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Local Business Directory Owner Releases Series of Free Local Marketing Videos

In a world where almost nothing is free, the owner of, a small business directory that helps small, local business owners compete with the larger online stores and  national chains, has just announced the release of a series of YouTube videos that teach local business owners how to better market their business.

“We’re proud of the service we offer small business people,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal. “But we want to do more. And releases these marketing videos is our way of doing that.”

So far, there are 3 online advertising videos in the group, and they’re already making a splash with viewers. There are plenty of comments talking about the insight and ideas they got just from watching the marketing videos.

For example, one person says that the marketing videos gave him a whole new perspective on how to advertise a local business. Others thank the local business directory for providing such valuable marketing insight for free.

“We’re touched by all the comments as well as the people who have reached out to us personally to thank us for the free marketing training. We plan to produce more videos because the reaction has been so strong. Stay tuned—who knows what kind of free marketing advice we’ll give in the next one?

So, what are the key takeaways in the marketing videos? Here is a brief run down.

Takeaway #1: You Need an Online Presence

Those local business owners who don’t think they need to be seen online will soon be feeling the consequences of that in their pocketbooks. The truth is, today’s culture is based on tech, and people use their portable devices to find USA businesses online. And if they’re not there? They’ll keep looking until they find a local business that is.

Takeaway #2: You Need to Local Business Listing

It’s no longer necessary to create a company website to have an online presence. In fact, most shoppers skip those websites and go directory to the free business directories. But in order to be found on one of these local directories, you must create a small business listing. To do that, simply log onto a small business directory like and claim your business. Then you can fill in the details that will entice new customers to visit your shop or restaurant.

Takeaway #3: You Must Keep Your Small Business Listing Current

Finally, it’s important to note that you can’t simply create a local business listing and then forget about it. In order to get the most benefit from a local listing, it’s important to continually add new content to it, and the best way to do that is to persuade your customers to leave online reviews for your business. It’s not difficult. In fact, three quarters of those people surveyed say they would happily leave a review for a local business if they were asked. So get in the habit of asking and watch your sales increase!

Isn’t it nice to know that some people still believe in giving back to their community with no expectation of anything in return? The owners of, a premier small business directory, have done just that with the release of their 3 free marketing videos. Have you seen them? If not, what are you waiting for? You just may walk away with some new local marketing insight that will change the game for you!

How to Make Your Local Business Listing Stand Out

By now, you’ve probably heard about how free small business directories can not only give you an online presence, but can help you draw in new business. It’s simply not enough anymore to rely on print advertisements and other local marketing techniques that technology has left behind. After all, when is the last time you picked up a phone book to find a phone number, or clipped a coupon out of a community newspaper? If you’re like most of today’s consumers, it’s been awhile.

Having an online presence is necessary in today’s culture if you want to succeed as a local business owner. And although this article will teach you how to create one that will stand out from the crowd, let’s first take a look at exactly what a free small business directory is, and how it can help your bottom line.

Small Business Directories are the New Yellow Pages

The phone book was the go-to marketing and advertising methods for decades, and with good reason. People like convenience, and at the time, it was very convenient to find all the local phone numbers in one place. But what was once convenient has now become a burden. People don’t use old-school methods any more to find US local businesses, but instead rely on the internet.

Think about it, when you want to find local businesses USA, don’t you pull out your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Most people do. But that’s where it can become frustrating unless you know where to look. You see, the large search engines try and give local results, but most people will agree that they fail miserably. That’s because they mix in online store websites, articles about the topic, and even some national chain websites into the mix. Oh, you might find local businesses mixed in there somewhere, but you really have to look.

On the other hand, free USA local directories like offer only local results. When people try to find local businesses near me, they will only see the shops, restaurants, and service businesses in their local area. Can you see why local business directories are so popular with shoppers?

How to Create a Local Business Listing that Drives Traffic to Your Store

When you create your local listing, you must pay attention to the details if you want it to drive new customers to your business. That’s because there is a lot of competition out there, and if you want your share of the pie, you have to make them notice you. Here are 3 ways you can make your small business listing stand out from the crowd.

