Lagging Holiday Sales? Here’s How Local Business Owners Can Increase Sales Now!

holiday-salesIt’s a busy time of the year for most local business owners, but some of them just aren’t seeing the holiday shoppers they’d hoped for. And that’s a shame, because the economy is doing great, and recent surveys show that consumers are planning to spend big this year. So what’s keeping some local business owners from seeing the type of results others are?

If You’re Business Can’t Be Found Online, You Won’t See Success

Those local business owners who are doing a robust business all have one thing in common—their business can easily be found online. You see, today’s consumers don’t use the old school methods that many local business owners still rely on. They don’t use the Yellow pages anymore, nor do they look in the community newspaper or clip coupons from those old blue mailings full of local deals. Instead, they use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to try and find US local businesses in their community.

Can they find your local business?

How to Make Sure Today’s Holiday Shoppers can Find Your Business

Until recently, local business owners had to pay someone to design and build an expensive website in order for shoppers to find them. But with the advent of local business directories, that’s just not necessary any more.

Today’s consumers don’t have a lot of time, and most of them use the internet to quickly find the name, location, and hours of operation when trying to find US local businesses. They don’t have a lot of time to look over a complicated website or dig deep just to find the information they’re looking for.

Instead, they turn to local business directories like These local directories are designed to give consumers quick results in an easy and efficient manner. In fact, they’re so easy to use that many people now use them instead of the large search engines like Google or Bing.

Here’s how quality local business directories make it easy for people to find US local businesses.

  • They use SEO location technology.In case you haven’t heard, it’s no longer necessary for people to enter their location when using some local directories. That’s because they use GEO location technology to automatically read people’s location. This allows them to not only create a custom homepage based on their city or town, but also guarantees that they’ll only see search results from their local area.
  • They narrow down the search results.When trying to find US local businesses on a major search engine, you’ll oftentimes also see some website addresses for large, national chains, along with a lot of articles about the topic. But when using a local business directory, you’ll only see the local results you ask for. That’s why so many of your customers are using these handy and efficient local directories.
  • They offer other things too.Because people are so busy today, a local directory that offers multiple features will be visited time and time again by consumers. For example, offers the local news, upcoming event listings, such as theatre events, concerts, and sporting events, and then offers them a way to get tickets with a click of a button. It also offers some humorous and inspirational features that entertain them.
  • People can read reviews on local business directories. Finally, most people won’t visit a local shop or restaurant unless they’ve first read some positive reviews about it, but that can be tricky unless a business has a local business listing. Luckily, local business directories like offer free local listings—all you have to do is claim yours and then fill in the necessary details. Be sure to enter the information exactly the same way for every local business listing you create—otherwise they won’t all be credited to your business and you won’t get the results you want. Remember, the more local citations you have, the higher in the search engine rankings you’ll appear. Be sure to get at least 10 online reviews so you don’t miss out on all the benefits.

The holiday shoppers are out there, and they’re looking for a local business just like yours. Can they find you on a local business directory like If not, why not take 10 minutes and create your local business listing right now?

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