How to Ensure Your Small Business Listing is Seen by Shoppers

When you take the steps to create a local business listing, you want to make sure that you get as much benefit from it as you can. After all, your local marketing efforts should be impactful enough to cause new customers to walk in your doors in a daily basis.

But not everyone understands how to set up a local listing in a way that will reap the most benefits. Here is what you need to know in order for yours to pull in the most customers.

You Need to Be Listed in a Credible Small Business Directory

It’s a little known fact, but not all local business directories are the same—and not all of them will help you bring in new business. In fact, if you list your small business on one of the local directories that are nothing more than a database, it may hurt your search engine rankings, exactly the opposite effect of what you want.

That’s because the large search engines reward local businesses that have credible local citations on quality small business directories. But if your business is listed on a database that is filled with incorrect or outdated information, it will actually hurt your rankings because not all of them will be attributed to your business. We’ll address this issue in the 4 remaining sections of this article.

Your Business Name Needs to Be Consistent in Your Local Listings

It seems elementary, but unless you list your small business name exactly the same on each and every small business listing you create, it will cause problems. For example, if you run a donut shop named Frank’s Delicious Donuts, Inc. and you include the “Inc” on some of your local listings and not on others, not all of them will be attributed to your business.

Your Business Address Needs to Appear the Same in Your Small Business Listings

Just as your business name needs to match, so does your business address. Here is where a lot of small business owners get in trouble because they don’t understand just how important the details are. For example, if Frank’s Donuts were located on 124 Main Avenue and it was listed that way on some small business directories but listed as 124 Main Ave on others, it would create the same problems. The search engine spiders simply cannot distinguish between listings that aren’t exactly the same, down to the punctuation.

Your Business Phone Number Should Also Match

It seems odd that entering a business phone number could go wrong, but again, unless it matches on every small business listing, it will throw off the search engine spiders and cause confusion. So, if you plan to use the area code in some local listings, you must use it in every business listing you create.

Finally, Don’t Forget the Details on Your Website Address

If you have a company website, you’ll want to include that on your small business listing in case shoppers want to visit it and get even more information about your shop or restaurant. But just like with the other information you include in your local listing, you’ll need to ensure that you enter it the same way on every listing.

For example, some people include the www.https:// when listing their website and others simply use the portion of the website. Choose which style you’ll use and then enter it the same on all your small business listings.

Having an online presence is a great way to use local marketing to your advantage, and there is simply no better way to do it than by creating a local listing on a free small business directory like If you haven’t already created yours, you should take 5 minutes and do it now. Maybe someone in your community is looking for a local business like yours right now.


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