How the Comment Section on Local Business Directories Can Put a Business in the Spotlight

Please-Leave-a-CommentThese days, local business owners need to do all they can to get their local shop, restaurant, or service business in front of the people in their community. That’s because more and more people are turning online when they want to purchase products or services, and as a result, many local business owners are seeing a sharp downturn in sales. But one recent study shows that there is hope on the horizon. It says that the majority of people still want to shop at local businesses, and in fact prefer it to shopping online. So what’s stopping them? The act of finding local businesses has become more difficult in this internet driven world.

How People Find Local Businesses

It wasn’t that long ago that people pulled out the bulky phone book or look through the latest addition of their local community newspaper whenever they wanted to find a local business, but these days, people would rather use their mouse to get the information they need. And while the major search engines are a great resource for people who want to find a national business—or information about a particular brand or product—using it to find a local business can be challenging.

For example, if someone were looking for a local bed and breakfast, and type those words into a large search engine, they will see business listings from national hotel chains, and even articles about how to run a bed breakfast. But the local results? They’ll be tucked way down the page, or even on subsequent pages that no one will take the time to scroll to.

So what can people do? After all, if local businesses are going to survive in this internet world, there has to be an answer, right?

Local Business Directories are Giving People a Choice

The answer to the above dilemma lies in local business directories. These smart directories are designed to give people what they want: a straightforward way to find local businesses that is simple and efficient. Here’s how it works: someone goes to a local business directory like and their location is automatically read by the GEO location technology that the site utilizes. This allows the visitor to see only the results from their own area, which prevents them from having to scroll through a lot of irrelevant business listings. Now keep in mind that not all local business directories make use of this cutting edge technology, so if you’re going to use a local business directory, you’ll need to find one that does. is one of the most up to date local directories on the internet.

Once the visitor sees their custom home page, they can either click on one of the major categories on top of the home page or use the custom search bar to find what they need. For our example, we’ll assume they click on the “food and dining” category. They will see a complete listing of all the restaurants and eateries in their area. But what if they only want to find the local Mexican food restaurants in their area? It’s simple, they only have to use the custom search bar at the top of the page, type in Mexican food, and they’ll see all of the local Mexican food restaurants in their town or city.

It’s no wonder why people all over the nation are turning to local business directories instead of wading through all the irrelevant results they find on the major search engines.

How Does the Comment Section Make Things Better for Local Business Owners and Consumers?

Both local business owners and the people in the community have one thing in common: they want quality local businesses to be easily found by those looking for them. And the comments section at local business directories like can play a huge role in that. Here’s how it works: The major search engines use something called search engine spiders to constantly search the internet for new content. When they find this new content, they pay more attention to the site that it’s posted on and give it more attention in the search engine rankings. That’s why smart local business directories like offer a way for visitors to leave comments on all the local business directories listed on its site.

Once these local businesses begin receiving comments from people in the community, it will not only bring its local business listing up higher in the local directory’s website, but the major search engines will also take not of it and offer up the local listing in its results, too. That helps local business owners because the more their local business listing is seen, the more people will decide to visit it and make purchases, and it helps local consumers because it allows them to more easily find the local businesses that people are talking about. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How to Leave a Comment on a Local Business Directory

Now comes the fun part. Whether you’re a local business owner who wants to encourage your customers to leave comments on your local business listing, or a member of the local community, leaving a comment for a business is not only rewarding, but it’s also fun. Here ae the steps you’ll need to take to leave your own comments.

  • Find the local business you want by either using the custom search bar at the top of the page, or by scrolling through the results you see in one of the 5 major categories at the top of the home page. Click on the business of your choice.
  • One you’re on the business’s page, check out the details and make sure it’s the right one. For example, you’ll find the business’ address and phone number, along with any reviews that other community members have left for it. At this point, you can either leave your own review or continue looking for the comment section.
  • Scroll down the page and look at the map of the business. Make sure it’s the business you’re looking for by verifying its location on the map.
  • Next, you’ll come to the comments section. Decide what you want to write about the business. You can either use this section as another place to leave a review, or you can simply write a quick note about the business you think would help other people understand it more. For example, you could write about the business owner’s efforts to help members of the local community, or you could give important information that makes finding the local business easier for new customers.
  • Click on “Submit a comment” and the site will ask for your name and email address. Your name will show up next to the review, but your email address will remain private. will never use your email address for marketing purposes, or sell it to other businesses.
  • After you’ve entered your personal information, input your comment about the local business and press submit.

After you’ve submitted your comment, go back to the home page and look at the section titled “Recent Local Business Comments.” This is the section that highlights the local comments left by both business owners and consumers, and your comment should be listed at the top. If you want to, you can enter more comments for other businesses.

If you’re a local business owner, this can be a great way to get the word out about sales or other events you’re having in your store, and if you’re a member of the local community, it can be a great way to call attention to the quality local businesses in your area.

Just remember, at this time, is the only local business directory that offers this cutting edge tool, so if you want to leave a comment for a local business, head on over to the site now and find out just how fun it can be!

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