Different Types of Marketing Concepts

Different Types of Advertising Reach Your Customers Where They Live

How do you reach out to as many potential customers as possible – without wasting a lot of money

on ineffective marketing? The key is to leverage different types of advertising to reach your customers

where they live. Today’s connected world makes it so much easier than ever to connect with your

customer through different types of marketing channels, often in ways that bring them closer and

increase their loyalty to your business.

The key to using the many different types of advertising effectively is to understand your market and

the various platforms on which you can deploy your marketing content. Your customers are out there

using Facebook and Twitter, sending mail through Gmail, searching for products on Google and Bing and

sharing their likes and dislikes on blogs, discussion forums and video channels. Each of those platforms

offers advertising opportunities, but every one of them calls for different types of marketing strategies

and different types of marketing concepts to deliver the best results.

Consider this. In May, General Motors and Coca Cola announced that they wouldn’t be advertising on

Facebook any longer because “Facebook users don’t click on ads.” Almost immediately, Ford and several

other major companies responded by essentially saying, “If Facebook ads aren’t working for you, you’re

doing it wrong.”

Ford learned early on what other marketers are beginning to understand – you need to use different

types of advertising to engage users on different types of marketing channels. What works as a display

ad on a blog network may totally bomb on Facebook and what works on Facebook won’t necessarily

get you hits on YouTube. Each of the different marketing channels require different types of marketing

concepts and different types of advertising techniques to deliver maximum results.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to partner with a professional Internet marketing company,

who make it their business to understand how the different types of advertising can best benefit your



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