FindUsLocal Climbs Top Rated Local Business Directories Chart


As a small business owner, you probably already understand the importance of listing your shop or restaurant on a local business directory. In fact, in today’s internet driven society, if your business doesn’t have a local business listing, you’re probably missing out on a lot of business. That’s because today’s consumers look to the internet when they want to find US local businesses.

But not all local business directories are the same, and if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating your local business listing, you need to ensure that you use the right one.

How to Know Which Local Business Directory to Use

Luckily, some pretty smart internet marketing experts help us keep track of the local business directories that get the results your business needs. In fact, they’ve recently published an article titled, top 70 online local business directories. Our favorite place to add local business listings,, is right there in the pack.

And while it’s great news that Find Us Local took their place in the top 30 best local business directories, there is much more to know about this upcoming local directory. Here are 4 reasons why we strongly believe FindUsLocal will quickly take its place in the top 10 list of best online local business directories.

2 Reasons Why FindUsLocal is Becoming American’s Favorite Local Business Directory

Not all local directories are the same, and that’s why consumers tend to gravitate toward specific ones. For instance, just a couple of years ago, Find US Local was relatively unknown, and now it’s quickly gaining ground on directories that have been around for years. And there’s a reason why consumers are flocking to the directory: it offers things that the others don’t. For example, here are 2 things you can find on that you can’t find on most other local business directories.

A Two-Way Conversation

Most internet marketing experts agree that it’s vital for local business owners to develop a two-way conversation with the people in their local community both in person and online. And while it’s easy for most to do that in person by attending local events and sponsoring local sports teams, it’s much more difficult to do online. For some, they spend years building a loyal social media following, and then devote hours each week to post on all their channels. For others it’s building an interactive website so consumers can feel a part of the conversation, but this is limited to those local business owners who have huge marketing budgets.

But what about the local business owners across the nation who have the time or money to create a big online presence? That’s where local business directories like FindUsLocal come in.

This cutting-edge local directory has created a comments section that local business owners can use to communicate with the members of the community. This section of the directory is separate from the reviews section, and is two-way, where reviews are only one way.

To use it, consumers simply leave comments in the section about the local business, and owners can respond if they choose to. For example, if a customer is frustrated that a local shop is out of their favorite product and leave a comment about it, the owner can respond by telling them when the product is expected to arrive. What’s more, the owner can leave comments about sales, promotions, job openings, and anything else to get the conversation going. You won’t find this state-of-the-art communication on any other local business directory, so if you want to communicate with your local customers for free, head on over and set up your business now so you can take advantage of it.

Real Time Results

Another advantage to using local business directories like FindUsLocal is that consumers won’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to find your business listing. That’s because the directory makes use of GEO location technology, which automatically determines a visitor’s location and then instantly creates a customized home page for them. On this home page, visitors will only see the local results for their area. For example, if someone logged on from Austin, Texas, they would only see the news, events, comments, reviews, local meetups, and social media comments from that area. That not only makes it more convenient for consumers, but it also makes it easier for them to find your local business listing.

You already know local business directories are an important part of your marketing campaign, but did you know that choosing the right directory is critical to your success? It’s true, and it’s hard to argue with the fact that is quickly rising to the top of the best online local business directories. Is your business listed there?

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