How Shopping Locally Helps Support the Local Community

buy-localAre you someone who makes it a point to shop in your local community whenever you can? If so, then you’re probably aware of the most commonly quoted benefits such as bringing the community together, reducing your environmental footprint, and knowing who you buy from.

But there is another important benefit about shopping locally: it helps others in your community.

It’s true, local business do more for the local economy than big box or chain stores, so if you want to put your dollars to work in your area, shopping local is a great way to do that.

Let’s take a look at a few ways local businesses do this.

Charity Contributions

When you spend your money in a local store, that money tends to stay in the community, and some of it goes to charities and other programs that help the locals. For instance, the local business owners use their profits to pay for community schools, churches, community functions and fundraising events that benefit local people. So when you keep your dollars close to home, you can rest assure that those dollars will stay in your community.

Local Dollars Grow the Community

In addition to charitable events, the profits from local business help keep the local economy robust and strong. Studies have shown that for every $100 local store owners receive, they use it to hire more local employees, buy more products and services from other local companies, and of course, contribute more to local causes than the large chains in the local area do.

In fact, one study conducted in Chicago shows that when a big box chain moves into a local area, it tends to hurt that area economically. The study showed that for every $100 earned by a local business, it resulted in $68 in additional economic activity in the community. In contrast, for every $100 a big box store earns in a community, it results only about $43 in increased economic activity for that community. Think about it—that’s twenty-five dollars less that goes into your local economy for every $100 that you spend at a big box store instead of a local business.

Kent County, Michigan decided to study the matter, and after looking at the numbers closely, they determined that the community would gain 1,600 new jobs and $140 million in increased economic activity if local residents began shopping locally just 10 percent more of the time. In other words, if every local resident went to their local grocer instead of a chain grocer one times out of ten, they would make a significant impact.

As you can see, shopping locally can be a big boon to any local community, and will help the local residents in many different ways. If you’re not sure which local stores you should shop at, be sure to check out the local reviews and business profiles on local business directories such as FindUsLocal.

And if you haven’t begun to patronize your local businesses, maybe you should think about making the switch today. After all, wouldn’t you rather see your hard-earned money benefit the local community that you life in instead of lining the pockets of some big box store?

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