How to Make Your Local Business Listing Stand Out

By now, you’ve probably heard about how free small business directories can not only give you an online presence, but can help you draw in new business. It’s simply not enough anymore to rely on print advertisements and other local marketing techniques that technology has left behind. After all, when is the last time you picked up a phone book to find a phone number, or clipped a coupon out of a community newspaper? If you’re like most of today’s consumers, it’s been awhile.

Having an online presence is necessary in today’s culture if you want to succeed as a local business owner. And although this article will teach you how to create one that will stand out from the crowd, let’s first take a look at exactly what a free small business directory is, and how it can help your bottom line.

Small Business Directories are the New Yellow Pages

The phone book was the go-to marketing and advertising methods for decades, and with good reason. People like convenience, and at the time, it was very convenient to find all the local phone numbers in one place. But what was once convenient has now become a burden. People don’t use old-school methods any more to find US local businesses, but instead rely on the internet.

Think about it, when you want to find local businesses USA, don’t you pull out your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Most people do. But that’s where it can become frustrating unless you know where to look. You see, the large search engines try and give local results, but most people will agree that they fail miserably. That’s because they mix in online store websites, articles about the topic, and even some national chain websites into the mix. Oh, you might find local businesses mixed in there somewhere, but you really have to look.

On the other hand, free USA local directories like offer only local results. When people try to find local businesses near me, they will only see the shops, restaurants, and service businesses in their local area. Can you see why local business directories are so popular with shoppers?

How to Create a Local Business Listing that Drives Traffic to Your Store

When you create your local listing, you must pay attention to the details if you want it to drive new customers to your business. That’s because there is a lot of competition out there, and if you want your share of the pie, you have to make them notice you. Here are 3 ways you can make your small business listing stand out from the crowd.

  • Don’t leave anything out.Some small business owners only submit a partial listing when creating their local business listing, but recent studies have shown that people want more. Be sure to list the most basic of information such as your business name, phone number, address, and website if you have one, but include other details, too. Shoppers want to know your store hours so they can plan their trip, which products you specialize in, information about sales and discounts, and more. The most successful local business listings provide all the information shoppers need to make a purchasing decision.
  • Keep them consistent.If you plan to create more than one local business listing, be sure that you enter the exact same information when it comes to your NAP+W’s. What is a NAP+W? It stands for name, address, phone number and website, and entering them the same on all of your small business listings is crucial. If you don’t, the search engine spiders won’t contribute them all to your business, and that means your hard work in creating them will have been for nothing.
  • Keep the reviews coming in.Today’s shoppers rely on online reviews when deciding whether or not to visit a local store, and if your business listing doesn’t have any, the odds of attracting new business goes down. Luckily, it’s easy to get them. Studies show that a full 7 out of 10 people would happily leave an online review for a local business if they were asked to. Make it a habit to ask your customers during checkout so that your local business listings stay current and fresh.

Ensuring that your small business listing stands out should be an important part of your online advertising plan. Make certain that you do all the action items listed above, and yours will.

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