  • Don’t leave anything out.Some small business owners only submit a partial listing when creating their local business listing, but recent studies have shown that people want more. Be sure to list the most basic of information such as your business name, phone number, address, and website if you have one, but include other details, too. Shoppers want to know your store hours so they can plan their trip, which products you specialize in, information about sales and discounts, and more. The most successful local business listings provide all the information shoppers need to make a purchasing decision.
  • Keep them consistent.If you plan to create more than one local business listing, be sure that you enter the exact same information when it comes to your NAP+W’s. What is a NAP+W? It stands for name, address, phone number and website, and entering them the same on all of your small business listings is crucial. If you don’t, the search engine spiders won’t contribute them all to your business, and that means your hard work in creating them will have been for nothing.
  • Keep the reviews coming in.Today’s shoppers rely on online reviews when deciding whether or not to visit a local store, and if your business listing doesn’t have any, the odds of attracting new business goes down. Luckily, it’s easy to get them. Studies show that a full 7 out of 10 people would happily leave an online review for a local business if they were asked to. Make it a habit to ask your customers during checkout so that your local business listings stay current and fresh.

Ensuring that your small business listing stands out should be an important part of your online advertising plan. Make certain that you do all the action items listed above, and yours will.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Small Business Listing

If you run a local business, you may have noticed that the marketing and advertising methods you used to use don’t seem to pull in as many customers as they used to. That’s because consumer behavior has changed dramatically, and only those local shop owners who keep up with the times are experiencing a robust business in these times.

That’s why we want to talk about the 3 reasons that, as a local business owner, you should have a local business listing in a quality small business directory. If you don’t already, here are 3 reasons to drop everything now and take the 10 minutes needed to create one.

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3 Things to Do Now to Bring in More Holiday Traffic

images (2)Do you run a local store? If so, you’ve probably dreamt about the upcoming holiday sales all year long. After all, many local store and restaurant owners rely on those holiday sales to balance out the rest of the year. But not all local businesses will have a Merry Christmas this year as far as ringing in the sales because many of them haven’t yet changed the way they market their local store—and that will only lead to sluggish sales.

If you own a local business and want to see the most sales as you can this year, there are some tactics you can take to ensure that your year end sales are record breaking.

First, Make Sure Holiday Shoppers can Find Your Business Online

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Hidden Minefields to Avoid with Online Business Directories

IFALKLAND ISLANDS SPECIAL-PICTURE BY MARK RICHARDSn 2012, online web directories were de-indexed and this was a major blow to online listings for small directory websites that failed to follow the strict user experience requirement of Google. Web directories that were properly managed survived and flourished. Businesses that signed up with online business directories were richly rewarded and this continues on up to today.

One fact is certain: online business directories is a passive lead albeit some industries perform better than others because they are consumer goods or cater to a wider market. The beauty of online listing is that you work on it once making sure that it is a professional job – and you won’t have to worry about it until the next revamp. It’s just like a card game of Bridge which also uses passive leads. In this game, passive leads is defined as a move with little or minimal risk while in lead generation, passive refers similarly to leads generated from a marketing strategy that you don’t have to work on daily but is capable of producing positive results for years.

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Local Business Directory Reviews: How to Get and Use Them to Your Benefit

customer-reviews-2By now, you’ve probably read about all the benefits of creating a local business listing on one of the popular local business directories. These directories have taken the internet by storm as more and more consumers flock to them to find US local businesses. The reason they’ve become so popular in the past few years is because people got tired of looking for local businesses on the large search engines because frankly, they’re designed to give people national results.

So local business directories were born and savvy local business owners have had to rethink they way they bring in new business by using them.

Online Reviews are an Important Aspect of Local Business Listings

After you’ve created your local business listing on a directory like, it’s time to put it to work for your local shop, service business, or restaurant. And one of the smartest ways to do that is to ensure you have at least ten online reviews for your business.

Today’s consumers demand social proof when looking for local businesses and online reviews are important to them. In fact, one recent study shows that people trust online reviews just as much as they do a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

But many local business owners have questions about how to get online reviews—and then how to use them to attract new business. So we’ve put together this brief guide to help you with this important aspect of your local business marketing.

