How to Find the Right Local Business Directory

Have you heard about the many ways creating a free local business listing on a credible local business directory can increase your sales? Today’s consumers don’t look in the local phone book or newspapers any more when they want to find US local businesses, but instead look online in places like

Local business directories are the new Yellow Pages, and shoppers flock to them when looking for a local business.

But how do you know which local business directory is right for your local business? Here are three things to look for when deciding which directory is right for you.

Look for a Local Directory that’s More Than a Database

Some local business directories are nothing more than databases filled with outdated and incorrect information. These databases—marketed as local business directories—can actually hurt your search engine listings if you appear on them. That’s because the search engine spiders scour the web looking for matching listings and when they find listings that contain different information, they don’t group them together. For example, if the name of your business is Mark’s Tables, Inc., and it’s listed that way on some directories and as Mark’s Tables on others, all the directory listings won’t be recognized by the bots as belonging to the same business—and that will hurt the search engine rankings.

Look for a Local Business Directory that Offers More to Consumers

Another helpful identifying feature of a credible local business directory is in what it offers to consumers. Some local business directories—such as—go out of the way to offer great benefits to consumers, and that keeps them coming back time and time again to look for local businesses.

For example, FindUsLocal offers local news, links to upcoming local theatric, musical, and sporting events, and even sections with humorous and thought-provoking sayings. In other words, consumers find the site useful, and that’s why they continually use it to find US local businesses.

Look for a Local Business Directory that Markets Itself

Finally, you should create your free local business listing on a local directory that makes an effort to get to the top of the search engine rankings. Remember, the more consumers can find the local directory, the better chance they’ll have of finding your business.

Credible local directories like spend a lot of time and money to get their directory in front of consumes so the businesses that list on them will be seen.

If you haven’t yet created your free local business listing, isn’t it time? Who knows, by taking the ten minutes necessary to do it right now, you could have new customers walking through your door this afternoon!

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