How to Avoid the Next Retail Armageddon

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve surely heard about the abundance of retail store closings plaguing the United States. In fact, it’s so bad that experts are calling it a retail Armageddon. And while many people attribute the rash of store closings to the convenience of buying online, others have a different point of view.

What’s Causing the Current Retail Armageddon?

In the past, people looked to the Yellow Pages to find a local business or restaurant. But when the internet came along, people threw away their phone books and began looking online when they wanted to find something.

Because they were already online, it became easier to buy what they needed right then and there. That means if your local business or restaurant isn’t listed online, today’s tech-savvy consumers will never find it. And you can no longer count on people driving by and seeing your sign. Newspaper ads no long work, nor do mailings.

So what do you do?

The New Way of Marketing a Retail Business

But studies show that although buying online is convenient, many people still like visiting their local businesses. There’s nothing like forming relationships with store owners or touching products before you buy them.

The question is: how do you bring customers to your store when they’re looking online for information?

The answer is local business directories.

What Are Local Business Directories?

Local business directories are just the old Yellow Pages, but they are geared for online consumers. Instead of picking an old, heavy book, all they have to do is log into a local business directory and search for a business. For example, if they want to find a local bakery, they would simply type the word bakery into the local directory’s search bar, and all the local bakeries in their area will appear on a list.

Can you see why it’s so important to create your free local business listing?

How to Get Your Local Business Listed

Did you notice my use of the word free in the sentence above? If you remember how expensive Yellow Page ads were, you are likely shocked. But it’s true. You can get a local business listing for free.

Simply go to a credible online local business directory like and claim your business. Then, fill in all the details you can. Soon, all those customers who are looking for a business like yours will start walking through the doors!

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