How to Get Online Reviews

Many local business owners become overwhelmed when they realize just how important online reviews are because they think they’re so difficult to get. But the truth is, another recent study shows that a full 74 percent of those people surveyed say they are open to leaving online reviews if they’re asked. In other words, if you make it a practice to ask your customers to leave a review for your business on the local business directory, they will do it. It’s just a matter of incorporating the practice into your everyday business.

Respond to Online Reviews

Whether you get raving reviews or ones that are a little less enthusiastic, it’s important for your customers to know that they’ve been listened to. By leaving a simple thank you when someone leaves you a great review, or opening an honest dialogue with those who leave less than favorable ones, you can open up the lines of communication with your customers. And quality local business directories like make it easy with their new comments section. This allows you to leave comments directed toward your customers and community.

When You Get a Bad Review

Bad reviews happen, but the way you respond them will make all the difference in how they affect your local business. Don’t become defensive or arrogant in your response, but instead, listen to what the customer is saying and think about how you can improve your business so another customer won’t have the same experience. Thank the reviewer for their honest opinion, and then tell them how their review helped you implement some changes in the business. Other people will see your response and know that you are a local business owner who cares about the experiences of your customers.

Local business directories are changing the way local businesses operate and local reviews are an important part of that. Follow the above tips and learn how to use online reviews in your local business listings. Pretty soon, you’ll have a line out the door of people who found your business and were convinced to come because of all the great online reviews.

6 More Safety Precautions When Using Utility Knives for Your Local Project

251215403369_1Yesterday we talked about the importance of using some safety measures when working with a utility knife. We spoke about the thousands of injuries that occur every year in the United States because of improper use of the tools. And while I gave you some tips about how to stay safe when using the knives, there are some additional tips I’d like to give you.

After all, if you’re going to use this handy tool, you’ll need all the information you can get in order to prevent injuries. So, here are five more safety tips that you should use whenever working with a box cutter.

Inspect Your Knife

Injuries and accidents can occur if you begin using your utility knife without first inspecting it. Look to ensure that the blade is properly positioned before cutting and that the handle is intact and strong. In addition, make sure the blade isn’t dull, and if it is, read the manufacturer’s instructions and then carefully replace it with a new one before you begin to cut.

Wear Protective Gear

The average utility knife looks harmless enough, but the truth is that unless you use it properly, you could be seriously injured. The two areas that are most at risk when using this tool are your eyes and your hands. Your hands are at risk because they are close to the blade, and if it slips or breaks off, it could easily cut your fingers or hands. Prevent this by wearing level 3 cut resistant gloves whenever you’re using the knife. If you’re doing a big job, or just want extra protection, consider also wearing cut resistant sleeves.

In addition to protecting your hands, your eyes need protection as well. If a blade snaps off and flies through the air, it has the potential of hitting your eyes, which could lead to a serious, life-changing injury. Protect your eyes by wearing quality safety glasses whenever you use a box cutter.

Handle With Care

It can be all too easy to get comfortable with your utility knife and forget just how sharp it is. For instance, if you’re working with a partner, be sure to remember to hand them the knife with the handle facing them. If you hand over a knife with the blade first, you could inadvertently cut your co-worker.

Properly Dispose of Blades

Finally, it’s important that you dispose of your blades properly so an accident doesn’t occur. You should use puncture resistant containers to throw away your old blades, no matter how dull they are. Just imagine if you simply threw them in the trash, and someone picked up the bag to throw it out and got cut with a protruding blade. Instead, make sure you put them in a puncture resistant container to prevent anyone from getting injured.

There you have it—a complete list of safety measures you can take to ensure that no accidents occur when you’re using your utility knife. Follow them and you’ll never have to worry about risking an injury. Just be sure to the best quality utility knife you can afford to ensure that you’re working with a knife that is reliable and safe.

How to Get .GOV Backlinks for Your Website and Why It Matters


If that’s all a little confusing, take a deep breath. The biggest take-away from that little lesson is that .gov backlinks are very, very good for your position on the search engine results pages.


Essentially, the Google engineers figure that if your content is so factual and informative that a government entity will link to it, it must be really good. The more relevant the .gov backlinks are to the content on your page, the better the ranking, but simply even being linked to a government website can lift your web pages from second page to high first page status.


