe that most of American shops online and stays away from the mom and pop shops in their own neighborhood. But luckily for local business owners, that myth is just not true.

The Latest Studies on Holiday Retail Shopping

According to a study released today, people in the United States are spending more this holiday season than anyone predicted—and they’re not only buying online. Brick and mortar stores are showing a huge gain in holiday sales. In fact, the latest study shows that that this year is the largest year over year increase in the past seven years. Now don’t get us wrong, online spending is also increasing, but luckily, it’s not leaving retail spending behind.

Why all the Increased Spending?

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Why Your Business Must Be Listed on a Local Business Directory

Online-Free-AdvertisingTRANSIn case you haven’t noticed, there has been a huge shift in the way today’s consumers find US local businesses. That’s because most everyone goes online when they want to find anyone these days, and that includes local shops and restaurants. Don’t believe us? Just try to remember the last time you searched for a local business using a phone book or thumbing through the local newspaper. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing the last time you did that, you’re in great company. People simply don’t use those old-school methods anymore, and as a local business owner, you have to make sure your business can be found online.

Why Do Buyers Look Online to Find US Local Businesses?

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How Local Business Owners Can Up Their Game with Local Business Directories

imagesIf you read the news over the past year, you would have thought that most local businesses were going to have to shut their doors. This year of the retail store closings epidemic was dubbed as Retail Armageddon because so many national chain local stores—along with mom and pop businesses across the nation—saw hard times as more and more people looked online for their shopping needs.

Boy, have things changed just in the past few months.

As the year closes, it seems that local businesses have once again captured the imagination of shoppers everywhere, even the Millennials who are notoriously known for shopping online, are spending their holiday cash in local businesses.

What about your business? Are you seeing the uptick in sales that so many are? And since it’s the holiday shopping season, local retailers are doing gangbusters all over the nation. Continue reading “How Local Business Owners Can Up Their Game with Local Business Directories” »

Lagging Holiday Sales? Here’s How Local Business Owners Can Increase Sales Now!

holiday-salesIt’s a busy time of the year for most local business owners, but some of them just aren’t seeing the holiday shoppers they’d hoped for. And that’s a shame, because the economy is doing great, and recent surveys show that consumers are planning to spend big this year. So what’s keeping some local business owners from seeing the type of results others are?

If You’re Business Can’t Be Found Online, You Won’t See Success

Those local business owners who are doing a robust business all have one thing in common—their business can easily be found online. You see, today’s consumers don’t use the old school methods that many local business owners still rely on. They don’t use the Yellow pages anymore, nor do they look in the community newspaper or clip coupons from those old blue mailings full of local deals. Instead, they use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to try and find US local businesses in their community.

Can they find your local business?

How to Make Sure Today’s Holiday Shoppers can Find Your Business

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