How Important is Local SEO in Your Local Marketing Efforts?

The art of successfully running a local business has changed dramatically over the past few years. What once was an effort to get the attention of the locals in your area by using signs, the Yellow Pages, and other locally-based messaging has transformed into all things online. That’s why local business directories are so important in 2020.

The truth is that whether you run a local business or an online shop, you need to use local SEO techniques in your marketing efforts. The State of Marketing Report was just issued for 2020, and the results are no surprise for those of us who understand the importance of local SEO.

Here are a few of the findings.

It’s Nearly Half

Forty-six percent of all people who look online are doing so for local results. That’s right: if someone wants to find a place to move their piano, bake their son’s birthday cake, or even sell them a new dishwasher, they are looking online for places to do business with.

If you don’t have a local business listing, isn’t time to you got one?

Eight-eight percent?

When a consumer looks for a local business online using their mobile phone, they visit or call that store 88 percent of the time within one day.  If you’ve ever run the numbers on the ROI of your marketing efforts, you understand what an impressive number that is.

Let’s sum it up this way: if you can get your business in front of online consumers who use their smartphones to find local businesses, they are 88 percent likely to come to your store that same day.

Try getting those numbers with your local Yellow Pages ad.

Almost 100 Percent?

Here’s another statistic that will have you running out to create your free local business listing. It turns out that 97 percent of people find out the information they need about a local business online. They don’t call the store, talk to their friends and family, or drive by to see what they can learn.

No, they look online to find information about your local business. Will they find information about your store, restaurant, or service business when they look online?

Say What?

Did you know that it’s predicted that by 2021, mobile phones will directly influence about $1.4 trillion in local sales? Yes, that trillion!

But remember, if local consumers can’t find information about your business online, they won’t be spending any of that money at your store. How can you resolve this quickly? By setting up a free local business listing at a local business directory like right now!!

Quick, do it before you miss out on any more business!

It’s Not Fair—Or Is It?

Have you ever thought that online businesses have the advantage over local stores and the discrepancy just isn’t fair? If so, this next statistic is going to surprise you!

Turns out that only 7 percent of non-local searches end up in a sale. Compare that to the 18 percent of local searches done on smartphones. Yes, that means local business owners are at an advantage when it comes to consumer activity.

But only if your local business can be found online!

Do You Have a Local Business Listing?

If you don’t, you are probably already itching to get yours set up. Here’s the deal: it only takes five minutes to go to and set up your free local listing. It’s one of the best local business directories because the owners work hard to make sure your business is seen by all those shoppers.

What in the world are you waiting for?

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