Of course, it’s not easy to get those .gov backlinks. There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of getting incoming links from .gov websites.


Check the Tourism Pages


Many local and state governments have a section of their website for tourists and newcomers. If your business is a hospitality business, restaurant or a business that provides services for visitors and newcomers to your city, thereís a good chance you can get a link from the tourism pages to your website. If your town doesn’t have a page for visitors, contact the person who manages the town website and suggest that they include one. Itís a good way to score .gov backlinks to your business.


Provide Useful Information


Another way to score .gov backlinks, particularly local .gov backlinks, is to provide information and content thatís useful. If you’re a locksmith, for example, you could offer to write a page of security tips for your local police department.


A cleaning service might contact the local arm of the environmental protection services and offer to write a list of green cleaning products and tips in return for a link to your business website. Of course, there’s an element of luck in scoring .gov backlinks unless you’re proactive about it.


One surefire way to get incoming .gov backlinks is to purchase a package of backlinks from .gov pages from a professional link building service like Backlinks Unlimited. The boost you’ll get in SERP position will make it more than worth the cost.




Should You Purchase Link Building Services for Your Business Web Page?


Incoming Links Have Increased in Importance


Boosting your website to the top of the SERP’s takes a lot of effort, and itís getting more difficult all the time. Recent changes to Googleís algorithm have demoted the importance of keywords and promoted the importance of incoming backlinks. The right link building services can propel your website to the top of the search results, increasing both your website traffic and your business traffic.


All Links Are Not Created Equal


Google and other search engines have gotten far better at deducing the quality of your incoming backlinks. Itís no longer good enough to build a high volume of links to your website. High quality link building services take this into account when creating a link building campaign for your website and aim to create links that come from high quality websites and carry a lot of authority. Google has a number of ways to assign authority to web pages. One of those best known to webmasters is Googleís PageRank algorithm that assigns a number to a web page based on how authoritative it appears to be to the search engine.


Relevance Is Vital


Lots of links from high quality websites are still only part of the picture. The final piece of the link building services puzzle is relevance. The more relevant the links from other websites are to your content, the more weight theyíll be given by the search engines. Relevance comes in many forms. The links can be from blogs and websites that are about the same subjects as your website, from forums that discuss the types of products sold on your website or even from tourism websites.


Building a backlinks profile with that kind of relevance, authority and scope takes a lot of time and effort. If you donít have the time to put into a massive campaign to build backlinks, your best option may be to contract with a company like Backlinks Unlimited to provide the essential high-quality link building services you need.





Angela Backlinks – What They Are and How They’ll Boost Your Website Performance


Why Angela Backlinks Work


Google loves discussion forums at least, some of them. Some of the most highly regarded websites on the Internet sponsor discussion forums for members. Those forums typically vet members, moderate posts and have a lot of high quality, informative content that can’t be found anywhere else. As an example, some of the best sources of information about coffee makers and espresso makers are discussion forums where coffee aficionados exchange reviews, information and tips on making great coffee.


Because of that, Google accords a high degree of authority to discussion forums that have high traffic and a high degree of reliability. If you run a coffee shop, you’d use the Angela backlinks strategy to create links from several of those high quality discussion forums with PageRank between 6 and 10 to pages on your website and reap the benefits of those authoritative incoming links.


Angela Backlinks Aren’t As Easy As They Look


If they were, everyone would be using them effectively and many website owners arenít using them at all, or are using them ineffectively. For the Angela backlinks strategy to work well, you need to put in time and work.

The Google engineers know that there’s a high potential for abuse on discussion forums that allow outgoing links, so they’ve figured controls into the link rating algorithm to discount incoming links from brand new users or users that add very little to the discussion. In order for those forum backlinks to do you any good at all, you need to take the time to search relevant discussion forums, create profiles on as many of them as possible, contribute substantively to the ongoing discussions and wait for your profile to age a week or more, depending on various factors. That’s a lot of work and time that you could be spending more profitably growing your business.


The Easy Way to Get High Quality Angela Backlinks


The shortcut way to get high quality Angela backlinks to your website is to hire a link building company like Backlinks Unlimited that specializes in the technique. For a reasonable cost, you can purchase packages of Angela backlinks to boost the visibility and effectiveness of your website.