Different Types of Marketing Promotions

Evaluating the Success of Different Types of Advertising

One of the most important parts any marketing strategy is evaluating how well it’s working. This is

especially important when you’re testing different types of advertising to develop the most effective

advertising strategy for your business. The problem is that you can’t measure every type of advertising

by the same metrics. Different types of advertising call for different types of marketing research

methods and different types of marketing analysis.

When you combine different types of advertising and integrate them into a cohesive marketing

campaign, the resulting campaign is nearly always more effective than any of the different types of

marketing promotions would have been on its own. Once you have the full campaign working, you can

use different types of marketing analysis to evaluate each leg of your marketing strategy and individually

tweak each one to make your entire batch of advertising campaigns deliver better results.

Comparing the success rate of different types of marketing promotions can be tricky because they

don’t you can’t measure the response to one type of advertising with the same metrics you use to

evaluate another. It’s important to measure the success rate of different types of advertising by metrics

that make sense for that type of advertising: number of views for videos, the viral reach of Facebook

advertising or the number of clicks on banner ads, for example. However, since different types of

advertising generally have different goals and objectives, it’s neither profitable nor productive to

compare different types of marketing promotions against each other. A better tack to take is to develop

full-scale marketing campaigns that use many different types of advertising to support and bolster each

other, then measure the effect when you tweak each leg of the marketing strategy.

The right Internet marketing company will make sure that you have the best metrics, analytics and tools

to evaluate the different types of advertising campaigns you’re running. Armed with that information,

you can fine tune your marketing and launch your business into greater and greater successes.



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