How to Boost Your Local Business Directory Listing’s Visibility

If you’re one of the smart local business owners, you have already created a local business listing on a credible local business directory like But what you may not know is that it’s not always enough to create one of these sales-boosting listings. You also have to take some steps to make sure customers can find it.

If you have a free local business listing, but aren’t seeing many results from it, we’ll show you how to boost its visibility below and make this year the best in terms of new foot traffic and customers.

But First, what are Local Business Listings?

A local business listing is just like a Yellow Page ad of the past, only this type of local marketing is digital. Local business directories are the new Yellow Pages, and they allow local business owners to get their business in front of consumers where they go to find them.

By now, most small shops and restaurants understand that they need an online presence in order to attract new business, and they have already set up their free local business listing.

How to Boost Your Local Business Listing

Once you’ve created it (and it you haven’t, go to and do it now!), it’s time to make sure it’s visible to all those shoppers looking for a business like yours. There are three things you can do to make sure consumers can find your local business listing.

Give Them the Information They Want

Your first step in make sure your local business listing is effective is to fill in as many details as you can so customers feel comfortable visiting your business. Start with the basics—your business name, address, phone numbers, and website address if you have one—and then turn your attention to the details shoppers want. Fill in your store hours, the types of payment you accept, and any information about the brands and products you sell that would be helpful to potential customers.

Interact with Them

Now that you have a complete local business listing, it’s time to begin interacting with existing and potential customers. has a unique feature that allows both customers and business owners to leave live comments attached to their local business listing. But these comments aren’t stagnant. They also appear on the home page of every visitor from your area who logs onto the site.

Just imagine, you can use this feature to announce a flash sale, a new product arrival, or to thank your community for supporting you.

Get Those Reviews

Finally, shoppers won’t typically visit a local business unless they’ve first read some good reviews about it. Those business owners who have a local business listing but don’t yet have any reviews don’t likely see a lot of new business.

Ask your current customers to go to and leave a review for your business. The more you can get the better.

Local business listings are a great way to build your business by bringing in new customers. Have you created your free local business listing yet? If not, what you waiting for?

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