Increase Summer Sales with a Bang by Using Local Business Directories

The art of running a small business has changed dramatically over the past decade, and one of the biggest changes is how small business owners get customers into their stores. In times past, all a shop owner had to do was run a Yellow Pages ad or run a weekly ad in the local newspaper.

The problem is, today’s consumers don’t use the Yellow Pages, and most people don’t look for coupons or local business ads in the newspaper anymore.

So how do local store owners get new customers?

By creating local business listings in premium local directories like

If you want to start off the summer with a bang this year, here’s how to create your own free local business listing.

Choose Your Local Directory Wisely

Not all local business directories are created equal, and to get the most benefits, you’ll need to choose the right one. Here are some of the things you should look for:

  • GEO location technology. Modern day local directories automatically create a customized home page for visitors by “reading” their location when they log on. For example, if a visitor logged on to from San Diego, California, they would only see the local results from their area.
  • Free local listings. You don’t have to pay for local listings. In fact, some of the best local business directories provide the service for free to local business owners.
  • A reason to come back. The smartest local business directories provide more than just local listings to consumers. In fact, superior local directories like give them multiple reasons to visit the site again and again. For instance, they show the visitor upcoming events in their area, local tweets, live customer comments, the weather, and even local news. And remember, the more times people from your area visit a local directory with your listing on it, the better chances you’ll have of being seen.

Create Your Local Listing the Right Way

Once you’ve identified the right local business directory, it’s time to create your free local listing. And while every site does things differently, here are the basic steps to claiming and creating your free local business listing.

  • Enter your business name in the site’s search engine and when your business comes up, claim it as the owner.
  • Next, you’ll need to fill in all the appropriate details, giving consumers as much detailed information as possible. For example, don’t just tell them you’re a restaurant, but list your most popular dishes and even tell them your hours of service.
  • Include any photos you have that will give consumers a better understanding of your business and how it operates.
  • Make sure the map provided by the local business directory accurately portrays the directions to your business.

Keep Your Free Local Listing Active by Communicating with Visitors

The final step to ensuring that you get the most from your local business listing is to make use of the live comments section available only on This unique feature allows both business owners and consumers to leave live comments on the site, which are shown on a live feed on the home page. You can announce sales, job openings, or just thank your community for its support.

Summer is here, and if you want to start off the season with a bang, go to now and create your free local business listing. It only takes a few minutes, but this online marketing technique could result in an avalanche of new sales this summer.

Talk about starting off the summer sales season with a bang!

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