How to Keep Your Free Local Business Listing Fresh

There are a lot of great reasons to create a local business listing on credible local business directories like It will allow consumers to find your business, it will give you credibility in the eyes of shoppers because you will have an online presence, and it will give you a way to keep in touch with your community by using the live comments feature on the local directory.

But there is another benefit that is often ignored—even though it’s so important. Creating a free local business listing will improve your search engine ranking. How? There are two ways your local listing will be seen more often by shoppers.

The Local Business Directory Markets Itself

Any credible local business directory will spend the money to get the word out about its directory to consumers who are trying to find local businesses. For example, publishes dozens of articles every month to get the attention of shoppers and the search engines. You’re reading one of those articles now.

When a local directory conducts online marketing, the businesses that are listed on it benefit from the efforts. In other words, when you create a free local business listing on sites like, you will benefit from their marketing efforts—at no cost to you.

You Can Get Higher Search Results by Keeping Your Content Fresh

Another way your local business listing can be seen higher up in the search engine results is by consistently adding fresh content to it. You can do this by leaving comments as we discussed above, or by asking your customers to leave online reviews on your listing. Every time someone leaves a review or a comment, the search engine spiders consider it fresh content and reward you for it.

Using online local business directories are one of the smartest ways local business owners can cause shoppers to find their stores or restaurants. First, they will put your business in front of shoppers. Studies show that most of today’s consumers look on local business directories when they want to find US local businesses.

Secondly, by listing your store on a credible local directory, it can cause your business listing to show up higher in the search engine rankings when the directory advertises, and you use comments and customer reviews to increase your ranking.

If you don’t yet have a free local business directory listing, go to right now and create yours.

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