Christmas Sales: Will Local Business Owners Be Left Behind?

The retail landscape has dramatically changed since the advent of Covid, and now that things are beginning to settle down, local business owners are scratching their heads and wondering how to pick up the pieces and build back their store. The problem is that consumers have so gotten used to shopping at big box stores and at large online retailers, and they’ve forgotten about their local shops, service businesses, and restaurants.

Many people say that local business is at its end, but others aren’t as pessimistic. In fact, if you look at the local movements to get out and support the businesses in local areas, you’d think that the shop locally movement can’t be stopped.

But if you’re a small business, you have to do your part to ensure that you take advantage of the movement and see your fair share of local consumers.

The Problem with Local Business Advertising

Some mom-and-pop stores haven’t yet made the switch to internet advertising and are still relying on old-school physical advertising. They use their signage to draw in customers, rely on small coupons or ads in local weeklies, and maybe put a magnetic sign on the side of their car. And while all of those things are great – and still work to some extent – today’s local shop owners must do more to get their name in front of the buying public.

The Solution

So, if you can’t rely on the methods of old, how can you get your business in front of the public? One word: local business directories. You see, when today’s consumer wants to find a business, they don’t drive around until they see a sign or pick up a newspaper to find a coupon. Those days are gone.

Instead, they look to their phone. For instance, if they want to find a local furniture store, they may google, “furniture store near me.” And most of the time, they’re led straight to a local business directory. If it’s a good one, like, the local directory will automatically read the consumer’s location and match the results to it. In this instance, the local directory will show the results for all of the local furniture stores near the consumer.

How to Participate In Online Advertising

Now that you know how today’s consumers find local businesses, let’s talk about you can make sure yours is seen. After all, you can’t expect swarms of Christmas shoppers if they’re not going to find you online when they look for a business like yours.

Your first step is to go to and do a search for your business. Next, claim your business as the owner. Once you’ve claimed your business, you can fill in the details that people will look for when trying to find a local business like yours.

It’s important that you list your business with a local business directory that keeps their listings up in the search engine results. To do that, local directories have to consistently publish articles (like this one) and upgrade their site so that it keeps Google’s attention.

Time Is Running Out

Christmas is coming, and shoppers are at the gate. Is your business ready for them? Or are you still relying on old-school tactics that won’t draw in the crowds you need? Why not take a moment and list your business with FindUsLocal? The most you have to lose is a quiet store as the Christmas season rages on around you.

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