How to Improve Your Local Listing’s Search Engine Rankings

You probably already know that local business owners need to have an online presence in order to be found by today’s tech-savvy consumers. In fact, recent studies show that almost 100 percent of shoppers go to local business directories when they want to find US local businesses.

But just having a local listing isn’t enough. You also have to do all you can ensure that they’re easily found by all those shoppers.

Here are three ways you can help ensure that shoppers can find your local shop, service business, or restaurant.

List with the Right Local Directory

Not all local business directories are the same, and if you want to get the most from your listing, you need to list your business on one that’s considered credible by the search engine bots. What should you look for? A local directory that promotes itself, allows business owners to claim their businesses and fill in the necessary details to ensure that it’s correct, and one that allows business owners to communicate with local customers via the local directory. is one such directory.

Get Online Customer Reviews

Your next step in achieving high search engine rankings for your local listing is to ask your customers to leave local reviews on it. When the search engine bots rank websites, they like to see a lot of fresh content added to the site—that’s how they understand that it’s relevant and popular. And each time a customer leaves an online review for your business, the bots view it as fresh content. So if you have a new review left for your business every day, the bots will take notice and reward your free local listing with higher visibility in the search engine rankings.

Communicate with Live Comments

Not all local business directories offer this feature, in fact, is the only one that we of. It works like this: both business owners and consumers can leave comments on a local business listing that are then streamed live on the home page of that city or town. Everyone who visits the search engine to find local businesses will see the comments, and guess what? So will the search engine bots. And they will recognize even these bite-sized comments as fresh content.

As you can see, there are a few practical steps you can take to make sure the search engine bots see your free local business listing. Are you doing all you can to ensure that shoppers find your local listing when they are ready to buy?

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