Local Business Directories Are Playing Their Part in Small Business Recovery

Over the past year-and-a-half, local mom and pop stores all over the nation have faced some serious challenges. First came the lockdowns. It is estimated that only about 50% of local businesses will survive the forced shutdowns that eliminated profits. Next came the labor shortage. Many local shops and restaurants are having to close their doors – or at least limit their hours – because they can’t find workers to man the shop, cook the meals, or wait on customers. And now the supply chain disruption is threatening them even more. After all, if local shops can’t get the goods they need to sell, why should they open their doors?

All of these hindrances have caused an upswell of support from people for the businesses in their local community. They understand that, unless they want to be limited to shopping at big box stores or restaurants for a very long time, they need to do all they can to support the local restaurants and shops in their area.

Enter local business directories.

What Is a Local Business Directory?

A local business directory works just like the Yellow Pages of old, only better. They are electronic databases of all the local shops, restaurants, and service businesses within a local area. For instance, if you live in San Antonio, Texas, and want to find a Mexican food restaurant, you would go to a local business directory, type in “Mexican food” and you would be shown a list of all the restaurants in your local area that serve that type of food.

Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

But quality local directories do even more. They showcase local news, weather, social media posts, and even make it easy to purchase sporting or theatre tickets with a click of a button. In other words, they are a hub for everything local, a one-stop shop that will help you stay focused and find all you need in one place.

How Can Local Business Directories Help Save Local Shops and Restaurants?

Over the past 18 months, people have become accustomed to shopping at big box stores. For too long, the larger stores were the only ones that were permitted to stay open. So, people got in the habit of ordering from Amazon or driving to the local big box shop.

But now that, at least in some states, local shops are beginning to open, people will have to make a conscious effort to remember to visit their local establishments instead. After all, the world would be pretty boring if we all shopped at the same big box stores and ate at the chain restaurants, wouldn’t it?

Local business directories help consumers find those local shops and restaurants that they have forgotten about. Go ahead, try it. Start by going to FindUsLocal.com and entering a search word in the search bar. Maybe you’re looking for a book store or a place where you can find Christmas decorations such as a home goods store. Once you enter the type of business you’re looking for, you will see a massive list of alternatives to the corporately-owned stores you’ve been shopping at for the past (almost) two years.

A refreshing change, isn’t it?

What Do You Want Your Community To Look Like?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to use a local business directory to find the local shops, service businesses, and restaurants near you (and run by those in your community), ask yourself some questions. Do you want a future where everyone shops at the same store? Do you want to eat at the same restaurant everyone else does and never get to taste the unique flavors that only a passionate local chef can bring?

If your answer to both of these questions is no, it’s time to begin using local business directories such as FindUsLocal. They will not only open your world as far as the possibilities, but in the end, they just may mean the difference between shopping and eating boredom and a diverse and unique experience for you and your family.

Why not rediscover your local community and go there now?

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