How to Ring in the Sales this Weekend with Local Business Listings

Men-And-Millennials-Enter-Holiday-Shopping-Season-With-A-PlanIt’s Friday, and the holiday shoppers have big plans to get out this weekend and buy all of the gifts they needs for their friends and families. In fact, recent reports show that sales for this holiday seasons have surpassed even the most optimistic reports. And to make things even better, many of those sales are happening in local businesses across the nation.

But what about you and your local business? Are you seeing a pie of the piece from this year’s holiday retail boom? If not, there are some specific steps you can take to bring in sales as early as this weekend to cash in on some of those holiday sales.

Step One: You Need to Create a Local Business Listing

While it’s true that more people are shopping in local stores and shops this year, they’re looking online to find US local businesses. That’s because consumers don’t use old school methods like the local phone book or coupon clipping to find local businesses anymore. They look online, and if they can’t find your business there, they will likely never visit it.

The remedy to this problem is to ensure that your business is listed online. Luckily, it’s free and easy to do.  That’s why your first step in this online advertising process is to go to a reputable local business directory like and claim your business. Once you do that, you should fill in all the details like your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, product offerings, and anything else consumers might be looking for. The local directory will automatically create a map with directions to your store, which is one of the key things consumers look for in local business listings.

It’s important to remember that when you create your local business listing, you should enter your details in the exact same way for every local business directory you list on. That’s because the search engine spiders will look for these listings when determining how high up in the search engine rankings to list your business, and the more local citations—or local business listings—that your business has, the higher in the rankings you’ll appear. But if the listings don’t match, the spiders won’t attribute them all to your business.

Step Two: Keep Your Local Listings Fresh

After you create your local business listings, you’ll need to keep them fresh so the search engine spiders will continue to pay attention to them. You see, once a local business listing goes stale, it stops being productive for you. And the way to keep it fresh is to add new content.

There are two ways to add new content to a local business listing when your business is listed on a local business directory like They are:

  • Get online reviews. When a customer leaves an online review for your business, it is considered fresh content by the search engine spiders. That’s why you will need to continually ask your customers to leave online reviews for your business. But don’t worry, it’s not hard to get them to leave reviews for your business. A recent survey shows that 7 out of 10 people will leave a review for your business if you ask them to.
  • Engage with buyers. It’s possible to leave live comments on your local business listing, but only if you create it on FindUsLocal. This innovative local business directory created a unique feature that allows both business owners and consumers to leave comments about a business that automatically appear in a live feed on the homepage for that city or town. In other words, if you leave a comment about a flash sale you’re having, everyone who logs onto from your city or town will see the announcement. But FindUsLocal is the only local business directory that offers this helpful feature so if you want to make use of it—and you should—be sure to create your local business listing that directory.

It’s the holiday season and consumers are spending a lot of money this year. Are you seeing your share of the holiday cash? If not, you should head over to a local business directory like FindUsLocal and create your local business now. If you do it right now, you just might see some new customers walking through your door this weekend!

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